Skinny and horny rebel lynn gets banged by bruces big meaty cock masturbation pornstars

Skinny and horny rebel lynn gets banged by bruces big meaty cock masturbation pornstars
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It was after about the twelfth length when I noticed them. There were five of them, just arriving outside the pool on their bikes all clad in their racing gear. And he was with them.

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I had always had a thing for my cousin; I'm somewhat ashamed to admit. At 17 and being a cyclist, he seemed to be your typical teenage heart-throb. And standing there clad in his sweaty only emphasised the pathetic and uncontrollable lust I had for him. By the time I'd finished length number thirteen, they had chained up their bikes and headed towards the door.

I usually swim at my university, which seemed to coincidentally be where my cousin was cycling today. I had no idea his team ventured this far south.

The university's hailey scott in stockings likes black cock is part of the sports complex which is open to the public.

Even my teenage cousin could get in and use the facilities. Thirteen ended up being the total for the day. Pathetic. But an adolescent excitement had brewed up inside me. I wanted to go see where my little cousin had got to. His appearance on campus had turned me back to a schoolboy freaking out about his crush again.


I hurriedly went to the showers in the changing rooms to make chase. I was far from athletic, but I like to think I'm making progress! My boyfriend seems to like the build I have in my arms and shoulders, but there's work to be done elsewhere.

The water in the shower fell on my head and my near-dry blondness had transformed back to soggy brown. But no sooner had I pressed the button to release the water onto my body had the door to the changing rooms burst open to the sound of teenage lads' laughter. In came the five boys who I had seen outside, still in their black Lycra and still bright red from the ride down. My stomach leapt into my throat. They still didn't notice me as they put their bags down on the benches in the main room, less than ten feet from where I was hiding behind the separating wall.

My cousin James wasn't exactly leading the merriment. He seemed somewhat pensive, shiftily checking the room with his eyes. For me? I nervously tried to carry on showering. Why were they here? Were they going to have a swim? Surely they'd need to shower before they swam anyway… But I couldn't go out there, not with James there. My excitement and dread didn't combine well and slowly I could feel my tight black speedos get tighter.

A voice suddenly caught my attention: "Did you see those girls back in the field then?" a deep voice cut through my thoughts. It wasn't James' but the accent was the same, a drawling laddish tone. "What, the fit ones?" Another similar voice answered. "Nathan, you perv!" That one was James. "What? You saw 'em too you fucker" "Yeah I bigtits camgirl hottest webcam masturbation and privateshow when Kieran got a boner over 'em" "No I didn't!" "Whatever!

You were totally hard over the blonde one." "Yeah, just 'coz you'd do her too." "Her shorts were begging for it to be fair." "I preferred the ginger one." That was James too. "As if James!" "Did you see the arse on her though? Well fit." "The blonde one was fit too mate!" "Yeah but she's crap in bed mate" The room exploded with a roar at my cousin's bold statement. So did my Speedos. "James you lucky little fucker!" "Not as lucky as she was with me mate!

Little screaming bitch." Another roar of laughter. "When the fuck did you bang her?" "She step bro finger fucking his tipsy step sis aidra to the shop where I work, thought I'd show her the fake taxi sex free story couldn't help myself, I had to unleash my now massive throbbing boner.

"Oh my God that's crazy." "Jesus James, that's fucking awesome!" "Come on mate you need a cold shower after that scorching ass!" Shit. A face appeared around the corner, a slender blond face on a short and highly defined Lycra covered body. "Woah dude, what the fuck!" "What is it Nathan?" "There's some prick in here having a cheeky one!" His friends joined him, including James. I was too embarrassed to say anything.

"Jesus Christ Alex?!" James screeched at me. "You know this guy?" Nathan asked. "Yeah, he's my fucking cousin! What the fuck are you doing mate?!" His friends didn't give me chance to reply. Nathan was looking at the other three with a huge smirk that made me feel frightened and aroused at the same time. As soon as James had finished bewilderingly shouting at me he declared to the others: "Well then lads, maybe we should give him what he wants!" The other teenage faces grinned and then all turned to look at me, grasping my fat eight-inch cock.

Before I could even pause to take in what was happening, my hand was replaced by four sweaty teenage hands. They were slowly tugging at me and staring at it, some even gasped a little. A simmering of laughter passed through the showers.

We all looked at James, who could simply not believe what was happening in front of him.

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Four of his mates were now wanking off his older cousin in a public shower. In Lycra. "Come on James," the boy at my left foot beckoned. "Your cousin's a big boy!" "Jesus fucking Christ lads!" he finally exploded. "I'm not fucking wanking off my cousin with you creeps! I ain't fucking gay!" "Who said we are?" Nathan answered.

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"Come on, it'll be fucking hot to see you on that cock." "Show us how good you are in bed!" The boy standing to my left teased.

"Yeah, if you were so good to that fitty, you can be good to your cousin." I joined in, words finally escaping my dry throat. "Yeah James, come worship your cousin's fat cock." It took him a few seconds to finally succumb. In a flash he was on his knees in front of me. He pushed the other four hands off and grasped my dick with both of his. I looked down in orgasmic excitement and his slim face looked back up at me.

His brown eyes were now ablaze with passion. I nearly came then and there, but thankfully I was distracted by Nathan's voice in my right ear.

"That's it you filthy fucker, jerk his fucking cock like you want it" The boy who was by my left leg stood up and started making out with the one who was standing above him; a sight that didn't help my edging towards orgasm. On my right, Nathan has revealed his tender teenaged cock, which was not exactly small itself. His eyes were fixed on James' slow tugs on my dick, and his response was furiously caressing the head of his dripping white cock.

My eyes flicked left again to see two teenage boys also playing with each other's rods. Below me, James seemed mesmerized by what was happening. A debauched public game of adolescent urges being released. All five of the teenagers now had their hands on a cock that wasn't their own.

And James' mouth was aggravatingly close to mine. My hands were frantically exploring the soaking Lycra and the toned bodies that it hid. It was then when I noticed that I frustratingly couldn't reach my sexy little cousin. It was then when I also noticed that he didn't have his own cock out. The thought had barely occurred to me when I was suddenly thrown down to the hard floor by Nathan, and I just about to save myself from falling flat onto the tiles.

I looked up to see four dripping wet teenaged cocks just about my face. I sat up, back to back with my cousin now when Nathan proclaimed: "Let's see which cousin is the best at sucking cock boys!" James struggled behind me but couldn't fight against two pairs of hands forcing his reluctant mouth onto juicy boy-cock. I heard him trying to protest but no words came out, only gagged splutters.

Similarly, two sad way to earn a few bucks grabbed the back of my head and forced two glorious cocks into my mouth. They both tried to fight for my mouth while my tongue was tryingly to frantically taste both the dicks in my mouth. While my mouth was being fucked and abused, my hands attempted to wander round to my struggling cousin's sodden Lycra.

My attempts were almost in vain; I couldn't quite reach for most of the time. The one time I did manage my hand found a rock hard bulge.

The little shit was enjoying himself then! Agonisingly, it didn't take the pubescent lads to go over the edge, and in huge moans the four of them sprayed seemingly endless rockets of cum over us. I caught the majority of Nathan's in my mouth, while the rest of it trickled down my hairy body.

James attempted to avoid the huge spurts of semen, but got a punishing mouthful of cum from one of the more toned of his mates. The lads let go of our heads and retreated, leaving the two cousins lying breathless in a pool of showering water and teenage cum.

They laughed and high-fived cuckold f2m cum kiss snowball mmf other before moving into the changing rooms.

I was in a state of bliss. And what I didn't know then was, so was James.