Busty milf loves joing teens when they are fucking

Busty milf loves joing teens when they are fucking
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It was only a few days after our first shitty sex game at school when Katha and I met again. I hadn't planned for this 'date', it just happened out of the chance. It was a friday afternoon, I had skipped school that day (the lessons at schedule had been unimportant and uninteresting to me, I had written myself a faked excuse) and, instead, spent the day in Chemnitz (the next bigger city from the town where I lived).

Now, in the afternoon, I was taking the bus back home - a 45 minutes trip, the bus was not going the shortest possible route but served the smaller villages left and right of the highway as well. In one of the villages, I knew, Katha was living, from there to my home stop, there are about 10 minutes to ride. The bus was crowded well, nearly all seats were occupied (those seats where no person was sitting at were occupied with bags that were removed only with a very grim glare should any new passenger dare to ask whether this seat would be available), and I was the youngest in the whole bus - nearly all other passengers were working women in their late 40s and 50s, years of frustrating jobs (mostly at bureaus, I guessed) had digged deep traces into their faces.

I had expected the bus to become emptier as we passed one village stop after the other, but nearly no one exited, we all wanted to go to the big body big milk x story stop or at least the town it was in.

Well, at least I had a seat, a single seat near the 2nd door. Entering the bus was only allowed at the first door, at the drivers desk, and every passenger had to present his ticket to the driver or to buy a ticket from him. Exit was allowed only at the 2nd door. After an over 30 minutes ride, we reached the village where Katha was living. To my surprise, I saw her standing at the stop, wearing sexy tight-fitting jeans and waiting for exactly this bus.

The bus stopped, she entered, presented her ticket and started to look for a seat when she discovered me. Gleefully, she came up to me. "Hi Michael! How about giving your seat to a lady?" I looked at her a bit irritated, there was something about how she spoke, but then grinned. "Nope, there are no free seats here.

But maybe you can get a seat on romi rain is wonder woman seat", I grinned. She made a face that could've said, 'you unpolite guy, you are nothing of a gentleman', but then shrugged. "Would have thought better of you. And what's that 'seat on the seat' thing? Hey, wait, you have that dirty smile - I got it!" With that, she whirled around and took her seat exactly where I had planned her to do - on my lap.

I enjoyed the feeling of her weight, her warmth and her body on my legs, and, no surprise, my dick began to get hard. This, of course, didn't pass unnoticed by her. "Ooooh, Michael, enjoying the ride?", she asked with a teasing voice.

Since her face was much closer to my own now, I could smell it now: obviously, she had drunken champagne. "Well, thanks, I enjoy myself, but what about you? What makes you celebrate this friday afternoon?" "Don't know?

It's my birthday! Wooo-hooo!" The other passengers started shooting indignated and angry looks at us, but that didn't seem to lana caught dillion masturbates and joins in for fuck her in the slightest.

"Really didn't know that. Congratulations! And where are you going now? Celebrating? No, wait. you did that celebrating already." "Yesss! Champagne!", she exclaimed happily (there was no danger in this, in Germany, it is legal to drink champagne, whine and beer from the age of 16). "Now I'm going to your town, meet some of the other girls from school, some hanging around, maybe some boys.

we'll see." "And what about me? Don't wanna celebrate with me?" "Should have known earlier. But our girls club is nothing for you." After a minute, an idea came to her mind. "Would you want to fulfill me a wish for my birthday?" "Depends on what it is. If it's expensive and money-wasting: forget it, honestly. I'm near bankrupcy." "Nooo. -", now she lowered her mouth down to my ear, "- it's something special only you could do.

Has to do with something brown. and soft. can you guess?" I felt myself blushing. "Hmm, yes, I could. And how?" "You will see!" For the next minute, she remained silent and seemed to be glancing out of the window, but at my crotch, I could feel her body tensing and shifting.

Then I felt a her sinister side out when you about to cum in what was at my lap, her face color changed a bit towards red - impossible, I tought at first: is she really going to shit right here and now, in a crowded bus, into her jeans?

Well - she was. It was only a short time until a well-known, certain smell came up to my nose: the smell of horny, sexy girlshit! She shifted around at my lap a bit, and the aroma became a bit more intense. I had to accept it: this little minx had just shitten her jeans right here and now!

She looked at me with a devilish grin, surely feeling my hard dick against her body. "Got any idea what I could want?" All I could to was nodding. For the remaining five minutes she continued to chatter around happily whilst I sat under her, in some shit smell and with a bright red head.

The elderly passengers around us continued to shoot us angry glares, and Katha continued to ignore them. I was lucky when my stop came in sight and pressed one the stop-demand-keys within my reach (in our region, suburban buses only stop at stops if either new passengers are present, waiting, or if someone demands the stop with the appropriate key for exiting). "Sorry, but this is my stop, I have to exit now", I told her with some real regret in my voice.

"Don't wanna sunny leone sex sex storiesstorys sanny lione com me for a little birthday party?" My face lit up. "For sure! I'll be alone at home at least until 6 p.m., now it's not even 3 - so you wanna come with me for a special 'party'?" I didn't have to ask twice.

The bus pulled over for the stop, the driver opened the 2nd door, and some other passengers went out. Katha jumped off me and hurried out the door, and I followed her - we both ignored the indignated and now really infuriated glances the others still shot at us.

I catched up with her, and since she clearly wanted to play, I forcefully slapped my flat hand at her ass. She jumped a bit, but less of pain and more of surprise. "Wow, Michael! Giving me my bithday spanking? You know what you're teens play adult party game to liven up a birthday party tube porn with the inside of my jeans?" "Of course! You may get nasty threesome with beautiful girl and two hard cocks birthday spanking, but better don't ask for it unless you really want one - you know what happened to Janet.

But for the rest of the way to my cute asian smacked her face with a cock, you'll have to endure my hand at your shitty horny ass", I told her with a really dirty smile. And as I had told her, I kept my hand right at her ass, caressing and rubbing around, thus bringing her soft shit anywhere. Since we where outside, no smell or aroma was present, but I could feel at my hand she had produced a nice amount of soft shit.

Once we were at my home, I took her straight into my room. "I wanna have you, have you completely, all naked", she purred and started to pull my shirt. I gave her some help with undressing me, and soon I was naked, my dick standing at attention at its full size.

Then I pulled away her shirt - sure enough, she wore no bra, her nipples at her nice little tits were almost as hard as stone. But before I could get down at her jeans, she grabbed my arm, catching me by surprise. "Now it's time for my birthday present -", with this, she whirled around a little and threw me at my sofa/bed. "Now just wait and look. guess you'll like what's going to come." She unbuttoned her jeans and slowly took them down, showing me her backside - and I discovered she wore nice white cotton panties that day which were, of course, brown at her backside, some of her shit had come out where I had rubbed it out of the limits of the panties.

It wasn't much that had gone into her jeans. Once she had her jeans away, she lowered her panties - and now I could see her ass: it was nearly completely covered with her soft brown shit, and a nice and sexy smell emanated from it, filling the room. She carefully put away her panties and danced around a little with her shit covered ass right in front of me.

"Now? How do you like this?" "Just look down at my boner", I grinned as a response - at my by now rock hard dick, some veins had popped out. "Really nice. And now, thats what I want to do -", with that, she stepped onto the sofa/bed and above me and got down into a squatting position so her shitty ass was only a few centimeters from my face, the smell already being nearly overpowering. Then, with a sudden move, she got down - and put her shit covered butt right into my face! I couldn't help but to inhale deeply.

At the same moment, I felt her mouth taking my cock, and this was too much for me: without any warning, I shot away my cum deep into her throat. She lifted her ass and looked at me, white cum dripping off her mouth. "Wooo-hooo, you're really getting off by this! Too bad it's over already. or isn't it?" "You mean, because I've just shot away a load? Don't worry. just go on and find out", I grinned at her. Her face now expressed shere joy.

"Sounds really nice, shitty loverboy.!" Again, she changed her position, getting her ass back into my face. For the next few minutes, she continued to sit at my face, wriggling around, thus smearing her hot smelly girlshit around my face which was by now completely browned, and my every breath was spiced up with the smell of the really sexy shit of a really hot girl.

On the other end of my body, she contiuned to play with my dick which wasn't going limp but remained hard and erect - she used both her hands and her mouth expertedly to play with my dick and my balls. I would have loved to do the same to her pussy but didn't have a chance - I simply couldn't reach it.

After a few minutes, she once again lifted her ass a bit, but this time, kept it in the air. "Still got something more for you.! Take it as an invitation to my birthday party!", she giggled. And I didn't have to wait - I could see her asshole getting open, her body tensed in the familiar way, and more of her soft girlie shit started to come out of her brown smelly hole.

She did not wait until she was done - as soon as she had realised her shit had started to come out, she moved her ass back down on my face, and her shitting hole with her soft shit landed right at my nose.

She again continued to sit at my face and continued to press - and her soft sexy shit got smeared right across my face, and a good amount of it was pressed directly into my nostrils. Now I had a good chance to reach her pussy with my tongue, and I didn't let pass this chance - quickly, I slid out my tongue and started licking her soaking wet pussy which seemed to bring her even more joy.

After a few seconds, she was done with her shitting, and she got up again and looked at me, seemingly astouned I was really playing along with her this game. "Wow, you look really great. I wonder how this feels, the whole face covered in my shit and even your nose deeply stucked with it - isn't this too much?" "Never ever!

Your shit spices up my air - you really should try it!" "Hmmm, would love to do so, but I don't have my makeup with me, I can't recover the makeup after we're done here. maybe another time. But hey - I could stand a bit of this above my upper lip and into my nose. Pleeeeeaaase, Michael - I wanna know how this is, smelling my own shit for real." "You just have to ask.

gimme your ass." Without hesistance, she turned around and offered me her nice shitty butt. Inside her butt crack, there was more than enough of the soft brown mass for her desire. With two fingers, I collected a good amount, then turned her over and pulled down her head to me. "Ready for some raunchy aroma?" "Do it!" Well, a girl that was bargaining to get shit into her nose - what else could I wish for? Feels like not her but I would have birthday today, I tought while I smeared the shit at her skin and stuffed it into her nostrils.

When I was done, I gave her an encouraging look. "Done - now try it, smell your own nasty shit!" She didn't need a second invitation, and from her physical reactions, I could see the smell of her own shit being rubbed into her nose was firing up her like acetone on a bonfire: her breath accelerated, red areas appeared at her skin, and she began to sweat like being in a sauna.


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I really have to be fucked now. I need some hard boy meat in my pussy!" "No problem - just slide down and serve yourself", I smiled back.

She turned over, took a last seat at my face and did as I had told her: she literally slid downwards my body towards my cock, leaving smeared shitty traces at my chest and belly. Then, she put herself at my dick and began to ride me, and it took her maybe two or three minutes at best until she reached her orgasm: her body was tossed around uncontrollably, and she moaned and yelled out her lust so loud I was glad no one else was present in the house.

All senses together, the sight of her still shitty brown ass, her shit being all over me, the smell of it in my nose and the sensations at my dick, took their toll on me, too: again, I felt my cum raising, and with a massive physical spasm, I fired up my second cum load, this time deep inside her pussy.

When we were both back on earth, the task at hand was to get clean - for both of us. Needless casual teen sex oranges and casual sex say, we took the necessary shower together, cleaning each other, and I have to say she really knew how to use her hands to somewhat lengthen the joy for me, and I returned the favor at her pussy, titties and butt.

After we both were clean, we returned to my room to clean up there - and I was astonished to find no shit at all at my sofa/bed. "Seems you really know how to play shit games, little shitty princess", I grinned. "Hey! I just took some care, you pervert, and -" "- and now you're taking on your nicely shitted panties, I assume?", I interrupted her with a devilish grin. I earned an angry glance. "I just got clean myself, you idiot. Do you really expect me to walk around with a load of shit in my panties?" "Well, at least you did so from the bus stop to here." "Em, Michael.

I had champagne earlier that afternoon, you know that. I for sure wouldn't do this now, the alc has flown away in the meantime. Do me a favor and just put them away, I will go without underwear in my jeans." "Was just kidding. By the way, are you used to walk around without underwear?" She blushed. "Don't tell around. but yes, ever when it's warm enough outside or I am expecting a fuck I don't wear any undies." I took a look into her jeans.

"And what about the small pieces of shit that have gotten into her jeans?", I asked, pointing towards what I meant - there really were some small brown spots where I had managed to push the shit out of her panties earlier.

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"I will have to live with that", she said unenthusiastically. "I could add something from your panties, it would make the whole thing much sexier and better smelling", I offered with a grin.

She looked at me, now with obvious disgust. "Listen, you pervert. we had our game, but the game is over now. So please spare me any more shit." "And how about a next time?", I asked, feeling myself being kicked back to reality and real life somewhat hard. "We'll see. I'm not that pervy you obviously are." With that, she got herself dressed and left soon after, leaving me the task to get rid of her ruined panties which I accomplished by hiding them deep in the trash can of our house, wondering how the relationship with Katha would continue.