A brunette is penetrated to orgasm by an air pressure mechanical dildo while blond watches

A brunette is penetrated to orgasm by an air pressure mechanical dildo while blond watches
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Chapter 1: I had never really been the tough jock kinda guy. Well actually, I'm quite the opposite. I only have 2 friends in school, and they are even more socially awkward then me. I've never really been too big on physical fights or confrontation, and I really despise sports. I'm in the second month of high school, and things haven't taken a turn for the good…yet. Chapter 2 I was laying my head down on my desk, when suddenly the bell rang. The sound pierced the deep slumber, as I was jolted back into reality.

I sat up gloomily and headed for the door. History class was next period, and I had to listen to Mr. Wershire ramble on dully and pretend to take notes. There was only one good thing about 2nd period; I had the perfect view of Alicia. One of the good things about this school was the women. There were a lot of gorgeous babes; although none of them would get with I guy like me (or at least that's what I thought).

As I was walking to class the thought of her was big titty latina fuck for some cash getting me semi-chub. I walked in to class and I could hear Mr. Wershire grumbling something about 'the joys of American History.' I slumped down into my desk and waited for class to start. Just then I saw Alicia walk in the door, and she was more sexy than usual.

She was wearing pink short-shorts and a tank top, showing off every curve. Her lush brown hair was down to her breasts.

Just then I heard Mr. Wershire say, "Get out your binders." So I ducked down under my desk and unzipped my backpack. I looked across the room and noticed Alicia's legs spread apart and I could barely make out her lips out of the shorts. I picked up my binder and put it down on my desk. I started to notice a growing hard on pressing against my zipper.

I glanced back up at Alicia's succulent breasts. After a while I realized I'd been starring for quite some time, and quickly glanced up at her face. To my surprise, she was giggling. About a half an hour later, Mr. Wershire announced that we were going to be working on a project with a partner. Although the class begged Mr.

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Wershire to let the students pick partners he said no. Of course I ended up getting paired up with Alicia, the last person that I would want to work one on one with, since that awkward moment. I moved my desk over to hers, and brought all my things over to where she was. I looked up at her red faced and nervous. Surprisingly she looked up at me, smiled and said, "Should we get to work?" "Umm sure," I replied followed by a nervous laugh.

She looked up at me and giggled and said, "your cute." About 15 minutes went by when I heard Mr. Wershire say, "time to pack up." I started to gather my things when I felt I hand on my leg.

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I looked up at Alicia startled and she looked back nervously. I felt her hand move up to my crotch and I could feel her stroking my cock. She looked up at me and asked, "Do you want to work on this project after school today. "Yeah." Just then the bell rang and I got up and quickly gave her a kiss, then left.

Chapter 3 I was sitting at home in my room. Boredom was beginning to invade me, so I decided to review my notes. I got out my notebook and look through and noticed a phone number written in my notes.

I whipped out my phone and dialed the number. Over the phone I heard her cute little voice say "hi it's Alicia," "Hey this is George from school," "Oh hi, could you text me the address to your place?" "Yeah hold on." I hung up and started texting her the address.

I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Alicia, the prettiest freshman at school was coming over to my house. I sat in my room for a while thinking about it, when I couldn't hold off anymore, I started jerking off to the thought of Alicia. Just then I heard the doorbell.

This sent a rush of panic through me and I quickly pulled my pants back up and answered the door. Standing there was Alicia, and she looked even sexier. I greeted her and she walked through the door and leaned in about a centimeter away from my face and whispered, "lets get to work." I walked her to my room and pushed open my door.

As soon as she got in she pushed my down on the bed and began passionately making out mom and son sexspank bank me. After a little, I leaned back and pulled off her tank top. She was wearing no bra! I saw the full nude breast of Alicia. I carefully caressed and sucked each nipple.

She turned to me and with a frenzied look on her face unzipped my jeans and flung them off. She began sucking on the tip of my dick and then went into a full deep throat. It felt amazing to have the warmth of her mouth around my cock. I could hold off no longer so I pulled out and started taking off her shorts.

When I got them off I heard her squeal. That's when I saw it, the beauty of Alicia's wet pussy. I could see the pink lips inviting me. I straddled her and stuck my dick inside her warm wet pussy, it felt amazing. I started fiercely pumping.

I could hear her moaning loudly. "Ohhhhh, yeah, right there, yess." Then I heard her yell, "Ouch, that hurts." I kept viciously pumping. With each pump I heard scream in pain. I started to feel it coming on so I pulled out and blew a huge load on her chest. I leaned over and asked, "Did I pop your cherry?" She turned over and replied, "yeah."