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Hot clothed cfnm slut sucks fetish cock
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Episode II Of the Adventures of John and Holly Part 27: Perfect Circle It was a Saturday afternoon. Holly and I had been out doing the typical couple stuff, shopping, eating lunch, nothing out of the ordinary. As I pulled into the driveway, we both noticed some extra vehicles. We walked in the front door, to a surprise. There was six girls sitting in our living room. Sandy and Stephanie, of course. Sandy, the short latino with large natural breasts, Stephanie the blonde with small tits.

But also sitting on our furniture was Jenny, the short blonde with small tits that had been unexpectedly blasted about a year ago, Gretchen, the redhead with medium breasts, Dana, the platinum blonde very skinny small titted girl with a nice ass, and finally Alyssa, Dana's lesbian friend who now provides Holly and I with a room during the day.

With the exception of Sandy, everyone in the room was a sophomore, Sandy being just a little older. Not only was there six girls in our living room, but they were watching a very familiar porno.

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"Welcome home" Stephanie said, a huge smile on her face. "What is this? A porno of the month club?" I asked, setting some bags down. "We didn't say you could show that tape to everyone" Holly said, sounding somewhat worried. "Oh please, John has fucked every girl in this room." Stephanie said.

I looked around at the faces. "She's got ya there" I said to Holly. Holly and I stood behind the couch holding three of the six girls. "Ohh here's the good part" Stephanie said. Just a few seconds later I was blowing my load on television.

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"Whoah" The assembled crowd reacted to the cum explosion. "I'd swear you had six testicles if I didn't know better." Jenny said. Everyone in the room, including Holly and I, was getting quite aroused.

"So is this whole get together leading to anything?" I asked, trailing off. "What like an orgy?" Holly asked me. "Ya" I said. Stephanie looked at both of us, rolling her eyes.

"Well if hot brunette brooklyn gets fucked anal by her roommate guys are going to be boring and just watch porn, We'll be in the bedroom" I said, smiling.

"No no, stay here" Steph said. … Some drinks and a few pornos later, we were all sitting in the living room. The porno just finished; "So what do we do now?" I asked the assembled group provocatively. No response. It seemed like each person was slightly afraid of being the instigator. "Well, if you guys aren't doing anything, we will" Holly said. Holly and I had been sitting in the reclining chair, holly on my lap. The porno had gotten my cock aroused and poking her thigh from below.

Holly turned around, her knees on either side of my hips, as she straddled my body, facing me. The six girls were all still sitting on the couches.

Holly leaned into me, her hair draping over our faces. We kissed for several minutes, hands exploring. "What the fuck are you guys doing? Get on with it!" Holly said, turning away from me for just a second. Holly leaned back to me, her hair covering our faces, blocking our view of anything else going on. I ran my hands up her shirt, pulling it above her tits. I pulled her bra down, her breasts now hanging out of her bra.

Holly had one hand shoved down my pants, teasing my cock. We both heard a crash, stopping in our making out, we looked out to see an interesting sight. The girls had moved the couches out from the middle of the living room, toward the walls. The middle sweet girl tries out new sex toys the living room was now a big empty space of carpet. Holly and I stood up, still holding each other. "umm.what is…umm" I said, hesitantly.

The six girls standing in a circle, all started stripping their clothes off. Soon Holly and I were the only ones wearing clothes. I looked at holly and her eyes told me she was thinking the same thing. We both stripped our clothes off, standing with the girls in the circle, wondering what was to come.

We all stood in a circle. To my left was Holly, then Stephanie, Gretchen, Alyssa, Jenny, Dana, Sandy. Sandy was to my right in the circle. Stephanie was now acting as the ringleader. "I'll Start" Stephanie said. Stephanie got down to her knees, then laid on her right side, putting her left leg straight up into the air, exposing her pussy. Stephanie was facing in to the circle. Then Gretchen followed, doing the same as Stephanie, but facing out of the circle, and resting her head on Stephanie's thigh, mouth poised to please her pussy.

Then Alyssa followed suit, facing in to the circle, her face next to Gretchen's pussy. And it went on down the line until it came to me. Sandy was to my right, facing out of the circle, her right leg straight into the air.

I laid down, splitting my legs apart, not quite in the same way as the girls. Holly was the last to go, putting her cheek on my right thigh, and having Steph put her face on her thigh. The great circle of oral was now set to go. "Okay, once we start, if you cum, then you stand up and wait for someone else to cum, then you switch places. GO!" Stephanie said. The juices of anticipation filled the entire room with that wonderful feminine aroma. I leaned my head back, pushing up into Sandy's drippingly awaiting slit.

Holly started sucking me off immediately. She blew me slowly, taking time to play with my cock as much as possible, knowing there was much fun to go. I started on Sandy by flicking my tongue up and down on her lips. Then pushing right into her, my tongue rubbing inside of her dripping pussy. Her juices running wild, I sucked on her clit. The 'ooohhs' and 'aaahs' of pleasure filled the room. Holly continued to kanako kimura engulfing a huge fat ramrod well nice teen mmf me slowly, Sandy was getting somewhat close.

I played with her clit quickly with my fingers, whilst sucking and licking all around her pussy. I heard orgasmic screams from someone in the room. I saw Jenny standing, her knees shaking, in the middle of the circle, watching the other members of the circle intently. I increased the pace of flicking licking and sucking, causing Sandy to blast juices out of her, covering my chin and cheek with her sex fluid. Sandy waited a second, then slowly rose. Jenny looked at me, and smiled, walking towards me.

She laid down, putting her face in Dana's throbbing pussy. I leaned back down, plunging my tongue inside of her. Her thigh was already wet from her first orgasm. Licking, sucking, fingering, I did my best to get her off. Holly, still blowing me slowly, stopped suddenly.

I felt her warm rapid breath on my balls. Then I heard her screaming out. Stephanie had gotten the job done on her. Holly stood up, waiting for the next location. My cock, throbbing, waited for the next girl. I continued to eat Jenny, as holly stood waiting for some time.

Alyssa was the next to come, her screams drowning out the other sounds of pleasure in the room. So Holly starting eating Sandy, and being eaten by Gretchen.

Alyssa came over, putting her pussy in front of Stephanie, and her face next to my cock, as I continued pleasuring Jenny. There was more explosions of orgasmic pleasure from around the circle, but the rest of us continued our work. Jenny was getting close, her pussy ready to blast. Alyssa held my cock in one hand, stroking me slowly, putting her mouth over the tip of my cock, playing with her tongue.

Alyssa bobbed her head up and down on two inches of my cock, stroking the remaing. She was blowing me wet, saliva running down my shaft. Alyssa was playing with my balls with one hand, but her hand slowly wandered to my ass.

Her finger well lubed from pussy juice, she pushed one finger in my ass. I brought Jenny to orgasm, flooding me with juices again, the screams again filling the room.

I had lost track of all the switches in the circle. Alyssa kept the sloppy blowjob going, slowly stroking one finger in my ass. It felt kind of weird, but it felt pretty good. The next thing I knew, Stephanie had her legs wrapped around my head, abandoning the passive stance from before.

Her thighs squeezing my head as I pushed my face into her wet slit.

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Screams again filled the room as two more girls switched places. I am sure by this point that I am the only one that hasn't come. I am lapping on Stephanie's pussy, her lips whole body shaking from probably multiple orgasms ganging up on her body.

Alyssa was still blowing me sloppily, but she picked up the pace, taking almost al of my cock into her mouth and out again quickly. She still had one finger inside my ass stroking in and out. I was coming, and since my entire head was restrained to Stephanie's wet love slit, I could make no warnings. Alyssa should have been able to sense it coming. I came hard, her finger in my ass felt extremely good all of the sudden, contracting around it.

Her mouth poised at the head of my cock, catching as much jizz as she could in her mouth. I flooded her mouth with cum, covering her cheek with jizz, and some landing in her hair.

I uncontrollably thrusted my face into Stephanie's pussy forcefully, my mouth lips chin and nose all thrusting into her pushing her into orgasm.

Stephanie and I stood up, once she released me from her grip. "I guess we just switch?" I said to her. And we did. Now I laid down, putting my face onto Dana's small leg. I pushed forward, lapping on her amazingly tight, wet pussy. Stephanie now starting sucking on my saliva coated, and jizz caked, semi-hard cock, keeping me from getting soft. I pushed fingers from both hands into Dana's dripping pussy. I put one of my now lubed fingers into her asshole, pushing inside of her, and stroking slowly.

I kept brunette babe tries out her new toy fucking her with two fingers, as I sucked and played with her clit. My cock was getting hard again, thanks to Stephanie's sucking.

Dana was the next to cum, her body shaking as her pussy lips squirted sex juice at me. Dana tried to stand up, but ended up stumbling to the floor, breathing heavily. Stephanie still sucking my cock, the sounds of the sex died down quite a bit.

"I think its time for a break" Steph said, watching as the girls struggled to keep eating. All the girls just laid on their backs, breathing hard, trying to get their composure back. I sat up, looking at the seven women, their tits all heaving up and down on their chests from the multiple orgasmic waves of pleasure playing with their bodies.

"Break? I'm still ready to go" I said. "You want to fuck one of these girls?" Holly asked me, trying to get me some. None of the girls responded. "Alright, I'll take that dick in me" Holly said.

Holly got up on all fours, pointing her ass towards me, and looking back at me expectantly. I crawled over to her, putting my chest on her big tits stepmom cums in stepteens mouth, my hands just below hers on the floor. I leaned into her, hoping my cock would find its place. My cock pushed up against her asshole. At first I stopped to put my hand back to guide into her pussy, but then holly said "ooohhh fuck my ass". So I went with it.

I pushed my cock into her tight ass. I was all the way inside of her, my cock throbbing, her ass squeezing me. I started to assfuck her, stroking in and out of her tight ass, my balls lightly slapping against her wet pussy. The other girls were now sitting around us, watching me sodomize Holly. Soon Sandy was on all fours, her ass just beside Holly's, waiting for me to fuck her. I pulled out of holly, moving behind Sandy.

"Wait" Holly said. After a second Holly returned from our bedroom, condom in hand.

I stood and Holly dropped to her knees, putting the condom in her ben 10 porn julie fuckxxxstory downloads. Holly leaned forward, placing the condom and her lips at the head of my cock, and pushing down. The condom stretched over my cock as Holly deepthroated me. "Okay" Holly said. I dropped down to my knees, and pulled Sandy's ass towards me. I pushed my cock into her dripping pussy, pulling her hips against mine, fucking her hard.

Alyssa dropped to her knees, putting her crotch in Sandy's face. Sandy ate her out, as I fucked her, her massive tits flopping around beneath her chest.

Now Gretchen had her ass next to Sandy's, waiting for her turn.

I pulled out of Sandy, the void filled by Holly dropping to the floor and eating her from behind, as she ate Alyssa. I pushed into Gretchen's pussy and hammered away for a short time. "No, Fuck my ass" Gretchen said, turning back to me. Holly pulled her mouth from Sandy's pussy for just a second "Ya fuck that tight ass". I put my cock up against her ass hole, putting some pressure on her opening.

Her hole opened slowly, allowing my cock inside her ass. She moaned as I thrusted inside her. "Fuck Me HARD" She screamed at me. I pounded her ass hard, thrusting into her hips. She was moaning hard as I fucked her ass. Soon she was coming, her asshole clenching around my cock, I tried to keep pumping but was not allowed to. My cock was squeezed as I continued to try and fuck her. I came in the condom deep in her asshole.

I fell back, laying on my back, breathing heavy. "Is that cock still hard?" Dana asked me, her platinum blonde short hair messed up around her face. She dropped to all fours, as I laid back. Stroked my rubber covered cock quick and fast, trying to keep me hard. My cock responded, staying semi hard. Dana stood over me, facing me, and lowered herself, down, until she was crouched over my cock. She let her weight push down, impaling her pussy with my cock.

She bounced up and down, playing with her tits, as we both moaned. My cock was getting hard again inside of her as we fucked. Dana fucked me vigorously, pounding her hips down, flesh smacking together, her small tits bouncing as she put her hands on my chest to hold herself up. Dana came hard, losing control and falling to me, ending up laying on me, her pussy milking my cock, to no avail.

"Get off, its my turn" Alyssa said. I helped Dana roll off of me. Alyssa had been getting eaten and was quite close to coming before I had anything to do with it. "Fill me up big boy" Alyssa said, crouching down to my cock as Dana had. My cock filling her up as she let out a 'ooohhhh'.

She stopped at the bottom, my cock all the way inside her. She nearly came just from the penetration. She collected herself enough to start thrusting down. I helped by thrusting my hips up into her. It didn't take long before she came, screaming and arching her back, nearly falling backwards, but I held her hips with my hands, keeping her on my cock as I continued to fuck her orgasming pussy. Alyssa done, I stood up. "Anyone else need some cock" I asked the girls, holding my dick in my hand.

I got no responses. The girls were exhausted. "No takers?" I asked incredulously. "I'll take some" Stephanie said. She was sitting on the couch, watching the sights. I walked over gabriella paltrova analed by huge black cock the couch. Stephanie tried to stand up, but nearly fell. I somewhat caught her. She was now on her back, her legs on the couch. I stood, my legs on either side of her.

I pulled her up by her arms. Her hips now right at the edge of the couch. She pulled her legs from between mine, pulling them back. Now her ass was exposed. Her head was against the ground, her back against the couch, her ass at the edge of it, her feet were touching the floor on either side of her head, and I was standing, facing her, legs on either side of her. "This will do" I said. I held my cock in my hand, and lowered myself to her.

"Which hole?" I asked her. "you pick" She said to me, through her legs. Of course I choose ass. I lowered my body till my cock was against her ass hole, directly below me. I slowly raised and lowered my body, thrusting my cock inside of her ass below me. Steph moaned loudly as I assfucked her.

"Fuck my ass with that hard cock" She said, egging me on. I fucked her a little faster. Her tight hole was getting me close to coming for a third time.

She had one hand playing with her pussy while I fucked her ass. After some time she came. Her ass contracting around my cock, milking me. I came deep in her ass, again contstrained by the condom. I sat back on the couch. Steph didn't move, laying there. I sat breathing heavily. Holly came over to me, her legs covered in juices, obviously having a recent orgasm. "Did you come in there?" She asked me. "Twice" I responded.

"Oohh" She said excitedly. Holly pulled me to my feet. I stood there, minka gets fucked at night in a public spot the girls except Steph, still against the couch, were around me. Holly and Gretchen were on their knees in front of me.

Holly pulled the condom off my jizz caked cock.

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Holly licked the inside of the condom, sucking the cum out, then making out with Gretchen. Holly then sucked on my cock, blowing me and getting all the cum ruvias gordas eyaculanden mini falda culonas anchas could.

Gretchen shared my jizz with Holly, licking and playing with my cock between them. I was somewhat shocked about it, but from the new playing with jizz and sucking, my cock was getting hard again. I know it's hard to believe, four times in a row, but, well, it was hard again.

"Who wants to go again?" I asked all the girls. "Again??" They all responded at the same time incredulously. "Put that thing away" Sandy said. "I need a shower" Holly said, still on her knees, looking up at me. "Well, losers, I guess holly and I are going to go have some more fun while you guys sit around doing nothing' I said.

I was right, they were too exhausted to do anything but sit around. Holly and I would have some more fun in the shower.