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Black weenie in white anal interracial hardcore
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My Brother's Smile By Tom Cup I was crying. Not because I had been beat up after school for the third time this semester but because Randy was yelling at me. I couldn't stand the fact that my big brother was angry with me and so his ranting brought me to tears. "Jesus Tyler," Randy said noticing the tears flowing from my face, "Don't cry.

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Come on!" He sat beside me a hugged me. I knew he was right. I was acting like a fag. The truth was that I was a fag. I knew it and I knew that Randy knew it too, though he'd pound anyone that ever called me one.

I knew that the kid that beat up would never approach me again. Randy would see to it. "Who was it?" Randy asked again. I shook my head. I didn't want Randy to beat anyone up on my account. I desired to be beat. I was a fag and fags deserved to be beat. It wasn't just that I was a fag that made me despise myself it was that I lusted after my own brother.

"Don't fucking piss me off," Randy yelled, "Nobody fucking beats up my little brother! Nobody! Now you tell me who the fuck did this to you!" I shook my head again as the tears fell from my eyes.

I was determined not to tell. I knew that Randy's rage was a manifestation of his love for me but I wasn't going to let him beat up anyone else because of me.

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The last kid he really hurt. I was scared for a while that the kid would tell who had beaten him up and that Randy would go to jail.

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In the end, the kid was more afraid of Randy visiting him again and kept his mouth shut. At fifteen, Randy was two years older than me. He wasn't the biggest kid at school and was relatively medium in build. It was his temper and the speed of his fists that made even the seniors at school admire him. Randy had been in enough scraps to have the reputation of being one of the better fighters in school.

I had been beat up enough to be known as a pussy boy. "God damn it Tyler!" Randy screamed at my refusal to identify my attacker. My left cheek and eye were already bruised by the time I got home. I would have a nice shiner in the morning. My bottom lip was also split though not bleeding anymore.

"I… don't …want…" I managed between sobs, "you to get in trouble." That was what pissed Randy off. He grabbed me by my shoulders screaming that he didn't "give a fuck" and that he was "going to find the fucker and beat the shit out of him." We got into to a wrestling match with me pushing him crying "no, that's not what I want." In the end, he accidentally hit me sending me crying to the floor.

"Oh, shit Ty," Randy exclaimed kneeling on to the floor beside me, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." I was weeping hysterically with my hands covering my face. Randy sat beside me and held me, kissing the top of my head and whispering, "Shhhh. I'm sorry Ty. I'm really sorry." He laid my head on his chest and stroked my back and arms as he continued to kiss the top of my head and occasionally my cheek, trying to calm me.

As my sobs lessened, I looked into my brother's eyes and his lips met mine. It was a gentle kiss meant to quiet me but it sent electricity through my body. "I love you," I whined. Randy smiled, "I love you too, you asshole." He hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead again. I held on to him afraid to let go, not wanting the moment to end. I was fearful that he had figured out my secret when I looked again into his eyes but he was smiling.

He kissed me sexy brunette gets fucked in various positions again on my lips. This time I pressed into him.

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I kept my lips on his, begging him to understand. He pulled away only long enough to look again into my eyes. His hand caressed my sore cheek. He smiled. "I do love you Ty," he whispered. "I love you too," I responded my voice hoarse with emotion. Our mouths came together. For me, it was a dream come true. Finally, I was in the arms of the only boy I ever wanted, my brother.

Our tongues danced together as we stretched ourselves out on my bedroom floor.

My cock stood at attention; saluting my forgotten embarrassment and fears. I lay on my back looking up at my brother. I was afraid the moment had come to an end. Randy laid beside me looking me in the eyes. The back of his hand kiara lord teaching nesty pussy licking and pussylicking my lips.

"This is what you really want," he asked, "Isn't it?" I nodded and closed my eyes as new tears fell from them. "Don't cry then," he whispered kissing the tears from my cheek, "It's OK." I opened my eyes to my brother's smile. He stood up and quickly kicked off his shoes and removed his pants. He rejoined me on the floor, loosened my belt and removed my pants.

I was trembling with excitement. He removed his shirt revealing his well-defined chest, abdomen and hard brief covered cock. He quickly lifted my shirt over my head and then pulled the elastic of my briefs over my hips, (revealing my rigid boyhood), down my thighs and legs until I kicked them off completely. My heart was pounding in my ears. Randy slid his underpants off and laid with me. He kissed me gently while sliding his hand down my chest, over my belly and on to my cock. I inhaled deeply.

"It's going to be OK," he whispered. His mouth found my chest. I uncontrollably bucked my hips as his hand fondled me. It seemed I had waited forever for this moment. My cock couldn't get enough of his touch. I ran my hands through his hair. I inhaled trying to catch the fragrance of him.

His mouth moved to my belly and finally to my cock. I whimpered my pleasure. The warm wetness of his mouth captured my pulsating rod sending waves of pleasure through my body. I was gasping for air as he worked his loving magic over my cock. Tear of joy and ecstasy flowed now from my eyes as his tongue washed my balls, the length of my shaft and encircled the head of my cock. My legs spread wide for him and my knees bent to reveal my rosy hole. Randy's tongue flicked at my love button causing it to twitch.

He pressed a finger against it causing me to moan out loud. He slid his finger into his mouth wetting it liberally and then pushed it into my waiting hole. I went into a frenzy pushing against his finger while clamping my ass muscles down around it. His lips once again wrapped around my cock and he began sucking me with pure intent as he finger fucked my ass. My head was thrashing back and forth.

My hips bucked trying to force more of my cock into his mouth. My ass pushed against his finger; opening and closing around it in uninhabited desire. Suddenly I felt overwhelmed. Hot liquid swelled my cock. I pushed violently on to my brother's finger, opening myself to him. My cock jerked and my ass clamped down on his finger. His mouth sucked me fiercely as my cum leaped from my body. I cried out in delight as Randy continued to suck and finger me. Randy finished by jacking off as he sat on top of my belly.

I watched, still drunk from my own orgasm, as his cum shot on to my face and then my chest. He then collapsed on top of me, licking his cum from my face and kissing me. "Feel better now," Randy asked. "Yeah," I breathed searching his eyes. "I'm still going to beat the shit superb blonde stripping and rubbing tits by the window of whoever did this to you," he responded brushing my bruised cheek with the back of his hand.

"I know," I said. He pulled me to my feet and put me in bed. He kissed me on the forehead before turning and gathering his clothes to leave. "Randy," I said, "I love you." He didn't answer. He didn't have too. His love was evident.

I could see it clearly now: in my brother's smile. ************************************************************************ Send comments to: [email protected] Tom Cup is the published author of "Calvin: A Coming of Age Story" and "Of Our Teenage Years," both available at, Barnes and Noble booksellers and your local independent bookstore. To support this and other stories by Tom Cup visit