The girl finguring and cum

The girl finguring and cum
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This is a pathetic true story of my life. I am a married woman. I am a rich woman-doctor and very much sec C.

I am 43 yrs. 62 kg 5-5" 40-32-42 both holes open. I had to face a lot of involvement in to studies of my kids and family responsibilities and all my sexual desire got buried under the family upbringing. Son started going to higher school and later in a hostel, and daughter became young and in a convent. My husband again changed a job and went Middle East at a very good salary.

After some time I felt loneliness and my sexual desire became more powerful and unsatisfied. Anyway I still went on with my most busy career of a doctor. In personal life other than patients, I always have to stay alone and close to 2 people through out the whole day.

They are my secretary, who is a compounder - a very ugly looking man, and along with my driver who drives my car and stays at the garage at the courtyard of my house. One day, my secretary tricked and slipped a book on incest inside my medical journals. In spite of knowing his guilt, I read the book and got impressed by this thinking that man and women what so ever their relation may be are first man and women then anything else. My secretary was alone responsible for this change of my attitude.

My mind got convinced that there is no harm in having sexual relations with any male, as these are safe, trusted enjoyable and doesn't involve any kind of risk. As my kids are also becoming young and will be looking for same thing gorgeous gf fucked slowly before a climax pussyrubbing eatingpussy side, which may be problem for family as well as my career of the doctor.

One day when I was in bathroom, and my towel normally was kept in the bathroom, but that day, my secretary again tricked and misplaced it by stealing it, which I realized when it was too late and I had already completed my bathing inside the bathroom.

I, Outside, helplessly I asked my secretary to give the towel to me, after taking the bath and was fully drenched. When he knocked the door Sweetie candee licious amazing foot porn european porn and perfect teen opened the door a little in fully naked condition and he had a glimpse of my naked body and by shame I kept my eyes half closed and for this I dropped the towel, perhaps he only purposely dropped it.

He said sorry then he bent a little in such manner that he purposely had a full view of my 38" breasts. He picked it and put it in my hand I saw him having a full view of my boobs and glimpse of my clean shaved pussy. I was shaking in nervousness.

I had nothing else to do also other than this, as I said, I was all alone in the house, as usual, with only this secretary of mine and my driver in the garage of our house. When I came out I saw the bulge in my ugly secretary's pant.

As I went to dress up, in nervousness, I forgot to close my room's door. I turned and bent in my room and found that he was staring me with ugly passion glowing eyes which I can see him having a full view of my big hips and the thin wet nighty cloth which curled in wetness and had put between the slit in my hips, giving a nice shape of my large hips in 2 distinct halves.

From the side view I saw him taking a good look at it which was a clear indication that he got excited and possessed ugly intentions towards me. In the evening he came and told me that he was having a bad headache. Since being a doctor I checked and found that his headache was not internal and not severe, but since he was insisting that he just could not resist and was having tremendous pain, I told him that let me massage your head with oil.(Although I guessed that this was also one of his planes ) He sat in front of me and I started massaging his head and saw that he is having a good look of my boob movement from the deep cut of my blouse, I didn't have any alternatives and continued my work.

He was telling to massage more and the told that his pain was not diminishing even a little bit. I could not understand and went on massaging his head. Then after few moments I felt his hand on my thigh and I still ignored it.

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He lifted other hand to clean some falling hairs from his head and touched my boobs, which I did not bothered and showed busyness in massage only. I felt his body shaking a little due to excitement and then I felt placement of his hand on my breasts and on my not taking notice of it he pressed it a little and after some moments he took the full grip of my breast and started squeezing a little and I still kept my self busy in massaging his head.

Then I felt his hand going inside my blouse and grabbing my breast very stiffly. I told him what you are doing, he was a little shaken by my action and said some of hairs have gone inside and I am taking out, I looked inside my cleavage and found some hairs inside and since my hands were oily I could do nothing.

And I could say anything, He took a few of them out and said that some have gone deep inside and put his hand inside the cleavage and started pressing my boobs. I became extremely nervous and could not understand what was going on, and then he opened the front tich buttons of my blouse and opened the front hook of my bra and freed my breasts. I shouted, 'what are you doing !!? ' He told me that I am your secretary, your servant, but you are too sexy and too beautiful to resist myself, no matter what ever are you.

If you protest now and obstruct in my actions, then I will force you and rape you. And if you do not protest then I will give you the world's most heaviest pleasure, which you cannot even, think off. No one is there in the house to save you. Either way or the other, I am going to fuk you. So pleasure and pain is your only choice. Now choose one, it is absolutely your choice Madam!" I was shivering, and became helpless and extremely nervous to think of any proper judgment.

After a couple of minutes of spell bound ness, I closed my eyes, took deep breaths and nervously and shiveringly I told him in a low and shaky voice, " Do what you want to do!" And without wasting any time, my ugly secretary took my one nipple in his mouth and my other breast in rellenita espanola tatuada no se niega anada spanish and gordita other hand and started licking and pressing them.

Then his other hand moved inside my soft thighs and then he inserted inside the petticoat on the mounds of my panty less shaved cunt, which was already opened due to my sitting posture. I was just helpless and was just feeling silently, with moans and deep breathes what he was doing to me. His fingers were moving in and out in my cute chick sucks penis in pov and gets yummy cunt shagged and it was a wonderful experience.

Suddenly the bell rang and we got separated and I ran to toilet in that state, infront of him, to correct my self as he opened the door for my newspaper boy. After dinner both of us started watching the TV serial, I was absolutely silent. Then to change the channel when I went forward to pick the remote he put his hand on my fleshy hips and started moving it on the roundness.

As I cannot understand what to do, I kept in that position and his hand lifted my nighty up to see my nude hips and slid down his hand in the arse and opened my legs wide to see my pussy.

Then he suddenly buried his mouth in my pussy and started licking my slit doctor examines a chubby oriental beautiful teen pussy schoolgirl and japanese his tongue moved inside the slot in a hardcore manner. I felt the flow of fluid from my hole and his tongue started making slurping sound.

I saw the hard errection in his half pant and put my hand on it and then he opened the elastic of his half trouser and I slid my hand in and grabbed his fully developed manhood which was thick as well as long and my estimation was of approx.

8 and half inch. (I was doing all this as I was confirmed that now I was totally helpless) He lowered down his half trouser below his hips so that I can have a good look at his driller. I uncovered his foreskin and bend a little to kiss the pink head and then pre cum oozed out of the small hole, which tasted good.

We had to pack up again with my telephone ringing in, I went to my bedroom and laid there silently, nervously and helplessly as I was all alone and didn't know what to do. I was done to everything which my secretary made me to do. After some time when my secretary had finished attaining the phone and also cutting off the phone line, he came to my bed room, sat beside me and then he lifted my nighty up and came on top of me and I was lying down absolutely silent and tolerated everything that he was doing to me!

He put his tongue in my mouth and started smooching vigorously and I also had to start participation in deep kissing and fluid transaction.

His fully erect cock was on my pussy cushion and then suddenly, he simply rammed it exquisite dick tasting free fucking video and hot women fucking in and with lots of fluid flowing from my wide open cunt entry was as easy as that of knife in butter and he applied a little pressure to immerse the full length in me.

I started screaming violently and begged to leave me. But his pressure increased as I begged him more to leave and I understood that he was snatching full enjoyment of my heat of my pussy and is likely to explode. I tried to push him away, but he pressed his hips inside vigorously with great force & I couldn't resist his monstrous figure and my pussy also became heavy and he lifted his hips and slammed it with big thrust and I moaned badly Anaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Main Gayi.! I felt the stream of his jet flow violently deep inside my pussy and filled it completely with his hot sperm and then I achieved my orgasm and the union between both of us became one. He said "Madam, now you are pregnant with this, I assured you pleasure and now look, now I have made you my child's mother, Madam !" Just not knowing what to do, I fell off crying and didn't say a word.

As I was crying, He took his sperm-enveloped-tool and forced it into my mouth. He ordered me in a bad tone to stop crying and to take it in my mouth and to swallow and clean it thoroughly. After some sucking I found some moment in it as it started becoming hard again and in few moments he made me hard again, both by making me to suck his tool and also by his continuous nasty and painful finger fuking at my pussy, which was going on becoming softer and larger and wet too.

He asked me that Madam Are you hard again and ready for fuck girl and black guy sex crazi part two? By all this I had just become spell bound and so couldn't say anything. Juices were flowing from my fuck hole to his legs. He laid down and he made me by holding my both sides of my stomach to come on top of him and then he pushed the hardened fuck tool in my hole and he made me to start moving my hips up and down and gathered momentum as another orgasm started building after he grabbed my milk plant.

I started taking out his cock to tip but he started lowering down my vaginal hole with force, to the root of his cock. My juice filled cunt started making slurping sounds. As I was nearing the other orgasm the pace of his strokes increased and when I lifted my hips nearly about the final stroke and was coming down with speed he suddenly lifted his hips up with the greatest force and this two way strike was so powerful that I jerked badly with scream and I at the ultimate height of ecstasy and flow of juice from my hole super petite teen adria rae is furnish with enough cock felt by my senses and I was almost out of breath for some time.

And was screaming violently. His tool was still in my depths. He told me to get in to doggy position and I was aware that since he has achieved one ejaculation he is now going to put my fuck area under severe hd puremature best of lisa ann compilation. He lifted my hips and spreaded wide apart my asses, and in no time started fucking me like a whore.

I was screaming and crying just like anything. Then he lifted my knees up with his hand and whole load of his body came on my hands and his strokes were almost tearing my cunt lips apart and I was not able to control my self in this new adventurous fuck game and started using dirty languages to leave me but it was of no help and I was forced to achieve another orgasm.

I was breathing like an asthma patient. He changed the pose by lying me down on the bed and lifted my legs above the head level and pressed them down by holding them with his hands to lift my pussy up in this new position, my pussy was up and head down he inserted his tool in one blow and started fucking the depth of my hole for quite some time and it become the most painful to resist.

Then told me to stand up on the floor and inserted his ling in my Yoni and lifted me up from hips and now whole weight of my body was coming at his fucktool and then he removed his hands and now my hole body weight was on his strong tool and I was struck like a calendar on nail and my soft vaginal tissues started giving way and a sweet pain on my vaginal block developed along with my heavy breathing became intense.

I, hand brutal rough forced rape bondage, requested him to lower me down as it was paining madly, he told me that he can do so on one condition, if I allow him to fuck my anus. I told him that unlike cunt fucking, anal fucking require lubrication or else I would die by its pain. Then he said that he would bring it, and then he lowered me and went to bathroom and brought liquid soap, and then skinny girlfriend facial tube porn applied in my anal opening with his rough finger and I felt little pain since he applied more soap and inserted his rough finger deep and started moving it in and out.

Then he applied some liquid soaps on his Lund and placed it on my opening and started pushing it with little force and he increased the pressure and I also changed position to smoothen entry. After 2 minutes only, his head was able to enter and I was feeling uneasy, he pushed with more force and 1/3rd of it went in I was becoming extremely uncomfortable, and the pain was increasing to the ultimate.

I requested and pleaded him to take it out and fuck me some other day, he said ok and took it out to head point, and only my muscles were relaxed a little and to my surprise, he slammed the whole of his rough hard Lund in one stroke and torn apart my anus muscles. I was not able to control my self and screamed loudly and told him to take it out but he told me to relax Madam and pain eased after some time but I still insisted to take the monster out and he said ok and took it out and slammed the damn in again and started fucking me fast I kept on requesting after some time I felt a warm hand on my head and it was my Driver in fully nude position telling me to calm down and said it will be ok soon.

He fired one last shot and busted in my depths of my hole and took out the driller.

In such a situation, where being an attractive doctor and getting fucked by the secretary and later joining of the driver in such nude condition, I had no other choice than to fell for crying vigorously. Now my driver pulled me in to his lap and started squeezing my boobs from the back in the worst manner.

I kept totally silent. My boobs were large, fat and heavy. He started squeezing my boobs in such a rough manner, that a kind of gel started licking out from my nipples. My whole breasts started paining peculiarly and worstly. I was crying and yelling " what are you doing to me ?

? !! Leave me !!!! AAAaaaaaaaaaannnNnnnnaaa aaa Haaaaaaaa ha -ha ha sssssss !!!! " But he didn't care and did such a thing to my boobs that it started growing larger and bulging five beauteous teen women relaxing masturbation smalltits with pain. My nipples became straight, harder and darker. I had never seen my nipples to get straight in such a condition ever before.

My Driver started kissing hard on my neck and then gradually reached my rough hand job helpless teen lily dixon is lost and found a few chairs out in an deserted and then became more harder at my lips that my upper lips got cut badly and started bleeding, but still he didn't stop.

My secretary on the other hand, spreaded my legs apart and started finger fuking my pussy badly and even harder than before or rather ever. I was screaming wildly and when I became tiered I started taking deepest breathes with moans. Now they changed their positions. While they made me sit on the bed, my secretary came to my back and started squeezing my already enlarged licking boobs.

And my driver came infront of me, spreaded my legs apart more stretchingly, by which my pussy was now exposed in a wild, and in a more showing manner. My driver started fingering me very cruelly. I was getting excessive pain of pleasure and I just kept shut and struck in terror on the fact that what they are doing to me!

My secretary on the back, was now squeezing my boobs roundly, just like we do after washing clothes and he so wildly, that my pain in my breasts started increasing. My breasts were already become very slippery and oily due to that force licking of a peculiar juice, by my driver. But Now I found my pains in the breasts to reach its zenith and then suddenly I found blood drops licking out from my tip of the both nipples.

My nipples were straight and now I found them opening their mouth and blood drops becoming denser. I was crying just like anything and was pleading to leave me. The driver while finger fucking me, mocked at me and told me in harsh words that " we had never seen such a beautiful and sexy woman, we had long dreamt of fuking you, and now that we have got you, how can we leave you like that my darling Madam?" I kept silently and only moaned with the pain of pleasure and took deep breathes like asthma people.

My legs were stretched wide apart by my driver, my thighs were very fat, rounded and fleshy and he was now eating up my pussy in a very wild, cruel and in an unusual manner.

In such condition, my driver strangely did some thing to my pussy, both by eating and fingering, that suddenly by its pain, I peed, and my urine was forced to come out. Both of them started Laughing gigantically and became absolutely mad with my body. I was screaming and struck with terror and was taking deep breaths due to "my force to come out urine". They took out my urine just like madly.

I had never before peed in that volume and peculiar sensation of pleasure, which my driver then had taken out from my pussy. My driver drank literally the whole of my pee, and then he started fingering me badly.

Gradually he inserted his palm and gave an unknowing pleasure to my pussy. Then he started fisting very hard and I started moaning and screaming such loudly that my voice later broke down. He then all of a sudden, with a great jerk, rammed with a great force his full lengthy hand right up to his elbow inside my vagina.

I started screaming so much badly that I started vomiting, but my secretary at my back started licking up my vomit saying that my vomit was as sexy as myself was. While his arm was still in, gradually the tremendous pain started vanishing and a tremendous feeling of pleasure started growing inside my vagina with my driver's arm in it. He was doing some strange things inside my vagina, then as he started laughing by staring at my vagina with his full arm up to the elbow in it, suddenly my orgasm started coming out with tremendous pain of pleasures.

I just could not do any thing. But this was abnormal. I, being a doctor had never seen such thing. The strange thing that my driver was doing in my pussy with his full arm inside, by it my orgasm was coming out continuously with great force. My whole lower portion of my body became horny bitch fucks her ass and pussy with big fat black dildo. They were all laughing vigorously and were having fun. Then my driver started moving his hand to and fro and a pleasureous rhythm.

I was taking only deep breathes and bleeding too. Gradually, he took his arm out totally from my vagina and then right again inserted his full arm up to his elbow inside my pussy. He kept on doing this for about 26 minutes and I kept silent, moaned badly and sat there like a doll and was taking only amateur girl wants to be ass fucked breathes. His full arm was filled with my cum. Then all at once, my driver increased his speed of inserting his full arm, I was screaming badly and was yelling to save me, but it was useless as I was all alone there with 2 monsters raping me in my house.

My hymen tore badly, and started bleeding professedly with too much pain. My cryings and pleadings were useless as the 2 rapists raping me, just ignored it.

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My pussy became excessively hot and was burning from inside, while I was going on cumming continuously. Suddenly he started raping me wildestly. My driver took out his iron steel fuking hard hand from my softest pussy and then started eating and kissing it while inserting a great pressure by his whole face.

Then my secretary from the back pulled apart my 2 soft pussy leaves with a sudden great jerk, that it got torn from its two end with a bopping sound and started bleeding professedly with the greatest pain.

Just as my secretary did that, my driver all of a sudden pushed his full head inside my pussy. My whole pussy took his head's shape and became round like a football. It was paining out of my control and I was screaming wildly. With his whole head inside my pussy, his was biting the inner walls of my pussy and eating them badly.

I automatically started shivering like a malaria patient and I just failed to control my shivering. My driver kept biting my insides of my vagina with his full head in, for about 20 to 24 minutes. Then he took his head out to take his gasps of breaths. His whole face was full of cum, and my vagina was in such a state that even they became scared and spell bound. My Pussy was wide opened and its opening became round and so much large, that it could easily pass in a massive football.

My pussy was bleeding, cumming and paining and the 2 rapists were enjoying there maximum. Then my secretary Strongly caught hold of my hands and legs widest apart, in such a way that I could not move my arms and limb for an inch. Then my driver started inserting his head in my widely opened pussy and taking out.

At first he was doing it in as rhythm but gradually developed a massive brunette precious gets her knees dirty and creamed. I could not move a bit as my secretary was holding me tightly enough to suffocate. In such a painful and helpless situation, as he was keeping on his head to push to and fro, in and out of my pussy, I was shivering madly and then suddenly I lost my consciousness.

When I came back to my senses, I just yelled up and hard stricken with a massive terror. My driver had his, about 8 inch tool, inside my pussy and was pumping it nastily, and my secretary repeatedly inserted his hand right deep inside my anus and forcefully took out my shit.

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I realized that in reality I could do nothing to resist them so I tolerated silently with deep moans like that for about 44 minutes, until my secretary got tiered and my driver cummed and exploded in a huge amount deep inside my pussy. I was again pregnant. My secretary and driver left the job and were lost from the society while I carried their baby in my womb and was badly pregnant by them.

The End