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Pani nikalta wsexciy story sex stories download
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The Triad and the Maiden's Passion (Maiden's Cunt) Chapter One: Dryad Delight By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Aoifa Khan, The Kingdom of Haz Flirting with dwarves was a waste of time.

I sat in the Khazaz Mekon, one of fifteen bars that catered to the dwarf garrison of the fortress of Khan, the mighty entrance that led to Modan, the dwarves subterranean kingdom which lay beneath the Lesh-Ke Mountains. Five dwarves sat with me. They weren't unattractive despite their shorter stature. They were solidly built with impressive beards that I imagined would feel wonderful pressing on the shaved lips of my pussy. And their hands. As large as a man. Each had the strength of my husband, and he had twice their height.

I had hoped the dwarves would ravish me. All five of them at once would make my evening. I wiggled on the bench, my vest half-unlaced to show off my large, pillowy tits, hoping they would take note. They didn't. I flirted, I hinted, I blandished.

I grew more bold, touching them, intimating how wet they made me. They didn't care. The stories were true—dwarves hated sex. At least their men did. "Gods, woman, leave off," one of the dwarves, I think his name was Kheth. His voice was a gravelly rumble. "We have no interest in you even if we weren't honestly married." "You're as whorish as our wife," another said, his beard russet.

"Yes, Ekharia is insatiable," groaned the third. "I am glad we are on this deployment." "Aye," a fourth nodded, hefting his mug. "Here's to Dhorkhen and Magoth surviving Ekharia's insatiable appetites. Let them please our wife." "Wait, you're all married to Ekharia?" I gaped. "She's an insatiable wench," the first dwarf nodded. "Married seven of us and we can barely keep her satiated when we are home." "Disgusting, but it's our husbandly duties." "Seven husbands?" Exotic babe fucked on balcony in cali blinked.

"And you hate fucking her? Is she ugly?" "No, she's a beauty." The dwarf with the russet beard took a drink. "But there's so much better things t' do than fuckin'." "Like?" I asked in shock. "Workin' our crafts and doin' our duties as soldiers. That's why we're here. We drew lots t' see which of us would have t' suffer and stay b'hind." "Pater's cock," I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

Fiona must love this place. Fiona was my twin sister and wife. And she was far more prudish than our husband Seamus and myself. We rarely could convince her to have sex outside our triune marriage.

Usually, she had to be very horny or very drunk, and she rarely achieved either. She was happy with just making love to Seamus and myself.

Now, I loved my husband and sister-wife dearly, but the same diet was stale. Seamus understood. We were always looking for new flesh to enjoy. Busting her open with two huge cocks twisted tommy was a chore to sneak from Fiona's wrathful gaze.

No wonder she wanted to stay here. "It's central to the mountains," Fiona had claimed when she broached the topic. "The summer solstice approaches. A time of power. We may be called in any direction." She just wanted to visits a spot where she didn't have to worry about Seamus and me. I knew my husband would fuck a dwarf woman—they were said to be attractive, if short—but there were so few dwarf females that their men kept them safely underground.

No pussy for him, no cock for me. What was the point in drinking in a bar? I finished my drink and sighed, heading to the room. Well, it was always fun licking Seamus's cum out of my twin sister's pussy. If I couldn't have a new experience, I would find satisfaction in the arms of my spouses. My hips rolled in my leather pants as I crossed the room. It was a habit, an exaggerated sway to attract the eyes to my curvy ass in the skin-tight pants.

Not a dwarf watched. They were all too busy drinking and grumbling about their wives. I mounted the steps of the inn to our room. Humans were normally not allowed to stay here, but we formed a Triad, and the dwarves respected our sacred mission to protect the Lesh-Ke Mountains from the many monsters and threats that infested it.

I reached the second floor and walked to our door. A woman moaned inside. I smiled; Seamus and Fiona were getting hot and wild. My pussy itched and my nipples hardened. I unlaced my vest, letting my heavy tips, my nipples pierced by silver rings, spill out.

I pulled on one, savoring the hot thrill as Fiona moaned again. I stepped into the room. They were not having sex. Seamus sat on the bed looking bored as Fiona swayed on the floor in a trance. "What's going on?" I asked. "She's been in the trance for a quarter hour. She keeps moaning. It must be something important." "You don't sound concerned," I said.

"Or even excited." "Oh, I was excited," Seamus started. "At first." Fiona's trances were rare. In the year since we married and began our protection of the mountains, she had precisely two.

The last one had been to stop an outbreak of poltergeist. But her trances had not last long, only a few minutes. wife watches hubby do her old mom from behind don't think she's ever getting out of this one." I sat down on the bed beside him. He was naked, his cock soft on lying on his thigh. He was a big man, his body muscled from swinging a sword and wearing armor.

His wild, red hair tumbled about his shoulder. "Strike out on the dwarves?" he grunted. I nodded, my hand sliding down to rub at Seamus's cock. "Fiona was right." Seamus laughed. "She tricked us." I grinned, my eyes fixed on my sister-wife in her white robes. Her auburn hair, gathered in a braid, swayed as she shook. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she communed with the spirits. She was a twinborn witch, blessed to command the unseen spirits of the world. It was a great power and demanded that she protect the mountains of Lesh-Ke.

Seamus and I were her protectors. I was her twin, my destiny tied to hers, and Seamus was the paladin that won her heart and the honor of guarding her. My hand stroked his hardening cock. "We're going to have another adventure. Get excited." He groaned. "It's exciting feeling your hand on my cock." I opened my mouth to speak when Fiona let out a gasp and fell back.

Her slim body trembled. Despite being twin sisters, we were not identical. My breasts were far larger, my body curvier, and my hair darker. Fiona's blue eyes opened. "Something terrible has happened to the southeast. A great crime has been committed to nature. Aoifa, get your map. You can jerk our husband off later." Seamus groaned and I sighed.

"Yes, wife of mine." I leaned over and pulled my map of the Lesh-Ke mountains from my saddlebag and unrolled it. Khan lay in middle of Miliiath Pass, the only pass through the Lesh-Ke Mountains, connecting the fledgling Magery of Thosi to the Northeast with the Kingdom of Haz to the south. All the roads of the mountains led from here. I glanced at the map.

"To the southeast is the village of Shesh." Fiona shook her head. "This did not happen in a village." I kept tracing. Beyond the village was a strange mark in the midst of a copse of woods. I frowned, struggling to remember what all the markings meant. The map was gifted to me by Morgana, an ancient woman that had once been a part of a Triad. "There's a dryad to the southeast," I said, the marking finally coming back to me. "She's in trouble," Fiona declared.

"We must leave at first light." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona Shesh, The Kingdom of Haz "Something's going on in the village," Aoifa reported, rising up on Scathach, her black mare. "Not surprising," Seamus noted, his chainmail clinking with every step of his son and mom in bathroom. "The dryad doesn't live far from here." I nodded in agreement.

"Ready our blade, husband of mine," I said. I clutched tightly to the reins tightly as Whitesocks, my horse, snorted.

Around me, the spirits danced, agitated by what happened even a day and a half later. "They have torches. It's a mob," Aoifa said. "They must be spooked." "Our first job it to ease their fears," Fiona said. "Let them know a Triad is here. They do not have to risk their lives. They are not equipped to fight anything that could harm a dryad." Seamus nodded and healed strider. He pulled a war-horn, made from a twisted ram's horn, a gift for defeating an ogre marauding a village two months past.

It resounded with a deep, rumbling note, announcing his presence as he galloped ahead. I spurred Whitesocks to follow, the spirits dancing around me in eager excitement.

Aoifa was at my side, her large breasts bouncing in her leather vest. Her lithe legs were clad in tight leathers that hugged her rear. Many throwing daggers dangled from her clothing, ready to be used. The mob turned, their frenzied shouts dying away as Seamus sounded his horn again.

With his wild mane of red hair flowing behind him, he cut a gallant figure in his mail. A Paladin of Gewin, a man trained from birth to fight monsters. The crowd parted before him. The Hazian villagers stared at him in awe, their torches and makeshift weapons lowering.

I galloped in behind him, Aoifa reining in on our husband's opposite side. "A twinborn witch," called someone from the crowd. "A Triad." "You'll save my daughter," a mature woman shouted, breaking from a heavily muscled man and grasping Seamus's boot. "The dryad's taken her. My daughter's our village's hope." "The dryad?" I gasped in shock, glancing at Aoifa. No dryad would ever harm another.

They were the gentlest, most peaceful creatures of the wild mountains. Aoifa gave me a sharp look. "Please, sir paladin, you must save her." "Of course we shall," Seamus proclaimed. "What has happened?" I asked, dismounting. The woman didn't answer. She sobbed against Seamus's boot, overcome by a mother's fears. Aoifa dismounted and joined me as I strolled forward. The villagers stared at me in worshipful awe, moving away from me.

All who lived in the mountains knew of the Triads. Though our people, the Tuathan, had lost much of the mountains to the Hazians, my spouses and I would still protect them.

I turned to the man whose face was twisted with fear. He was a large man, no doubt the village blacksmith, his arms hot babe masturbates in front of cam than my thighs and marred by puckered scars—burns from the forge.

His hair was graying as he entered his middle years. "Good sir, tell me," I said. "Why do you think a dryad has taken your daughter?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus I dismounted. The woman threw herself at me, her arms around my neck as she cried. She was a motherly woman, her figure curvy and warm against me. Her face, though marred with grief, still carried the beauty of her youth framed by curling-black ringlets of hair only slightly touched by gray.

"You'll save her?" she demanded. "Of course," I told her. The crowd of villagers pressed in on my wives as they spoke to the woman's husband. They all stared at Fiona with awe.

Twinborn witches were a rarity, one was only born to the Tuathan every few generations. Even the Hazians revered her. "Come on," I said, putting my mailed arm around the scared mother. My chainmail clinked as I led the woman to the nearby house attached to an open air forge. "Please," she begged, her body shaking. Her dress was cut low. Her charms were ample.

Older women always had their appeal. They were knowledgeable and knew what they wanted out of a man. Particularly the married ones. I stepped through the door and closed it behind us. The sounds of the villagers commotions died down. Fiona would find out what was going on and whom we needed to go and fight. Until then, I would enjoy myself. "Relax," I told her. "I swear I will rescue your daughter." And if she is half the beauty as her mother, it would be a great pleasure.

"Thank you," she gasped, a grateful smile crossing her lips. Handsome criminal is obliged to take turns to fuck officers pussies unbuckled my belt and set my sheathed sword on a table before the hearth. My chainmail fell loose, hanging off my shoulders. The belt helped to distribute some of the weight onto my hips as much as to keep it snug against me.

I pulled off the mail and dumped it on the table in a loud clatter. "What are you doing, sir paladin?" she asked, her eyes staring at my muscular form. "Proving how strong I am," I grinned at her. "Putting your mind at ease that I have the skills to rescue your daughter." The woman swallowed as her eyes ran up and down my body. I had the pale skin of Tuathan, not the dusky-brown of a Hazian. I was strong, and numerous scars decorated my body, proof of the fights I had survived. "You are very strong, sir paladin," she agreed as I took a step towards her.

"I know you'll save my Viora." She backed away from me, her body trembling. Her breasts swelled her dress's bodice as her breath quickened. It was such a lovely sight, stirring my cock in my leather pants. "It is dangerous work though," I told her.

"Fighting a dryad will not be easy." "I know you can prevail," she whispered, licking her lips. "You're strong." "But a warrior needs motivation," I said as she backed into the wall. She trembled like a maid despite her years. Her eyes were dark and her hips shifted. Her woolen dress clung to her curvy hips, promising delights beneath. "Something worth fighting for." "And is not the life of my daughter worth that, sir paladin?" she asked.

I stopped before her and stroked her cheek. "A worthy goal. But I do not know your daughter. I may not be able to fight with all my passion." My hand slid lower. She shuddered. "Now, if I had some.encouragement." "I thought you were a holy knight wed to the witch and her twin," the woman said, a flush running up her neck to her cheeks.

Her nipples dimpled her bodice. "Surely, you do not need encouragement for me? I am a mother and wife." "And why wouldn't I need encouragement from a beautiful woman?" I asked. My fingers reached the nape of her neck, stroking down as I pressed closer, my chest almost pressing into her breasts. Her hand reached out and touched my stomach.

Her fingers were soft as they slid up. My dick throbbed in my trousers. She trembled and licked her lips again. She glanced to a small window where the crowds still spoke. "You ask a great sacrifice of me," she whispered. "I am married by a priest and priestess of Luben. I swore vows before the god of marriage." Her hand stroked higher, touching my pecs. "And surely a god can understand the bending of a vow to ensure your daughter's safety." My fingers moved lower, passing her collarbone to her chest, reaching for her cleavage.

"Even your husband could understand that sacrifice." "And you would swear to Luben and all the other gods that you will return my daughter?" she asked. "I will." "Alesha," she supplied. "I will, Alesha. Before Gewin, Pater, Luben, and all the other gods, I will save your daughter." Alesha let out a throaty purr, her desperate lusts set free, driving back her fear. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she kissed me hard.

She attacked me with all the passion of a mature huntress who knew what she wanted. She was no shy maid. Her pussy was wet and needed satisfying by a young buck. I was more than happy to tell her whatever lies she needed to unleash her passions.

I lifted her up. Her firm thighs wrapped around my waist as her tongue dived down my mouth.

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I carried her easily as she ground against me. My cock ached as the mature beauty moaned and gasped. My hands kneaded her ass, squeezing and relaxing as I carried her to the table. I sat her down and pushed her back. She spread her body across the table, her large breasts pressing on her bodice. My fingers were skilled. I grinned as her dusky, large breasts spilled out, her nipples hard and eager to be played with.

"That's the encouragement I need," I grinned, squeezing her tits. "I'll rescue your daughter and come back for seconds." "Yes," she moaned, her hips undulating as I leaned over and sucked on a fat nipple. "Mmm, that's it. You're as old as my own sons. Mmm, suck on my nipples." I nipped and sucked harder, savoring her moans as my other hand undid the laces of my trousers.

I pulled my cock out as I sucked. I loved her fat nipple in my mouth. They were one of the gods greatest creations. The older woman moaned, her thighs around my legs. I pushed up her skirt, stroking her sleek thighs. I brushed the wet folds of her pussy nestled in trimmed pubic hair.

She shuddered as I stroked up to her clit. "Yes, fuck me," she groaned. "I need it. Pound me. Show me your strength. Show me the strength that will save my daughter." I released her nipple. "Grab my cock and guide me in, slut." Alesha's body shuddered.

"You haven't been called slut in years," I grinned at her. "No," she moaned. "Before I married, when I let a few of the boys take me, they called me slut." "You loved it.

You've been burning to be one again." Her hand grasped my cock, guiding me to her hot pussy. "You've been looking for a little excitement for a while." "Yes," Alesha gasped as she rubbed my cock british slut michelle thorne lesbian action on the sofa her pussy, pressing it down to her opening. "I need to be fucked hard." I slammed into her pussy. Her hot, wet folds engulfed me.

There was always something so exciting about fucking another man's wife. A thrill. Back home, before I married Fiona and Aoifa, I had enjoyed my share of the older women of the valley. I learned a lot from them.

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"Gods, yes," she moaned as I slammed my dick into her married pussy. The table creaked beneath me as I worked my dick through her hot tunnel.

Her heavy mature blonde slut dana denive fucks a stud with a gigantic black cock interracial and pornstar jiggled while her face screwed in in pleasure.

"Show me your strength. Your virility." "The same virility that's going to rescue your daughter," I growled. "I might even find out if she's as tight as her mother." Alesha gasped. Her eyes opened. "You terrible cad. You're such a bad paladin. Seducing married women and virgins." Her pussy tightened on my cock.

"I would make sure her first time would be unforgettable," I grinned, leaning over Alesha as the table rocked beneath us. "I bet you would," she groaned, her hips undulating. My balls slapped into her flesh as I fucked her.

My hips sped up. My dick slid through her hot tunnel. I growled, the itch growing at the tip. Her sheath was delicious. Hot, tight, gripping my cock, eager for my cum. "Oh, Luben forgive me for enjoying this," moaned the married woman. "Oh, yes. I'm such a terrible, slutty wife. I love your cock. Cum in me." "Eager for a redheaded son?" I asked as I drove my cock into her depths. "Don't joke about that," she moaned, her thighs tightening. "My seed is virile," I grinned, slamming deep into her hot depths.

"And your tits were made for suckling." Alesha's pussy rippled about my cock. She shuddered beneath me. Her body undulated, bucking against my thrusts as her pussy convulsed rita faltoyano boat threesome sex and cumshot my dick.

She gasped and moaned as her orgasm rushed through her. "Cum in me," she panted. "I don't care. I need it. I love that feeling." "Slut," I growled and buried into her pussy. My balls erupted. I flooded the married woman's cunt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aoifa I smiled as Seamus led off the blacksmith's wife.

He was so bold. It was sexy being married to a man as confident and fearless as him. "What has happened to your daughter?" Fiona asked. "Why do you think she was taken by a dryad?" "Yes," I smiled. "Tell us everything.

In great detail." The blacksmith, constantly interrupted by the other villagers, spilled the tale. His daughter, just ripening into womanhood, was out with three of her friends picking blackberries, "No, it was strawberries," a stout woman insisted. Well, she was picking some kind of berries when the woods came alive.

The trees grabbed her. The other girls watched in terror as she was wrapped up by the tree, held against the bark. "It was a maple tree," an older man missing his front teeth added. "My girl said it was an oak." "That really doesn't matter," Fiona said. "And Dryads only control a tree, not a forest.

And why would it she be so close to a village and not farther away. They don't like villages." "It weren't just the one tree," the blacksmith said. "It was a bunch. And it was just outside the village." Fiona grew perplexed at that.

One of the girls, a sweet maid with lush lips that I wanted to see wrapped around Seamus's cock or nuzzling through my pussy, insisted that she saw the dryad. "She had hair like fire, like the Paladin," the maid said, "and nut-brown skin.

Not like mine, but more woody." "Where is our husband?" Fiona muttered, glancing around. "And she was young, like us, but her eyes were ancient," continued the girl. "That sounds like a dryad," I said, keeping Fiona's attention focused in the proper direction.

Three elders of the village all insisted that they had met the dryad that lived farther up the valley in their youths, and she bears that resemblance.

All dryads did. Some said Tuathan fucking on cam free webcam videos 124 webcam webcams tube porn dryad blood flowing through our veins to account for the red hair that cropped up in most of our race.

My black hair was a rarity. Of course, our skin was pale and fair, not woody-brown. The girls explained they tried to help free their friend, but the dryad chased them off by awakening other trees. The last they saw, Viora was being carried off up the valley. The girls were both breathless, describing everything in detail. "It does sound like a dryad," I whispered to Fiona. "I don't know how she's controlling more than one tree." Fiona nodded, biting her lip.

"Yes. But why would she take the girl? "Because he needs the witch," one of the girls said. "That's what the dryad said." "He?" Fiona asked. "Witch?" I asked. "She's the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter," proclaimed the blacksmith. "Seventh out of my nine." He had a proud face. "And her mother still looking as pretty as a maid." I grinned. She was pretty enough to attract my husband's notice. Fiona frowned and looked around.

"Where is your wife?" "Who is this he?" I quickly asked. The blacksmith, his eyes casting around for his wife, blinked. "That would be the beast. He's been trying to carry off Viora for a fortnight. We had to drive him off three times. We can't let the girl be alone. She shouldn't have been off picking blackberries." The blacksmith gazed at the two girls and they flushed.

"He's a monster," continued the blacksmith. "Part lion, part man. A horrid abomination." "Lion and man?" I blinked. "Did he have wings?" "Not a sphinx. Body of a lion, with a male torso rising from where the head should be." "Like a centaur?" Fiona asked in awe. "I guess. Never seen one." The blacksmith shrugged. "Now where did my wife get to?" "And our husband?" Fiona muttered. "We need to get moving to rescue Viora." "I saw the paladin escort your wife into your house," a man called.

The blacksmith blinked. "What?" Fiona's eyes narrowed, then she stalked through the crowd. The blacksmith and I followed. I hoped Seamus finished up, else he was likely about to fight a jealous husband. Fiona strode into the house. I was right behind her. "Hi, Fiona," Seamus smiled, sitting at the table. "Master Moran. Your wife was kind to lend me some hospitality.

She was very friendly, especially when I showed her my strength and proved your daughter would be rescued with ease." The wife blushed. Fiona's hands went on her hips. Seamus just kept right on smiling as he took a sip of steaming tea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona I waited until we were out of the villagers earshot before I expressed myself to my husband. I had to wait nearly an hour before the last of the village youths, no doubt eager to see battle, finally grew bored and slinked back to town as we pressed higher into the forest of birch and oak trees that led up the valley's slope.

"You seduced the poor girl's mother?" I hissed. "She wanted to make sure I was strong," Seamus grinned back at me. Ooh, why did he have to have that handsome smile and that long hair framing his strong face?

It got him into so much trouble. "I also promised to give her daughter an equal demonstration," he grinned. Aoifa laughed like a hussy. "You are not touching that girl, husband of mine," I told him, my hands on my hips.

"She's the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. She is special. She will bless that village. She does not need her maidenhead despoiled before she is married." "Sweet sister, most maids at the altar have already had their maidenheads plucked, and rarely by the groom.

A girl needs to have some fun before she settles down." I glared at Aoifa. "Or after." "It is one thing for the pair of you to enjoy sluts and harlots," I blistered.

I had lost that war months ago, but I would hold firm on this one, "but you have to stop seducing virgins and married women." "You enjoy those sluts and harlots with us," Seamus grinned. "Last month, you even licked that virgin's pussy before I plucked her maidenhead." I blushed. "You and Aoifa worked me into a horny mess. You know I have trouble thinking rationally when you rub my pussy." "That's why we do it, sweet sister." Aoifa licked her lips at me.

"You keep playing this game that you are above your desires, but we all know you want to have just as much fun as us. You just need to relax your morals." "It's not breaking our marriage vows if we are complicit in it," Seamus laughed. "And I would love to watch you writhe." My cheeks grew even hotter. I let Seamus convince me to fuck another man while he watched once, and he had been eager for a repeat performance.

And with multiple, strong, hunky men, all touching me and caressing. I squirmed on my saddle, driving back my fantasy. "No more married women. Cuckolding is an offense to Luben." "Good thing I serve Gewin." I gripped my reins and glared at that smile of his.

"How was she?" Aoifa asked. "Eager for my return and another demonstration," Seamus answered. "I'm eager to give it to her." I glared at Aoifa. "Stop encouraging him." "I want to be there," Aoifa grinned. "I want to lick her clean of our—" The tree she rode past moved. Branches creaked as they reached out and seized Aoifa from her saddle. She let out a startled scream as the branches pulled her against the trunk.

The tree creaked as more of its branches wrapped around Aoifa, the leaves touching her face. "Pater's cock," snarled Seamus, his sword coming free. My horse neighed in fear as the trees creaked and groaned around us. The ground moaned as roots ripped out, spilling dark soil. Whitesocks reared and my hands slipped from the reins.

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I screamed as I fell to the ground, landing with a groan. "Slata's cunt," Aoifa gasped as the trees groaned around us. Leafy branches swept across my vision as the trees moved around us, cutting us off from Seamus. His sword hacked while he grunted. I pushed myself to my feet and ducked a swiping branch, the leaves scraping across my face.

"Oh, you are a naughty tree," Aoifa groaned. "Oh, you're leaves are nimble." "What is going on?" Seamus called. "The tree is getting amorous," Aoifa answered. My cheeks burned. I glanced at my sister. The branches were pulling down her leather pants, exposing her pale flesh. Other branches opened her vest. Her large breasts spilled out, her nipples growing hard as leaves caressed her pink nubs.

The spirits rose around me, answering my call. Blue abjuration spirits, green enhancement spirits, red conjuration spirits, orange evocation spirits, purple enchantment spirits, and yellow transformation spirits danced around me, little trails of energy following behind them.

They were playful and hard to control. Unless you were a twinborn witch. "Spirits of evocation, break the branches holding my wife prisoner." I ducked another swiping branch as my spirits zipped towards the bound Aoifa. I scrambled forward in the wake of the spirits, heading to my wife's moan.

The tree that held her was moving away. Another tree tried to grab me, leaves catching in my hair. "Oh, you wicked tree," moaned Aoifa, writhing in the branches' embrace. Leaves rubbed between her thighs as her large tits bounced. A pair of branches wrapped about her large tits, squeezing them into bulging mounds. The evocation spirits stopped right before they hit the branches binding Aoifa. The spirits wiggled and spasmed then soared away and came dancing before me.

They sputtered. They were angry at me. I gaped at the spirits. Since when did they get angry with me? "Attack the trees," I said. The spirits bobbed up and down. "The dryad," I groaned. "She's part of nature. You don't want to do any—" A tree wrapped around my waist. I squeaked in shock as I was lifted, my feet kicking. The branch rasped against my white robe. Leaves tickled my face. More leaves pressed into my clothing and tickled my nipples. "No," I groaned as the branch brought me towards my sister, the leaves caressing my nipples.

"Joining in the fun, sweet sister," grinned Aoifa, her hips undulating. "Seamus!" I shouted. "Where are you?" our husband shouted, his voice distant.

The trees rustled around us as I was pressed against Aoifa. My robe slipped open. Leaves slid around my waist, caressing my ass as Aoifa undulated against me, her nipples hard as they brushed mine. Aoifa's blue eyes danced before me. "Mmm, these trees know how to please a girl." "You are so perverted," I complained as the leaves tickled my ass.

They pressed between my crack, caressing my sphincter. "I know," sighed Desirable blonde in stockings gets double penetrated, a happy smile on her lips. "The tree is fucking me, sweet sister. A wooden dick is fucking in and out of me." "They're attacking.oh, gods." Leaves tickled my wet pussy, rubbing through my labia and brushing my clit.

"Seamus. Please! The tree's fucking me. Us." "Las-dammit," snarled Seamus. His voice sounded farther away. "Just relax, sweet sister, and enjoy the ride," Aoifa purred, her head leaning forward. "But—" My sister-wife's lips planted on mine. Her tongue shoved into my mouth. I moaned into her lips as the leaves rubbed at my pussy.

They were stiff and ticklish, growing wet with my pleasure. My body shuddered, my hips undulating this dirty lesbian gets her ass filled up with the strapon pressing against my sister. I kissed her back with equal fervor. It was too hard to fight against the pleasure. My hands caressed my sister's body as the leaves rubbed at my pussy and caressed my clit. I slid up to her breasts, squeezing the pillowy mounds.

"That's it," Aoifa grinned. "You're getting into to it, sweet sister." "I can't help it," I complained. "It feels so wonderful." My voice jumped up in octaves as a thin branch pressed between the cheeks of my ass. The rough bark rubbed on my silky flesh and sphincter. I shuddered, my hips undulating in the grip of the tree, humping against the leaves.

"You naughty slut," groaned Aoifa. "You want the trees to fuck you. Mmm, I can't blame you. My tree's such a hot lover." "Yes, I want to be fucked," I moaned without thought.

Aoifa grinned. "What a sweet sister-slut I have." Our lips met in another hot kiss. This time, my tongue thrust into her mouth. I writhed against her, my body quivering. The pleasure rushed through me.

The ticklish leaves pressed into my pussy as they caressed me, my juices pouring out. My pussy clenched at the stimulation. I quivered as my orgasm rushed through me. I bucked between the tree and my sister. Rough bark pressed into my back. The tree rustled behind me as I was consumed with bliss. Something hard pressed between my asscheeks, wet with something sticky.

The tree slammed a wooden cock into my ass, lubed by sweet sap. I groaned, my asshole clenching down on the intrusion. My hips undulated, bucking me into the tree. The bark creaked behind me as the tree bent, its leaves rustling. I was being fucked by a tree. My pussy clenched. Another orgasm washed through me.

My asshole spasmed on the tree's thick, hard dick. It was so different from a cock. Not soft and warm, but cold. Like a dildo. I loved it. My toes curled as I dangled above the ground. "Are you being fucked, sweet sister?" Aoifa moaned. "Yes!" I screamed. "In the ass. The tree is fucking my asshole." "Kinky," moaned Aoifa. Her face screwed up in pleasure. She shuddered and her hands squeezed my hips. "Gods, yes. I'm cumming. What a cock. Oh, yes! Oh, Fiona.

The tree's cumming in me." The sickly-sweet scent of sap grew stronger. A hot, sticky flood coated my thighs, pouring out of Aoifa's pussy as she spasmed against me.

I loved the mix of sappy tree cum and my sister's pussy juices coating my body. My asshole tightened on the tree-dick. I bucked into it. The tree's branches tightened on me. The bark was so rough on my delicate skin. Pain mixed with my pleasure. I humped back into the tree, the leaves still teasing my clit. kiara lord teaching nesty pussy licking and pussylicking in my ass," I begged like a filthy slut.

I was lost to the pleasure. Nothing mattered but cumming again. "Flood my ass with your sap and make me erupt." "Yes, yes, yes," screamed my sister. I kissed her. Our breasts pressed tight together as my body quivered. My clit ached beneath the teasing touch of the leaves. I bucked as my pleasure radiated out of my pussy. Juices flooded down my thighs as my mind was bathed in ecstasy. I broke the kiss.

My head threw back. My hair rubbed into tree bark. "Cum in me!" The tree creaked and rustled. Its cock slammed into my ass. My eyes widened as a hot flood of sappy jizz sorry you have cum on ya face into my asshole. "Gods, yes!" I moaned in delight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus My sword, burning red with Gewin's magic, hewed through the trees attacking me.

Sap coated my armor. Every time my sword slashed and fell, my enchanted blade hacked through thick limbs and trunks, leaving behind dead trees. The entire grove was alive. Reaching for me. Attacking me. I had lost sight of my wives in the foliage. "Gewin's blade," I shouted as I hacked through a fir trees narrow trunk. It crashed down at me. I dived to the side as it landed with a noisy thud. Women moaned. "Fiona!" I shouted.

"Aoifa." I turned around. The moans came from my left. I dodged a reaching tree branch and swung, hacking it in half. Amber sap flicked across my armor as the tree spasmed. I ignored it, racing towards the sounds of women moaning.

My sword sang, hacking down a young ash tree. I burst out of a clearing. It wasn't my wives I heard moaning.

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I found the dryad and Viora. To be continued.