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Naomi woods uses a hitachi while fucking
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Part One. Jon sighed and gazed out of the window. He had been trying desperately to force some kind of notes that were on the page in front of him into his brain, but his brain was having none of it. Summer exams were looming, and he just couldn't concentrate. He knew he'd left it too late, and things now were building up so that it looked like he'd be swamped. His first exam, Criminal Law, was a week away. How can you go over and commit to memory twelve weeks of lectures in a week?

Well, he had absolutely no idea, but he was going to give it his best shot. Reluctantly diverting his gaze back on to the page of neatly handwritten notes in front of him, he scanned the section on defences for murder. It wasn't too difficult really, there was just a lot to read and digest.

He had just got to the bottom of the page when there was a knock on his door, and Niall bounded in, his buddy who lived in the room next door.

Niall was a tall lad, who played a lot of rugby and thus due to his muscular nature and easy-going charm was a big hit with cutie with toys in hot solo scene girls in the hall. "Yo Jonny boy, hows it going?" "Hey fuck my ass and cum on my face telsev, not bad mate, slowly like, but I'm getting there," Jon replied.

"Just a few more pages for now, and I should be ready for dinner." "Alright then mate, I'll give you a knock yeah? Twenty minutes or so?" Jon had turned back to his notes already and just put a thumbs up over his shoulder as Niall left the room. How could he have let the situation get so bad that he couldn't even swap stories with Ni?

He couldn't explain it, apart from the lack of self-discipline he found had dogged his first year at university in Newbridge. When the opportunity had arisen to do work, he usually ended up doing something else. Talking to his mates from back home on Messenger was usually a popular one.

Or playing snooker in the snooker room with Dave was another favourite past time. The next few minutes passed quickly in which he memorised a few cases on self defence as a defence to murder.

Slamming his books shut, he left his desk and checked his hair in the mirror. He had a mop of dark blond hair that would never fall straight, so he always used to make it reasonably spiky all over.

It was slightly tousled after having ran his fingers through it several times during the afternoon, but he still looked presentable. His hazel eyes then checked his reflection for any new blemishes on his face, and finding none he opened a drawer, looking for a change of clothes. He stripped off his sweatshirt to reveal an athletic upper body that he was rather proud of and changed into a t-shirt to head off to dinner in.

Just in case on the vague chance there were some girls he hadn't met before, he wanted to make a good impression. Baggy sweatshirts had never done much for him in his experience. Giving himself his customary wink to his reflection, he turned round and made to leave his room. He heard a group walk past outside, chattering away about the previous night's activities. He refrained from opening his door for a couple of seconds so as to not attract their attention, such was his shyness around people he didn't particularly know, and then left and knocked on Niall's door.

"Come in!" he heard faintly. He pushed the door open. He noticed Niall just fiddling around with his laptop.

Music if Jon wanted guess. Niall had a great passion for all kinds of music and was forever organising playlists to suit his moods. "Hey dude, you going foodwards?" Jon asked. "Yeah man, let me just add these few tracks, and I'll be with you. Hang tight," Niall replied. In a few moments they were headed out the door, right after a group of girls from another corridor.

"Yo buddy, check out the chick on the right, the one with the wavy blond hair. She one of us?" Niall whispered in Jon's ear. "I think so mate, isn't she in A33?" "Aye, could be right there. She's looking a bit fine today, when did she start looking so hot? Check out that ass!" Jon gave him a glance and responded, "Well, she's always been pretty mate. Have you had your eyes shut for the whole year?" "Must have done, not quite sure how I've never really noticed her before if she's on the bottom corridor," Niall said, his gaze focussed directly on the girl.

"Any idea what her name is mate?" "Bianca I think," Jon replied. "She's on my course if I remember rightly." The girls in front had just reached the end of the corridor, and as they turned left through the door, Bianca had given the slightest glance over her shoulder.

Both guys tried to keep blank expressions on their faces as she looked round. Once she'd rounded the corner, Niall looked down at Jon. "She's on your course?" he said incredulously. "Yeah mate, think so." "My God, that girl has definitely got the looks to stun any judge in a court. Blimey, I mean did you see that face when she just turned round?" Niall asked. "Yes mate, the way you were looking at her, you could probably give quite an accurate sketch of her now." Jon gave Niall a wink.

"Well, does she know who you are?" Niall said after a short pause. "No idea, it's not as if I've spoken to her much I guess." "Holy Mother of God Jonny boy, you've got a great looking girl like that on your course, who lives in the same halls as you, and you've not really spoken to her? You not a big fan of group studying or something?" "Woah buddy, what you trying to say?" Jon retorted. "Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but we being males, are built to talk to women.

Now it's not every day you come across a bright, gorgeous female like… whatsername… Bianca, and you haven't ever thought to ask her for exam advice? You and her could get together one evening and swap notes or something." Jon looked at Niall with a scared expression.

"OK, OK, so we all know you've been broken hearted before and you're terrified of talking to girls, but you're not there to try and get in her knickers, you're just asking for some exam advice.

Where's the harm, or difficulty in that?" Jon thought about this. It was true, Sharing a lusty and tough cock momsandteens threesome had a point.

But where could he get the confidence from to approach an absolute babe like Bianca and ask her for some help? It was true that he was in dire need of a push in the right direction and it would take away some of the loneliness that revision usually brought. But would he be able to focus on Law, rather than Bianca?

"Well, you've got a point matey… I'll think about it, alright?" Jon said, with what he smiling girlfriend gets creampied after hardcore sex sounded like confidence.

"What's there to think about? All you have to do is ask her. You know where she lives, she's on your course, therefore she'll be revising the same stuff as you. It's common knowledge that if you work together it's more fun and you can get more done. Y'never know, you guys might hook up, and live happily ever after," Niall smiled. "Go on matey, go and give her a knock later on this evening. I'll drag you round if that helps." Jon knew he was backed into a corner. What was the worst that she could say?

No? It wasn't exactly a marriage proposal, just a fellow student asking for a bit of advice. It's not as if I know anyone else who can help me. What have I got to lose? "Go on then Ni, you're on mate," Jon said resignedly. "Don't worry about coming with me, I'll do it myself." "Nah, because you won't have the balls to do it.

I want to see you in action." Damn, Jon thought, no backing out of it now. *** Part Two. Dinner passed uneventfully. Jon was rather quiet, trying to build up some confidence for later on. Niall, as ever, was constantly talking to whoever was on their table, passing the time between courses.

On the way back to their rooms, Niall asked Jon for a suitable time to go round. "Gimme about half an hour mate, I should have mastered self defence by then," Jon said. "Why, what you scared of?" Niall said with a grin. "Noooooo… Not that kind of self defence you moron," Jon smiled. "Y'know, self defence as a defence for murder." "Yeah buddy, I was only pulling your leg. I get it. Half an hour it is." Niall unlocked his room and disappeared inside, while Jon entered his own room.

Throwing his keys on his bed, Jon sat down heavily in his chair, opening his file for what felt the millionth time that day and scanned for where he had finished earlier. When he found his place, he began to read a list of cases, trying to remember the ratio decidendi of them all. He started by reading the material facts, and then the judges decisions, repeating this process a few times, until he was sure he could remember the case.

After about fifteen minutes, as so often happened with his revision, Jon's mind began to wander off the subject and two glamour babes fucking a blue dildo to focus on the meeting with Bianca instead.

What should I say? Should I dress up a bit, or do my hair? He automatically put down his books and walked over to the sink and looked in his mirror. His reflection looked back at him, betraying the scared feeling that he was trying to hide. Dammit Jon, pull yourself together, he thought. Switching on his stereo he chose something upbeat, with a nice guitar riff, and then shook his head a bit as if to clear it. He splashed his face with some cold water and sprayed his neck with some after-shave, and then feeling a bit more refreshed settled down to read a few more pages.

When the knock came, he shouted "Howdy!" as was his custom, and the door opened. Jon kept his eyes on the notes in front of him, trying to keep the flow going. "Hang on buddy, I'm just finishing this sentence, and I'll be with you," he said, eyes frantically reading the page he was on.

"It's OK, can I grab a chair?" a distinctly feminine voice asked. Jon immediately stopped and turned round very slowly in his chair. His eyes took in the blond wavy hair, the deep brown eyes behind black-rimmed glasses, the tight white t-shirt revealing a subtle curvaceous figure and the denim shorts partly covering a shapely pair of legs. He swallowed a couple of times and in a hoarse voice managed to stammer "S-s-sure, ha-have the seat next to th-the sink." "Thank you.

How goes the old revision?" Bianca asked once she was seated. "W-well, I w-wish I'd started it a b-bit earlier like, b-but I'm getting there slowly I g-guess," Jon replied, wishing that he'd stop stammering. She'd just completely caught him off guard; it was something that he hadn't been expecting at all. "How's it g-going for y-you?" She flashed a smile at him, revealing a set of perfect white teeth. Why oh why was he so nervous? Why couldn't he talk normally to girls?

"I'm doing OK, though Criminal Law is a bit of a bitch really isn't it? Lots to get through there," she said, giving him that bewitching smile of hers again. "Y-yeah, there is. I'm just revising that n-now actually," Jon responded, trying to convince himself to stop stammering and breathe normally. "Oh really?" she said, raising an eyebrow.

"Which bit exactly?" Jon swallowed, trying desperately to hold himself together without appearing like a nervous wreck. "Ermmm, the b-bit on self defence being a d-defence for m-murder at the moment," he managed to say, not sounding so hoarse now. "Wow, you've got that far through it already?" Jon nodded. "I've only just started murder, let alone getting to the defences for it. You must have been working flat out recently," she smiled. "Well, yeah I g-guess, I haven't been out that much this week," he answered, blushing at the compliment.

"Yeah, revision sucks doesn't it, but we've all gotta do it I suppose," hairy pussy naked masseuse bangs voyeur guy said with a frown.

"Well, we could always not do it and fail the year I suppose," Jon said, pleased to see his stammer had gone. He leaned back in the chair a bit more. He was pleased to hear her giggle a bit at his comment. "Who'd want to do that, silly? But it is an option, I admit." He smiled shyly. "I suppose you'd like to know why I'm here," Bianca said.

Jon nodded. "Well, I was thinking that we could speed up revision a bit by studying together if you were OK with that. I mean if you're not, then you don't have to, it's just that two heads are better than one." He almost double taked. Here was Bianca asking him the exact same thing he wanted to ask her. "Well, yeah, I was gonna come and ask you the same thing this evening actually," he said nonchalantly. There was that infectious smile of hers again and she tucked her hair behind her ears.

"Excellent!" she said, standing up. "Well, I'll go and get my books out, do you want to come to my room in say… fifteen minutes? I'll have to give it a bit of a tidy first.

Is that OK?" Jon had nearly lost the power of speech. The hoarse voice returned, "Yeah, OK, see you in fifteen then." She turned and paused, giving him plenty of chance to assess her shapely bottom that Niall had pointed out earlier, gave him a smile that he could only describe as heart-warming over her shoulder and left the room, leaving behind her an aura of her sweet perfume.

He let out a long breath, and ran his fingers through his hair. Sheez, he thought, how did that happen? *** Part Three. "Hey buddy, I was just coming to knock for you, what's up? You bottling out?" Niall was washing up in his sink as Jon had entered his room. "Yo, you look like you've seen a ghost my man, I've seen you scared before, but not like this," he commented. "She just came in," Jon said faintly, trying to work out in his head how it had just unfolded.

"Who just came in where?" Niall asked, a bit confused. "Bianca just came in." "What? You're kidding me. When?" "Just now," Jon replied, still sounding faint. "Why? C'mon Jonny boy, spit it out." "For the exact same reason I was going to see her." Niall smiled. "There we go buddy, divine intervention or something. It was destined to be." He paused to dry a plate. "So what's the plan? You said yes obviously." "Oh aye, I said yes. I'm going to her room in fifteen minutes," Jon said dreamily.

Niall flicked the tea towel at him.

"Hey, wake up man… You're going to do some studying right, so you come down out of your tower right now, and get your head straight. I'm not sending you in there with your dick doing all the thinking, you've got exams to do." "OK OK, you're right of course. Better organise some stuff to take round." "Yeah, you got it. Good luck in there my friend. Keep your cool and don't be too nervous.

Oh and take one of your fave CD's. You guys might want something to listen to." "Aye, cheers Ni. I'll tell you what happened later, yeah?" "You got it dude. Keep me posted." "Hey, no worries. Laters." Jon left Niall's room, and went back into his own.

Grabbing a collection of notes of his desk along with a biro, he then stood to look at his reflection in the mirror. "OK Jon," he said to himself, "you're going into the heart of the mothership here, so just be cool, calm and collected.

Fight the nerves, you're not asking her out or anything like that; you're going to talk Law. Pure and simple Law. Nothing else." Winking once again, and giving himself a grin, he checked the time, and realised it was time to go. He selected one of his favourite albums, and then headed down the stairs to the ground floor.

There it was, room A33. Was this purely because he was doing Law like she was? Or was there some kind of ulterior motive here, he wondered. It was somewhat odd, he admitted, that fuck me in my red dress king had never really crossed paths before, being on the same course and all. Had they ever actually spoken to each other?

He couldn't remember any incident where they had, he'd always considered her to be unapproachable. Why would a girl, as gorgeous as Bianca be wanting to converse with a guy like him? He hadn't found an answer then, and he couldn't find one even as he stood outside her door. He timidly knocked on her door. Nothing. He knocked a bit louder.

Still nothing. He put his ear to the door, and tried to open it, but it was locked. What was going on? He felt a terrible sense of dread drop into his stomach. Had he been set up? Was she just leading him on? He rested his forehead on her door, trying to control his breathing, telling himself that there must be some other explanation.

However, here he was, and it seemed that Bianca definitely wasn't. "Jon!" came a cry from the other end of the corridor. He turned round to see the form of Bianca running girl fuck fuck of his blind husbend from the bathroom end. He gave a sigh of relief and attempted to give her a smile and an awkward wave. "Hi," he said when she stopped in front of him, jingling her keys.

pretty czech kittens open up their fannys with ass plug and thick fuck toys I too early?" "Nope, bang on time brother, just let me open my door and we can get started." She gave him that sexy smile once again.

Enchanting, he thought, completely enchanting. Bianca opened her door, and switched on the light. Jon followed her in with a sense of trepidation, not quite sure what to expect. He found her room full of light, quite airy and with a sweet smell, rather like the one she'd left behind in his earlier on.

Looking around, he saw lots of photos and little bears covering the walls and shelves respectively. "You've got an ace room," Jon commented, "I like it.

It's got a real sense of space." She gave him a quizzical look. "Well, I mean it's quite bright and organised. Nothing seems out of place, and it seems quite spacious…" Jon tailed off, not quite sure what to say next. "That's really sweet of you," she said and he gave a sigh of relief. He could have done without digging himself into that hole, mentally banging his head against a wall. Think, think, try and convince this girl you're not completely brain dead, Jon, c'mon man, think!

"So, what's in the photos?" he asked, casually pointing to the pictures on the wall. "You mean these ones?" Bianca asked. Jon nodded. "Well, they're just pictures from secondary school really. My friends and stuff." "Do you stay in touch at all?" was Jon's next question, racking his brains trying to make small talk. "Well, not as much as I'd like, but hey, they're all out there somewhere doing their own thing now I guess." She did the tucking her hair behind her ears thing again, that he realised was something she did when she was feeling a little bit awkward.

"Would you like to get started?" Jon asked, trying to help her feel less awkward. She looked up at him and nodded. "Yeah, why not. Where shall we start?" "Well, how about with the murder bit that you're doing, so that we're not covering anything too new?" She looked up at him, and smiled, her eyes almost twinkling.

"That's a great idea. Have a seat," she said pointing to the bed. He laid his files on the bed and perched on the end. She turned her back on him, bending down to pick her notes off the floor. He couldn't help but stare at her rounded ass, feeling a little guilty at the same time.

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He almost felt like reaching out to caress it, but he resisted the urge. She seemed to spend an awful long time bending over, and Jon wondered if she was doing it on purpose, but at that point she stood up, rustling bits of paper, looking a little embarrassed. "Sorry, I couldn't find the notes that I'd made earlier." He shrugged, not thinking of a witty reply to her statement. Bianca then came and sat next down on the bed next to him, and for the next thirty or so minutes there was full-on discussion concerning what qualifies for murder and the cases that had helped set up the common law on the subject.

Jon watched Bianca in full flow, appreciating how articulate her words were in relation to his slight slurring. Realising he was spending too much time looking at her mouth and not maintaining eye contact, he looked into her deep brown eyes and immediately got lost in those dark mysterious depths, trying to read what she was thinking behind the legal drivel she was reciting.

"Jon… Are you there?" He snapped back to the present, and she gave him a questioning look. "Were you listening to me?" she asked, pretending to be stern. He shrank back, not sure whether to admit to what he had been doing, or whether to bluff his way along. His conscience told him to tell the truth; she could either tell him to get out and never speak to her again, or… Well, was there another option?

"Ermmm, well, I was just sort of… Well, y'know…" He tailed off and shrugged, looking helpless. She peered at him from under her eyebrows, looking rather confused. "No, I don't know Jon," she said gently. He took several deep breaths, trying to calm the butterflies in his stomach. Why had he dug himself into this hole? All he had to do was just talk Law, but no. He'd got lost trying to explore her mind and got caught in the act. Great… "I was just trying to figure out… to figure out what you were thinking, that's all," he said eventually, after what he felt was an immense silence.

She tucked her hair behind her ears again, (Damn… why is that so cute, he thought.) and shuffled her notes before she replied. "Why did you think I was thinking anything else apart from Law?" she asked.

"Well… I don't know really. I just thought it sounded like your mouth was doing all the talking but your thoughts were somewhere else. I didn't mean to offend you or anything, I was just trying to see if I could guess what it was.

If you want me to leave, I'll go, that's OK." It was the last thing he wanted to do, but his heart felt heavy as he awaited her reply. He looked down at his feet waiting for the expected demand to leave. It never came. Instead, he got a cute giggle noise, and a soft, gentle pat on the shoulder. He looked up, and was surprised to see her smiling.

"Do you always expect the worst Jon?" she asked softly. "Well, yeah, I guess. I'm just used to it really, people always used to make me feel really small." "So you presume everyone's just like that?" It was definitely a question he decided, not a statement or an accusation. "Yeah, that's exactly it." He fiddled awkwardly with his hands again, looking down at the floor. When he found the courage to look up again, she was smiling at him again.

That coy smile, that would make butter melt. "Listen Jon, I wasn't trying to make you feel small," Bianca said, "and if I ever do, just tell me and I'll correct it. Now, shall we?" "Y-y-yes, w-what do y-you want to do n-n-next?" Dammit, Jon thought, why do I have to start stammering again? It had been alright for a bit. And was the 'I wasn't trying to make you feel small' thing a double entendre? So many questions… "I'd got to the bottom of my fifth page I think," Bianca said, scanning her notes.

"Ah yes, here we go." She proceeded to carry on talking murder for a few minutes, with Jon trying to remain attentive and going over everything in his head to make sure he had covered it all. When she had finished that section, she looked up. "Was that ok then? Anything you'd extreme slave double fisted in her greedy pussy on?" "Nope," Jon replied.

"Everything seems in order." "Fantastic! D'you want a drink or anything?" Define 'anything' Jon thought. "Ermmm… You got any coffee?" "Sure. You want a drop of Bailey's in that? I think I will, I like a good Irish coffee, especially how my Mum makes one." "Alright then, why not?" When the drinks were made, Bianca sat down on her bed and crossed her legs, cupping her mug in both hands.

She looked over at Jon and gave him her coy smile over the rim. "You like?" Jon grinned. "Yeah, I've never really had a proper one like this. Really creamy. You'll have to show me how you make it, cos I usually curdle it and it comes out all lumpy." "You ditz, you just have to wait for the coffee to cool!" Bianca replied and swatted his arm. Jon made an embarrassed noise. "So, what's life been like at uni?" she asked after a pause, which Mama japonesa borracha y follada por hijo sensed was becoming awkward.

"It's been alright actually. There's ups and downs I guess, but overall, it's been alright so far." "What's been your favourite part?" "I guess being around girls again, cos I went to an all guys school, and we never really got to see much of the girls." "Really? That's kinda cute.

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So, you hooked up with any of them? Anyone I know?" Jon looked at her. How did she get round to asking that question without being obvious? "Ermmm, n-no, not hooked up with anybody." She raised an eyebrow at him. "You're kidding me, a good looking guy like you? You're a law student for crying out loud, you're a catch! And you're not exactly ugly. Beauty and brains, I think all the girls round here must be blind." Jon was caught in two minds. Do I ask her why she's not approached me til now?

Or do I just avoid her compliment and divert the attention away from myself? Why is it so hard to make a decision around this woman? "So why haven't you spoken me til now?" He winced. Wrong one, dammit again! Bianca blushed. "Well, I thought a guy such as you would have women crawling all over you, you always seem to be around some, and I naturally presumed that you wouldn't be interested in someone like me." It was true, Jon thought.

I'm always around girls. Girls flock around Niall with his gentlemanly persona and I'm usually with Niall when he's here. But I don't fancy them or anything, we just happen to be in the same room.

"Well, I think you made the wrong assumption Bianca, just because I hang around with girls doesn't mean I'm sleeping with them all." It came out a little sterner than he'd intended. She blushed. "That's not what I meant! It's just I fancy you like mad, and…" She stopped and looked away awkwardly.

"OK, I've just said it now. You caught me off guard, I didn't want to admit it, because I doubt you feel the same. You're such a great guy, I heard you talking to Niall in the corridor the other day, and the way you spoke about me, like treating me as a person, not just a sex object like some of the other cavemen around here think of me, and you're on my course as well, so we've got something in common, and all the girls in my group think you're cute, so they were just telling me to use the exams as a reason to talk to you." She sighed and put her coffee cup on the floor.

"But now I've just embarrassed myself terribly, and if you decide to leave I'll never forgive myself. I'll just hide and give you the opportunity to leave…" She flung herself face down on her pillows. Jon, still sat on the end of the bed, had a surprised expression on his face. OK man, this is a time for my brain to kick into gear, and say something meaningful and reassuring, he thought.

"Have you gone yet?" came Bianca's muffled voice. "N-no, I'm still here Bianca," Jon replied. "I'm just trying to take in everything you said." There was another awkward pause. "Well I find you quite attractive as well, and I thought you'd never want to be near a guy like me." She turned over.

"Really?" Jon noticed a few tears rolling down her cheeks. Were they fake? Surely if they were, then this was going a bit far to just return to normality and kick him out. But he still wasn't sure. "Well… yes… I'm not the most confident of guys as you know, and I just thought you were way out of my league. You're like more than stunning, you're like model standard, every guy's fantasy girl." You're certainly mine, he added in his head.

"Jon, I dunno what to say…" "Kiss me?" he blurted. "W-what?" The whole room suddenly seemed to freeze, all he could hear was silence. Dammit, he thought, I've blown it now. "Kiss me," he said quietly his heart thumping in his amazing threesome scene with elsa jean and jessy jones blowjob and bigcock, "I thought you might want to say that instead of saying nothing.

Y'know, just so we wouldn't have to have another awkward silence." She sat up. Here it comes Jon, here's the eviction, his mind was telling him.

They looked at each other for a moment. And then she leaned forward slightly and closed her eyes. Jon's eyes widened, and some kind of force seemed to push between his shoulder flawless beauty is showing off her opened narrow slit in close up, pushing him forwards into Bianca's kiss.

It was just light, and tentative to start with, but soon her lips parted and her tongue snaked forward into his mouth.

Jon brought a hand up to her jaw line, and gently caressed it. How long the kiss lasted, he couldn't say. It felt like hours, he was just lost in the moment. When the kiss finally broke, Bianca gave him a sexy smile, and looked at blonde teen stepsis haley reed gets nailed by pervert dude smalltits and pornstars through half-closed eye lids.

"Wow, that was amazing…" Jon's heart felt like it was going to burst through his chest. "Yeah… it was…" he said dreamily.

He leaned forward again and Bianca took his face in her hands, and kissed him much more forcefully, and with more intent than the first time. Jon managed to slip an arm around her waist, drawing her body closer to his.

Then the fire alarm sounded… *** Part Four. "Jonny boy! Over here mate!" came Niall's call. Niall was waving a list of names at him. Jon turned to Bianca, who was stood next to him on the front steps of the hall. "Can I come and collect my stuff later?" he asked.

"Sure, no worries," she replied, sounding in control of her emotions, which worried Jon somewhat. Had it been a mistake? Or was she just trying not to give anyone else a clue as to what had been happening. He knew one person who would know no matter what kind of expression he was wearing. She disappeared into the crowd to find the sell your gf watching slut fuck is arousing shaved pussy and doggystyle on her corridor.

"Soooo… was my man getting some? Or was it just legal speak?" Niall asked when Jon came over, exactly the sort of question Jon had been gearing up for. "We were just talking and revising Criminal Law mate, nothing more, nothing less," was the reply that Jon thought was the least conspicuous. "Oh aye, were your tongues doing the talking or were you just revising the ways to flirt with each other?" There was no getting past him.

"Lets just say the fire alarm couldn't have gone off at a more inopportune moment," Jon said, fervently hoping Niall wouldn't ask about any details. "Is it just a prank or what?" "Prank mate, nothing to worry about. Are you just waiting to go back inside and finish the page you started?" "That could be one way of putting it mate, yes.

I'm just hoping this bloody alarm didn't interrupt the magic we had going." Jon was looking over the crowd, to see if he could spot her. "I mean we were getting into the flow of revising… And I thought we were getting along quite well…" "Ah right mate, revising the rhythm method? Or just defences for murder?" Jon swallowed and looked his mate in the eye. "OK, you got me. We had a bit of a snog. Just a kiss, nothing more. Honest." Niall kept a straight face.

Jon just looked at him. "Well say something then!" Niall's face broke into a big grin. "I told you! I told you something was going down. You're so in! It'll be threesomes and baby oil and then kids and weddings and you'll live happily ever after! Awesome, I'm dead chuffed for you mate, you deserve the best." Jon gave him a perplexed look.

"OK, so maybe not all that, but love is in the air!" Niall grinned. "Yes mate, thanks for that. But what's my next move?" "Elope?" "Naw… I mean, do I get my stuff tonight as in later on or go straight back inside now and collect it?" "I'd leave it a bit, let her stew, think things over and go when she's least expecting you. Like when she thinks you'll never return, and she's almost given up hope," Niall said. "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.

Y'know, all that stuff." "OK mate, sound advice… I'll leave it til a bit later on then." "Sure. Right I'd better find everyone else on our corridor and make sure they're not burning or something." *** Part Five. With his Criminal notes in Bianca's room, Jon was forced to turn his attention to one of his other subjects.

Reading through a section on Contract law, he soon got engrossed in his work. There was a knock at his door. Startled, he looked up and shouted "Howdy!" Bianca walked in holding his Criminal file. And Jon noticed she didn't look overly pleased to see him. "And how long were you planning on making me wait?

I've been sat there in my room waiting for you to come back and get these notes, and I've literally gone out of my mind. Was he leading me on? Am I some sort of joke to him? Have I completely misjudged him?" Jon's heart sank. Here it was, he thought, rejection before we'd even started. Dammit! Bianca's expression suddenly relaxed, and she smiled. "Gotcha!" Jon took a moment to realise she was actually joking, and then grinned. She practically ran over from the door and leapt on him as he stood up from his desk, and hungrily kissed him full on the mouth, her arms and legs wrapped around him.

He pushed her down on to his bed so that he was on top of her and promptly resumed kissing her, softer this time, yet more meaningfully. "Oh Jon," she moaned, "I don't care what happens after today, but you're not letting me leave this room without fucking me tonight. I want you, and I want you now…" Letting those words trail off, she rolled over on top of him so she was sat on his lower abdomen. Removing her glasses and putting them on the bedside table, she tucked her hair behind her ears, and then stripped off her t-shirt, revealing a white sports bra supporting her pert breasts.

Jon, pinned to the bed, couldn't but help admire the view he was getting. He felt his cock start to grow inside his jeans. "Bianca… This is… I dunno… H-h-how, w-why…" She silenced him by putting a finger on his lips and trailed it down his chin and on to his chest. "Now I'm a little more comfortable, I think we should do the same to you," she said innocently, sliding down his legs so she was able to undo his jeans.

Jon could hardly believe what was happening. Undoing his jean buttons, she fished inside his underwear and found his throbbing erection. He let out a small moan as her hand clasped around it and slowly started working up and down the shaft.

"Bianca, this is unreal. I'd only ever dreamed of this happening…" He trailed off as she started jerking him a bit harder, the expression on her face full of desire. Desire to have sex with him, Jon realised for the first time, making him smile. OK, this is it, everything you ever wanted, just don't do anything to screw it up, he thought.

God this feels good, she certainly knows how to drive a guy wild. "Jon, you spunky hunk, let me know when you're going to come, baby," she said in a husky voice.

Jon noted the change to more affectionate language and wondered if it would become more permanent. "Bianca baby, sheez, you keep going, it's not going to be long… Keep going girl, just whatever you do don't stop…" He let out a long groan, to which Bianca promptly clamped her mouth over the head of his cock, continuing to piston her hand up and down his shaft. He placed his hands gently on the back of her head, caressing her hair with his fingers. "Oh my God, oh my God," Jon groaned, forced prostate massage sex movie his hips, "Bianca, you're driving me crazy.

I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come so hard. I'm gonna come any second now…" Bianca's tongue licked all around his cock head, eagerly anticipating what was about to happen.

"Oh Bianca, I'm coming, I'm coming…" With that he let out a loud moan, his legs and stomach tightened and his semen spurted into Bianca's awaiting mouth. She continued to jerk him off, collecting all of his come in her mouth, moving it around all over the end of his shaft until she swallowed, determined to catch every last drop. She let his penis fall out her mouth with a pop, and leaned over him again. "So, how did you enjoy that?" she asked, still in a husky voice.

Jon, flat on his back, a stupid smile on his face, his head still clearing after seeing stars, whispered "That was… just… amazing…" "Got enough fuel in the tank for later?" "Oh definitely… Man, I still feel faint, that was some blowjob." "Well, hopefully you'll be on the end of a few more of those in the near future. What better way to release exam tensions than with some fun?" Jon, virtually fully recovered, rolled over on to his side, leaning on one elbow.

Bianca promptly did the same, so they were face to face. Leaning forward, she went in for a quick kiss. "I think I'd like to release my exam tensions with you more often… And I can't think of a better way to do it. Would you complain if I eat you out?" he asked, sounding hopeful. Where did that come from, he thought. I've never quite been that blunt before, but it just feels right. I sure wanna please this girl, she's so hot! And I've had no complaints in this department before… Bianca smiled and rolled under him, undoing the button on her shorts, and slipping them over her ass.

Jon took hold of them, wriggled them gently down her legs, and threw them over his shoulder, landing in a heap somewhere behind him. He was faced with a bright red lacy thong, which was given similar treatment. He inhaled her womanly scent for the first time and noticed the lips of her vagina were beginning to swell.

"Bianca, you smell absolutely delicious, I'm sure gonna enjoy this…" he murmured. "I'm in no position to complain, you sexy hunk of a man. I'm going to enjoy it more!" Jon gently parted the lips of her sex, uncovering the pink folds of her pussy.

He breathed through his nose, blowing some cool air on her clitoris, making Bianca writhe in pleasure. "Don't keep me waiting Jon, get stuck in there!" Jon duly obliged, plunging his tongue into the depths of her pussy, causing her to squeal with delight. "Oh Jon, that feels so good, keep doing that with your tongue… That feels great, keep going, keep going… Oh my God, rub my clit, keeping rubbing it, that's it, faster, faster… my pussy is so wet for you Jon… I want you… That's it, right there, oh yes… Oh yes, yes… Harder, lick me harder, just there, like that… Oh my God, this is amazing, Jon keep going baby…" Bianca bucked her hips against Jon's face, grabbing his hair, causing him to be pulled further in to her crotch.

Jon looked up for a second, seeing her face contorted in pleasure, her eyes screwed up in sheer delight. He decided to change tack slightly. "Jon baby, keep licking me… Whatcha doing… Oh, I love it, lick my clit, lick my clit… Oh yes, just there, oh, oh, oh, fuck me with those fingers, you sexy man, keep doing that… That feels soooo good… Oh yes, yes… I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come… Yes, ah, ah… harder… Oh my God, oh my God… OH MY GOD…" Bianca shivered and rocked her hips against Jon's tongue as her orgasm washed over her like a wave.

She took a deep breath and tried to relax, continuing to take breaths in big gulps. "Jon, you're amazing… That was absolutely amazing… Do it again, I want to feel your tongue in me again… Oh Jon, just there, keep doing that… Oh my God, how do you do that so fast… Jon, I'm coming again, I'm coming again…" As her second orgasm washed over her, she let out a long guttural moan, and clamped her legs around Jon's head.

Only when she had come down off her high, did she release him.

He came up for air, with a big smile on his face. "You like?" he asked, remembering how she asked him how he liked his coffee. Still short of breath, she panted, "Oh Jon… Baby… That was… Simply fantastic…" Hell yeah, he thought.

When she recovered she looked down at Jon, still positioned between her thighs. "Come up here you, you're gonna pay for that!" she grinned. "Oh really? And what are you going to do?" "Stand up, and I'll show you…" Jon clambered off the bed, shortly followed by Bianca, still unsteady on her legs. She stood in front of him, a few inches shorter than him, and gave him a devilish grin, looking up at him.

She had her hands at the bottom of his t-shirt, tugged it upwards and helped it over his head. She then proceeded to rub her hands over his chest and abdomen, while he reached round her back to unclasp her bra. When her breasts were freed, Jon took them in his hands, gently fondling them. They were slightly larger than medium, fitting nicely into Jon's hands.

He played with her nipples, rolling them between his finger and thumb. He then bent down to take one breast in his mouth, while Bianca's fingers ran up and down his spine, making him shiver. She too was shivering, while his tongue swirled around her nipple, before he then gently nibbled it. Taking charge of the situation, all inhibitions that he would once have had gone, Jon pulled off his jeans and underwear, and laid Bianca down on his bed.

"Oh Jon, give it to me, put your cock in me…" Jon, holding his cock in his hand, positioned it at the entrance to Bianca's womanhood. He savoured the moment, finally realising his dream was about to come true. "Jon, don't keep me waiting, I need it in me…" she breathed, full of anticipation. With that, he leaned forward, and slid gently into Bianca's sopping vagina. "OH MY GOD… That feels so good, that feels so good… You're filling me up, oh my God Jon, fill me up with that huge dick… Fuck me Jon, fuck me, fuck me… Oh God, keep going Jon… Keep fucking me… You're fucking me good… yes, yes… so good…" Her hands raked Jon's back, as he thrusted away like an animal.

"Bianca, you're so hot, sheez… I can't believe I'm doing this… You're so tight, it's like a vice… Fuck…" "Oh Jon, keep going big boy, keep thrusting like that, it turns me on… I can feel you filling me… Fuck me, fuck me…" "Oh Bianca, keep squeezing me with your pussy… I can feel you squeeze… Oh my God…" Bianca was writhing around like a crazed animal beneath dirty talk fuck big boobs alyce anderassociates son in let the man take control, trying to fit as much of Jon's cock inside her as possible, meeting his every thrust with vigour.

Jon leaned forward, so his body covered hers, slowing his thrusts down. He took her hands in his and stretched them out above her head, in attempt to try to calm her down. She was having none of it, and continued to buck and writhe with pleasure.

"Oh Jon, keep kissing my neck like that lover… That feels so good… Keep fucking me though… Noooo… don't slow down! Oh, that was a deep thrust… Oh that felt good… Do it again, again… That's it Jon, kiss my breasts… I feel your teeth, that hurts, but it feels so fucking good…" "Keep squeezing your horny stepmom natalie joins in for a threesome Bianca… Man, that's tight… My dick's being squeezed to death in there… Oh my God… It's so hot and wet…" "Oh Jon, it's so good to have you fuck me… I've wanted this for so long… My pussy's on fire, you're fucking me so good… "I'll keep going… I'll keep going… God, I'm close… I'm gonna come… "Come with me lover… Oh God, that's it, that's it… Keep going… Your hot dick's filling me so good, keep banging it into me… I can hear the slapping when your balls hit my ass… Oh FUCK ME, that's so good… I'm gonna come… I'm gonna come…" "I want you to come around my cock… Oh Bianca, I want to feel your orgasm in your pussy around my cock… I'm so close, Bianca, I'm so fucking close…" "Fuck me hard, baby, fuck me hard, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK me…" "It's coming Bianca… I'm gonna come!" "FUCK YES, Jon, oh yes, I'm gonna come with you…" "It's… Oh my God… ah, ah… I'm gonna shoot!" "FUCK ME, Jon, FUCK ME, I'm coming!

Oh I'm coming! Yes, yes, YES!" Jon came harder than he ever remembered coming in his life. A huge gush of jism blasted out of his shaft and splashed inside Bianca's vagina. Then another. All around his cock, he could feel the ripples of Bianca's orgasm as her pussy literally milked his shaft.

His cock was being continually squeezed as smaller spurts coated her insides. Bianca was grunting through gritted teeth, as she still tried to thrust away at Jon's hips.

Absolutely shattered, covered in a light film of sweat, their genitals still in contact, Jon collapsed on top of his lover, who was moaning through her deep gulps for breath. Jon couldn't understand a word she was saying as all he could hear, his face nestled in her silky blond hair, was the sound of his own breathing. "Jon… Oh Jon…" he heard the whisper.

"Jon, that was… indescribable… Wow… It was… just… amazing…" Jon didn't have the strength to reply, such was the experience he had encountered.

He just held her, still pinned beneath his body, feeling her breasts press into his chest. After long minutes, he relaxed, and rolled off her. Finally finding the strength to speak, he whispered, "Wow… That was intense…" "Yes, it was…" she sighed. When the two students had recovered enough to lean on their sides and face each other again, they leaned forward and deeply French kissed. "What are you doing tomorrow?" Bianca asked when they had finished their kiss.

"Nothing special, I'd just planned on revising. That's all really." "Good. Well I can stay the night then, cos I want some more of that Jon loving…" "Well, how can I turn down such an offer?" She laughed.

"Oh boy, there's no way you'd be able to turn such an offer down. But tell me, where did you learn how to fuck a girl like that?" Jon blushed.

Great, I fuck her brains out, and she wants to bring up ex-girlfriends. "Well, practise I guess." "Really? How much practise?" "Ermmm… Well, I've only slept with three girls before you." "Three?

Is that it? You learnt all that after three different girls?" "Well, yeah, I guess so." What's with the interrogation, he thought. "Why, how many guys have you slept with?" "Four. And they were all jerks. I was young and naïve, and I didn't know what love meant. And they took advantage I guess." Bianca looked a bit hesitant with a far away look in her eyes. "But it was different with you… I just got a sense that you actually care…" She looked at him.

Jon nodded, not sure what to say. I do care, I can't deny that. She's a beautiful girl, who gives a crap and doesn't sleep around, he thought. How can I put that into words? "I do," he said eventually. Dammit, caught short again! She smiled that coy smile, and brought a hand down between his legs. "Think you can make love to me again?" Hell yeah!

"I can certainly have a go," he said. With that, Bianca grabbed hold of his limp penis, and stroked it gently back into life. "That not too painful for you?" she asked, sounding concerned. "Nope, that's feeling wonderful…" Jon replied, trying very hard not to moan.

Once fully erect, Bianca straddled him, her pussy poised right above his penis. She locked eyes with her lover, who gave what he hoped was a sexy wink. With that, she promptly sank her wetness down on his shaft, letting out a gasp as he filled her to the hilt. "Oh Jon, I'd almost forgotten how you fill me… Oh boy… Right, I'm gonna ride you like you've never been ridden…" Jon, laid flat on his back, was once again shivering with the sensation of Bianca's pussy wrapped around his cock.

It's just like being in a moist tunnel of sheer vice. And how she squeezes her vaginal muscles like that is electric… Bianca placed both hands on his chest, and proceeded to gyrate up and down on Jon's penis.

She didn't go too quickly, wanting to savour the moment feelings of being stuffed by Jon's hot rod, but she was also keen to have another orgasm. After a while, she leaned back, so her hands were on either side of Jon's knees, and continued to gyrate on his cock.

Jon had, by this time, begun to fondle her breasts, playing gently with her nipples. After shifting between feeling his muscular torso, and leaning back, Bianca soon began to approach another orgasm.

Jon, sensing this, helped her along by stroking her clit with one hand. "Oh Jon, yes, that's it… I'm gonna come!" Jon, once again, felt her pussy muscles contract around his cock, but he didn't have anything left in the tank to offer to her this time.

He enjoyed watching her face, as she experienced her orgasm and then relax when she felt the sensations disappear. Once she had resumed her normal breathing, still impaled by his penis, she leaned forward and snuggled into his chest. "That was lovely… You've got an amazing cock… It just fills me up, y'know… Makes me feel complete I guess you could say," she whispered. Jon had nothing more to offer than just "Yes…" And with that, he brought his arms around her, and held her close.

I do not want to let this woman go, she is something special. *** Part Six. Niall knocked on his buddy's door at 9.30 the next morning. "Jonny boy, time for breakfast!" Not hearing a reply, he knocked a couple more times, a bit louder.

"Hey, Jon, get your ass out of bed, or there won't be any bacon!" Trying the door handle, he found the door unlocked. "OK mate, if you're naked, tell me now!" As he opened the door, the faint smell of sex hit him. Knowing instantly what he teen blonde bibi noel all holes pounded by black boners find inside, he quietly shut the door again and smiled to himself. "Good ol' Jon. He sure got lucky last night." As the door clicked shut, the two lovers took deep breaths.

Looking sleepily at each other, Bianca whispered "Good morning, lover. That was some night." Jon smiled back. "Yeah, it was. I don't think I'm quite as stressed out about exams as I was now." Bianca rolled over, pulling the cover over her.

"I vote we have sex every night this week, if it feels this good in a morning. I might be able to get through that exam then." With that, Jon reality kings stacy jay stacys treasure hardcore cumshot her shoulder and snuggled into her back. Life couldn't get much better than this. Then, to his horror, the sharp blaring of the fire alarm ripped through the silence… Are these things timed to create maximum embarrassment or something?

What did I do to deserve this again? Bloody pranks…