Nes mi hija perleccion aprendida

Nes mi hija perleccion aprendida
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When I met my girlfriend, I told her after a couple of months that I was bisexual. She said she had never dated a guy who was openly bisexual, but that guys fucking and sucking cock turned her on. As our relationship progressed, we began to use toys and she would regularly fuck me with a strap-on. When she announced she was ready to see me with another guy, we found a well hung submissive guy on Craigslist, made contact and had a great smokin hot lady have fun with the driver in the backseat brunette and handjob. She was really turned on watching me suck his big cock and fuck him in the ass with my own 8" shaved cock.

We continued to explore and had several more encounters with other guys, as well as some couples. One day, she told me she had been in contact with a dominatrix in a different city who was looking for male slaves for a live sex show she had been contracted to perform for a local bisexual swingers club. She had sent photos of us and volunteered me to be one of the slaves.

While the idea intrigued me, I was usually the dominant one in our encounters with other men and aside from her strap-on, didn't usually get fucked in the ass. She told me though that she wanted to see how far I would go and that it would be a real turn on for her.

All the participants were STD tested safe, attractive and bisexual and so I agreed. She showed me photos of the dom and the other slaves she had recruited for the show. The dom was very hot and all the guys had big cocks, one was about 10" and big around as a Red Bull can. I told my girlfriend that I was looking forward to fucking him while he jacked that big cock.

The date was set and the afternoon we were to go, she brought out a package of stuff she had ordered online. In more boy one girl xxx xstory box were men's and women's leather body harnesses, a buttplug and a new metal cockring.

When it was time to get ready, she instructed me clean my ass using one of her douches, shave my balls and ass, put on the cockring and harness and insert the buttplug.

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She wore a similar harness, short skirt, sheer top and no underwear. She told me that tonight was her night, she would be in charge and to do exactly as the dom instructed. She also said it would start immediately.

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On the way to the club, I was to sit in the passenger seat with nothing on except the harness and cockring, lube up and stroke myself while she drove.

I was not to stop unless she told me to. Being an exhibitionist, it turned me on anyway and as I was getting ready, my cock was hard the entire time. I put on the cockring, strapped on the harness and then lubed my ass and put in the buttplug, super pretty hot teen stripping on webcam the leather strap of the harness that went from the cockring under my ass and to the belt over the end of the plug to keep it in place.

We got in the car and she told me to move the seat all the way back, spread my legs as far as I could and start jacking off as she drove. As we drove through town toward the freeway, I got a little nervous thinking people might see, but she told me not to stop. Before we got to the freeway, she pulled into a gas station and I stopped stroking thinking that she wouldn't want us to get caught.

She told me to keep stroking though, even if I'm afraid someone might see. As she pumped the gas, anyone who was looking was staring at her, the top she had on clearly showing her harness and hard nipples.

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I relaxed and stroked my rock hard cock as streams of pre-cum oozed out. People got dangerously close to seeing in the car and I got a few strange looks from those that saw the harness, but I don't think anyone saw me stroking. I'm sure though that they saw my arm moving and the look on my face and wondered.

We pulled out of the station and onto the freeway ramp as it was starting to get dark. I stroked myself for the next hour as she encouraged me, reached over now and then to fondle me and drove. Since it was now dark, I wasn't worried about anyone seeing and really started to get into it, pulling the butt plug in and out as I stroked my hard cock and fondled my freshly shaved balls. We passed one SUV and I saw the female driver look over.

Even though it was dark there's no way she didn't see me with the freeway lights shining into the car, but I was turned on and just kept stroking. We drove a little farther and then pulled into a rest area. She told me to stay put, that she had to go to the bathroom. We were parked far wwe diva stephanie mcmahon nude santa from other vehicles, so I kept stroking my cock and fucking myself with the buttplug.

My girlfriend came back, opened the passenger door and told me she was so turned on she just had to suck my cock for a few minutes. She told me to turn and lean against the center console so she could get at my cock.

She sucked me and fucked my ass with the plug for a few minutes while she fingered herself. Anyone passing by surely knew what was going on but she apparently didn't care. We left the rest area and arrived at the club a while later, my cock engorged and my ass well lubricated.

We pulled around back and parked. She made a call on her cell to the dom, who told us which door to use. We got out of the car, my cock hard and dripping pre-cum as we walked through the parking lot.

A few people who I presumed were going to be part of the audience made their way to a different door pointed to us, smiled and talked to themselves. We entered the club and found ourselves in a backstage area.

The dom was there and my girlfriend introduced us and then left to join the rest of the patrons who would be watching the show. The dom took me to an area where the other five guys were. They were all dressed the same as me, sitting around on chairs stroking themselves. I immediately noticed the guy with the huge cock, his member shiny spa sex xxx porn storys lube and swollen from his cockring, the veins popping out and his big balls nicely shaved.

The others were hung about as big as my 8". She gave me the ground rules. Do as I am told, do not speak unless spoken to and do not cum unless instructed. The show would last an hour or so after which a "winner" would be chosen from among the six guys and would be asked to stay as a sex slave for the party after the show. She then told me to join the others and wait for the show to begin in about 15 minutes. As I sat stroking my hard cock, I imagined what might happen during the show and what might happen if I won.

I looked at the guy with the big cock and thought to myself that there's no way I could take that thing in my ass. My girlfriend and I used toys and strap-ons, but nothing that big. When it was time for the show to begin, the dom led all of us onto the stage. There was a rotating sling hanging front and center and several arm chairs and a thick mat on the floor on either side of the sling. A table off to the side had several dildos, bottles of lube and towels.

The dom was dressed in leather, stockings, boots and was wearing a strap-on. The audience of about 30 people was seated and standing, most of them were naked, lots of role play gear, latex, cockrings and pierced nipples.

Some of them had engaged in some pre-show play, sucking cock and playing with toys. I noticed my girlfriend sitting in a chair, her clothes removed to reveal the harness, her tits and nipples visible, a big dildo in her pussy. The dom instructed the six of us to stand at the front of the stage in a line facing the audience so she could inspect our hard cocks.

She walked down the line, fondling and stroking each one of us. She then stopped girls sex with a girl school asked the audience to select one of us. Several calls went out for the guy with the big cock.

She led him to the sling and strapped him in, his legs lifted up, exposing his ass and buttplug, and told him to start stroking his enormous cock.

She then pointed at me, told me to come over and the other four guys to sit in the chairs. I was excited as I approached, thinking that I would get to fuck this guy first.

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I glanced at my girlfriend in the audience and she smiled as she was fucking herself slowly with the dildo. To my surprise though, the dom told me to bend over and removed my buttplug. She then instructed me to position myself between his legs and bend over, my ass facing his cock and for him to stop stroking.

I wasn't fucking him, he was going to fuck me. I wasn't sure I could take his cock, which by now was rock hard, huge and pulsating, with pre-cum dripping off it onto his stomach. She positioned herself to the side between us, lubed my ass and grabbed his cock at the base, pointing it toward my hole. She reached around, grabbed my cock and pulled me back toward his waiting member. As I felt the head enter my ass, my cock began twitching his cockhead passed my prostate and the shaft began to slide in.

She moved me slowly, stroking me at the same time. I was surprised that it didn't hurt, figuring that my ass had been stretched sufficiently by the buttplug I'd been wearing.

As I backed up, I saw my girlfriend with a look of awe on her face. When his cock was fully inserted, the dom stopped and instructed one of the other guys to come over.

She positioned him in front of me, his twitching cock inches from my mouth and told me to suck his cock, deepthroating it if I could. I relaxed my throat muscles and was able to get all 8" of it down my throat with a couple of thrusts.

She congratulated me and then told the guy to start fucking my throat. She moved around to behind the guy in the sling and began rocking the sling back and forth, fucking my ass at the same time the other guy was fucking my mouth. My cock was rock hard, throbbing and dripping pre-cum onto the floor as I submitted myself to the enormous cock in my ass and saliva and pre-cum dripped off my chin from the facefucking I was getting.

After about ten minutes, she pulled the guy out of deepthroat anal of carter cruise by john strong mark wood manuel ferrara ass and told me to turn around.

She wiped off the guy's cock and told me to deepthroat it. I relaxed, thought about winning the competition and forced as much of it down my throat as I could, getting nearly to the balls before I gagged. I then started fucking his cock with my throat, stopping only to stroke and admire it.

The dom moved behind me and began fucking me with her strap-on, which was easy to take since I was already stretched out by the enormous cock that was now in my throat. The dom told the 3rd guy to get underneath me and stroke my cock as she pounded me from behind. After several minutes, she told us all to stop and motioned for two of the other guys to lay down on the mat ass to ass. She grabbed an 18" double-dildo from the table and inserted the ends into each guy's ass until they were fully impaled, their cocks touching.

She then told me that if I wanted to be a proven cockslut to squat over both cocks. She spread my ass cheeks and told me to lower myself slowly onto both cocks. By now I was pretty sure I could do it, having been fucked by the 10" monster, as well euro amateur spitroasted in casting threesome european and cumshot the dom's dildo.

I squatted slowly and felt both cockheads enter my ass, lowering myself until they were both buried to the balls. I began moving up and down, both cocks sliding easily in and out of my hole. The dom stroked my cock and told the 10" guy to get in front of me so I could deepthroat him again.

I grabbed his cock, rubbed some pre-cum from it on my fingers, then inserted my middle and ring fingers in his ass and pulled his cock into my mouth, forcing it down my throat. The dom told the other two guys to stand on either side of me and jack off. I was not to suck them, only concentrate on the ten inches in my throat. I looked off to the side at the audience and found my girlfriend, who was staring in disbelief as I slutted myself to the two cocks in my ass and the giant one in my throat as two more cocks slapped and rubbed my face and shoulders.

The dom then motioned for my girlfriend to come onstage. She arrived and the dom told her that she was impressed with me. She wanted to reward me and told my girlfriend to jack the guys off onto me while I was getting double-fucked. My girlfriend didn't need any encouragement and immediately got behind one of the guys, grabbed his cock from between his legs and stroked him furiously until he blew his load on my chest. She then moved to the other guy and did the same thing.

She saved the guy I was deepthroating for last so she could watch me work his cock in and out of my throat. After the second guy blew, she grabbed the big cock from my mouth and started stroking it, going faster and faster until he was ready. She grabbed it by the base and pointed it at me. I grabbed it with one hand, gave it a few last strokes and then let it explode, blowing huge streams of cum all over me, my cock twitching and jumping as I rode the two rods in my ass and cum dripped onto my bouncing cock and onto the guys under me.

The audience was cheering and I didn't need instruction on what to do next. I got off the two cocks, got in the sling, my girlfriend strapping my legs in place and opened my ass for the last two guys. They took turns fucking me sweet cutie opens up slim slit and gets deflorated my girlfriend jacked my cock, which was lubed up from the three cumshots I'd just taken.

As my girlfriend shoved my rock hard cock down her throat, they both finished on her face and my ass and balls.

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My girlfriend slid her mouth off my cock and leaned back and admired me, covered in cum, my cock pulsating and dripping with the other guys' cum and my own pre-cum.

The dom told me that since I hadn't cum, I was the winner of the competition. I would now have to submit to all 30 guests and do whatever they told me. Stay tuned for part 2…