Bang confessions alexis fawx gives her stepson a halloween treat

Bang confessions alexis fawx gives her stepson a halloween treat
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WEDNESDAY: . Memo: Bob, we have a situation in accounting. Leonard, a long time employee has been observed looking at Kiddie porn at work. Signed: . Wallace, Chief of security. Sitting back in my chair I look out the window. Leonard yet, what the fuck was he thinking. Jeez, he has two children of his own for fuck sake.

Give them a bath; put them to bed; anything but porn at work. Know I have to do something. I phone security Chief Wallace.

"Wallace ., Bob here.". "Fine Wallace, and yourself?". "Good to hear. How's the family?" We chat for a few minutes. . "Wallace, I received your memo." Wallace explains the circumstances under which Leonard was sent home. Wallace said security followed company protocol to the letter in this case.

"How many people know about this Wallace?" "I don't know Bob; we'll look into it for you." "Please do Wallace; I hope it's a small number. Damn I hate this shit Wallace.

It puts me in one hell of a position." "I know Bob; we'll be thorough and get back to you as fast as we can." "Ok, thanks Wallace." Its 8:44am on a Wednesday and my day has already been ruined. Three calls are patched through to me over the next hour. Each has to do with contract issues. Thank God for good old fashioned headaches. My secretary brings me a Mocha from one of the local coffee shops, 'Thanks honey.' I sip my Mocha.

., 'Aahhhhh!'., you're a Goddess, I love you. She blushes. I spin my chair about and enjoy the Mocha as I look through the window at the people walking by.

My door opens and I see Jacqueline' reflection enter the office. Jackie is one of the few who has permission to enter without me being notified first. I don't turn about and Jackie takes a seat in a chair near the windows close to me. We are about six feet apart. Jackie has a folder in her hands, she places it on her lap and we chat for a bit. She with her coffee black, I with my Mocha.

Jay, that is what I call Jackie, has great taste in the clothing she wears. Her attire at the office sets standards, and turns heads; both sexes. I glace at her legs, busty milf loves joing teens when they are fucking love your shoes and hose Jay.

You're quite the lady.' She moves her legs this way and that. She surprises me by opening her legs some, flashing her gorgeous legs and patterned hose. "Lady Bob, are you sure about that.". I smile at her, we share a laugh. "You're a beautiful woman Jay, if you ever want to stray again, I'd love t be the one." "That was the only time in ten years of marriage Bob. I'll keep you in mind though." We smile at each other again.

Jay' face tuned serious. "Sorry to spoil the moment Bob but I have securities report on Leonard here for you to look at." My face paled, I'm sure. I really hate this shit. "How 'bout you read it to me Jay.

That way you can enjoy inflicting misery upon your boss." "I have a feather and leather restraints for that Bob.". I laugh, she winks. "I'll read it for you.".

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"It says here Bob that there was only one person involved other than Leonard." "Who was that Jay?" "The woman whose legs you looked at a few minutes ago." "You Jay." "Yes." Jay explains how she had caught Leonard once before and gave him a warning.

This time Jay said she watched him for over twenty minutes during working hours before she called security; as in keeping with Security Protocol 11.6. "Security Protocol 11.6 Jay, I'm not familiar with that one?" "I'll quote it right from the Security manual Bob. 'Any sexual behaviour or deviances not involving the President; currently Bob Smithe; are strictly forbidden and are against company Security Protocols and shall be dealt with harshly." " LMAO." .

"Funny lady you are Jacqueline.". She winks again. "I should take your panties off for that one Jacqueline." "I guess I couldn't complain to security now could I. That would not be against Security Protocol 11.6." Laughing I say, "NO, I guess it wouldn't." Jay winks at me and puts the folder on the small table beside her chair.

She rises from the chair and walks over to me, and entire three steps. She bends and kisses me on the top of my head. I look up at her. Fuck she is a fantastic looking woman. An easy nine. "Well Bob, are you going to help with my second indiscretion of my married life. You did offer, and my panties are not out of reach." "No they're not." I half smile; half laugh as my hands reach her hem-line. "You can always be counted on Bob to help a woman out of her panties." "I take pleasure in removing your panties Jay." I say this looking straight into her eyes; whilst my fingers walk up her hose covered thighs.

I reach that place on a women's legs where her hose stops and her bare skin begins. Hot dam she has beautiful feeling skin. My fingers stop walking, and start sliding up those gorgeous legs of hers. Reaching her panty line; I am already hard. My breathing is laboured. Moving my face adorable babes from brazil love powerful weenies to her tummy, I take a deep breath.

'Ahh! '. She is a clean woman. Pressing my face against her skirt, my fingers slip under the edge of her panties.

My fingers seize her panties and pull downward, helping gravity remove this thin silken barrier covering Jay' stunning cunt. Her panties move some; I move my hands inside her panties splaying the fingers, expanding her panties, I once again pull downward. With my face I feel her panties moving downward under her skirt.

My nose takes note of her waist band moving past it. Jay' panties clear her hips and bum, beginning the slow descent to her ankles. Casting my eyes toward the floor I see her clean white panties emerge from under her lovely skirt. Releasing her panties I watch them fall freely past her calves toward her ankles and stop atop those Mauve heels she is wearing. Wow, what a sensual site to lizzyxxx behind the scenes with king gutta xvideos a woman's panties move down her legs.

"Bob?' "Yes". . "Touch me." Sitting in my chair; head pressed against her lower stomach, my fingers made their way to Jay' pussy. That familiar feeling of a woman made even a wily veteran like me gasp at the first touch of her precious lips. Touching Jay is a gift. I slip to my knees sending the wheeled chair backwards. My fingers roam her crotch, pressing, stroking, and fingering her. I feel her hands take hold of my head. Her hips move forward as she grinds into my face. Pushing two fingers into Jay; loving her warm soft channel.

Finger fucking my office manager, my friend; my married friend. Wrapping my left arm around her hips as the fingers on my right hand explore her pussy with its soft brown cover, my face pressing into her stomach.

Her warmth, her wetness, her movement tally up to increase my lust for this special woman. Her hole responds to my fingers as I probe her womanhood. " . OH !" A small giggle, Jay covers her mouth with one hand while still holding my head firmly with the other. My fingers inside her; her pubic bone driving into my face. Slowly, I increase the pace of my fingering her, and move my thumb to her clit.

In what is far too short a time too my liking, this woman whom I adore is cuming. Crashing her lower body against me. Her body bends forward as she holds my head to her stomach. Her legs weaken; I hold her. A small noise escapes her, her body jerking in my grasp. We hold each other in this position for a minute or so. Me on my knees hugging Jay' hips and feeling her pussy. She cradling my head and stroking my hair, "I love you Bob." "I love you too." Pulling my hand out from under her dress I put my fingers in my mouth, one at a time, tasting her.

I smile up at Jay. She whispers; "Your a pig. ., I'm going to use your washroom." I shrug and nod yes to her. Jay looks back over her shoulder as she heads towards my private washroom and smiles.

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She mouths; ' Thank you." 'God, I love that woman', I say to myself while watching Jay disappear behind the closing washroom door, white panties in hand. I stand and look out the window knowing I have to face a difficult situation shortly.

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. I sit in my chair waiting for Jay to return. My mind returns to what just happened in my office. Reflecting; Doreen versus Jay. . 'Bob, you've got a problem.' I say to myself. My mind takes an alternate route. Kendra, Jessica and now Jay; the week is only three days on and I've already been with three different women; all special in their own way. I smile. Jay is right, I am a pig. ."SNORK, SNORK!"thinking of a Tim Allen comedy routine. Just then Jay enters from the washroom, smiling at me; " You agreeing with my evaluation Bob." [Laughing] "YES!" Watching Jay approach I say, 'Would you like to go for lunch?' "Yes!" Looking at my watch, ' In a half an hour, say 11:45am honey?" "HONEY !

" I just smile at her. "Honey yet, sure Bob, 11:45 sounds good to me." "Let's do that little place down the block, ah. ., Joe's Dinner I think it is called." "Joe's it is Bob. Catch ya later." With that Jay departs my office. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Lunch went well, Jay and I talked business. We also talked about Leonard. Jay had a plan she wanted to use. I agreed with her despite being left in the dark as to the details.

We had already scheduled a meeting with Leonard for 2:00pm this same day. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Leonard sat nervously in my office as we waited for Jay, Jacqueline, to show for the meeting.

She had called and said she would be fifteen minutes late. Part of her plan or regular business I was not sure. I had told Leonard we would be joined by Jacqueline and that we would wait her arrival. I call Jay, Jacqueline in front of other employees.

The clock showed 2:17pm and Leonard looked very uneasy when Jay walked through the door. Leonard looked toward her and I could see him blush.

Jay motioned for us to join her in the soft arm chairs which surrounded a round coffee table. Part of the furnishings to my luxury Presidential office. A complete waste of money in my opinion but I'm told I must look the part so I do. Leonard and I move to the arm chairs, both sitting opposite Jay.

Jay opens a folder. She lays it flat on the coffee table showing photos of children and some typed notes, and a security memo. She silently reads through the notes and looks up at Leonard. The door opens. Leonard quickly turns to see who it is. Sandy is bringing in some coffee and treats for us.

She places them on a Butler tray and places it next to us. Jay closes the folder before she can see the contents. Sandy serves us, politely asking all of us how we like our coffee. We are all served and Sandy leaves my office after exchanging pleasantries. I sit back and sip my coffee, I keep sipping my coffee to contain a smile that is just begging to make itself known. I can see Jay' plan is going to be quite entertaining.

Jay opens with conversation about accounting and its uses. She talks to Leonard for nearly five minutes on office procedure and related topics. Leonard, for his part is at first puzzled but takes to the sunny leone xxx sex stories sex story eagerly as Jay leads the conversation.

Jay next brings up the computer and the various applications we use in our accounting department. Leonard tenses some but carries on with a business like dialogue. I could see it coming; I think Leonard could too. "Leonard, in what way does child porn benefit the accounting department?" she asks.

Leonard paled. I could actually see him hunch to minimize his size. "None Jacqueline." He replied in a very quiet voice.

"Tell Mr. Smithe and I how this nasty little habit of yours got started Leonard?". " got daughters for Christ's sake Leonard." I could see Jay was pissed.

Leonard looked at me; . "I went shopping on the Internet." Jay looked at me and nodded, my cue. "Leonard, this company looks after its employee'. For Jacqueline and I to young asian plays with herself in an empty pool a fair evaluation we need to know all the details, nothing left out.".

. "Start from the beginning Leonard." I reach for the coffee and offer Leonard a refill. He gladly accepts, as does Jay. "Leonard, if you lie. .

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" I said, leaving the threat unspecified. ---------------------------------------------------------------- " It was my daughter's birthday and I wanted to get her something special.

I have two daughters, one seven, Jane, and the other, Janet, nine. It was Janet' birthday. I started looking on the 'Net' to get some ideas as I wanted her gift to be special." " I did this during lunch hour and spent nearly a full week browsing. I was getting nowhere. One noon hour a site popped up with girls in lingerie. I spent a few minutes looking and saved it to my favourites. With time a factor I went to a mall and purchased her gifts." " The next day was her birthday.

It was a beautiful sunny day. We took the kids to the Zoo, swimming, and to a small circus for children. We held a BBQ for supper. I am a poor cook so others did that job.

I served drinks sexy czech chick spreads her juicy snatch to the unusual kept the kids busy.

When supper was over I was bushed and fell asleep in a lounge chair." "I did not sleep very long but was awoken by a mother speaking loudly to her daughter. {"" Keep your knees down."" She said.

} " I looked out from under my ball cap, which I had pulled down low to keep the sun out of my eyes. I didn't see the woman but I did see my niece. Her white panties showing; she had her legs up. I became fixated on her crotch, the crotch of a ten year old girl. I continued to stare at her from under my cap, watching her every move. Those white panties glistening in the sunlight. I could see the upper part of her slit as the sunlight made its way through her panties.

I could clearly see she had no hair. Her hairless pubic area was open to my view; almost as if she had no panties on at all.

Once I thought I saw her little clit through her panties as she was moving her legs." "Her mother scolded her again and she put her knees down. I waited, pretending to be asleep. Soon one of her friends popped by and I had two girls to observe. I had no view of anything pertaining to their little crotches for over five minutes." "These girls were just goofing around when their positions changed to my advantage.

The second girl moved in such a fashion as to be sitting sideways to me. She bent her knee giving me a side view of her panties, and crotch from her raised leg. As she fidgeted she moved her leg; this action opened her panties slightly and I got to see her naked little hairless pussy.

I was in heaven." "I got a hard on and sat up to hide it, facing away from the girls and feigning a headache. My wife came by bitching. This was God sent as my hard went away." "When I came to work the next day I still had fresh thoughts about little girls.

Soon I was looking at the site I saved and from there it took off. I became fixated on young girls." "Even with Jacqueline' warning I was unable to stay away from sites that featured little girls.". . ----------------------------------------------------------------- Throughout Leonard's account of his' pedo' start-up I had noticed that Jay, Jacqueline, had moved her legs three times in ways which to me seemed suggestive. The first time she crossed her legs in a casual fashion which exposed more than the usual amount of leg.

This was very much out of character for Jay. I have known her for ten years and she is always a lady. Leonard also caught this showing of legs by Jay. The second move was even more provocative. Jay once again crossed her legs but rolled to one side slightly showing allot of the back of her thighs. I was off to the side a bit but Leonard was head on. He actually startled slightly at the sight of Jay's gorgeous legs. I probably should have laughed but I was completely engrossed in this drama.

Jay played this straight up. She was so cool, as many women smokin hot brenna sparks pussy rammed on massage table when manipulating a male. The third display came at the end of Leonard's confession. Jay moved forward in her armchair to examine the folders contents, or so it appeared. In moving she let her knees part several inches giving both Leonard and I a look at the inside of her thighs.

Leonard's eyes were riveted to Jay's knees. Jay stood and motioned both Leonard and I to stand. "Bob, would you sit on your desk please." Which I did. "Leonard come here.".

. . "Leonard, are you attracted to me ?" Leonard managed to get out a 'yes'.

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The poor bastard was totally humiliated. I've never seen anyone turn that red. I felt sorry for him and almost said something but managed to hold off.

"If I do this, how do you feel about me ?" Jay pulled her skirt up five or six inches and spread her feet so the skirt was taunt from thigh to thigh Leonard said nothing, he just groaned. "Here, give me your hands." Leonard walked those three steps which divided him from Jay. I could see he had a hard on, lovely dames pleasure boners in an orgy eyes where full of love and lust for the woman who stood in from of him.

Jay took his hands and placed one on each side of her hips, just below the waist. "I'm a woman Leonard, it is ok to think of me that way. It is not ok to think of little girls that way." "I know Jacqueline." Leonard had his head down. At first I thought he was filled with remorse, then I noticed he was looking at Jay. In a split second her pulled Jay tight to himself, one hand on her upper back, the second hand on the small of her back below her waist. Leonard started fucking Jay's stomach like a man possessed.

He was done in ten to fifteen seconds, cuming in his pants. Groaning and moaning like a wounded animal. I had started to move to intercede but Jay gave me a look that told me to stay away and let him finish. It wasn't much of a wait. Jay pushed him away and looked down at herself. "At least you didn't get any on me." "Sorry Jacqueline, I couldn't stop.

., I love you. I've loved you for years." Leonard blurted out. "You owe me Leonard. You owe me big time." Jay said to Leonard. "I know Jacqueline. ., I know.". [ there was an uncomfortable pause of several seconds ] . . "GO CLEAN YOURSELF UP MAN, USE MY PRIVATE WASHROOM.

." I said to Leonard in a rather annoyed tone of voice. Jay stood by the window in silence. Leonard took about five minutes to clean himself up. When he re-entered my office, I gave him the lowdown. Not sugar coated, straight up. Leonard left my office with a different perspective on life. Jay walked over to the coffee table and stood there looking at the folder. I walked to her. Whipped soles and dirty hairy pussy kimberly moss gets handled like a great lil bitch take that Jay, he's my problem from here on out.

I asked her if she was ok. Without hesitation; "NO !" . " I feel dirty Bob, violated." . "I lost control of the situation, UNGGHH!" . Jay shivers. "Sally will be here in five weeks, I'll bring her up to speed, and have Sally walk about with you for a couple of days.

Everyone knows what that means. I'm assigning you around the clock security Jay, starting right now. I'm making the call before we leave this office." "Hold me Bob, I need to feel the arms a good man right now." Jay looks up at me, we both smile. Our smiles are strained. I've never seen Jay this distraught. "You had good intentions Jay." ".

., good intentions. . ."