Chesty brunette gets twat drilled in the vip hardcore and gangbang

Chesty brunette gets twat drilled in the vip hardcore and gangbang
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The Restaurant my name marks and this is some of my exploits at work. Im black 5-7 kinda chubby but muscular at the same time. i have hard muscles under a little layer of fat although im always working on my stomach which is just slightly beer caged. it was saturday morning and i was late 2 work again i rolled into the parking lot and strolled into work. Not that anyone ever cares when i show up as long as i show up. Right of the bat i ran into jeans awwh shit this sucks Jenal is indian and 5-6.

She has nice c cup tits and a sexy body. She also has a fat ass that i would erotic cock sucking featuring luscious redhead teen in class 2 pound. Jenal has long sexy black hair and a semi cute face. Problem is jenal is the devil she is a cold hard bitch and i hate her.

Plus she never works which pisses me off she is the newbie and she needs 2 act like it. hey genal "shut the fuck up its jenal" jeans said sorry my bad don't be such a cold bitch jee its like 11 am change the fucking tampod once and awhile "fuck u nigga " jenal said " wow it is way 2 early for this children" vera said as she stepped into the convo.

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Vera is a slightly older women. at 5-3 150 lbs she is chubby but still has curves. vera has massive 38 d tits that i would love 2 suckle. Vera has auburn / gold brown hair that she usually puts up.

She has a phat sexy ass well. Vera is the mother of 3 children. Her husband was in prison and then she divorced him.

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Vera also used to do a lot of drugs. I would love to fuck vera. My dick began to harden as i pushed past vera and walked 2 the register to clock in. I can only imagine what kind of freak vera is in bed. I wanted 2 try and hit on vera but she was 32 and i was only18.

Plus she was mature and i acted very childish coming to work drunk and high from time 2 time. Good morning marks kim said I spun around 2 spin kim's slight smile as she stood behind me. Kim is 5-6 and 135 lbs. she has 36 DD tits and a decent ass. Kim is my manager. Although i think she's kinda dumb she is nice.

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she never notices all the times i steal beer or money at work. well aren't u happy to see me kim said yeah sure i replied sarcastically im not the one with the hard one kim said but you still have a penis i replied jokingly as i walked away.

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i went in back and checked the schedule for the next week fuck only 20 hours i thought as i stared at the paper tapped 2 the wall shelly came up next 2 me 2 check the schedule. shelly is a complete babe she has an amazing smile and blonde brown hair with twinkling light brown eyes. she is slightly tan and has 34 c tits and one of the nicest ass's at work.

only thing is she has a boyfriend. me and shelly are cool tho i see her more like a friend than someone i could actually fuck although horny teenie was taken in butthole nuthouse for uninhibited treatment would like 2 fuck most the women here.

hows it going marks good shelly how are you doing? ugh im alright i got so drunk kinda hung over spent the night at my boyfriends house shelly said oh thats cool your parents don't care about that kinda thing? not really shelly replied Jenal walked around the corner caring a tray of shake glasses she was obviously struggling shit i thought as i went 2 help her. As i tried to help jenal she pulled away i got it she said obviously not let me help u before CRASH the shake glasses hit the ground glass shattered everywhere See what you made me do u stupid piece of shit jenal screamed clean this shit up im not cleaning shit your the one who dropped all the glasses i warned up thats about when kim walked around the corner hey get this cleaned up now kim said 2 everyone what happened.

Jenal said marks pushed me wtf are you fucking kidding me i asked i didn't touch you i tried to help you before you dropped the shake glasses. Jenal said no your an asshole and thought it would be funny 2 shove me ugh marks in the office kim said fucking bitch i thought i walked into the office with kim i walked behind her and watched her ass sway in her tight black pants.

damn stupid bitch jenal getting me in trouble. kim closed the office door behind me.

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it was a small office kinda cramped she sat down at the swivel chair and turned to look at me marks i m going to have to write you up we cant have you and jenal fighting all the time its not good for business. you guys need to find a way 2 deal with each other at work. Teen amateurs paid to flash their sexy tits girlfriend and threesome bullshit i said i didn't do shit i tried to help her she's just a bitch kim s face began 2 redden at first i thought she was really pissed but then i realized she was staring at my huge erection.

i tried to turn away but it didn't help hide it thanks kim muttered umm yeah i said kim began 2 write me up busty anissa kate prefers huge black cock said maybe you should take care of that before you come 2 work maybe u should do it for me i said jokingly kim smirked a little but reddened more i was getting so aroused i stepped closer to kim as she was working on the write up.

kim tried to not notice and slowly back away but there was no room for her to go anywhere damn i was soo horny i hadn't got laid in a month uum marks kinda in my bubble kim said not looking up it was 2 late 2 try and control myself as i grabbed kims writing hand and stopped it from moving she tried to pull it away i finally let her do it only to grab her head and turn it towards my raging dick without thinking i unzipped my pants and pulled my 6.5 inch dick out of my pants.

pre cum wet my black tip as i pulled kims head toward my member marks what the fuck ughghgh kim said as i forced her mouth onto my dick. at first her eyes looked up at me pleading with me as i held her head on my dick while she didn't move i can wait all day till u suck my dick kim im sure you wouldn't want someone walking in and telling your husband kim's tongue slowly started to probe my dick awwwh fuck yeah i moaned as kim began to suck on my dick.her saliva sloshed around on my penis while i used her head as a fuck tool.

i slammed my dick in and out of her mouth hard gas gaga hog oggg gag ahh kim said as i pounded her face i held kims face deep on my dick her nose pressed against my pubs my balls on her chin as i held my dick down her throat.

kim gagged and threw up but i still pressed on it felt so good. oh shit imma cum i said as i pulled out of her mouth jerk me off biotech kim sat there dumbfounded but what had transpired and refused i slapped her across the face with my wet dick i said jerk me bitch. kims hand began to jerk my dick slowly faster you dumb whore she began to pump fast saliva flew off my dick as her hand went up and down my dick ahhh ahaha shah god fuck yea like that bitch i said as i exploded.

my cum began to drizzle kims face in currents. white streaks matted her hair and face. as my organism began 2 subside i said suck the rest out bitch kim meekly sucked the rest of at the jizz from my face. marks i cant have ppl see me like this plz go get me a paper towel. fuck you bitch you wrote me up i took the write up and wiped my dick with it then put it in my file marks plz im begging u kims shirt had unbuttoned a few steps down as i had face fucked her i could clearly see a black lace bra and cleavage my dick began to harden again oh no kim said plz on blow job is enough we could get caught at any time that s what makes it so hot kim i said kim said lock the door at least i said take off your shirt and i ll consider locking the door.

kim slowly began to unbutton her shirt hurry up bitch someone might be coming by. kim ripped her shirt all the way open and quickly pulled it off her huge tits jiggled. shit they were bigger than i thought god damn she had a hot bod kim said the door,,? bitch take off the bra 2 kim began 2 slowly take off the flexible teen jade jantzen surprises a huge fat cock naturaltits cumshot god dammit kim you are really pissing me off i said as i grabbed the bra and pulled down the straps her huge tits bounced out.

Kim had dark red nipples and light aereolas i grabbed her face and stuck my hard dick in her mouth again ugh ugh ahgah kim said as i began face fucking her. i pulled out of kims mouth and pulled her up. i grabbed her masssive tit and began sucking on the nipple kim began 2 moan oh god marks plz stop marks plz i have a husband and kids i don't give a fuck but i said taking my mouth of her tit i pushed kim against the office cabinet fire was in my eyes marks what are you going 2 do plz stop i grabbed her pants and pulled down she had bright green panties on looks like u weren't expecting a fucking today were you i said i pulled kims panties down she began to struggle a little bit so i slapped her in the face stupid bitch your going to take my dick i ripped off her panties to expose her black pubic hair what the fuck is this you dumb bitch you need to shave wasting no time i took my penis and lined it up with her cunt marks no plz UGH!

i slammed my dick all the way into kim she grunted. I pulled out and slammed in again the file cabinet began to shake you stupid thrust bitch thrust trying to thrust right me up thrust ohhh ohhh awwwh shit kim yelled her legs wrapped around my back for dear life i began to fuck her hard my balls slapping against her cunt our hair becoming intwined and wet from the sexual juices kims cunt was sooo tight as it milked my dick and she has kids i thought as i pounded her pussy.

Her pussy squeezed my dick the walls slurping and sucking tied up hentai girl gets vibrators hardcore animated my shaft as i repeatedly went in and out of her wet hole ooh fuck marks oh fuck good marks ohh god give it 2 me fuck me harder u black bastard rape my pussy kim screamed as i fucked her. the file cabinet swayed hard as i slammed again and again into kims hot cunt awwh awhh awh fuck kim im gonna cum i yelled as my cock head began to swell me 2 kim kim yelled fuck fuck fuck me hard her juices began to spray all over my dick as my dick exploded inside he we organismed at the same time her pussy milking my dick like a mad man.

i grabbed kims nipples and pulled hard she screamed as i slammed in and out one more time and held in place slowly kims legs unwrapped around my back i didn't know what to say kim im … kim dropped to her knees and slowly sucked my dick oh god kim yes i said as her watch tongue mashed my penis slit and pulled the last remnants of jizz from my penis kim stood up and passionately kissed me take me anytime u want you black stallion right then the door popped open and vera walked in ummmm i ll come back later vera said and quickly closed the door 2 b continiued