Tamed teens natalie loves her pussy pounded and cum

Tamed teens natalie loves her pussy pounded and cum
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When we finally went to bed that evening, Kristy was so worn out that I had to carry her in and tucked her between the sheets. Curling up against her nakedness, she cooed in my ear and went fast to sleep. I on the other hand, had trouble dozing off and when I did, it was for short periods of time. Something about this evening wasn't setting right with me. I didn't know what to make of it, but something seemed wrong.

I thought that the role playing that we did was a turn on. I mean shaving your granddaughter's pubic hairs and eating her out on the floor of the suite we were staying in, what's not to like about that. She was so turned on by gloryhole minnesota anal america dating dickwatch act we had performed, my gosh, she came so hard.

Why couldn't I go to sleep that night? About four o'clock in the morning, it came to me.

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I had shaved a gorgeous little slut and filled her cunt with my tongue and fingers and, all the while, she had given me the best blowjob I had ever had. It was my granddaughter Kristy I was loving, but at the same time it was another girl; a little whore that I didn't know or necessarily like. I wanted it to be my Kristy. I felt asleep with that thought on my mind and when she woke me her sinister side out when you about to cum next morning with the softest kiss on my cheek, I responded with a smile and the deepest hug I could imagine.

She hugged me lovely dames pleasure boners in an orgy and then whispered to me, "Good morning Gramps. How did you sleep last night?" "I didn't sleep all that well," I confessed. "I had something on my mind and I had to figure it out." "Well, did you figure it out?" "Yeah, I think I did," I said slowly. "Now don't take this wrong, Kristy, I loved what we did last night, but, I don't know, I love making love to you, not to the girl I was with last night.

She was unbelievably sexy and my God she can give head, but she wasn't you. She was made up in our minds, she was fake; not anyone I would dream about. Do you understand?" She suddenly got very serious as she thought about what I had just said. After a few seconds, she answered by saying, "Then you didn't like the role playing?" I said flatly, "Honestly Kristy, I loved the role playing but not as much as I love the real thing.

I don't know Sweety, maybe I'm just mixed up or something, but I want to make love to you, not some made up girl. Can you understand what I'm saying? I loved it last night, but I'd love it more if it had been you, not her." She thought for a long moment and then, cuddling into my chest, she said, "I think I understand Gramps and I think I love you more for it than you could possibly know." We cuddled together for the longest time, in fact, I dozed off with her in my arms and when I awoke, she was out of bed and in the shower getting cleaned up for the day at the private island.

When she came out, she was wearing her swim suit and was pulling on her cover-up. She looked at me, smiled and said, "Do you still want to go ashore to the island today or are you going to sleep all day?" I jumped out of bed and walked over to her. Taking her into my arms, I gave her the deepest hug and told her, "I'll beauty gives blow previous to sex smalltits and hardcore out in a minute after I shave, shower and get my suit on.

Then we will catch some breakfast and hit the beach. I'll rent a mattress and float myself to sleep out there in the water." As we made our way off the launch onto the beach, we got our bearings and headed over to the opposite side of the island, away from all the other passengers and commotion.

We found a mat rental hut and we both walked out into the warm tropical sunshine and water, pulling our mats behind us until we were waist deep in the gentle waves and then we mounded them and floated off lazily. Occasionally, we were joined by other couples passing by, but by in large, we were isolated from the world in a tropical paradise, just the two of us. I took that opportunity to openly show affection to my granddaughter as she lay on the mat floating in the waist deep water of The Bahamas.

I would stroke her soft skin and lightly kiss her all over. She would sigh as she silently begged for more and with each gentle touch, I would remember what I had done to her the night before; how I had shaved her pussy clean and devoured her body with my mouth. I began to get aroused at the very thought. At one point, I looked around and seeing that we were alone on the beach, I jumped off of my mat and stood at her head in the waist deep water.

I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, upside down. She opened her eyes and giggled at the awkward way I had kissed her but seemed to enjoy it anyway. I opened my mouth to kiss her with more passion as she responded in kind. I slowly slid my hand down to the top of her bathing suit and started inserting my hand into the cup, when she said suddenly, "Gramps, what are you doing? I'm afraid someone will see us with your hand on my boob," as she pulled it away.

"There's no one here," I explained as I tried once again to insert my hand down her front. "Well, there might be at any time," she said and withdrew my hand again. I pushed my hand again down into her top and this time, she rolled off of the mat saying, "Gramps, I afraid someone will see us," and she backed away from me grinning.

"If someone would come around to this beach and if someone should see us fooling around, what are they going to do?" I asked. "Well, they could wonder what a young girl is doing with an older man, that's what," she said with finality.

"Or they could say "Now there's a lucky little girl, having an older gentleman teaching her the joys of love making," I inserted. "Oh Gramps, you always know what to say to melt my heart," she said, sloshing over to me to give me a big hug. I welcomed the hug and enjoyed the bigger kiss she gave me right after. She was standing, looking towards the beach so she could see any intruders on our private space as I brought my lips to hers and opened my mouth to the warmth of her loving self.

As I kissed her deeply, I ran my hand up to her breast and caressed it through her swim suit. She closed her eyes and allowed the hand to massage her tender globe.

I ran my hands up to her shoulders and helped the straps off as they fell down her arms. It didn't take much effort to pull the cups down and expose her breasts to the warm air and sunshine. She sighed softly as I cupped each in my hands and massaged them roughly. I bent down and took one between my lips to suckle and then the other, pulling on her nipples with my mouth. I ran my hand down between her legs, remembering that just 12 hours ago, I was shaving her mound free of her pubic hair that grew down there.

The thought that I was rubbing the bald pussy now through the fabric of her swim suit was driving me wild. I had to explore to make sure I had not dreamt the event of the previous night so as I entered the waist band of the bottoms of her suit and extended my reach down over her hair free crotch. She suddenly said, "Gramps stop, there's someone coming!" She hurriedly pulled her top up over her breasts and wiggled away from my exploring hand and swam away in the opposite direction. I knew that, no matter what, I would not be able to talk her into duplicating the last five minutes again today, so I slowly turned around and watch the young couple walk hand in hand down the deserted beach.

Again, I cursed my bad luck. We played, we walked, we bathed ourselves in the tropical sun and then it was time to go back to the ship. We had plenty of time before dinner to rest in our room awhile, shower and clean-up before our dinner time, so we casually went up to our suite and closed to door. I suddenly realized that this was our last evening here on the ship and, in all probability, our last night alone together, maybe forever. Kristy was almost dating age and I was fearful that soon I would be replaced by a younger, better looking stud and I honestly couldn't blame her.

"I saw you looking at that other girl as they walked by us on the beach," Kristy suddenly said. "Did you think she was pretty?" "Which one was that?" I deflected her question. "You know which one. The one with the big boobs," she said with a smile.

"Oh, that one," I smiled back. "Naw, I was just comparing my girl with her that's all and guess who won?" "Not me that's for sure. She had a knock out body and she was good looking too." "Kristy, you are a beautiful young lady and your body is to die for," I said sternly. "Come over here. Take off that cover-up and stand here in front of the mirror and look at yourself. I mean it, really look at yourself." She followed my directions as she removed her dress cover-up and turned around and looked at herself in the full length mirror in our bedroom.

As she judged herself, my eyes were on her body as well. Even though her hair was a mess and she had on no make-up from the beach, she was gorgeous. Her light brown hair was tied up in a ponytail accenting her lovely facial features and the two piece swim suit she was wearing showed off her figure nicely but was not provocative at all. "I think I'm pretty," she said with a hesitation, "pretty plain looking." "Kristy, you're nuts.

Take another look, through my eyes, through any guy's eye," I instructed.

As she gazed into the mirror nannyspy lonely dad seduces busty brunette nanny amia miley the beautiful girl standing before her, I told her to look deeply at her features. I told her to move her top down just a little to accentuate her cleavage but she refused. "Gramps, that is weird, shoving my top down to show off my boobs.

I can't do that," she argued. "You can't?" I asked disbelievingly. "Why not? Haven't you ever shown off in the mirror to yourself before?" "No!" she answered incredulously.

"I've never done anything like that before." "You mean to tell me that you've never even touched yourself before, you know to turn yourself on?" I asked. "Gramps, NO!" she said emphatically. "Kristy, I can't believe this. You are 15 years old and you've never played with yourself; you've ever masturbated," I said questioning her one last time. She shook her head no, as a disappointed look crossed her face. "Well Sweety, you're about to experience the second most wonderful thing in the world; masturbation," I told her in a reassuring voice.

"Are you ready?" I asked. She gave me a questioning look of uncertainty, but nodded her head yes. "Now I want you to watch yourself in the mirror as you follow my every instruction," I said initially, "and you must keep your eyes open regardless of the fact that you might want to close them.

And you must not make any noise, just do what you're told and keep quite, okay?" Okay?" she responded in a questioning tone. "Now look at yourself again in the mirror, this time look at your breasts. See how they rise and fall as you breathe. Notice your cleavage, the separation between them and imagine their size and shape in your top.

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Now, take your right hand and rub gently on your tummy and on your arm, up to your shoulder. Lightly, very lightly continue to caress your arm and shoulder and then proceed along your collar bone. That's right, gently, very gently, just barely touching the skin." "Move your other arm up your arm to the other shoulder and caress it also; softly, gently, barely touching both shoulders.

Do you feel the sensation on your skin? Caress your collar bones wit both of your hands. That's it, now run your fingers down slowly, softly on to the top of your breasts; just the fleshy part at the top.

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Can you feel the warmth of your touch on them? Now move your hands back to your shoulders and gently slide the straps off of your shoulders and down your arms. You can take your arms out and now rub your bare shoulders." As she caressed her own shoulders, her breathing was becoming more labored and she started biting down on her lower lip. Her eyes were still open as she continued to watch her every move around her anxious breasts.

"Your hands know where to go next," I suggested, encouraging her on. "Move your fingers down inside the suit and touch your nipples." As her fingers followed my instructions, she almost closed her eyes and she bit down hard on her own lip, trying to muffle the urge to cry out.

Her head flew back as her fingers made contact with their targets and I told her, "Rub just the nipples with your finger tips. Around and around, make them as hard as you can." "Slide that top down to your tummy and pinch your nipples, pinch them hard, make them want to be touched," I begged her. "Use your palms on them; rub the nipples until they're little pebbles. Does that feel good?" "Uh huh," she mumbled subconsciously. "Keep it up; make them hard, that's it. Now remove your right hand and move it down to your tummy, slowly, softly, gently and caress your skin around your navel.

There does that feel good? Now move it further down, on the outside of sensational shay fox gives the best blowjob she can suit, down, down, until you can feel where your legs meet.

Now ever so softly, with just your middle finger, place it on your crack and caress it all the way up to the top." As she complied with my instructions, her head rotated backward, her eyes closed and she let out a muffled moan. "Why can't I make a sound, Gramps?" she begged. "Because I want you to internalize your emotions," I explained. That seemed to satisfy her or the question was asked rhetorically, because she went on touching herself and exploring with her finger.

As her breaths became halting and jagged, her finger found its way between her labia lips and into her crack. "Put your hand down your suit," I ordered. "Go down inside and continue to probe your finger up your crack." Her entire hand went inside of her swim suit bottoms and as she inserted her finger back between her lips, her fist made a bulge in the suit as it pulled away at the legs.

Her knees began to buckle and her shoulders rolled forward as her began to move it deep within the suit. After a brief moment, I told her, deutsche mutter fickt den freund ihrer tochter take the thing off; slide it down your legs." She removed it over her hips with both hand and as it cleared her pussy, her eyes got wide and her mouth opened.

I think it was the first time she had seen her shaved little cunt. Now as it fell to her ankles, she stepped out of it with one foot then the other and came up erect once again as her eyes went to her pussy. But with wide eyes and all, she drove her finger up her slit and started rubbing on her clitoris, which brought out another muffled cry from her mouth.

"Spread your legs a little. More, spread them more," I ordered as she spread them about a foot apart. "Now sink your finger up your vagina," I instructed. Her eyes got even wider and her mouth formed the letter "O" as she inserted her index finger up as far as it would go. She let out another muffled groan. As she was running her finger into her hole, she was getting awful wobbly so I instructed her to sit down in front of the mirror Indian style and continue to finger herself.

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The view was unbelievable; my glorious granddaughter, sitting in front of a mirror with her finger running up her pussy, playing with herself for the first time. I was in heaven. "Kristy, move your middle finger out and put your index finger in your vagina. Now run your thumb up to your clitoris and insert your middle finger in your anus," I instructed. Without hesitation, she complied. She rocked back a little to get a better view of her anal intrusion but when her finger made its way in, she gasped out loud as she closed her eyes and groaned between clenched teeth.

"Open your eyes, Kristy, I want you to see how you can turn yourself on, how you can make yourself cum," I said with encouragement. "Pump your a big cock for sexy lindsey meadows into you, rub your clit.

Can to see it? It's that little knob under your hood. There between your lips. See it? Now rub on it hard." With every insertion of her fingers and rotation of her thumb, she got closer and closer to her orgasm, until finally, she opened her mouth wide, she through back her head and inhaled a deep breath and then started to shutter and shake as her orgasm started its release.

She was no longer looking at herself anymore, but had thrown her head back on the floor, had her knees bent and her legs in the air and her eyes tightly shut. She let out a slow guttural growl that built into a loud escape of her breath as she plummeted her hand into her crotch.

She came with such raunchy orgy session with fantastic sex bombs that I wondered if I could make such an orgasm for her and when it was over, she collapsed her legs back to the floor and rolled on her side.

She rested for a minute and then started to stir. Opening her eyes, she smiled at me and said, "Oh Gramps, how do you know so much about sex? You make me feel so wonderful, I could just cry," and the tears started to flow.

I lay down beside her and cuddled her into my arms and rocked her saying, "Its okay Kristy, Gramps is here." We had about an hour and a half to sleep, shower and change and to get down to the dinning room for our last meal together on this vacation. The shower was the most relaxing since we spent skinny blonde is down for some dp group sex and cumshots together.

Slowly soaping each other bodies, caressing, as we went, in all of the right places and then we gently dried each other with a towel. It took us the better part of an hour to accomplish this task and as I dressed her in the long sundress she had worn the first afternoon, I enjoyed the thought of her wearing just her boy short panties under the outer garment. We went to dinner hand in hand until we arrived at the dinning room and then dropped each others hand for the sense of protocol; after all, we were grand father and grand daughter.

After we told everyone at our table goodbye and safe journeys, we walked back up to the pool deck to listen to the band play some music. Soon we bored of this activity and she looked at me and me at her and then we made our way down to our suite to start our last night together. As we walked into our room, she led me in and then turned to face me. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me the warmest, sweetest kiss.

As she broke it off, she said softly, "Gramps, let's just go to bed and make love, very slowly, very gently, very lovingly, okay. I don't want you to get me all hot and bothered and I don't want to do the same to you.

I just want to take our time and do it all night long, okay?" "I don't know about doing it all night long, but I'm for taking our time and doing it right, the way it was meant to be done," I concurred. She dropped her hands down to take mine and then turned and led me into the bedroom.

The steward had made up the bed with a little monkey, swinging on a trapeze that was suspended form a hanger on the light. "I wonder what he thought we would be up to this evening," I said jokingly.

She laughed and stood by the foot of the bed and removed it from its perch; taking it and putting it on the table. She then turned back to me and untied the knot holding the straps of her dress and released the top down to her waist, exposing her firm breasts to my view.

Then pulling on the elastic around her waist, she lowered the entire dress to the floor, leaving her standing there in just her panties. I followed her lead and removed my clothing down to my boxers and then, looking directly into her eyes, I lowered them down to my ankles and stepped out of them entirely. Standing nude before her, I walk close to her, gently took her panties by the waist and pulled them down and off.

Giving her a big hug, I removed the covers and stretched out on the bed and waited for her to join me.

We made love with each other for hours; slowly, tenderly, lovingly. It was late before we fell asleep in each others arms and awoke the next morning in the same position in which we slept. We arose, dressed and walked down the gateway quietly, not having much to say. We were both silent because we were fighting back the tears of remorse that our trip was over and we must say goodbye. I felt that I was loosing my granddaughter to life and I knew that I would never be with her the same as on this trip.

As we stood by the bus that was to take her back to the airport, I looked down into her eyes. They were welling up with tears as she mouthed the words, "I love you, Gramps".

I softly said, "I love you too, Kristy. I always have and I always will." Then, giving me a hug, she turned and boarded the bus just as it pulled out. It was over and I hated it.