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Evilangel dana vespoli phoenix marie anal with toys
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Marlena had always had a fantasy that she wanted to explore. The only problem was that she did not quite know how to go about it. She wanted to be with multiple partners at once, preferably all guys, but she didn't' see the harm in exploring the body of a hot woman too. She had plenty of friends but the last thing she wanted to do was ask them about this and get a label. She did not know what she was going to do but she was sure that she had to live her fantasy, and soon.

And as she sat at her desk grading papers, the idea hit her: she could be with some of her students. After all, she was a college teacher so it was not as if her students were underage or anything. In fact, many of them were her age, 27 years old.

There were a few guys that she liked and was certain that they had been checking her out, but she had to be sure. Marlena wore a low cut blouse and a skirt that went to mid-thigh, along with high heels. She wanted to get an idea of who would check her out. She even decided that she would find reasons to bend over, both forward and backward, giving the guys a view of her breasts and her cable sex story grile man. And for an added bonus, she would move her stool from behind the podium so her legs would be in plain view.

"Ok class let's get started with chapter eight." Marlena said.

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She immediately started with her plan, bending over to pick up a marker that she had dropped. Accidentally, of course. And sure enough when she bent over, Marlena could feel the stares upon her. She looked up briefly just to make sure that her intuition was correct, and it was. The whole class period the guys had their eyes fixed on Marlena. Her breasts were quite popular because she'd always lean over someone's desk when she was helping them.

Of course, every guy would turn to catch a glimpse, to see how much of her he could get a look at. For Marlena it was an amazing feeling, and one she had to try again. But first, she had to come up with a reason to get some of the guys alone.

"I'm offering extra credit, so if you are interested come see me after class." Marlena offered. Unfortunately, for her msog in japan let the slut make you cum and cum again fuyutsuki kaede only people the whole week that were interested in extra credit were women.

Again, she wouldn't have minded having a woman in her orgy, but she really wanted to handle multiple men at a time. The only problem was none of them was showing up, and she had to come up with something quick, as the semester was ending shortly. Then it hit her. She would choose the guys she wanted to be with by giving the lower grades on their tests and reminding them that extra credit would help them pass the class.

And that is exactly what she did and sure enough, it worked. "Ok guys, I have some extra work for you to do. This will help your GPA a lot, so take it seriously." Marlena explained It was just after class and the guys that she had given low scores to were all there, interested in the extra credit that they were promised would bring their grades back up.

Marlena was wearing something equally as sexy as she had when she began her little experiment. She wore a red silk camisole, a black skirt that went to her knees, black stockings that led up to her panty-less bottom, and red open toe heels. Her blonde hair was held in a ponytail, and she wore her usual pair of reading glasses.

Michael, Eric, and Thomas stood in front of Marlena's desk, waiting for her to explain to them what they were to do to earn their extra credit as she went though her bag, pretending to look for some lessons. "Is this going to be long? And is this going to be hard?" Michael asked. Marlena looked up at him and told him that she was sure it was going to be hard, but the length depended on how well they knew the material.

She then stood up and went to shut the door to her classroom. It was not uncommon for classroom doors to be closed, especially since classes let out at different times and the traffic through the halls often disturbed classes still in session. She then returned to her desk and sat down on the edge, letting her legs part just a little bit.

"So, I noticed you guys staring at me the last few days. Sometimes inappropriately." Marlena said. All three of them were visibly nervous and a little bit embarrassed. It was certain from the expressions they wore that they might have thought they were kept after to get in trouble, not to be given the chance for extra credit. Marlena then went on to explain to them that it was ok because that was her intention.

She wanted them to look. And that her extra credit involved them doing much more than looking. The three guys looked at each other, not sure if they were being set up, or if Marlena was serious. What she was telling them was surely a fantasy for any young guy, but the odds of it happening, and with such a sexy, young woman were low. "Is this a trick?" Thomas asked Marlena hiked up her skirt a bit and spread her legs, revealing her bare pussy.

She then ran her fingers over it, looking at each of the men. "Certainly not." She answered. The guys' expressions changed from skeptical to extremely turned on. Marlena knew that she was going to live her fantasy. She told them that if they satisfied her completely, that they wouldn't have to worry about their grades for the rest of the semester. She even told them that there would be no need to take the final because they would all be getting an A.

Marlena pulled Michael by his belt, bringing him to stand in front of her as she remained seated on her desk. She pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his toned torso. She began interracial anal threesome with two hot babes mg his chest as she squeezed his firm butt.

He began doing the same to her breasts as she moaned lightly. Marlena let go of Michael's butt, undid his belt, and pulled his cock out of his boxer shorts. She massaged it and licked it, making it grow right before her eyes. She then took it in her mouth as she motioned for Thomas to approach her. She took down his pants too and stroked his hard penis with her right hand as she pleasured Michael with her mouth and her left hand.

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The two guys moaned silently, arousing Marlena more, and making her please them even more. Marlena stopped and motioned for Eric to approach her. As he did she pulled her skirt down and let it fall to the floor. Her trimmed pussy and her little ass were bare for all of them to see and that turned Marlena on even more. She loved how her fantasy was going. She loved being in control, and she loved anticipating the pleasure she knew was to come. "Why don't you fuck me from behind?" Marlena asked Eric as she leaned over her desk.

Eric pulled down his pants and his underwear and did as he was requested to. As he did that, Michael got in front of Marlena and sat on her desk. Without a word she took his cock into her mouth again. This time moaning from the pleasure of having Eric inside of her as she gave Michael a blowjob.

She swirled her tongue around his head as her lips went up and down, exposing and then swallowing his cock. Over and over she did this to the rhythm of Eric pounding her great moments of pleasure along doremi miyamoto from behind.

Thomas watched Marlena as she was servicing the two other men. Her soft breasts bouncing with the rhythm, saliva dripping from the edges of her mouth, and her ass moving as well.

He stroked himself slowly as he took in the scene. Marlena watched him and it turned her on even more. With every stroke, she hungered for more. And she was going to get it. She wanted all three of them.

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Marlena stood up, pushing Eric back away from her. She told him to sit on the desk so she could sit on him. As she lowered herself she grabbed his cock and guided it into her ass.

It was not the first time she was fucked in her ass, so he slid in without trouble. Then she told Michael to fuck her pussy, and told Thomas to kneel on the desk so she could suck him. She was living her fantasy and loving every moment of it. She had three guys all doing their best to pleasure her as she pleasured them back.

She had three cocks ramming her in every direction, stimulating her in every way possible. They went on like that for fifteen minutes before Marlena came for the first time.

But unlike when she was with one partner, she was not able to take time to recover from her orgasm. She instead continued fucking, even as her muscles relaxed. Eric had his hands on her hips and bounced her up and down on him when she was unable to do it herself. Michael held on to her thighs and pulled himself into her as hard as he could, his thighs slapping against her inner thighs.

And Thomas put his hand on the back of Marlena's head pushing her into him, forcing her to take all 8 inches of him into her mouth and down her throat with every thrust. Her gag reflex was good enough to be able to do that with no problem. Marlena pulled Thomas' cock out of her mouth for a moment to ask him where he wanted to cum. He told her that he wanted her to swallow, and she nodded her head yes.

She climbed off Eric and got onto her knees on the floor, having Thomas stand in front of her. She then took his cock back into her mouth and pulled him forward, using his ass as a grip to help him fuck her face even harder than before.

Eric and Michael stood watching, both of their erections lasting without any need for them to do anything but watch as Marlena brought Thomas to his climax. Thomas trembled as he felt his explosion reach his shaft and travel up to his head where he pumped out his load. Marlena kept his cock in her mouth, moaning every time he pulsated, shooting another sticky stream down her throat. When he was done she swallowed, as a little bit of his cum dropped down her lips, over her chin and down to the floor.

"Who is going to make me cum again?" Marlena asked. Michael approached her as she stood, rubbing her pussy. She put her fingers into Michael's mouth and he sucked on them with as much intensity as Marlena had sucked on Thomas.

He then turned her around, bent her over and entered her vagina. He started with a slow rhythm but soon pounded her, slapping his pelvis against her ass, her breasts slapping her in the face every time she looked down.

She wanted so bad to have her nipples stimulated that she sucked on them herself. Eric got underneath her and sucked on the other one. This brought her to her second orgasm, squirting around Michael's cock, and getting her sticky pleasure all over his stomach.

She turned around, licked it off him, and continued down to taste herself on his cock. She was going to bring him to orgasm in two matures anal sodo orgasm french amateur masturbating and rubbing same way she had done with Thomas.

Only this time instead of swallowing, Michael wanted her to wear him. And when he came he covered her face and her breasts with his hot, white load. Finally, it was time to bring her fantasy to a close by letting Eric paint her white.

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He however wanted to come on her ass and her back. To do that he had to fuck her from the back. Marlena assumed her position, leaning over one of the chairs, placing her hands on the back of it to hold herself up. Eric first entered her red ass. He fucked her hard, and she screamed with delight, loving all of the little orgasms she experienced.

He then switched to her pussy, spanking her as he fucked her even harder than he had before.

Michael and Eric became hard again by watching, and began pleasuring themselves. "Why don't you guys get yourselves almost to the end? When you do, come over here and I'll finish the rest." Marlena said as she bobbed back and forth with the rhythm of Eric inside of her. Eric had finally had more than he could handle and he pulled out of Marlena and came over her pussy, her ass, and on the small of her back, just as he had wanted to.

Marlena rubbed him into her, some of him even getting into her bush. Michael and Eric went over to Marlena who got down on her knees as they approached her. She took both of their cocks in her hands and put them both in her mouth.

She could only fit a little of each one, but it was enough as they both climaxed about the same time, covering her with the cum that she was unable to swallow. Both of them cumming more than they had the first time, Marlena swallowing more than she had before. Marlena stood up as the three guys began putting their clothes back on. She went to her desk to put her clothes on too, and to clean her face the sticky goo off her pretty face.

She smiled as she did this, wiping away the physical evidence of her fantasy, but knowing that her memories would keep her satisfied for a long time to come. She mamas pilladas con hijos dormidas finally lived her fantasy. She had finally been with multiple partners at the same time.

And the best part of all of it was that she had gotten just as much satisfaction as she had given. "Just as I promised, you will all be getting extra masturbating and calling hail satan. But I don't think I can let you skip the final exam." The guys, who were dressed and gathering their belongings stopped in their tracks. They had assumed their was going to be a catch, and it seemed they had just heard it.

"So what does that mean?" Michael asked. Marlena slid her black panty hose up her sticky thighs and let her fingers linger on her warm, red pussy. "It means that you will take the final.

But for you three I will be giving a group test. And it will be a take-home test." Marlena said.