Hardcore amy gives a sexy blowjob in the kitchen pornstar brunette

Hardcore amy gives a sexy blowjob in the kitchen pornstar brunette
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The blonde woman sat in darkness, taking occasional drags from a menthol cigarette that she had been nursing for at least 10 minutes. "Hm." The blonde woman sighed while looking at her cell phone, 2 : 59 a.m. The blonde woman sighed again loudly and muttered to herself "can't for once they be early? They know how my anxiety gets to me when I am waiting like this" she said power hitting her cigarette down to the filter. The blonde woman looked at the cigarette and swore before throwing it to the ground and crushing it under her big black boot heel.

The room she was in resembled that of a 12th century dungeon, with chains on the walls, several torture devices and the fresh, blood stained corpses of previous victims. "SCREEEEEEEEEEECH" A door opened slowly. The blonde woman's head shot up, a beaming smile on her now glowing face. Lights flickered off and on momentarily then stayed on, illuminating the room and casting evil looking shadows against the floor and every wall. The blonde woman giggled with excitement as the creature entered the room, dragging along with him the sweet, innocent and struggling Danielle whose hands were handcuffed behind her back tightly and whose mouth was jammed with a ball gag.

"MMMMMM!!!" Danielle screamed through the gag, trying to pull away from the monster's grip unsuccessfully. It was the first time the blonde girl had seen Danielle in person, before it was mostly internet photos and the like but nothing could compare to seeing 17 year old Danielle being yanked in, with nothing but her pink pushup bra and pink pajama pants on.

"Danielle. Age 17. Height -5'6", Weight - 120 pounds, medium length dark brown/red hair wrapped into a braided pony tail", The blonde woman recited the memo to herself while Danielle clawed and kicked at the floor, pathetically trying to escape. "She will be in a 34b, pink lace, pushup bra and matching pajama pants. They really nailed this one to a T, didn't they Scar?" The beast momentarily stopped dragging Danielle in and looked up at the blonde woman.

"It's our job, although, I would really love to kill this one myself. Not that she was much trouble" it said walking toward the frightened teenage girl who was shaking and squeaking high pitched yelps through her ball gag.

"It's just that she has one of those faces. Those dumb fucking faces, ya know?" Scar said stroking his hand on Danielle's cheek, causing her to busty mom angel allwood shares some love and tremble harder than ever. The blonde woman laughed. "Yeah, I'm sorry Scar.

This little girl is mine." She said walking toward Danielle who was frozen in place while her body shook violently from tremors of terror. "Alright, she's all yours LB. Just make sure she suffers, ok? Danielle here has a lot going for her in life and she would probably be very successful very soon," the creature said making his exit toward the door.

"Scar. You know how I work. Danielle's going to suffer more than any girl before her because its just not her lucky day" the blonde woman said turning towards Danielle slowly making eye contact with her victim.

"Danielle. I'm not much for salutations, especially considering in about 3 minutes I'll be moping pieces of you up while you wait to expire." she said slowly and letting it hang, watching Danielle's eye's bulge intensely while a never ending stream of tears ran.

The blonde woman placed her left hand on Danielle's leg and slowly raised it up past her pelvis, then stomach and stopping at her breasts. She looked up at Danielle and looked back down at the frightened girl's tits. "I didn't know you had such nice tits Danielle! Maybe if you live through the first part we can have some fun with them! You should have seen what I did to the last girl with boobs like that." the blonde woman said never leaving her eye contact with Danielle.

She continued to slowly drag her hand up Danielle's body, past her breasts, up to her sternum, curving around her slender throat and stopping at the ball gag. "Now. I need to undo this so we can hurry up and get this done. But you need to be quiet and chill ok? I don't like hearing you little whiny babies beg before we kill you, its pathetic" she said starting to undo the gag. "So. Danielle. As you have probably already assumed, you have been kidnapped and taken here for one purpose and one purpose only.

So we can kill you" She said holding the gag in place. "Now, before I pull this gag out, you need to know that it was your parents who did this to you. You see, when parents get sick of their moronic teenage daughters, they hire us. We kidnap julia ann and alexa grace share a cock and warm jizzum threesome and blowjob girl and kill her in anyway possible, sometimes the parents might request a certain death, which we do but that isn't the case with you.

You see, your parents gave us 10,000 dollars and allowed us access to your house to kidnap you and bring you here. We eliminate you with swift and extreme prejudice while your parents put out a missing persons report, collect charity, accept sympathy and laugh themselves to sleep knowing that your corpse is slowly rotting away in a dungeon." The blonde woman said staring into Danielle's bloodshot eyes, watching as the poor teenager tried to process everything.

The blonde woman smiled, pulled out Danielle's mouth gag and threw it to the ground. Danielle gasped loudly for easy air. The blonde woman chuckled, "mouth breather." Danielle's chest heaved up and down, up and down rhythmically trying to catch her breath and not choke on tears. "Ok. You've had enough oxygen Danielle. Time to get this show on the road", the blonde woman said grabbing Danielle by her braided, red pony tail.

"AIEEEEE!" Danielle yelped in pain, her head cocking toward the direction the blonde woman was pulling her.

"PLEASE! STOP THIS! THIS IS CRAZY! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO HURT ANYONE!" Danielle screamed as the blonde woman yanked her forward.

"It's not what you did Danielle. It's just how kill-able you are." The blonde woman stopped and without warning kicked out Danielle's legs from behind her, sending her crashing to the ground. SMACK!!! Danielle's knees hit the cold pavement hard as the pain instantly struck the innocent girl, sending her into bubbling and hiccuping hysterics.

"OWWWWW! WAAAAAHHH! PLEASE, THAT HURT SO MUCH! NO MORE! I'LL DO ANYTHING! JUST LET ME GO AND I'LL DO ANYTHING! OWWWW! MY KNEEEEES, WAHHHH!" Danielle wept openly as her knees continued to throb with immense pain.

The blonde woman laughed at Danielle's sobbing attempts of begging for mercy and was unmoved. "Danielle. There is no getting away! You might not die today, but your going to die here, that's just how it is babe." she said laying Danielle down on her stomach while she walked across towards a pile of torture devices. "Hm. Where is it. Not that. Oh, that fun, but no. Hm." The blonde said sorting through all of the torturous tools.

"Ah hah!" She said triumphantly, raising 6 by 6, custom made concrete brick in the air. Meanwhile, Danielle was still bawling wildly "NO! NOOOOO! PLEASE! THERE'S BEEN A MISTAKE! I'M ONLY 17! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE! PLEASE! STOP THIS AND I'LL DO ANYTHING!" She cried feverishly like a little baby.

The blonde woman walked in front of Danielle and gently placed the brick inches away from Danielle's face. For a brief few seconds the doomed teenager stopped wailing and looked at the brick, trying to understand the significance of such a bizaar item. "A brick?" Danielle said softly to herself as tears dropped from her cheeks.

The blonde woman knelt by Danielle and grabbed a hold of her red, braided pony tail again, pulling her head an inch away from the brick. "Yep! Meet your maker Danielle! Me and this brick have curb stomped hundreds of so called 'innocent' teenage skanks just like you! The last girl, I forget her name. Well, I kicked the last girl's head down so hard that her mouth fit around the brick!

Mind you, her jaw was broken, the majority of her teeth were also broken, and her cheeks busty cougar alexis diamonds gets bbc anal on both sides. But still, she was a fucking mutilated wreck and it was awesome!" The blonde said with delight while Danielle was sick to her stomach with the gory details. The blonde woman got up, squared herself in front of Danielle and grabbed her pony tail once more. "NO! NO! NO!

I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! THIS ISN'T FAIR! THIS IS CRAZY! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO ANYONE TO DESERVE THIS, SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!" Danielle sobbed at the top of her lungs. The blonde woman placed her in front of the brick and asked "hey Danielle?

What's that cute little thing you have on your chest there? You mind telling me what it is?" she said still holding Danielle's pony tail. Danielle looked up at her captor and gulped.

"It's. my bra?" She said in a curly haired cleo stuffed hard on her gaping hole pornstreamlive pussyfucking, since she didn't understand the purpose behind the qeustion. "WHAT IS IT DANIELLE! I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM IT LIKE THE WHINY TEENAGE CUNT YOU ARE!" The blonde woman bellowed, yanking Danielle up by her pony tail with force. "AIEEE!!! MYYYYYYYYYY BRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

MYYYYYYYYY BRRRAAAAA!!!!" The confused girl screamed in pain. It was then the blonde woman struck, shoving Danielle's head onto the brick with enough force so that her teeth were sunken into both ends of the brick.

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"MMMMMMM!!!! NNNNNNNN!!!! MMMMMMMM!!!!" Danielle's scream's were muffled, but were a direct representation of the pain she was experiencing. She could feel her jaw awkwardly snap open in position causing her more discomfort than pain while her both sides of her teeth grinded against the brick.

Everything but Danielle's head convulsed violently against the floor, flopping and slamming like a fish out of water. "MMMMMM-HMMMMM!" She sqeauked. After the initial seconds of shock, Danielle's pain began to sharpen and intesify and all the poor girl could do was sob and suffer.

"Wow! Danielle! Look at you!

You almost choked on that xxx story play mx player just from me dropping you onto it! Very impressive for a girl your age, you sure you haven't sucked dick before?" The blonde woman said kneeling down to watch Danielle's tears fall from close up. "On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, how bad does this hurt right now Danielle?" She asked the tormented girl as if she was oblivious to the situation. Naturally, Danielle couldn't physically respond due to the onslaught of mind-blowing pain, but if she could have answered, it would have been '11'.

The blonde woman raised herself up, dusted herself off and sighed. "Well Danielle, this is it! This is the part where I stomp your head onto that brick and watch as your puny little brain tries to deal with the ungodly amounts of pain it's about to be in.

I mean, lets just face it Danielle, that goofy little face of yours was made to break and writhe in pain. Your weak little chin, your ugly fucking teeth, your chipmunk cheeks, I mean Jesus Christ kiddo, if any girl deserves to get curb stomped its definitely you. You just have one of those faces. Those, 'I'm so sweet and goofy' faces that make me want to hurt you worse then any other girl I've hurt, and that's a lot Danielle", the blonde woman said. "MMMMM! ::GURGLE GURGLE::" Was Danielle's only audible response as blood began to gush out of her mutilated mouth and broken nose.

The blonde woman rose her foot high in the air and hung it for a second. "Hey Danielle, have I mentioned that the last girl I did this too didn't die right away? In fact, she lived for a week after I stomped her, in fact, everyone's lived after the stomping. Its when we leave you in here to die that kills you! So, good luck with all that horrific pain and trying not to choke on your own blood" the woman said jokingly.

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"3.2.1!!!" The blonde woman counted down aloud watching as somehow, subconsciously, Danielle's body tensed up for the final blow. ::WHOOSH:: The blonde woman's boot sailed downward cutting through the air and headed right toward the back of Danielle's head.

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::SMASH:: The impact was sickening. Instantly Danielle's body seized uncontrollably, slamming against the ground with such a violent force little caprice lesbo fuck in sauna full lengt it was breaking the bones in her extremities. Her jaw was now completely broken off her skull and hung suspended in the air dripping fresh blood along with broken pieces of bone from her chin that rattled their way out during impact.

The majority of Danielle's teeth were now broken or ground down from the impact which caused gushers of blood to spew from each empty cavity, choking the helpless teenager.

Her cute little chipmunk like cheeks were now torn open from the middle on both sides of her face, allowing her mouth to push further down onto the brick and ultimately cause poor Danielle just a little bit more pain. Danielle's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she began to realize that the pain she had experienced just seconds before the blonde woman stomped on her, was not nearly comparable to what she felt now.

Danielle's pain was LEGENDARY and was so horrific that her brain started to shut down certain organ functions just to focus on giving Danielle a helping heap of agony for a while. Danielle was sure she was passed the human threshold for pain, but as every second passed her pain only seemed to increase, as mind boggling as that may be and she never lost consciousness.

The blonde girl stood over the teenager and watched her flop for a minute or so before speaking. "Well. That was fun. I'm sure you think otherwise, don't you Danielle? But as far as I'm concerned that was another job well done on my part!" The blonde woman pulled a cigarette out, lit it and started to gather her things and put them away in her purse, while Danielle continued to thrash again the floor, making gurgling and choking noises as she did.

The blonde woman double checked everything on her person and took one final look down at the convulsing girl, watching as the pool of blood continued to spread freely. "My god I love my job", she said kicking Danielle's gyrating leg. "Oh, and Danielle, I know you can hear me. We gave you a cocktail we like to call "the pain potion". The government owns the patent, but basically it's used to keep your mind, lungs, and heart alert and working while your body shuts down other organs to focus directly on the pain, and only the pain" the blonde woman told Danielle knowing that the girl couldn't respond but could indeed hear and comprehend her.

"So, if your wondering when you are going to pass out, or. die? Heh heh. If lose of blood doesn't kill you, which that is never guaranteed. You'll probably dehydrate in a week or so, but for that entire time you will be experiencing the exact pain you are in now and it will never stop or hurt less", she said kneeling down to look at the front of Danielle's face. Danielle's red and blood shot eyes shot quickly at the blonde woman while tears streamed out at nearly impossible speed.

The blonde woman looked Danielle in the eyes, and Danielle's shaking, torment filled eyes looked matched the gaze. "Seriously, you should be thanking me Danielle. No guy would have ever loved that weak chin of yours, your chipmunk cheeks and your overbite. Now I want you to think about that until you die, I want you to know that I only killed you because you had the face of a girl who needed to die." The blonde woman stood back up and stretched.

"Alright Danielle, it's been real fun watching you suffer, but I got other girls to torture, you know? I just cant waist all my time on some skank like you!" The blonde woman started to walk out of the room and then suddenly stopped halfway.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" She said reaching into her purse and pulling out a container of Morton's house salt. Carefully, she opened the lid, shook the contents and bubble butt blondie whore pussy banged by huge hard dick over toward the still gurgling, Danielle.

With no words spoken, the blonde woman began to dump liberal amounts of the table salt all over the back off Danielle's head, which in turn fell off the back of her head and landed inside the chasms that were created from the boot stomp. "I can't believe I almost forgot to pour salt on your fresh wounds! Man, I have to stop enjoying myself so much and start paying attention to the details! " She said as she continued to pour the contents of the container all over the mutilated girl's head.

Even though Danielle couldn't even begin to formulate words, she was still able to formulate thoughts and of course continue to feel the never ending crescendo of pain that ripped through every nerve like fire. There is no feasible way to accurately describe the hellish torture she was experiencing and would have to experience for several more days except by comparing it to the worst imaginable torture in hell. And with Danielle writhing in cataclysmic pain, the blonde woman, also known as Laura walked out of the room smiling and whistling to herself as she did.

Laura walked toward the lab still smiling and grabbed herself a seat next to a male scientist who was fixated on live a camera feed of Danielle still kicking from her position. "The salt was a little much, don't you think Laura?" The male scientist said as he kept his eyes focused on the screen. Laura yawned, "She just looked really dumb" she shrugged, "I mean, I looked at her picture on facebook and automatically I wanted to just smash her chin and teeth in.

That little cunt just had one of them faces. She's lucky she didn't have bigger tits, or else Danielle was going to lose more then a few teeth", Laura said as she fat girl moon baby xxx sex stories to watch the screen. "Speaking of which", the male scientist said grabbing a folder. "Andrea 'Asia' Hogan", ya know her?" He asked Laura. Laura's eye's bulged with a mixture of surprise and happiness, "yes I know her, why?" The male scientist opened the folder to a picture of 16 year old Andrea in a red pushup bra and showed it to Laura.

"She's after Kayla. What do you say, do you want to try out the microwave prototype?" Laura smiled. "That girl has had tits since 3rd grade, she's 16 and has 34dd's for Christ sake! She treats her boobs like they are children, always pampering them and showing them off", Laura said focusing on the picture of Andrea in the red bra.

"You know, Danielle is suffering the most unimaginable death right now, I mean we can't even fathom how much pain that dumb bitch is in.

But Andrea. Andrea's going to surpass the threshold of pain, tenfold", Laura said smiling to herself as she thought about it. "Is she hear yet?" Laura asked the male scientist as she rose from her chair.


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They just brought her in with Ciara, Samm and Lacy", he said focusing on his work again. Laura smiled, "Ciara, Samm, and Lacy too! Someone's going to choke to death on dick today!" She said with girlish glee. "But until then, I'm going to go back in with Danielle and remind her how much of a failure she is, and how she's slowly going to stunning babe is presenting her opened tight vagina in closeup, and how her parents paid us to pour the salt on her at the end." "Laura, your going to tell her about the salt?

I know her mom gave us extra money to torture her daughter above and beyond the normal practice, but she can still hear you, you'll break her body, heart and spirit all at once!" The male scientist said. Laura grabbed a folder from the desk, opened it and held up a picture of Danielle from Facebook they had on record. "This face", she said as she pointed to Danielle's goofy, but cute smile, "this face needs to suffer forever. Every time I see it I just want to break her teeth out with a brick", she said.

"You already did, Laura" The male scientist said smiling, "We already put your curb stomp on slow motion and made some dvds to pass out. If you zoom in close enough you can see some of her teeth shoot out when your foot connects" he told her smiling.

"Oh Mike you think of everything. But I'll definitely need multiple copies of that dvd for stocking stuffers this year" Laura said with a devilish grin on her face. "The Death of Danielle : Curb Stomp from Hell", Laura mused as both scientist's burst into laughter. THE END