Alluring awesome babe rides like a pro

Alluring awesome babe rides like a pro
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Jessica's View Of the Kidnapping Supper began normally. I had laid the table after I had finished my homework, placing out knives, forks, spoons and table mats. Misty called everyone to the table.

Tonight we were having my favorite, Sloppy Joes. I poured a glass of cider for Jan, and milk for myself and Misty and sat waiting. Jan wheeled herself up to her position at the head of the rectangular table, while Misty sat opposite me.

I was never certain of Misty, She is always perfect! Even when doing something depraved, she's serene and beautiful, her perfect skin sprinkled with youthful freckles. Her hair is the colour of bright new copper, and it cascades down to the base of her spine.

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Her eyes are the colour of a spring meadow: lush and green with tiny flecks of gold. Her face displays tranquility, with innate beauty only someone who has done it all can exude. Her body is taunt and her legs seem to begin just under her arms a lean, clean loving machine. I'm so glad she loves me. Jan is beautiful in a different way entirely. Her dark hair is cut almost boyishly short, but the first thing you notice are her huge eyes. They are the colour of the sky, and just as luminous.

Her jaw juts determinedly forward, and her neck is not feminine, and neither are her arms and shoulders. She sits very lazily in an athletic wheelchair almost slouching, but it's a ruse. Her mind is like a razor, and her upper body is stronger than most men's. All of this is neatly packaged in one paraplegic who has no self pity and runs her life and ours with self reliance and is the most disciplined person I know.

She has (giggle) no problems amateur whore rides on a hard rod hardcore and massage that discipline, sometimes with her hand, paddle, whip or mouth. Jan is not your average girl in a wheel chair, and quiet honestly once you get over the fact she's disabled, you forget she's even chair bound.

I'm so glad she loves me, too. Halfway through the meal, Jan began explaining her plan for us. At first it seemed surreal, and I didn't really understand, but Misty began to argue, "You're joking, right?" she asked.

I tried to placate everybody, "I think, if you think we should, then I'll do it," I answered, not exactly sure what I was agreeing to, while looking directly at first Jan, then Misty.

I love them both equally and without any reservation. Misty looked across at me scornfully, and up the table at Jan. "I think that you are both fricken crazy.

Anyway, Jess always agrees with everything you say. What if we get caught? How can we explain stealing a dog? Do you for one second believe that the cops will believe whatever bullshit explanation you try and give them, Jan?

We will all go to jail!" she almost yelled.

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Jan brooked no gainsaying, and her retort was harsh. "You will do as you are told! Do not take that tone with me! Do you understand, girl?" I'd never seen Misty not defer to Jan, and this time was no exception.

She canted her head to one side and hoarsely whispered as if spitting blood, "Yes Mistress. However, my objection stands." I looked at the two women I loved. Jan's hackles were rising, and Misty's eyes had morphed into a truculent stormy gray. I gulped, and tried to pour oil on troubled waters, "When are we going to look for our victim?" I asked, with false cheerfulness. Jan reversed from the table, stating, "Nothing ravishing stunner shows off massive ass and gets anal hole nailed with the present.

Let's go!" she ordered. I followed Jan and Misty to Jan's minivan. Unaided, Jan swung herself into the driver's seat. I slid into the middle seat, and Misty stiffly sat in the front passenger seat, her posture still one of disapproval.

We drove through darkening subdivisions. We saw a lot of dogs, but Misty seemed unimpressed with every dog or house we saw. Finally, Jan turned down a street that had a few street lights out. Halfway along this dark avenue, a huge, impressive Rottweiler lazed on a stoop of a rundown looking bungalow. Jan pointed. "What about him?"she asked. "I bet it's a girl," Misty responded sarcastically. As the debate raged back and forth in the front of the van, I knew I had to do something. I slid open my door, and sprang from the slow moving van, lurching off balance into the dirty and broken fence.

At my soft whistle, the dog half charged the fence full of bravado, but but switched to approaching with caution and half inquisitive snarls, in between warning barks.

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I showed no fear, leaning over the fence and teasing his floppy ears, cooing softly. The dog lost all aggression, because I showed no threat to him or his home and owner.

I teased his ears with my left hand while my right was reaching over the fence and blindly feeling under his belly for the presence of his shaft. My fingers encountered his knot. At my contact, it almost automatically quivered and swelled, and his balls began to pulse. The dog wanted to play, signaled by the beginning thrusts of his haunches.

I smiled sadly, whispering, "Sorry boy. You're going to have to wait." I turned as he whined and quickly got back into my seat. "He's got balls and they're massive," I reported. "Any more objections, Ms Sourpuss?" Jan asked with a sneer. Misty began, "I still don't." "Oh shut up!" Jan commanded her.

We drove home, with Jan carefully noting the route and measuring the odometer. Jan decided our raid would take place on the first clear Saturday night. The first Saturday turned out to be beautiful. First, Misty submitted to both our dogs. My wait was well worth it, because I had two or three blissful orgasms as one after the other, those same dogs thrust into my waiting, wet cunt with their characteristic expertise.

Both Misty and I exuded that musky, inky scent only dog fucking females can generate. When we were smelly enough to suit Jan, she placed herself across a portable pool, while our dogs rutted and filled her wide cunt with their seed. Yes, dogs can be insatiable. All three of us reeked of musk and dog sex. It was just before midnight on the van's dash clock when Jan stopped the van about a hundred yards from the Rottweiler's house, switching the van lights off for stealth.

By now, there was no hesitation from Misty. She was as eager as I was, and just as excited. We waited, making sure no one was around and no lights were on. Misty sprang out of the van, pulling off her sweater and leggings. I followed Misty's example and pulled off damn slutty ladies lily and dolly enjoys pussy licking sweats and stood naked next to the van.

It was a warm and lovely night the moon a sliver in the sky, the sky itself made luminous by a million billion stars above us. Jan reversed the van back to the corner, while we one eyed monster in all of her holes hardcore and blowjob purposely toward the house.

We whistled low, attracting the dog's attention. The dog placidly ambled towards us and pushed himself through the broken fence, and gave us perfunctory sniffs. Misty dipped one hand between her legs, and offered her hand, palm down, for the dog to lick. The dog's tongue slurped, his nose angled instinctively towards Misty's crotch.

We held hands as we walked back to the van. The dog seemed to be sniffing Misty the whole way, his nose bumping against her taunt ass cheeks as we walked. I swung up onto the center seat, followed by the dog. Misty climbed in behind him, and pulled and slid the door closed as Jan put the van into gear.

Misty was gingerly manipulating the dog's penis, while I looked on, licking my lips. "Switch the lights on before we get stopped by the cops," Misty hissed. She sighed in relief as the headlights again illuminated the road. Misty kept masturbating the dog. He seemed totally at ease, his penis thickening and hardening, poking from its sheath.

It was massive. He lazily licked Misty, as she manipulated him. Jan told us, "Stay in the van," as she drove up the driveway. Quickly, she rounded up our dogs and corralled them into a bedroom. They whined and barked their displeasure, probably both from being confined, and from the foreign canine scent.

Jan rejoined us outside. Misty had gotten the dog hard. His penis stood stick-like stiff.

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I clambered out of the van, followed by Misty and the dog, Misty helped me get into the right position, on my knees, in the cool fragrant damp grass, my head and shoulders pressing my breasts into the lawn. I arched my back and widened the distance between my knees. When his tongue darted out and licked me from asshole to clit with one long swipe, I moaned and shivered.

I quivered. I can't resist lesbo girls tries a hard cock and gets their pussy banged by the owner a hot, wet, rough tongue lapping away at my cunt. His warm, wet nose occasionally bumped against my clit as his tongue swiped across and into my hole to get at the juice only a human bitch in heat can produce. I thrashed, twitching under his swirling, talented tongue for several minutes.

I spread my legs almost unnaturally wide. After several hot minutes of licking, he suddenly stopped and lurched up over me with his front paws on either side of my hips. He crowded in closer and I could feel his cock sliding over my thigh as he tried to wrap his paws around my waist. Misty was in total control. She kept hold of him, moving my body into position to meet his wild animal thrusts.

His hips were humping desperately and futilely, until Misty moved him to one side, her sure hand guiding his hard cock into me.

I was past any reluctance. I was ready to be fucked this time. I wanted that dog dick in my cunt. My body ached for intercourse. I wanted to feel his knot slap my sloppy vaginal lips, and expand into me and fill my cunt with his cum. He was humping wildly, the only way he knew how. Some of his movements briefly pulled his cock free from my opening. I tried scooted my hips closer to him, but he couldn't control himself.

His dick was incredibly hot and stiff and he humped like a jackhammer, little spurts of pre-cum spurted everywhere, the grass, my back, my ass cheeks and cleft, even my thighs. I've had many different human and dog cocks inside my pussy before, but nothing prepared me for the ultimate feeling that this dog's cock filling my fuckhole gave me.

Unashamed, I shunted back, now meeting his thrusts as he continued roughly stuffing his cock into me all the way to the base of his growing knot. After an eternity (at least 5 seconds), my tight cunt automatically softened, and gaped wide open to take his massive knot for the first time. My body clenched, trapping that magnificent knot, which began to swell and pulse, while his shaft inside me softened and began to pump his cum with every beat of his massive heart.

Each heartbeat squirted gobs of his cum into my waiting pussy. The hot cum quickly filled me, while the size of his fully engorged knot jammed into me stopped it from leaking out. More and more was spurting from his flattened tip and it had only one path still open, my womb!

I could feel his dog cum flooding my uterus. I imagined my belly swelling slightly from the fluid pressure. He had stopped moving altogether. I knelt and crouched stoically under him, his warmth comforting, his soft fur keeping me from shivering, I turned my head slowly, and looked at Misty and Jan, I hissed softly, "I can feel him flooding me!" I watched Misty and Jan as the dog stood rampant over me. Misty had gotten onto all fours, and Jan was caressing Misty's ass.

Misty was open and defenseless, and Jan's hand was finger deep inside her slit. Her expression was one I can only describe as love and lust for Jan. Jan started to poke all four fingers in and out of her pussy. Both of them were watching me, and our new playmate. Time seemed to stand still. Okay, so maybe it was only ten minutes before the Rottie began to thrust kennedy kessler hottest girl in school under the influence. This time it was a gentle reverse thrust, his softening knot still wedged in my cloying cum filled cunt, gripping him, forcing me to scoot backwards whimpering as he tried to dismount.

Eventually, he pulled free with a soggy "plop" followed by embarrassing echoing pussy farts from me, as I gushed dog cum and air compressed by his frantic humping, and then sank down onto the grass. The dog's penis hung down, but it was still massive. He sat on his haunches and began to lick himself, his knot slowly subsiding. H then stretched lazily, and ambled over and began to lick his cum from my gaping, leaking cunt.

My mind reeled, my body convulsed and my final orgasm left me resembling a dogcum filled mess of a body, quivering on the grass. I watched, panting, while Misty turned, moving away from Jan's chair, and reversing towards the dog. She lifted her ass to the dog's face, and a trickle of urine spurted from her, sprinkling down her inner thighs. Immediately he began to lick, then reared up and began humping wildly, his stubby cock lengthening, Misty lifted herself slightly, and snaked her hand under her body, gripping his hardening penis.

His penis was half out of its sheath, and poking stick-like at Misty's asshole. Misty somehow managed to grip and guide him to her cunt. She lowered herself slightly, then half tugged, and suddenly the dog was fucking her! A dog only knows one way to fuck, and it's not subtle!

He humped fast, oblivious to anything other than breeding this new bitch. His pumping action caused her cunt to expel air in lewd pussy farts. I giggled in sympathy. Misty arched and bowed her back, her knees sliding wider and wider on the damp, dew-covered grass, as the dog's humping got frantic. There was an almost red hot mohawk chick swallows big hard cock deepthroats soft sighing sound when his knot slotted home. I watched, fascinated ,as the colossal dog stood authoritatively, unbridled above her.

Her tits were swaying like meaty pendulums with every breath she took. Her eyes were closed and she was panting like a bitch in heat.

Misty's movements were subtle, delicate and intimate, keeping him hard and attentive in her obscenely swollen cunt. I watched closely it was stretched and distended, the reddish section behind his knot bending slightly, giving me a great view of their coupling. Misty was almost grunting with pure pleasure, her hips twitching as she orgasmed. It was incredibly sensual to watch, and the air around us was full of the inky scent of their coupling.

The dog growled softly and contentedly as his seed now flooded Misty's womb and uterus. Recumbent, I was trying to get a closer view of Misty, with my legs wide, and my pussy gaping, probably still leaking cum which was coating my thighs.

While I watched Misty, Jan thrust her whole hand into my wet, leaking fuckhole. I mewed softly, surprised at the veracity of her unrestrained action! I closed my eyes as Jan's hand twirled inside me and her fingers folded into a fist. Her wrist began pumping, slow and steady, in time with Misty's and the Rottweiler's panting breaths Again opening my eyes, I gazed at the dog's balls and stumpy tail quivering as he pumped his seed into Misty's womb.

Jan issued a command. I shuddered, conditioned to her voice. As always, as my Mistress ordered, "Cum for me bitch!" my body reacted.

I shuddered, hips twitching, eyes rolling back, as my orgasm exploded in a wave of blue ecstasy, fulfilling my owner's command willingly and lovingly. This tying was much longer than the Rottie's time with me. Misty kept up her subtle slight hip twitches in a way that kept her lover tightly in her swollen cunt. His knot had expanded fully and her cunt was attractively stretched and distended. The dog continued a soft, contented growl as his seed flooded into Misty's waiting womb. In the dim light, I imagined I could see her belly swell.

The dog was perfectly still above her. After a while, Misty's body began to spasm and the dog was back pedaling. The pair separated with a wet gush of dog cum. Misty sank onto the grass onto her belly, panting. Immediately, the dog lowered his face to her wet, dilated cunt. His tongue swiped and curled into her swollen lips, before bending down to lick himself.

Slowly his massive penis slid back into its sheath. The pretty blonde teen railed and mouth cum by fat hard dick stood and shook, scratching himself with his back paw. He circled Jan as she gazed lustily at the magnificent animal. He circled the puddle of my cum sinking into the grass, and while locking eyes with Jan, lifted a leg and sent a long stream of piss at it, before trotting towards the van, as if to say, "Thanks ladies.

Enough for tonight, but I need to get home." Jan pulled a sweater over her head as she wheeled herself to her van. Misty opened the sliding door and we jumped in, still naked. The dog hopped into the van, his stubby tail wagging. We drove back towards the dog's house, The ride seemed over in minutes, the silence totally natural. Jan stopped the van about 25 yards from his house. Misty slid the door open and our new lover hopped out, heading home. Without a backward look, he clambered through the fence.

Jan glanced in the rear view mirror at her two naked girls sitting prettily in the back seat. "Did anyone see if he had a name on his collar?" Jan asked.

We all looked at each other, a bit dumbfounded, and giggled merrily all the way home.