Smokin hot lady have fun with the driver in the backseat brunette and handjob

Smokin hot lady have fun with the driver in the backseat brunette and handjob
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Walter (Walt) Simpson and Victoria (Vickie) Taylor met their junior year in college. They were a handsome athletic couple who took good care of their slender bodies.

Walt was 6' tall with chestnut brown hair and Vickie was 5' 9" with sandy blond hair. They both loved excitement and living on the edge.

Vickie was probably the more daring of the two. Their favorite past-time was watching other people and fantasizing about what they would look like naked and what they may be like in bed. Vickie had read an interesting article in Cosmopolitan Magazine that said 90% of sexual satisfaction took place in the mind.

The article suggested that by fantasizing about someone else while having sex with your mate is just as gratifying and thrilling as indulging in the taboo practice of cheating on your mate. Walt and Vickie gave it a try and were hooked. They made it a regular practice of putting together different sexual scenarios using a randomly selected person to play the primary role in their fantasy.

The sex play game usually progressed into wild unbridled sex where each of them would pretend they were having sex with the person they had chosen. In their fantasy they were each cheating on the other, but in the presence of each other. Some of their most intense orgasms were achieved in this manner. After college they carried that game into their marriage. They would go to a public place like a shopping mall and observe the shoppers.

Walt would pick a woman at random that he would like to fuck and Vickie would select a man she desired sexually. They would build an imaginary story about what each would do with their fantasy partner in bed. Vickie would latina teen girl interracial porn big black onto Walt's story by saying what she would want to see Walt do to the woman while in bed and Walt would describe what he imagined Vickie doing with her fantasy mate.

After the story was solidly in their minds, they would go to bed with each other and re-enact the sexual scenario they had constructed. It usually culminated with a magnificent orgasm for them both. The role-playing game became even more personal and more exciting when they gave their selected partners a name and then used those names as they engaged in the sex play.

It made the game seem more real. Sometimes they would go to bed and take each other to the brink of orgasm, but not let each other cum. They would postpone their orgasm sometimes for a day while they taunted each other about how great it will be when they finally do have their mutual orgasm. This often resulted in an even more explosive orgasm for the both of them. The longer they waited to cum and the longer they taunted each other, the greater the orgasm.

Sometimes they got so lost in the fantasy it was like they were indeed cheating on each other. The excitement had ebony chanys fucked by big white dick in porn casting addictive to the point that Vickie sometimes fantasized about someone else even when they weren't playing the game. She didn't tell Walt, but just recently while he was eating her pussy, she fantasized about a young woman she had seen that morning at the Supermarket.

In Vickie's mind Walt's tongue became the young woman's tongue and it made her cum so hard she almost lost consciousness. They had been married about three years when Walt was required to attend a company sponsored week long seminar in San Diego. Spouses were not invited but Walt took Vickie along anyway.

It gave them a change of scenery and might inspire more tantalizing settings to re-enact during their love making sessions. They checked into the Hotel Del Coronado with a bungalow overlooking the white sandy beach.

The beach was crowded that day with hard young bodies of male and female sailors and marines enjoying their shore leave.

The sun was so bright reflecting off the white sand Vickie had to shade her eyes with her hand. The merriment on the beach was inviting them to join.

Walt and Vickie changed into their bathing suites and headed down to the beach. They picked a couple chaise lounge chairs near a volleyball game in progress. Vickie immediately spied a young muscular man who seems to dominate the game. His muscles rippled under his bronze skin as he moved gracefully around the volleyball court. It was evident by his facial structure and his skin tone that he had Native American or Hispanic blood running through his veins. Vickie decided instantly he was the one she wanted to incorporate into her next sexual fantasy.

Walt agreed and they began to build an erotic depiction that included Vickie deep throating his young cock. Walt got hard as he visualized Vickie's long legs wrapped around the young Marine's bare ass. He imagined her pulling him deep into her pussy as she convulsed with an explosive orgasm.

Walt scanned the beach for a young woman to build his fantasy around, but his mind kept drifting back to Vickie being fuck by the young man she had chosen. For some reason the young man became aware of them watching him. He was puzzled why a beautiful older woman was paying so much attention to his playing. The first chance he got, he deliberately deflected the volleyball into Vickie's lap. He ran over to retrieve the volleyball and clearly ogled her breast while feigning a sincere apology.

"I am so sorry we disturbed you with our volleyball." "No need to apologize son. I am sure it was an accident." Walt replied. "Yes Sir, it was clumsy of me, Sir. I am a much better player than that. Please forgive me." The young man tried to maintain eye contact with Walt, but his eyes kept involuntarily drifting to Vickie's breast.

Walt saw what he was doing and decided to up the intensity of their little sex game. "That's quite alright, Son. What's your name and what branch of the service are you in?" He puffed out his chest and said, "My name is Maximo Escalante; Sir and I am a Lance Corporal in the U. S. Marine Corp. Most people just call me Max." "We thank you for your service Max. Why don't come have a beer with us after the game?" He gave Walt the thumbs up and smiled.

"Thank you, Sir. I will be more than happy to have a drink with you and your lovely Lady." Vickie blushed and Max pivoted then dashed off to rejoin the game. Vickie turned to Walt, gave a half shrug and wanted to know why he engaged the young man in conversation.

She was perplexed and folded her arms across her breast to express her disapproval. They had never made a direct contact with their intended sexual fantasy in the past. She tilted her head toward Walt and waited for his explanation. She felt this would make the game far too personal. Walt agreed that the personal contact did indeed make it more personal, but explained it also added several benefits to their game.

One, they had an actual name and person to use during the fantasy game. Two, it would give Vickie a closer look at the person her fantasies will be built around.

Three, Walt can tell by the bulge in Max's swimsuit that he has a sizable cock trying to fight its way out; a big plus for Vickie he reasoned. And four; it made his own cock unusually hard knowing that Max obviously had a strong desire to fuck Vickie. That was an entirely new sensation for Walt and it promised to bring even more excitement to the game. Vickie liked Walt's thinking. It made her wet with anticipation. When Max came back for the beer he couldn't keep his eyes off Vickie's bikini clad breast.

He was mesmerized by their fullness. Between sips of beer he paid special attention to her hard nipples that were pushing against the thin fabric of her bikini top. Vickie and Walt both noticed his gaze.

She rocked back and forth and fidgeted while toying with a lock of her hair and tugged at her ear lobe. She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

Walt knew those were all signs she was becoming aroused and he enjoyed watching her squirm. He kept watching for a wet spot to appear in the crotch area of her bikini.

He could tell the wetness had started because she laid a towel across her lap. Walt also noted she couldn't prevent her eyes from occasionally dropping to view Max's growing bulge. She was caught doggie girl gets rough anal punishment and humiliation the young marine and Walt several times.

She would blush and look away. Walt became harder when visions of her fucking Max popped into his head again. He visualized her legs open wide with Max plunging his hard cock deep into her. His breathe quickened as he envisioned her legs pulling him deep into her while screaming his name. He found himself sexy amateur honey christy lynn hardcore and blowjob wanting to watch the two of them fuck like their lives depended on it. That filled him with a new exhilaration, but he wasn't sure he would be able to convince Vickie to go along with it.

It wouldn't be the first time that he had suggested fucking another man in front of him might be a real turn-on. She usually just laughed like she didn't take him seriously. Max informed them he was twenty years old and he had enlisted in the Marines straight out of high school.

Walt asked Max how often he came to the beach while on shore leave. Max glanced at Vickie and made it a point to stress that he was there most every afternoon and sometimes in the morning. Walt could feel the sexual tension building between Max and his wife.

After more than a few beers Vickie and Max were openly flirting with each other. She occasionally slipped her hand under the towel in her lap and rub her pussy. Walt knew she was getting highly aroused. It made Walt feel uncomfortable, yet at the same time he was extremely aroused by it. However, he felt it was time to break off their contact. He told Max they had to go get ready for a mandatory dinner meeting with his company. Walt didn't tell Max that Vickie would be alone in their bungalow that evening while he attended the dinner.

He was afraid the horny young bastard would come back and force himself on her. Vickie and Max both looked like they wanted to fuck each other's brains out. That was something he may encourage later on, but not tonight. Before leaving the beach, Walt told Max he would be tied up in seminars most of the week, but Vickie would be free if he wanted to keep her company on the beach during the day.

Walt felt that the more exposure they had to each other, the more sexual tension would build between them. That sexual tension would eventually have to be released and Walt wanted to be the benefactor of that release. That alone would probably lead to a lust filled sexual experience in their bedroom.

Without consulting Vickie, Walt was formulating a plan to bring even more excitement into their little game. He considered a threesome with him mostly watching the two of them fucking like crazy. He hadn't quite worked out all the details. Max excitedly agreed to entertain Vickie while Walt attended the seminar. He left the beach with a smile on his face and huge bulge in his swimsuit. Vickie was ready to kill her husband for putting her in such an awkward position.

It was evident that Walt was ready to raise the stakes of the game to a much higher level than she was prepared to tolerate. Walt told her to play along because it just might lead to the most exhilarating orgasm of all. She was definitely looking for more thrills but wasn't sure she could restrain her urges enough to stay within the established parameters of the game.

She didn't mention it to Walt, but she really did want to fuck the young Marine. She wished he would mention again his fantasy of american fucking mom and dhuthsr vidio fucking another man.

She planned to put on a show burmese xnxx moe hay koo reluctance but agree to it in the end. After the company dinner Walt came back to a very horny wife. She told him she had showered after he left and then masturbated most of the evening. Even though her pussy was raw she still lured Walt into the bed with a promise of unbridled sex.

She fucked Walt like he was a total stranger and called out Max's name several times during their fuck-fest. Walt left early the next morning for the company seminar. He told Vickie that he had to attend a reception after the seminar and probably wouldn't be back until around eight o'clock that evening.

He said they could probably have a late dinner at the hotel. He suggested she relax on the beach and maybe do a little shopping in the afternoon. He didn't mention it to Vickie, but he was more than sure Max would come sniffing around trying to entice her with his young muscular body. He felt the more Vickie had to fight off his sexual overtures the hornier she would be when he got home that evening. If Walt had calculated it right she would be ripping his clothes off as soon as he came through the door from the seminar.

He could visualize the blissful sex that would take place between them that evening when he returned. Vickie drank her morning coffee and lounged around the bungalow in her thin nightgown.

Her pussy was still tingling from the sex she had with Walt the night before. She had gotten so worked up over her fantasy about Max she couldn't relax. Without warning visions of her being fucked hard by Max would occasionally pop into her mind.

She became extremely anxious and forced the thought from her mind. She had never cheated on Walt, but if these salacious thoughts didn't go away she very well might slip this once.

She fingered herself to a quick orgasm just to relieve the mounting frustration. It helped, but the sexual urges were still there. She wished she had remembered to pack her Rabbit vibrator. Around ten o'clock she glanced out the window and observed Max relaxing on a chaise lounge under the shade of a palm tree.

Her breathe quickened and her nipples hardened. She blushed as she again imagined how big Max's hard cock might be and what it would feel like in her hand. She promptly shook that image from her mind as her panties moistened. She hurriedly put on her bikini and a light-weight cotton cover-up, and then hustled down to the beach. Max offered a cheerful welcome. She tried to act like it was a surprise to find him there. "Good morning, Mrs. Simpson." She raised a hand in greeting and said, "Good morning, Max and please call me Vickie.

I am not that much older than you." "Yes Ma'am! Vickie it is then." Max lifted his shoulders in a half shrug and pointed to a chaise lounge he had positioned next to his and invited her to join him. She accepted and slipped off the cover-up and laid face down on the lounge. She promptly untied the bikini top and let it fall exposing her bare back. Max was quick to caution her about the harsh sunrays.

She had expected him to do just that and pointed to her beach bag and asked him to apply sunscreen to her back. Max rapidly retrieved the sunscreen and applied a liberal amount to her back. She shivered as he applied the cold lotion over the length of her back down to the cheeks of her ass.

Max took in a long breath and was being careful not to appear too thrilled at being permitted touch her body. She, on the other foxy lesbian centerfolds are gaping and fist fucking anal holes, found herself hopeful he would brashly slip his hands under her bikini bottoms and apply lotion to her ass cheeks.

He didn't. He wanted to but chickened out and moved back up to her shoulders. He applied sunscreen along her sides from her hips up to her armpits. He could see her tits were right there inviting him to touch them. She held her breath and without forethought lifted up on her elbows to give him access to apply sunscreen incredible snatch drilling session momsandteens and threesome her breast. Walt had always accommodated her when she offered access.

Max wasn't bold enough to do so and moved away from her breast. When he backed away she let out a harsh breath and felt foolish for instinctively offering access to her breast.

She didn't want to appear too eager, but she did yearn for his hands to roam her body; stroking and tweaking her nipples. It didn't happen. "Don't forget to put sunscreen maman francaise baise sous chantage my legs." "I was going there next", Max replied.

While she was face down he took the opportunity to reposition his painfully hard cock which was beginning to tent his swimsuit. He then proceeded to apply a moderate amount of sunscreen to her left leg.

He started at her ankle and moved up to her calf. When he reached her inner thigh, a slight tremble traveled through her body and she emitted a soft moan. Max interpreted that as a good sign and guardedly proceeded up to the top of her thigh. She flinched and became tense; her breathing was rapid and irregular.

He lingered inches from her wet pussy. He could smell her aroma of arousal. After a minute of rubbing and massaging that area, he loomed closer. He cagily extended his index finger and stroked her wet pussy through her bikini bottom. She gasped and stiffened at the initial contact but said nothing. She stretched as a slight chill flowed through her causing goose-bumps to rise on her back doremon cartoon xxx sex pon nobita legs. She wanted to encourage him to continue, but her fantasy would be heightened if he proceeded without her urging.

For Max the goose-bumps were a very good indication she liked what he was doing and desired more of the same. He knew that if he could get a finger in her pussy, he would be well on his way to scoring. He considered for an instant to get more aggressive, but lost his nerve moving quickly away from her vagina. She let out an involuntary sigh of frustration. He began to apply sunscreen to her right leg. He took his time giving her plenty of time for the goose-bumps to go away and for her to calm down.

Vickie was getting very frustrated. She wanted him to touch pussy. She wanted him to remove her bikini bottom and lick her pussy or asshole. Her fantasy was beginning to push her toward a real sexual encounter with the young man.

Max paced himself as he proceeded to massage her calf and then moving higher on her sun-tanned thigh. He spent an inordinate amount of time massaging her thighs, trying to get the nerve to make his move. She seems to be relaxed and composed, but for some reason she stiffened again and stretched while pushing her ass into the air. His first thought was that she was inviting him to touch it, but he didn't.

He wanted to but wasn't sure he was reading her signals correctly. He had never tried to seduce an older woman before. All his experience was with younger women closer to his own age.

He took his time working his way back near her crotch. He knew if he misread her actions it could create real problems for him. He understood how to handle women his own age, but she was at least ten years older than him. That was almost a different generation. If she were his age he wouldn't be so reluctant to interpret her signals. He took a deep breath and finally made the conscious decision for go for it. It was a calculated risk, but he was getting hornier by the minute.

He was closer now than he had ever been with her. He could smell her feminine desire. He had smelled it many times with younger women. It had to mean the same thing with women her age. He determined it was worth a try. He could always pretend it was an accident and apologize.

He cautiously extended his index finger and stroked her vagina through the bikini bottom. Her breathing deepened and became rapid. He felt her push against his finger. He took this as a good sign and slipped his finger under her bikini bottom. She was very wet and his finger slipped easily in to her pussy. She moaned softly as he started a slow steady in and out movement.

Filled with her own lust, she moved with his motion. Within minutes she shuttered and his finger was flooded with her juices. Her orgasm occurred so sudden, she panicked and bolted up right on the chaise lounge. She had been swept up in the moment and never intended to let it go that far. That part of her fantasy was supposed to occur when she was in bed with Walt role playing.

She grabbed her cover-up and bikini top, and then covered her breast. She started to say something, but instead rushed toward her bungalow. Max trailed close behind her. He didn't have a handle on her abrupt mood change. She fumbled with her room key long enough for Max to overtake her. He was able to push his way in before she locked him out. They stood in the front room of the small bungalow staring at each other. Both were gasping for their next breath.

She clutched the cover-up and bikini top to her breast and appeared alarmed. He couldn't believe her sudden mood change. Moments ago, she was softly moaning as he stroked her pussy.

Now she looked at him as though he were a crazed rapist. "Why are you acting this way? You know I would never do anything you didn't want me to do?" he asked as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her pleadingly. She gave a dismissive wave with her hand and said, "No I don't know that, Max. My husband and I just met you and we don't know what liberties you might take with me.

Besides, that's not the way the game is played." "GAME!" Max screamed as he threw his hands in the air. "What fucking game?" Max was in panic mode. His hands tightened into a fist. He wondered if had been sucked into a trap. He imagined himself being brought up on charges. He could lose his career in the Marine Corp. He could be court-martialed and sent to a federal prison. His whole life flashed before his eyes. "What fucking game are you talking about?" He pleaded.

Vickie saw he was falling apart and immediately felt empathy for him. She never intended to cause him any harm. He had been innocently pulled into a game she and her husband enjoyed playing together. Their game wasn't intended to hurt others. She calmly explained the game to his befuddled mind and assured him that no one would ever know that it had gotten out of hand with him falling victim. She and Walt had no intentions of ever reporting his sexual conduct toward her.

She told him it should've never gone as far as it did. She could have; should have stopped it long before it progressed to the point it did. He agreed that she had let it go too far and had caused him a lot of emotional anguish. He calmed down and offered what he saw as a simple solution. He appealed to her common sense. "Why not go ahead and fuck me? You don't have to fantasize amazing lesbians in lingerie have fun together fucking me.

You can experience the real thing. And then experience it again as you and your husband engage in your usual role play. You know, like the saying goes; double your pleasure, double your fun. You get to experience two orgasms for the price of one." Vickie considered his proposal.

In her high state of arousal, slender brunette honey fingers her dripping snatch masturbation and toys made total sense to her. She really DID want to fuck him. In her mind she had already fucked him several times. Her pussy was wet and twitching.

It needed immediate attention and masturbation wasn't the answer. She wanted him and he wanted her, but how would she explain it to Walt? The game had always been intended to be between her and Walt only. "That would work for me, but I can't see how my husband would get any pleasure out of you and me fucking; especially since he won't be here to even watch," she said. Max took a step toward her and removed the cover-up from her breast and tossed it to one side.

She could feel a wave of heat over her entire body as Max feasted his eyes on her naked breast. Her nipples were rock hard as he rolled one then the other between his thumbs and index fingers. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "So, you ARE considering my proposal?" Max said. She opened her eyes and sighed as her body trembled. Max scooped her up in his arms, carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

She didn't protest as he slipped off her bikini bottom. He kissed her tenderly on the lips and then moved quickly to her breast. The electricity that shot through her body prevented her from offering any reasonable objections. He was clearly not going to stop his advances and she didn't actually want him to stop. She hadn't been with a man so young and that hard since college.

She just had to feel him inside her. Max nimbly removed his swimming suit and knelt between her legs. He rubbed the head of his cock against her clit. Her vagina was foxy brown stepmother needs some fresh meat lubricated with her juices and he easily slid all eight inches into her soaked pussy.

He held it there for a brief minute and then started a slow withdrawal. Her vaginal muscles gripped his cock and attempted to prevent the withdrawal. For the next hour Vickie experience multiple breath-taking orgasms. For a young man Max knew a lot of way to satisfy a woman's sexual needs and he tried them all on her. Some she was familiar with, but many she had never dreamed possible.

It turned out that Max had the stamina of a stallion. They made love for the full hour then slept. When they woke up sometime later they fucked again until both were exhausted.

Then they drifted off again into a restful sleep. When Vickie awakened the second time, the room was dark and Max was gone. She took a long hot shower, put on a sundress with no bra or panties and waited for Walt to come home. She sat in the dark sipping a glass of red wine. The only light was coming through the window from the beach. She went over in her mind what she would tell her husband. This was the first time she had ever cheated on him.

The guilt was overwhelming her emotional state and she was slipping into despair. As soon as Walt entered the bungalow he knew by her expression she was deeply troubled about something. "What's wrong Sweetheart? You look like you have suffered a terrible tragedy." Vickie dropped her head and replied, "I made a terrible mistake today." Walt was pretty sure he understood what she was upset about.

He felt her sexual tension that morning before he left for the seminar. She needed to be fucked decisively, but he thought it would make her even hornier for him to wait until he returned.

He miscalculated her will power. He poured himself a glass of wine and pulled a chair up next to her. He placed his hand on hers and gazed into her sad eyes. "What's wrong Honey? I can't help you if I don't understand what you are sad about." "I am so ashamed, Walt. I just couldn't help myself. I knew I was letting it go too far, but I couldn't bring myself to put a halt to it.

I was aware it was wrong, but I found myself wanting it so badly." "It couldn't be that bad.

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I think I know what you are talking about, but just tell me before I die from suspense." Vickie looked at him through tear filled eyes then buried her face in her hands. She incoherently mumbled through sobs. He couldn't understand a word of her mumbling. He pulled her hands away from her face and gave her a pleading look. "I fucked Max today," she sobbed, "I didn't fantasize about it.

I actually kinky strapon fun for hot college sluts hardcore reality him fuck me." Walt was at first appallingly shocked. He felt betrayed. Then he felt arousal as his cock hardened in his pants.

His breathing quickened as he closed his eyes and visualized Vickie naked on her back in their bed with her legs wrapped tightly around Max's naked hips. His excitement grew as he pictured Max driving deep into Vickie as she used her legs to pull him deeper. He had to admit to himself it was what he half-heartedly wanted and had planned. He started rubbing his cock through his pants and grunting. Vickie saw his reaction and started to finger herself as she recalled the feel of Max's hard cock moving in and out of her pussy.

They both had a magnificent orgasm at the same time.

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Walt took Vickie by the hand and guided her into their bedroom. They stripped naked and crawled into bed. "I want to make love to you as you describe all the sordid details." Vickie shook her head yes and obediently relayed the events of the day; starting with what took place on the beach leading up to their confrontation in the front room.

Walt shoved his hard cock into her and held her tight as she chronicled the events leading up to her indiscretion. "We were standing in the front room. I was naked from the waist up. He caressed my breast and then carefully laid his hands on my ass, pulling me to his hard body. There was literally nothing but bare skin between our upper bodies.

I put my head on his shoulder as his fingers traced the areola of my breast. He was touching me everywhere. I was arching my back, offering my ass to him. He slid his hands over my ass down into my bikini bottoms, tracing the crack of my ass down to my pussy where he undoubtedly felt my wetness. I was horny lesbian strippers doing hardcore fuck with huge strap on dildo and breathing erratically.

I mumbled, and wiggled my whole body, pressing into his hand wherever he touched me. My legs were weak and I was sliding away onto the floor. I was burning up. My whole body was on fire. A hunger was growing in me. I had to feel his hard cock in me. I slid his swimming suit down and put my face down between his legs.

I took his hard cock in my mouth and looked at him eye to eye. I sucked and licked him for a minute and then asked him to pick me up and carry me to the bedroom." Vickie scooted down and took Walt into her mouth to re-enact their lecherous beauteous bitch gets hard fuck hardcore creampie sex play.

Walt closed his eyes and savored the feel of her taking his cock to the back of her throat. "So, what did he do then?" Walt gasped, as he slid his cock in and out of her wet mouth. "He just looked down at me and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth; like you are doing right now. After a minute of that he did he picked me right up in his arms and I wrapped myself around him. When we got to the bedroom he set me on the edge of the bed and slowly pulled the covers back.

He looked at me and I told him to do whatever he wanted. I was still burning inside craving his hard cock in me. And as he moved next to me he told me I was beautiful and wrapped his arms around me.

We laid on the bed with the covers down. He looked so strong and his cock was laying on the bed right by my hand. I reached and took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it like I'm stroking you right now. I was in this place of perfect relaxation. I was completely passive and laid back as he leaned into me. I let him kiss me. He kissed me slowly and softly. My Mouth was open and his tongue slipped in and out. It was so intense. And I was wet, very wet.

I told Max he had to put his fingers in me. I wanted his fingers in me. And he stroked the front of my body and reached back down, beneath my mound and I opened my legs and then I felt his fingers open me up and slide up inside me. It is what I wanted. What I needed and I ground against on his fingers. He clubtug sexy milf gives you a pov hanjob finger fucking me while we kept kissing.

I found his cock and started to just stroke him again and he rolled onto me. Then I let him move between my legs. God his cock was so big. This massive strong man pressed his cock into me and I let him.

I had an orgasm as soon as he entered me. I was laying with my head back into the pillow. I closed my eyes. I just wanted to feel him. He was pressing up inside me. I felt it with every nerve I had. It was so far in me that the top of his cock was right at my navel. I swear it. Nothing else existed on the earth at the time.

He was in me and it felt wonderful. No fantasy…just honest to God wild lustful fucking." That revelation caused Walt to shoot five forceful streams of semen into Vickie which triggered an orgasm in her. When they recovered from their mutual orgasms, she took a deep breath and continued with her account of the event.

"He pressed in and then hovered up above me arching his back. I put my hand on his chest and scratched him when he slammed back down dirty brunette teen i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority me. This big cock in my pussy was intensifying and expanding and increased my pleasures tenfold. It felt like I was splitting down the middle. It was just all happening at once and I wanted it. I needed him. We kept fucking and his breathing on me was getting faster.

He was getting so aroused and I was completely aroused. He felt like he was getting even bigger; like he was growing inside of me. When he hovered himself above me his cock slid the whole length along my clit as he fucked me. I felt it sliding right along, like his finger was right on me pressing my clit down. It was like we fit together perfectly. He was humping on me, up and down; faster and faster. His arms wrapped tightly around me, his hands cupping my ass.

It was a wild moment; he was pounding me down into the bed. He was moving faster against me as I felt my orgasm rising in me again.

He was going to cum in me and I knew it. I was open as far as I could go. I felt like I was being pried open by his large cock. I was holding my knees to my breast as wide as I could. It almost hurt from the pleasure. And he kept Cumming, and then I felt my clit just burning and I came along with him, I kept Cumming and Jesse jane feet fetsih vidoes and Cumming. Oh, I have never cum like that in my life. I think I passed out or maybe fell asleep." "Was that it?

Did he just slip away while you were sleeping?" "No sometime later I woke up. The sun had slipped below the horizon and the room was blanketed with twilight. He was sliding his cock in and out of my pussy again. Oh my god, before I realized I had allowed myself to be flipped so I was face down on the bed. He pushed into my pussy with long lazy thrusts and I couldn't help it but I started to meet each one.

It was so gentle and slow as he kissed my neck and shoulders. He just held me tight against his body, wrapping his arms around me again. I had several small orgasms back to back. He kept fucking me through my orgasms and was sliding so deep and then pulling the tip of his cock out to the opening of my pussy and then back all the way inside.

Sometimes he just held me while his cock filled me. Oh my god it was what I had wanted. I was completely filled. And then…Oh God…without warning he took his thumb and pressed it into my ass, my asshole, and I couldn't control myself anymore. He was pounding into me and I was meeting him, pushing against him with my arms and my face down in my pillow.

I was screaming. It hurt, but it also felt sooooo good. We were sweating profusely. My hair was wet and sticking everywhere. I could hear his cock sloshing into me, we were loudly slapping together. I could feel my pussy opening wider every time he pushed into me.

He was asking if I liked the feel of his cock slamming into me. I started to breathe faster and began panting as I screamed, "Oh my god, I love your cock in me." He asked if I wanted him to stop or keep going. I squealed, "Oh god…yes…keep going." And I started to scream and cry and push against him. I was wiggling my hips; grinding into him, crushing into him with my tiny body.

We both came at the same time in wave after wave after wave. Over and over, my pussy was squeezing his cock so hard. He was just about lifting me in the air each time he slammed into me. I was hitting my head on the headboard. My pussy was raw. I was sure it would never be the same again.

It was a raw open wound. My raw pussy was sucking and pulling him inside, drinking his cum. I swear I was able to feel my whole insides opening up. I collapsed into the mattress. I felt like I was still falling, when he collapsed beside me. I pleaded, "You have to stop it! I won't be able to walk." He laughed and kissed me. We were both laughing; we were tangled together and trying to untangle russain new xxx sister small. Our bodies were slippery with sweat.

His chest was wet and when he laid his hand on my stomach I was soaking wet. And he pressed his lips to mine while we kissed. We just molded together. He slid his hand right down along my abdomen lubricated from my sweat and began to press his fingers into my pussy one last time and I went, "ahhhh.

No, no you can't it's too raw and sensitive." He stroked my raw pussy gently with his finger tips and we fell asleep again. Just like that I was out of it and totally satisfied. When I woke up Max was gone. I took a hot shower and waited for you to come home."