Teacher sex with 8th class student

Teacher sex with 8th class student
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Katy's Late Night Project By rutger5 (An Original Story 2011) Katy looked down at her phone as it vibrated on her desk. Her well manicured finger pushed a button and she saw that it was her friend Anne answering her text message.

At least she wasn't calling, where not only would Katy be forced to stop her working but to also argue with Anne about rimming ass girl old man first time introducing dukke plans for tonight.

[ What a surprise. Cancelling plans yet again to work late. You, my friend, need to get out some and spend time with people and Mark told me some of his cute friends would be there.

Your loss Katy. Call me when you can and for God's sake don't work all night this time.] Katy knew Anne was right to a point and she had been looking forward to going out dancing for a change but when her boss Gary came to her desperate to get the project done she had agreed to do whatever was required.

The fact that he was the most gorgeous man on the planet and he had the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen always made it hard to turn him down. Plus the fact that he was in line for a promotion and hopefully would reward those who had helped him get it was also a factor in her thinking. Her ex Phil had been jealous of Gary she knew although that had been her fault for confessing once while drunk how attractive she found him.

But he was married with two beautiful little girls she protested futilely but Phil didn't want to hear it. That was only one factor in their breakup and in reality it was fun while it lasted but they never had a real future together.

Be that as it may since they split four months ago Katy was no longer getting sex on a regular basis. One reason she had stayed with Phil as long as she did was the fact that Katy was a sexual person and she knew with her work schedule as it was charming ladies kelsi and kira fingering ass holes pornstars and lesbian there wasn't the time to date and find someone suitable for such things.

Her vibrator had certainly picked up the slack but it wasn't the same as a warm sleeping sax download story sister brothar next to you, nor could it laugh at your jokes or cheer you up when something went wrong. Stop wasting time moping about things she thought to herself or you will be here all night with nothing to show for it.

She started working earnestly now, compiling the various statistics and findings from a variety of material in order to make the case that Gary would be bringing to the board for approval. Katy worked nonstop for a couple of hours and had made great headway when her stomach growled sending her a message that now was the time to take a break and get something to eat.

She opened her top desk drawer and removed a number of take out menus from previous late nights. What did she feel like tonight? She immediately decided that Thai and Chinese food were out and she really didn't feel like pizza. But the pizza place did make a nice Caesar salad and with some buffalo wings it was a nice combo.

She called and placed her order for delivery and gave her cell number as a contact before resuming what work she could manage before the food arrived. Some more work was accomplished before her phone rang indicating the food was there.

She grabbed her purse and headed out to the elevators. When she arrived in the lobby a scruffy looking individual was waiting there with her order. Katy didn't like the look of him or how he stared at her like he wanted to eat her but she paid him, including a nice tip, and headed to the elevator with her delivery.

She wondered why there was no concierge in the lobby like usual but she figured he must have been using the restroom or something. She looked back as the doors opened and noticed the deliveryman watching her while licking his lips. Katy shuddered when she got on the elevator and breathed a sigh of relief as the doors closed. Once she got back to her cubicle she ate the salad first before digging into the wings.

She dipped them in the sour cream sauce and felt a twinge of guilt because she'd been working so hard lately that her trips to the gym had become infrequent at best.

Still she knew she was in good shape in spite of that. Until graduating high school she'd been a member of the gymnastics team smalltit teen wanks cock and fingers pussy though her skill wasn't good enough for the college team she had continued doing it some with running and other activities to stay in great shape.

Since college she had slacked off a bit while still exercising regularly and at twenty five her metabolism was still fast enough that she could indulge on occasion.

Her dinner was just about finished when Esperanza, the cleaning woman, made her appearance. "Senorita you are here late again. You are always working, you are young and should be out having fun" she told her. "Well what about you Esperanza, you're working as well so who are you to talk." "Yes but my job is to work nights, but you work day and night. Also I am married and have found my love unlike you." "They'll be time for that once I get ahead at the job.

The work I do now will pay off in the future" Katy said defensively. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you.

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It is just that people work so hard to get the corner office that they can forget the little things newest jav star super cute life are the real joy. Like time with my children - that is worth more to me than all the money in the world. But I'm sorry for bothering you." "No I'm sorry also and I know you mean well. Believe me my friends tell me the same thing. Hopefully I'll be out of here in a little while." The woman resumed her cleaning but Katy couldn't shake the feeling that though she said no more that in her mind Esperanza pitied her.

A little while later the woman said good night before she left the office suite as Katy was really cracking after her meal break. At the rate she was going the project might be finished tonight so she really bore down. An hour later she stopped and stretched, then rubbed her neck and shoulders. Hunching over the desk while staring into the screen certainly wasn't helping her posture, that was for sure.

Tomorrow she really had to get to the gym and get some of the kinks out but with a feeling of satisfaction she knew the report was almost done. After a trip to the ladies room she would finish up and call it a night. Katy took her I.D. badge and the restroom key and headed off. On her way she passed the closed conference room as well as a number of private offices.

Well once Gary was promoted and she had someone who knew what she could do on her side it would only be a matter of time before she had her own office. The thought of that made her smile. First she left the company suite and went to the ladies room in the hallway where the key gained her entry. She was just finishing wiping after tinkling audrey hollander and nyomi marcela get it on she heard a faint sound like the door opening quietly.

Though she strained to hear more no further sounds came when suddenly the lights went out leaving her in pitch blackness. "Hello is anyone there? Someone is teen swallows old man cum and kissing young tender sex in jacuzzi here, can you please turn the light back on. Esperanza is that you?" she asked though the cleaning woman was usually gone by this time. In fact no one answered her plea and the light remained off but she heard nothing else.

After a minute as her heart raced Katy stood and pulled up her thong panties and let her knee high navy blue skirt fall into place. By feeling her way out she managed to make it from the stall to the door which she opened sending light into the bathroom. Peering out she saw the corridor was empty and silent. Her hand flicked the light switch back on and she hurriedly washed her hands before heading back to the office.

She was on the watch for anything out of the ordinary but things seemed normal. Still she decided to just get her things together and head out. The project she could finish first thing in the morning. Swiping her card to gain access to the suite she swiftly headed toward her cubicle. Katy had just passed the conference room when her ear registered the faintest noise like the rustling of fabric when suddenly someone seized her from behind.

One arm circled her waist while another went around her neck cutting off her air supply as she felt herself literally lifted in the air. Her feet kicked helplessly as they futilely tried to find some traction while her hands attempted to pry the arm off her throat. Though she was very fit the arm holding her was much too powerful for Katy to budge and with horror she realized that she was being carried into the conference room.

Once they were in the room her attacker pushed his body against the door forcing it closed. Katy was beginning to feel a little light headed from lack of oxygen when she felt a bulge growing against her posterior as the man rubbed into her. She redoubled her efforts to escape but he held her as easily as a rag doll before suddenly dropping her onto the carpeted floor. She wound up on her stomach when a heavy body landed on top of Katy knocking the wind out of her. First one arm, then the other was pulled behind her back as the intruder tied her hands quickly and efficiently with what felt like a scarf or some other strip of fabric.

Once her hands were secure Katy felt the body get off her prone figure. Not wasting any time she rolled onto her back anna bell peaks in best home workout see her attacker.

Standing over her was a hulking figure dressed head to toe in black including a black ski mask and black leather gloves. After seeing the masked figure the cry Katy was about to make died in her throat stillborn.

He dropped to his knees straddling the pretty brown haired young woman and it was then she noticed he had a wicked looking blade in his right gloved hand.

His free hand reached out and traced the line of her jaw before moving onto the pale skin of her neck. Katy shuddered as for a moment he squeezed but he released her as fast as he grabbed her with his hand now working further down her body.

Lightly it moved over her white button down shirt until it reached the slight swell of her breast where it explored. It squeezed gently to start until the thumb and forefinger managed to take hold of her nipple through the two layers of her clothing.

It pinched so hard that Katy winced from the pain before releasing her. The reprieve was short lived as the intruder now rapidly unbuttoned the shirt from neck to waist revealing her pale, flawless flesh and white Maidenform brassiere.

Without warning the hand with the blade moved and as Katy flinched it cut the material between the cups freeing her breasts from their bondage. Just as quickly the man leaned in and his mouth took as much of the tender flesh into it as could fit. As befitting a gymnast she had small, firm little titties and they also were exceptionally sensitive. When his teeth gently closed on her pointy nipple a gasp escaped Katy's lips. He continued suckling on her breast and his tongue repeatedly flicked her erect nipple sending signals straight between Katy's thighs.

When his mouth switched to her other breast his free hand took the first in hand and kneaded the flesh. With both her breasts receiving attention Katy felt herself start to moisten in spite of the circumstances.

When the man worked one of his knees between her legs and pressed it to her awakened mound Katy had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. After a couple of minutes of this with the man repeatedly switching his mouth and hand back and forth on her breasts and his knee teen first time virgin xstory girls with big cocks against her she was becoming very aroused.

Realizing this the man started to kiss his way down her flat tummy while his hand continued massaging her succulent breasts. He then yanked her skirt up over her waist and again using his knife he cut off her black thong revealing her treasure. A low whistle escaped his mouth as he beheld her shaved nether region. Katy left just a tiny landing strip of dark, brown hair above her perfect pussy. It was small and pink with barely protruding inner lips which glistened from the moisture which was seeping from her.

Her little clit stood erect and defiant as it peeked out from its hood and the man's gloved thumb reached down kinky lesbians fill up their big bums with whipped cream and ejaculate it out threesome cumshots touched it. Unable to prevent it Katy responded with a low moan making the man smile in reply. Sometime after cutting off her thong the man had dropped his blade and now using both hands lifted her toned lower half up to meet his hungry mouth.

When his tongue first grazed her lips Katy squirmed around but was unable to escape his clutches. Once he started licking her in earnest, his tongue tracing her from her clit to the bottom of her lips, she wasn't sure she wanted to escape. Then he plunged his tongue inside her wet hole as far as it could reach. He licked the inside walls which were sticky from her delicious juices and drank down as much as he was able to.

Her head, neck and upper back remained on the floor but his hands securely held Katy by her perfect ass keeping her pelvis and legs in the air where he continued to hungrily eat her delicious pussy, her bent knees resting on his broad shoulders. In spite of the circumstances Katy felt a massive orgasm building in her and when his tongue slipped out and began licking her erect clit it proved too much for her neglected pussy.

Katy's full lips emitted a drawn out wail as her whole body trembled from the force of her orgasm. Her muscles contracted the length of her body and more of her clear nectar flowed from between her swollen lips. The man ignored this and continued his oral attention on her until her muscles relaxed after cumming. Only then did he slowly lower Katy to the carpet and release his hold on her. Next he reached down and unfastened the buttons on his fly before removing his semi-erect cock.

Katy's eyes widened as she saw the stiffening meat swelling before her eyes. It was thick with prominent veins running its length while the large mushroom head was purplish with pre-cum dripping from the hole. The man stroked it a few times as his body moved into position over Katy's prone figure.

He placed one knee besides her head while his opposite foot rested on the other side of her head. Holding his cock with one hand he pulled Katy up by her brown pony tail so that her face almost touched his erection.

Her pink tongue emerged and licked the clear liquid off his red engorged head before she opened her mouth and swallowed the head deep into her mouth. He gasped from the feeling as her tongue swirled on the sensitive underside of his cockhead and shifted his hands to support Katy's head.

She began to bob her head up and down, taking more of his thick shaft into her warm mouth. She was practically impaling herself now, violently swallowing his turgid tube to the back of her mouth with each movement of her neck and head.

Katy's saliva was escaping the corners of her mouth and running down her chin before dripping to the carpeted floor below. After one particularly deep swallow Katy began to cough from his head triggering her gag reflex. The masked man lowered Katy to the floor as she recovered from her coughing fit. His eyes hungrily devoured her from the light brown hair of her head to her muscled, sexy legs as he moved his body lower so that he now knelt between her thighs. He grasped his erection and began rubbing it against the outside of her wet lips until it was coated by both her saliva as well as her pussy juice.

His other hand reached out and for the moment gently took her throat between his thumb chubby asian tugging masseuse gives handjob bodysliding and sexmassage fingers. Katy felt the power of his hand as he squeezed for a moment before relaxing his grip.

All the while his hard cock slid back xxx pron full sex stories story 2019 forth along the furrow of her wet pussy, on occasion touching her erect, little clit.

"Do you want my big, hard cock in your wet little pussy slut? Hmm, I think you do but I want you to tell me so" the man spoke for the first time. His voice was deep and sounded hoarse with lust and desire for the sexy office worker. "Yes oh God I want it so bad. Please put it in me and fuck me hard" the bound woman said in reply to his query. Immediately the man worked his head to the entrance of her pinkness and pushed it forwards so that it stretched to receive the thickness.

Katy moaned as it slowly penetrated her canal, her muscles gripping mom sex ten girl school tightly as it inched deeper.

He lifted her legs and rested them against his torso while he continued sliding deeper into her. Finally he felt his full, hard length inside Katy at which point he paused and just enjoyed the feeling of her muscles squeezing and contracting along the length of his erection. It was the mewing sounds that Katy was making that caused him to start moving his hips.

Slowly he pulled back so that only a few inches remained in her paradise before driving it all the way back in. With each thrust Katy whimpered as he filled her with his cock, sending her senses reeling.

His gloved hand rested on her landing strip now and he began to rub her clit with his leather clad thumb. His body was like a machine as it thrust and rubbed with a steady rhythm pushing Katy once more to orgasm.

Even as she cried out from cumming he continued his relentless assault, his cock and thumb not slowing at all. Before long he forced yet another climax from her aroused body but the strain was beginning to affect him as well. His rhythm became erratic as he felt his own body being overwhelmed with pleasure centered on his driving shaft. With a moan he pulled out of Katy and scrambled to kneel by her face.

She brought her mouth up and forward and he just managed to slip his head between her lips before a large shot of cum exploded into latina girl bigtits tease pussy with vibe wecamnet mouth followed by one after another. His hand pumped his shaft coaxing all his fluid into Katy's hot mouth. She swished the thick, white spunk around her mouth until no more came from his cock.

Only then did she swallow it down her throat after which a smile appeared on her face. The man remained hard and in fact lightly smacked her cheek with his prick a few times before again moving. Once he was kneeling besides her he rolled Katy to her stomach at which point he helped her move her body so that she was on her knees with her firm, round ass in the air while her chest and head rested on the floor.

Then he moved behind her in the kneeling position at which time he again drove deep until his balls rested against Katy's soft skin. His hands grabbed her hips and guided them back and forth as he watched his cock disappear and then reappear with each movement.

Her body was soon bathed with perspiration giving her skin a sheen as she continued her movement. Soon he joined her thrusting forward to meet her hips moving backwards as the smell of sex permeated the conference room. He managed to move into a crouching position now with his legs widely spaced while his hands continued guiding her back and forth.

Katy was again moaning as each thrust of his erection slammed her hard sending waves of pleasure radiating outward from her pretty pussy.

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Both of their breathing was becoming rapid as their bodies continued to push the limits of desire more and more. When Katy climaxed again her pussy muscles contracted hard on his shaft lesbo hotties open up their deep anals and nail huge fuck toys with a low cry he felt the jism flow upwards into his shaft before emptying inside her pinkness. Both their bodies sank forward with his resting on top of hers as they came down from their orgasmic bliss.

With a gasp he pushed his body up and off hers, in the process his softening shaft slipping from her well exercised love muscle. As she rolled onto her side he again brought it within reach of her willing mouth.

Not for the first time did she open wide and suck the juices from it making him gasp as the sensitive flesh was massaged by her pink tongue. When it was clean he pulled it away and put it in his pants. Katy continued resting on her side allowing her heart to resume its normal rhythm as the man stood. He picked up both her cut lingerie and the knife from the floor and slipped them into a pocket. After that he helped Katy stand and grasping her by her ponytail pulled her to the door.

Next he opened it and led her into the main office. Once they reached her cubicle he untied her wrists and spun her so that she was facing him. Her arms twined about his neck and their lips met sending a current through both their bodies. A few seconds later he broke the kiss and turned to walk away. Katy sat in her chair and started to button her shirt when the man paused and turned. His gloved hand was in the process of pulling his mask up when he spoke.

"So Katy will the project still be completed on time even with this delay?" She turned and smiled at the handsome and now unmasked man. "Of course Gary. I should be done in less than fifteen minutes.

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And thank you I really needed that - both the break and the fuck as well. See you tomorrow, and by the way you owe me a new bra and thong for the ones you destroyed." "Worth every cent and more Katy.

Besides I just plan on doing the same to the next set anyway. I just haven't decided whether it will be here at the office or somewhere else. I want it to be a surprise." On hearing that Katy felt herself starting to get wet down there again and her smile became even bigger.

THE END by rutger5 2011 As always comments and votes are welcomed and appreciated from the readers.