Brunette teen joseline kelly gets fucked for money

Brunette teen joseline kelly gets fucked for money
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Ravage Every inch of my body is crawling with desire. Something has crawled under my skin that I just can't get rid of. I wish I knew what it was - I've been aching for days for something, something. In an attempt to distract myself from by nearly unbearable horniness, I (rather stupidly) get online. I soon get an instant message from a male friend of mine. Not good- he's apparently bored which between us means, "I want to fuck." "What you up to, sexy?" "I'm unbearable horny actually.

Want to help? ^_-" There's no answer for a few seconds. I wonder what he's thinking-"She's joking. she's got to be." "Absolutely, princess. When and where?" "I'll meet you at your house." I pick out something to shock the hell out of him- a long, fishnet dress, no bra, and a black satin g-string.

I put on my black leather boots to finish off the outfit, and wrap myself in a thigh length coat. I sneak out to my car, both turned on and fearful of being seen with just a short coat and knee high boots on.

Just what would the neighbors think?! I start the car, easing my way out of the driveway. I'm soon on the road, window down, wind blowing through my long brown hair.

I see lights in my rearview mirror. "SHIT!" The cop pulls me over. When he reaches my window, he looks in, and his eyes gets wide. "Do you know how fast you were going, mam?" "No, sir. I apologize, I should've been paying more attention." "I should really give you a ticket." I pout, knowing there's only a few ways out of this ticket, but just how far am I willing to go?

I run my hands up my thighs, hiking up the coat and showing the bare skin beneath. I hear him breathing hard as the tan skin is revealed. "Let me see what's under that coat, and I'll let you go with a warning," he pants. I slowly unbutton the coat. One button, revealing the cleavage of my fishnet covered tits. Two buttons, the shape of my breasts are revealed.

Third button, my abs come into view, and I can see him sweating fake public agent bus stop juli anticipation.

Last button reveals my panty covered mound. The cop reaches in suddenly, his hand going straight for my pussy. He rubs quickly, gathering juice that seeps through the shoddy excuse for fabric. I spread my legs and moan as he rubs fast and furious. His quick motions on my clit, coupled with my insane horniness collides- I orgasm, tossing my head back onto the seat, body trembling with the sweet pulses of pleasure.His licks his fingers, gently pinches my nipples and then says, "Have a nice day, mam.

Drive safely." I simply lay there panting as he returns to his car and drives away. My phone's ring tone pulls me back from a post-orgasm nap: "Hey Dominique." I hear Jack's sexy voice, "I'm still waiting you know.

Did you get busy all by your lonesome, or are you really coming to get fucked senseless?" "On my way, you naughty boy," I tease. "Sure sure, I'll see you when I see you," he laughs. I make it, somewhat safely, in front of Jack's apartment. I extreme sloppy gagging tie me up and handle me like a whore my coat, smoothe it down around my legs, and walk up the stairs to his place.

He opens the door, and his eyes go wide just like the cop's. I walk in, and put my purse on the floor. Jack is still staring at me, front door still completely open. "Close the door," I say. He does, and Jack leans against the pale plane. He's wearing a tight red t-shirt, and a pair of loose jeans that hang low enough on his hips that I can see the waistband of his black silk boxers.

I clear the space between us, shoving him into the door. Then I grab the back of Jack's head, dragging his lips down to meet mine.

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He groans into my mouth, his hands wandering to squeeze my ass cheeks through the coat fabric. I grind my wet pussy into his hard dick, trying to mold my body into his. He's trying to open the coat, but I pull away and drag him to his sofa instead. Pushing him onto the sofa, I order him to stay put.He dutifully listens and puts his hands behind his head.

This causes his shirt to ride up slightly, showing the bottom of his flat abs. My pussy gets even wetter, and I begin to undo the buttons. All 4 buttons are undone, but I hold the coat close, and turn around.

I then slide it from my shoulders, revealing my bare back.

I hear him gasp, and he tries to get up: "Stay there, or I leave." Jack stays, although none too happy about it. I let the coat drop completely, revealing my g-string. "Holy shit." I then turn around, revealing my body to him.

My bare nipples poke through the large holes of the fishnet dress, and the g-string hardly hides my soaking cunt. He seems like he can hardly breathe, taking in every inch of my body. I then slide my panties down, slowly, bending over so he can see my tits even better.

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Jack rips off his shirt, and he also pulls off his jeans. His hard dick tents the silk fabric, straining for attention. I walk over and kneel between his legs.

His hands automatically bury themselves in my hair, but I don't correct him. Instead, I free his hard cock by sliding down the silk boxers and cross my arms behind my back.

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I then begin to leave small wet kisses up his inner thighs. He shudders, trying to pull my mouth towards his dick. I resist, and I begin to do tiny licks all over the crease where his legs meet. Jack lets his head fall back, his mouth open at the feeling. "PPPplleeaasseee." escapes from his mouth. I slide my tongue all the way up the shaft, quickly passing up the head. "Uuuuhhhhhh." he squirms on the sofa. I take the head into my mouth, just gently sucking on it.

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"Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck!!" his hips begin to buck from the sofa. I slide down the length, slowly. Then I suck up the shaft, dragging my lips up to the head. Jack's saying something, but I can't make it out- it's simply pleasurable gibberish. I think begin to bob on his dick, without using my hands. I let the back of my throat contract on the head of his cock. "SSsshhhhiiitttttt." he says, pushing my head lower on his dick.

I speed up, sucking to the very bottom of his shaft. I even gently let my teeth run down his dick, making his toes curl at the thought that I'm mere millimeters from hurting him.

"Oh fuck, Dominique, I'm about to cum!" I stop, but he tries to keep me down on his cock. I manage to break free, and I walk towards the bedroom.

He begins to chase after me, and we race to the room. He has a harness set beneath his bed, made for leg and arm restraints in a spread eagle style. Jack tries to push me onto the bed, but I get him there first, quickly trapping his arms and legs. "NNnnooo." he pretends to fight, half wanting to just fuck and half interesting in what's coming next. Once he's restrained, I straddle his chest. I put a foot on either side of his head, my wet pussy only inches from his warm mouth.

He cranes his neck, trying to lick me, but I'm just out of reach. When I get settled, I put my fingers by his mouth: "Lick."He licks them, looking me dead in the eyes.

He has no idea what torture I'm about to give him. I lean back slightly, spreading my pink pussy before his eyes. I hear his breathing getting ragged, the warm air hitting the wetness. I slide my fingers down my slit, coating my finger with my own juices. "What are you doing??" I giggle, my fingertips begin to circle my clit. "Oh god, don't do that." I don't stop. Instead, I speed up a little, rubbing my clit while my other fingers tease my hole. My body jerks in response, juices beginning to leak onto his chest.

"Ohhh you dirty slut bitch!! You fucking. goooodddd damnit," he moans, trying to break free from the hot brunette brooklyn gets fucked anal by her roommate. I begin to finger my pussy, my middle finger sliding in and out of my cunt while my thumb is circling my clit. I being to moan, rocking against my own fingers as I get closer to orgasming.

Jack curses, calling me dirty names as I get closer to spilling my cum on his chest. Suddenly, Jack jerks his body, causing me to slide forward onto his mouth. His lips and tongue attack my pussy, and I scream as he pushes me to climax. "AAAHHHHH oohhh FFFUUUCCCKKKKKKK JACK!!!" I collapse, laying back onto his body. He pants beneath me, the air hitting my freshly fucked pussy. I turn over, taking his cock into my mouth. "OHhh gooddddd Dominique. You're a fucking tease!!! JUST FUCK ME!" I laugh, gently licking and sucking up his cock.

He bucks his hips into my mouth, rubbing the head of his dick against the back of my throat. I can feel him getting close again, worked up from my show minutes before. I stop, and he groans, "You're so going to regret that." I laugh. "You're the one tied up, hon." I get on top, positioning my pussy right above the head of his dick.

I put the head right past the lips, just enough to send juice latina bombshell got her pussy railed doggystyle down his cock. He tries to buck his hips, but I pull away. "COME ON!!!!!" I laugh, and then slide down his cock, making sure to do it slowly to punish him for demanding. Jack begins to thrust his hips into me, so I sit all the way on his dick, effectively keeping him on the bed. "Nnnnnooo plleeeeasseeee. Dominique, please please.

come on let me fuck you." I slide up an inch or two; he begins to thrust with wild, short thrusts. As a result, Jack is smacking right against my sensitive clit. I feel the pleasure ripple around his dick. His moans and groans push me over the edge, and I cum hard. He takes advantage of my orgasm's distraction. Pulling against the restraints, he's able to free himself, and quickly undoes his legs as well. He then throws me face down onto the bed and traps my legs and arms. "I told you you would regret it," he laughs.

I can only moan brunette dirtabg amy fair getting fucked on massage table he gropes my breasts and fucks me hard.

He can't even control himself enough to torture me. He simply fucks me hard and fast, but it's enough with the restraints to make me beg. "OHHhh that's right, fuck that pussy. Fuck your dirty slut.

oohhh pllleeeaase fuck your dirty nasty -" Jack rubs my clit, cutting off my nasty talk with me moaning. He groans, thrusting faster. "YES YES FUCK!" He pulls out, jacking on the head of his dick.

He forces his way into my mouth, spilling his cum into my mouth. He fucks my mouth as he cums- "OHh fuck swallow it, my slut. drink it." I drink every drop, and he collapses next to me. "Bored still?" I ask. "Fuck no."