Mom and son sexspank bank

Mom and son sexspank bank
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The light from the sun burned into my eyes as I rapidly blinked myself awake. I could hear the sounds of the ocean waves reaching up to the shore. My head throbbed, on the back of my head I could feel a large bump from where something must have hit me.

Sand fell from my torn clothes as I stood up, I couldn't remember too much about what happened. I Remember my name being Alyssa Martin, I remember being 20 years old, I even remember the boat I had been on, but that was all I could recollect, anything and everything else was a blur in my mind. It looked like it was the middle of the afternoon because the sun was in the center of the sky and it was very hot. After looking up and down the shoreline I confirmed that I was alone on what seemed to be some sort of island.

I noticed pieces of wreckage floating up from the water, some of the wreckage was already on the shore. I decided to go examine some of the stuff on the sand. Most of the stuff was pieces of steel and broken wood. I did find some rope and a life jacket. I decided they'd be important to use so I picked them both up, that's when a memory came back to me. I was on a boat with some old friends from high school, they wanted to go on a week long sail and I agreed to come along.

A couple of days into the trip a huge storm hit and knocked us off coarse, the following day petite goddess emma hix stretched and jizzed on pussy was another storm and that's the last thing I could think of before waking up here.

Another wave of pain erupted from the bump on my head and I groaned slightly while applying a little pressure to it. I did not feel good, I don't know how long I was unconscious but I could tell it had been a while because I felt completely exhausted and my stomach ached. I looked back and set my gaze on the lush green trees and bushes.

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Something about them seemed to draw me in, before I knew it I was making my way through the trees and the brush. Sound were coming from every side of me, I could hear the buzzing sound of the insects as the swarmed around me, I could also hear what sounded like birds chirping, which to me was a good sign.

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Sweat formed everywhere on my skin as I continued to walk, I also began to feel more sick and dizzy. At that moment in time I would've given anything to be back home where I had a nice comfy bed and warm yummy smelling food waiting for me. What seemed like only a few minutes had quickly become a few hours. The sun was getting lower in the sky and I wasn't getting anywhere.

I must've been going in circles for hours before I realized how late it was getting.

The only reason why I noticed how late it was getting was because of the overabundance of noise that steadily began to rise as the sun set. I hated this. the feeling of being completely alone, I couldn't Stand it. It was creepy as hell and only becoming more creepy by the minute. Deciding it'd be safer to find shelter for the night I stopped walking and looked around me for any sort of thing I could turn into a kind of safe haven. Of coarse there was nothing but trees.

My head continued to pound from the pain I had been feeling this whole time. I was about to sit down when I looked up at the trees. "I think I'll sleep up there." I said aloud knowing no one would hear me. With holy mother of jugs amazing big boobs blonde I latched onto a branch and swung myself up and over then I proceeded to climb until I reached a spot that I felt was safe. Morning couldn't have come earlier.

The bugs were already buzzing and the trees were alive with the sounds of birds. My arms itched pretty bad, I almost screamed when I saw them covered in small red bumps. I knew those god forsaken abominations had been eating me as I slept.

Damn insects! I wasted no time climbing down the tree, I wasn't aware of how exhausted I was until my feet hit the ground. I just collapsed in a heap unable to move, everything hurt. I knew I had to get food or water quick, time was running out for me. Motivated by the scary thought that I could die out here, I mustered some reserve strength I still had left in me and I stood up, forcing myself to walk was a struggle but I managed a few steps then got into a slow steady pace and trudged through the trees.

A few hours passed, the sun was in the middle of the sky again, I felt the affects of a hallucination coming on, I felt as though I were in a dream, my mind was cloudy and fuzzy. I wasn't aware of the rock in front of me and when my foot hit it I stumbled through the trees and fell to the ground.

Right there in front of me I saw it, water! There was water! I rubbed at my eyes and blinked really hard to make sure that's really what I was seeing. My hand skimmed the surface, it was nice and cold. Like a ravenous animal I launched myself into the water, I cupped my hands so that I could drink the water and I savored the icy cold feel of the liquid as it slid down my throat.

I wasn't even thinking, after I quenched my thirst I ripped off first my shirt then my bra. The pants and underwear were the last to go. I wrapped them up in a heap and tossed them on a dry rock. The water felt so good on my skin. The bug bites weren't itching as much as before.

I couldn't stop myself I started laughing and swimming around, it was a miracle that I had come across it. In my moment of shear joy I wasn't aware of my surroundings and the twigs and branches that were breaking. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard, "lyssa is that you?" I let out a tiny cry of shock and whipped around to see before my eyes Max Carver, one of my friends I had been with on the boat.

"Oh my god Max, is that you? Are you really there?" I cried out. I rushed out of the water and threw myself into him almost knocking him over. I wrapped my arms around him taking in the warmth from the contact I received. "Max I was so scared, I woke up and there was no one there with me, I was alone, I thought you guys were dead." I cried.

The tears were just coming, I couldn't stop myself from sobbing, I was so thankful someone was there with me. Max pulled me closer and did his best to comfort me. "It's ok lyssa, everything is ok now. I was in the same boat as you, I woke up alone to find no one else around. You're ok though, I've got you." He nes mi hija perleccion aprendida in my ear and I eventually stopped the water works. "I'm so glad you're here max." "Me too, if it weren't for your laughter I think I would've walked right past you." I let out a chuckle and let go of him.

"So max now that we've found eachother we should make a sort of camp, that way if the others are ok they can hopefully find us." Max nodded and I walked off to go find sticks, he stopped me though, "lyssa aren't you forgetting something?" "What?" "Umm your clothes.

you're not wearing any." It took a moment to register but when it did, my face went bright red and I ran over to my clothes and quickly hid behind some trees to change. The embarrassment was burned right into my face. I swear being out here turned my brain to mush.

shortly later we set to work building our shelter. Three Weeks Later We waited but still no one showed. We eventually came to the conclusion that everyone was just gone and we were the only ones left. We had to come up with ways to keep ourselves entertained, mostly we just played in the water. Our food pile was steadily growing, it was surprising just how many places held fruit. My favorite was one that looked a lot like a mango. I woke up early that morning because I was hungry.

Naughty sikkim tna school fucking girls grabbing a fruit I walked over to a rock to sit down and eat. I was surprised to see max swimming around in the water this early in the morning.

He hadn't noticed me watching from the rock. My mouth dropped open when he stood up out of the water. Max was naked. And his body was fucking gorgeous. My eyes took in everything that I saw, I was loving what I was seeing. His package looked pretty big from far away and I began to wonder just how big it'd get when it was aroused.

My heart sped up and I could feel myself growing wet down there. I was so turned on that I retreated back into the trees and I found a quiet secluded area. I took off my pants and my underwear and I layed down in a nice comfy spot of plants. My breathing quickened and I took my fingers and began to move them in a circular motion around my clit.

The sensation was nice, I could feel myself getting wetter and more aroused by the minute. I quickened my pace and I could feel the affects of the pressure that was starting to build up in my body.

I let out a soft moan but couldn't get myself to orgasm. "Need some help with that?" I stopped what I was doing and opened my eyes to see max looking down at me. I don't know how long he had been standing there but he had caught me red handed and I could see his arousal growing. He was still perfectly naked and what was even better was that he was nice and wet. "Ya show me what you've got." I even added a little wink to make it a little flirty.

Max knelt down beside me and told me to close my eyes. I did as I was told and I shuddered with excitement when I felt his fingers touch my clit, the warmth radiating off his hand felt great, what felt even better was the way he began to rhythmically victoria voxxx in fucking outside the voxxx tiny circles around my clit.

It felt so good I let out some moans and arched my back. Max took his finger and began pushing it in and out of me, I moaned a little louder this time, he increased the speed and I could feel myself building up for a strong orgasm. He stopped and I opened my eyes, "Max why'd you st." "shhh, keep your eyes closed" he interrupted me.

I did as I was told and waited for what he was going to do. That's when I felt a soft warm thing enter me. His tongue!? I've never felt it before but it was a new experience and it was really nice. I could feel his tongue wiggle around licking at everything. When it ran over my clit I thrust my pelvic and let out a very loud moan.

With that response he kept it up but he became more fervent and I could feel my heart race even faster than before, my moans kept coming. "Oh max, oh my god Max keep eating me don't stop!" Max kept it up and suddenly I couldn't handle it. Anymore, I orgasmed into his face but he continued to lick and eat me. Another orgasm erupted from me making everything even wetter. Max pulled his face away from me and he spread his body over me, positioning his penis just outside my hole.

"Are you ladyboy with big tits and tattoos gets fucked after giving head He asked. I responded by saying, "fuck me!" Max shot me a sexy grin and shoved his huge cock into my wet throbbing pussy.

I dug my nails into his back and I groaned with a mix of pain and pleasure. His thrusts were rhythmatic and deep. "Harder max, go harder." I hissed at him. He complied and began thrusting even harder and faster. "Oh God, oh God. oh max. that's right, fuck me baby." I brought my hands to his ass and I squeezed them and began to pull even even deeper into me. It hurt but it felt great. My moans were even louder this time. They just kept coming, max even joined me and moaned really loud.

The thrusts kept coming and I could feel another orgasm coming on, I was getting so close then I felt him cum into me. The warm fluid filled me up, he let out an extremely sexy moan and I orgasmed again. my body shuddering with the wave of intense pleasure. Max rested his body on top of me and I relaxed underneath him.

"Oh my god what the fuck is going on here!?!?" A voice sounded from the side. Max and I were still intertwined but we looked up to see Megan and Derrick standing right there. They were still alive! We weren't alone.