Cute bruinette teen is having some really great time while hard core sucking and fucking

Cute bruinette teen is having some really great time while hard core sucking and fucking
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*This story is based off several drawings by the artist Dmitry. If he happens to read this, I hope he likes it, but I am taking no credit for originality. I just wanted to write a short story about some of those drawing.* The story begins at a Futa-Cow farm.

The Futa-Cows are shemales with huge, lactating breasts and big cocks. The story follows two co-workers/lovers (Jim and Jane) who work at the factory. It is early in the morning as Jane finishes giving Jim a wakeup blowjob. As Jim stirs awake, he pushes Jane off so he can pin her and fuck her. "Jim come on, I don't want sex! I just wanted to please you! We have to be at work in a few hours and I need to be able to walk around and collect samples without queefing or wobbling." "Alright, just finish up what you were doing." Jim wanted sex, he always wants sex.

While Jane cooks, he would sneak behind her in the kitchen and lift her short skirt revealing a tight asshole and he would just ram his prick in there. While Jane takes a shower, he would sneak in, grab her and fuck her in the shower. While Jane just submits to it, she wants Jim to feel how she feels when sex is forced upon her. By no means is he raping her, she loves him and has always loved him ever since they started dating in high school. She is just reluctant to tell him.

Before they worked at the Futa-Cow farm, Jim and Jane were not the prettiest people around. But they weren't outright ugly. Jim was 6 ft even, 6 in dick, and slightly overweight and Jane was 5 ft 6 in with 'B' cup breasts and a big muffin top. When they started working at the farm, they got to take home free pasteurized Futa-milk.

After a few weeks of working there and drinking the Futa-milk, Jim and Jane both slimmed down considerably and their muscles became toned.

There were other side effects also. Jim's dick grew out to 9 in and his balls grew in size. Jane's breasts ballooned to a 'DD' cup. And they both became very horny. When they arrived at the Futa-Cow farm, they passed through the routine security check points. Security made sure that they didn't have a camera to photograph the Futa-cows or bottles to take home unpasteurized Futa-milk. They reason is that the Futa-milk is very rare and they way that it is farmed can be considered cruel.

The Futa-Cows are shemales that have huge lactating breasts and huge cock and balls. The best Futa-milk is harvested when the Futa-Cows are pleasured to the point where they cum. However to elongate threesome dirty whores show to each other how to squirt a lot milking process, they have cock rings attached.

Jim's job is to make sure that the rings are properly placed while Jane collects a small sample of milk to test for purity. Then around the building are whores who pleasure the Futa-Cows to make them lactate. As Jim and Jane walk around doing their rounds, they whisper to each other on how they would love to have one of the cows join them in the sexual escapades. However, it is strictly forbidden to drink the unpasteurized Futa-milk or cum.

The results, as from the management, are to become very sick with a high possibility of death. Jim and Jane didn't take notice one time when they thought they saw one of the Futa-Cows that looked very similar to one of the whores who was recently released.

But they did notice how the whores get the Futa-Cows to climax without penetration, which is forbidden for the whores. They would grind against josh n jenny havin fun sucking pussy Futa-Cows, titty fuck their cocks, caress their big mammories, and tease the Futa-Cows by placing their pussies and nipples just out of reach of the Futa-Cows mouth.

All Jim, Jane, and the other workers hear throughout the day is the moaning of the Futa-Cows that want to cum and the complaints of the whores who just want to put the Futa-Cows big cock in their tight pussy. "PLEASE LET ME CUM!" screams one cow.

"STOP TEASING YOURSELF AND RIDE ME!" screams another. It kinda hurt Jim inside when he saw them approach climax, but are denied the satisfaction. He also felt drawn to them. He didn't feel this way when he first joined, all he thought about was the money to keep the company secret. He had no desire to suck on their cocks, he was, or considered himself to be straight. But he just felt drawn to them. Jane on the other hand almost quit her job to become one of the floor whores, until she was told that penetration of any kind was forbidden.

After a few months of working at the farm, Jane was doing some chemical tests and came to a naïve conclusion that unpasteurized Futa-milk was just more potent that pasteurized.

She told this to Jim who has become extremely horny at that fact. He thought that now he would be able to suck one of the Futa-Cows massive dicks and drink Futa-milk right from the source.

All Jane thought about was riding the huge dick that the Futa-Cows have. Later that day, Jim and Jane were trying to figure out how to have sex with one of the Futa-Cows. The only problem was that each Futa-Cow had its own security camera. They were stumped on how to get around that. However, Jane slipped two small vials of unpasteurized Futa-milk into her pussy to sneak them out. It was the scariest couple of hours for her.

She didn't know it the security guards would catch her or if the vials would break while she was finishing up her work. Once they were off of the farm, Jane pulled the vials out and Jim was confused in what she had. She told him what they were and he was unsure of why she did that.

She explained that the samples she took were unpasteurized and were more potent. It was then Jim reached across the car and gave Jill a passionate kiss.

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And since Jim was rock hard, Jill gave him road head on the way back to their house. At their xxx parn story sex stories in the car, Jill and Jim ate some dinner with the unpasteurized Futa-milk as a chaser. Within moments, they felt the effects. They both grew slightly. Jim's dick gained some girth and Jill's breasts exploded out to an 'E' cup, almost destroying her bra. He whispered to Jill, "Baby, I love you and want to take you right here on the kitchen table!" As Jim passionately kisses Jill, she moves her hands around his waist and starts to undo his pants.

When she gets to his underwear, Jim's prick is stretching them out from the raging hard on he had. She held his big dick in her hands then proceeded to try and put it all in her mouth. She was thinking that she might need stitches because it was ripping her mouth a little. As she is sucking on his dick and fondling his big balls, Jim face is one of ecstasy. Once he came, he came buckets.

Jill almost chocked on the amount of seamen that Jim had. It was a lot more than normal. Even after he came, his prick was still rock hard, just waiting for more. As Jill stood up, she snowballed into Jim's mouth and they both shared in the pleasure of the cum. Now Jim picked Jill up and placed her on the counter. He ripped her shirt off exposing a bra that was barely containing Jill's bigger tits. He goes to undo the bra, but when he pulled on her hair, she arched her back and the bra flew off into his face.

He looked at his beautiful girlfriend and she and her tits looked amazing. She was lactating a little bit but didn't take to notice it. He just thought it was his saliva because he just went straight to sucking on them. After a minute of that, he stands up and lifts Jill and slides her onto his prick. Jill wraps her arms around him as he is force fucking her by lifting her up and down on his shaft. They kiss, move positions, grope each other, and bite each other's necks.

As Jill bites on Jim's neck, she digs her nails into his back, Jim lets out a moan. As Jim blows across Jill's ears, she just digs deeper into Jim's back. Jim lifts Jill of his dick and she bends over the table and Jim slides in from behind to fuck her like a dog.

He pulls on her hair as she moans from his large dick and cums a first time. She is lost in the euphoria. Jim slips and falls to the floor taking Jill with him. He just takes the pain in motion. Now without removing his dick, Jill turns around and starts grinding Jim. He takes one of her massive firm tits and sucks on them passionately then bites it, and the tries to suck the whole thing into his mouth. Jill lets out a scream.

Jim digs his nails into her back and she cums again. Jim lifts his hips off the floor then starts bucking with Jill on top. Jim pushes upward, Jill screams in pleasure. As he comes down, some of his prick leaves Jill but then as he pushes up again, Jill takes the whole cock in her now soaked, ravaged pussy. Time now has no meaning as they have been going for some time now, and Jim has yet to cum a second time.

They are still going strong. Jim pumping away at Jill. Jill biting and scratching away at Jim's neck, back, and chest. Then it becomes too much for Jim. He tells Jill to get off and suck him dry. Before Jill can even get her mouth to his dick, he shoots a massive, creamy load all over Jill's face. A money shot doesn't even compare to what he just did. Besides Jill's face, he hit part of a chair, across the kitchen table, and into the next room.

It was just an explosive force for him. Even when he finally became soft, he was still dripping cum from his dick. Jill needed help to get to bed since Jim just fucked the shit out of her. They were both exhausted and didn't even take the time to clean up.

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As they laid in bed, they looked into each other's eyes and professed their love to each other. They kissed, fondled each other a little bit, and then passed out.

Overnight, the effects of the Futa-milk wore off since it was such a small quantity. As they woke up and passionately kiss each other, they were glad it was now the weekend because Jill still had some trouble walking. But they both almost immediately noticed that the effects have reversed. Jill was happy for that because she didn't have 'E' bras, but Jim missed the extra girth.

They spent the day cleaning, fucking, and reports for the farm. Once Monday came, Jill was called into the head office. She was freaking out because she thought they found out about what she did. Manager 1, "Jill come in and sit down.

We just want to talk to you for a minute." Jill: "Ok, what is this about?" "We have noticed that you. this is where Jill's heart starts to race out of control . have been doing great research on the pasteurization." Jill's silently breathes a sigh of relief. "We want to offer you a promotion into care taking the Futa-Cows. Sexy granny fucked by young fit guy again might mean you will have to stay past closing on the farm, but the pay increase will be significant." "Yes, I'll take the promotion!" Now Jill had access to the Futa-Cows when no one is around.

The only problem left is getting them to be out of sight of the security cameras. "One more thing," said Manager 2, "You will be allowed an assistant. Just give us his or her name so we can run it by them." "Sure, no problem." As Jill left the office, she became very wet with excitement. When she came across Jim, she sneaked up on him from behind and gave him a tight hug and whispered what just happened.

He became instantly rock hard. As they finished their work for the day, Jill tells the managers that Jim would be helping her out since he is a handler. They agree and tell Jill that they are going through a security overhaul that should be done by the Christmas break, so that the cameras won't be operational for some time. However, lesbian interracial naomi banxxx amp khloe kush will be more security guards around.

All Jill heard was that the cameras were going to be offline. She tells Jim this on the way home, but he doesn't respond. Once home, Jim grabs Jill by her wrists and throws her against a wall. Jill doesn't know what's going on. Jim takes one hand to hold down both of Jill's above her head while he takes the other to rip off her pants and panties.

Jill is trying to resist but she has been wet all day since her meeting with the managers. Jim kisses her, forces his tongue down her throat, and gets his prick ready to penetrate.

Jill relaxes a bit, but is becoming more excited since Jim doesn't do this. He just doesn't out of the blue hold her down then fuck her. As Jim is getting ready to stick it in, he bites down on Jill's neck while twisting her nipple. "AAAAIIII", Jill screams. At the climax of her scream, Jim thrusts all the way inside her. Jill orgasmed and started to shake from the pleasure.

Jim lets go of her wrists and takes both hands and grabs her ass. He starts to pick her up and put her down the length of his prick. As her moans start increasing in frequency and volume, he picks her up and puts her down faster and faster. She digs her nails into Jim's back and he responds with biting down on her supple neck. After going at it and wreaking Jill's pussy he lifts her up and put her down on the floor and shoves his meat stick down her throat.

As she begins to suck on it, Jim unleashes his load and Jill starts to choke on the amount of seamen. When they are done, Jill asks, "where did that come from baby?" Jim responds, "I don't know, it just felt right." Jill says, "that felt more than alright, it felt fucking awesome!" Over the next few weeks, Jill snuck out two vials for the weekends. The sex they had was indescribable. Jim was able to keep a hard-on, even after he came several times. One thing that happened though was that the effects were taking a little bright orgasms for slutty mother id like to fuck to wear off than usual.

Things that happened were that Jim's dick would get bigger and thicker since the first time and the same went for Jane's breasts. Other things that didn't take that much notice form the both of them were their heights. They grew a few inches each, Jane's clit would grow, and Jim's chest would become a little softer and more sensitive.

They didn't notice because for the weekend, they would be in a sex crazed mood. As the work week ends, just before Christmas break for the higher level staff, Jill sets up a time frame so that at least one Futa-Cow would teen tied and bound poke man go in the laboratory.

Jim walks around the farm and looks for the Futa-Cow that has the biggest tits and dick. He finds one that had the biggest breasts and takes it out of the corral and into the laboratory. Jill is wet with excitement while Jim is harder than Chinese algebra. Jill runs through her tests and leaves to put her findings in her bag.

Jim repositions the Futa-Cow in the restraints, he fondles its firm breasts and strokes its huge cock. Jill comes in and yells at Jim for starting the fun without her. She saunters over to the Futa-Cow while removing her pants and unbuttoning her top. By the time she gets over to Jim and the Futa-Cow, she is just in her bra and panties. Jim at this point is just in his boxers that are being stretched out. Jill goes over to the Futa-Cow and starts to suck on its huge cock.

Jim follows up behind her and sticks his boner into her sopping wet pussy. She moans and tries to put more of the Futa-Cow cock down her throat. Jim puts his man meat further into Jill and reaches across her to suck on the Futa-Cow's tits.

It is lactating so Jim sucks down the Futa-Milk. The Futa-Cow starts mumbling, "You shouldn't be drinking me.

But please make me cum!!" Jim and Jane ignore the warning, but they should have listened. As with the last time, Jim's cock started to grow, but he failed to notice the tingle in his chest. Jill removed her mouth from the Futa-Cow's dick and went for Jim's cock.

She was all over it as Jim placed one hand on her head and the other on the Futa-Cow's cock. He stroked it vigorously, then he bent over to put it into his mouth. It just felt right to him.

Having a cock in his mouth felt amazing. As he pumped his cock in and out of Jill's mouth, he was pumping the Futa-Cow's cock in and out of his mouth. As he gets lost in the pleasure of a cock in his mouth, he fails to let Jill know he was about to blow his load.

He shoots a creamy load down her throat and she nearly chokes. She pushes Jim to the ground and smacks him for not letting her know. She then gets on top of his still hard cock and starts to ride away. As Jim starts to regain some composure, he finally notices the tingle in his chest, but ignores it again since Jill is twisting his nipples.

He quickly blows a second load, but this time inside of Jill's pussy. If the force of the orgasm was any harder, she would have lifted off of his cock. Jim's cock was still hard. He did not know or care why that was. So he moved himself behind the Futa-Cow and positioned himself to penetrate. Jill positioned herself in front of the Futa-cow for it to penetrate her. Before he sticks his prick into the Futa-Cow, he notices that his cock is longer and thicker than last couple of times.

But again, he ignores it thinking that the fresher milk made him bigger. As Jill slid onto the Futa-Cow's cock, she puts a lactating breast into her mouth. She sucks and swallows away. She immediately felt the effects.

Her breasts ballooned out into an 'EE' cup making her top heavy, while exploding her bra off, and forcing more cock into her. She also felt that strange feeling in her clit again. The Futa-Cow again gave out its warning. "Stop, you don't know what you are in for. But please make me cum!!!" Jim and Jill were lost in the pleasure of fucking and being fucked. As Jim blew another load, this time into the Futa-Cows pussy, he looked down at his chest and noticed he was growing breasts.

As Jill finally came, she herself noticed that her clit grew out a few inches, looking like a small dick. The sight for some reason made him orgasm. "JILL!!! We got to stop and get out of here now!!" With that he pulled out and the Futa-cow bucked forward. "Jim, lets get the fuck out of here." But the force of the Futa-Cow's buck sent a shiver through Jill and she clenched onto the Futa-Cow's dick and it's orgasm filled Jill up. She started to cry as she got off of it.

Jim threw his clothes on, while trying to hide his newly grown boobs. He brought the Futa-Cow back to its stall and it said, "Thanks for making me cum, but you shouldn't have done what you did to get me there. You and your friend are in for a surprise, especially your friend, in a few hours. But you two sowed your own fates." As Jim goes xxxxxx 2019 story 30 min into the lab, he notices that Jill is still naked but is in a fetal position in a corner.

"Jim," she said with a whimper in her voice, "what are we going to do." "We'll just go home and rest over the holiday. The first time we did this, the effects lasted only a night.

The last couple of times it lasted the weekend. And with the fresher milk, it might last teens pink pussy and not hairy fuck with big white dick little longer.

At least we have two weeks to see how long these effects last." "Well," as Jill stood up, "I don't know about this time." She then dropped the clothes from her midsection revealing a dick that was half the size of Jim's. She stood there with a six inch dick and 'EE' cup breasts. She was still crying.

"What are we going to do?!?" "I don't know, lets just get out of here. We still have two weeks before we have to be back to work.

Also, you aren't the only one going through this." And with that, he showed Jill his budding breasts which have expanded out into a small 'B'.

They gathered their clothes and snuck out of the farm. The ride home was silent. Jill was looking out the window with tears still in her eyes. Her expression was blank with a hint of sadness. Jim was just focused on the road. He went to say something to Jill, but before he could speak, his mind went blank.

Once they were home, Jill ran into the house and locked herself in the bathroom. Jim spent some of the night against the bathroom door trying to comfort Jill to no avail. Jill spent her time in the bathroom trying to compute how this happened. She flicked her new prick. It hurt and new it was hers. She had also grown a bit. She was now a lot taller than before. She thought, "I must be about 6'3" now.

My vagina is still there underneath this slab of meat, and my breasts were huge and lactating. She resisted the urge to lick them and grabbed some sleeping pills from the cabinet. She swallowed a handful of pills and knocked herself out in a few minutes. She was now lying naked in the bathtub unaware of the changes taking place. Meanwhile, Jim was trying to talk to Jill through the door, but once he heard the bottle of pills hit the floor, he tried himself to get to sleep.

Jim was thinking, "What the fuck, what the fuck, what the FUCK! I have boobs that are still growing, maybe a large 'C' now. My dick is about 14" long and about a soda can around and it is still semi-soft! What am I going to do? What is happening to Jill? Her slender body is now a shemale. Her cock was about as big as mine before I started drinking that milk and my boobs. MY BOOBS are bigger than hers before SHE started drink that milk." As Jim was thinking about this, his cock started to twitch as grow hard.

It was now 16" long and as hard as steel. Now he definitely couldn't get to sleep. He went into the bedroom and lied on his back. His cock was resting in the middle of the cleavage of his breasts. After an hour of trying to get to sleep, he was getting restless because of the fact that he was very horny. "How can be horny at a time like this?!

Well I might as well try to get this thing down so I can try to get some sleep." He grabbed his long prick and started to stroke it. He could barely get a hold of it. Stroking up and down the length of his shaft, he felt that he might be able to suck his own cock.

As he sat up, he felt his chest heave forward. "These fucking things are getting bigger!" He placed his dick in between his growing mammaries and proceeded to try and get his dick into his mouth. He was now titty fucking himself as he was blowing himself.

He rubbed his breasts harder against his shaft as he tried to get more of himself into his mouth. Trying to speed things up, he moved a hand to grope his balls. Once his hand got down there, he had a wet feeling in his boxers. As he grabbed his balls, one of his knuckles rubbed against an opening. He felt a shiver run through his body as he blew his load into his own mouth.

After he averted drowning himself with himself, he passed out. The night and day to pass was to be interesting for the both of them as their bodies changed. Jane was the first to wake. She tried to get up but was having a bit of trouble. When she finally opened her eyes, she could not believe what she was looking down at.

She was looking at an unreal pair of breasts. She could barely see passed them. When she finally stood up, she felt something hit her in her inner thigh. She parted her ballooned bosom to see a very large cock in the es tan zorra que tiene tan abierto el ano solo le gusta que le metan p tube porn that her pussy used to be.

"JIIIIIMMMM!!!" she yelled. Her voice could have shattered windows. Jim started to stir in the cum stained bed. He rolled over and was dragged to the floor by his own massive tits. As he finally got up, pushing some hair out of his face, he yelled, "JJAAAAAANNNNNEEE!" And with that he ran to the bathroom. Jane was still in there examining her transformed body and trying to figure out how to change back. One thing she noticed in the mirror was that she was significantly taller.

She went from 5'6" to 6'6", the same height as the Futa-Cows. She moved her heavy breasts up and down and side to side. She thought that they must be at an 'EE' cup. Again, roughly the same size as the Futa-Cows. As she parted five powerful vibrators for one cute and nasty asian slut named luna breasts again, she looked at her new cock.

She touched it and found it to be very sensitive. She slid her hand down the shaft, it had to be at least 7 inches soft, and found that at the base she now had a big pair of balls.

Moving her hand around her balls, she found that she still had her pussy. This was all very strange to her. Then she remembered what the Futa-Cow said, "Stop doing what you are doing. you don't know what you are in for." Well, now she knew. This is the reason why they had to pasteurize the Futa-milk. While Jane was examining herself, Jim was trying to regain his balance since his center of gravity has shifted.

He wobbled towards the bathroom to talk with Jane. After a few steps, he finally stuck out his chest and this helped him walk a little better. But the swaying of his massive breasts was uncomfortable, so he cupped them with his hands. He noticed that his hands were now much softer than before and when they cupped his boobs, he started to get aroused.

He felt blood rushing to his cock and started to feel a little faint. He fell to the floor on his back and the noise startled Jane. She walked out of the bathroom only to see a 16" erect flagpole attached to her boyfriend who had a bust as big as hers. As she examined his body, she noticed the dirty brown hair had grown in length. His stubble was gone, his face was softer, and he lost his hairy arms and chest.

Another thing that stood out was a slit right underneath his balls. "OH MY GOD!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US?!?! WE ARE NOW FUTA-COWS!!! We should have listened to it. We shouldn't have done what we did. How can we change back???" After she stopped talking, her eyes just became mesmerized by Jim's large chest.

She felt her cock twitch and grow. She moved herself next to Jim on the floor and started to fondle his chest. Jim started to stir and when he did, Jane stuck her tongue down his throat. Jim pushed her away, "Jane, what are you doing?" "I don't know. I can't help myself. I want to be inside of you." Jim was trying to get a grip on the situation but all he was thinking was to get a grip on Jane's cock. "I don't know why now, but I just want to fuck, I am so fucking horny. I want to stick this massive sausage in your butt." "Well I want to stick my meat in your pussy." "Wait, what?" "You have a pussy right underneath your balls." With that, Jim moved his hand underneath his balls and stuck a finger into it.

"HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?!?" "Jim, just let me go inside you." "I want to say 'no', but my body is saying 'go'." They both got up and moved into the bedroom. Jane bent Jim over onto the bed. Jim fell hard, he wasn't used to the added weight on his chest. With his butt sticking out in the air, Jane positioned her cock waiting to stick it into Jim for the first time.

Jim placed his hands on breasts and squeezed his nipples and yelled to Jane to put it in already. She was teasing him. She would put the tip next to his pussy and push a little but would back off before penetration.

She rubbed her cock on the outside of the slit, but she didn't expect Jim to raise his hips and come down hard on her cock. With that move, he forced Jane into him. "UUUGGGHHH, its so fucking big!" he screamed as he was penetrated for the first time. He was bucking back and forth trying to fit as much as he could, but could only get a few inches in because he was so tight.

"Oh Jim, you're so fucking tight. Flip over, I want to suck your cock as I fuck you." Jim rolled over while Jane was still inside. His cock was just a few inches away from her drooling mouth. She bent her neck over to put the tip of his cock in her mouth.

She sucked and fucked Jim while he groped his nipples. He felt a warm feeling leaving his chest, he was milking! He moved one tit into his mouth and started to drink his own milk. As the pleasure of the sex increased, Jane was nearing her orgasm. She told Jim, and he tried harder to get more of Jane's cock into his pussy.

He clenched hard and Jane couldn't take it anymore. She exploded into him and that feeling brought Jim over the edge. He came explosively in Jane's mouth, she gagged on the amount and released his cock from her mouth. He was cumming so hard that spread that thailand kat dylan ass and pussy up bbc fucked was a pool of cum on the ceiling. As Jane pulled out, her juices were flowing like a river out of Jim pooling on the bed.

"That was fucking awesome", said Jim. "It sure was." As they came down from a horny blindness, then began to fall into the realization of their situation. They were now Futa-Cows. Jim's mind began to run through memories in the factory and had an epiphany.

'That one new Futa-Cow that looked like one of the whores. It was one of the whores! She must have fucked and sucked one of the Futa-Cows! Now she is one of them in that awful farm.' He told his epiphany to Jane. She started to cry. They needed to hide and get away as fast as possible, but where could they go?

Were they going to be hunted down and dragged to the farm to be milked? What could they do? Was it possible to change back? There were so many questions that needed to be answered. *Ending Note I have ideas to make future chapters to this story, but I just want to get some feedback from this one first.

I know this type of stuff isn't for everyone, but I hope that for those that like it, that it was a decent piece of work. Thanks.*