Mom and son home xlxx

Mom and son home xlxx
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I grew up in a little town in the Midwest. By the time I was 13 even though I was short, I'd started to get boobs. I was 4'8" but had a 32B bra size brown hair and green eyes. The kids my age didn't like me and Hot teen crystal young takes an internal creampie don't know why. But I wanted to be friends with them, and that's how it happened. One Halloween they dared me to go into Miller's cornfield and up to the house. The Miller house was supposed to be haunted even the fields.

Everyone was scared to go there. But my 'friends' told me if I'd go all the way up to the house through the cornfield and come back with something I'd be 'in'. We waited till dark, then I took a flashlight and dressed in a t-shirt jeans and sneakers I went into the corn. It wasn't so bad at first, I grew up around corn. But after about ten minute I figured I was lost, and I heard someone or something else moving in the corn with me.

I started getting really scared, and was running through the rows of corn trying to find my way out when I ran into Mr.

Miller. Mr. Miller was out too, with his own flashlight and his big old German Shepard dog named Duke. He shined his light right in my eyes as I ran into him. "Well well, what do we have here?" I was so scared I just froze, even though I knew he saw me.

"What's wrong girl, cat got your tongue?" He laughed at me and dropped the light so I could see him standing there with Duke. Mr. Miller was big and really old. He was over six feet tall, and there was gray in his hair. He just smiled at me. "Coming to find the ghosts?" He laughed. It made me feel a little better that he was laughing, like there weren't jovencita tetona violada en el sillon por dos tos ghosts and I let my breath out.

"Yeah" I said. He looked me up and down. "How old are you girl?" "Thirteen." He made a mmm'ing sound and ran his flashlight over me. "Ain't no ghosts here girl, and you're trespassing. Turn your light off." I don't know why I did, but I was scared so I turned off my flashlight. The way he said I was trespassing made me think he was going to call the cops or my parents.

"Please don't be was just a joke. I'll go on." I turned to go, knowing I was still lost but I wanted to be away from him. He reached out and grabbed me by the collar of my t-shirt and I heard it rip. He pulled me back and I saw him shaking his head as he turned his flashlight off. "Don't run off baby. I won't call no one, but you gotta do something for me." Even in the dark I knew he was looking at me and I was getting spooked.

"What?" "I wanna see those pretty little titties you got under there. Little girl titties, push your shirt up." I was disgusted and made a noise to let him know and he just laughed. "Well, that or I'll be calling the sheriff." I was scared.

My dad would beat the heck out of me if I got arrested, and there was no one to see so I nodded. Mr. Miller pushed me away from him. "Go on baby.lift your shirt." Shaking I lifted the hem of my shirt, then pushed it up till it pushed over my tits. I felt the cool nightair hit them and gasped.

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Mr. Miller shined his flashlight on me, watching as I exposed myself to him. I heard him moan. "Oh those are nice titties baby, so firm." He moved closer to me and I didn't see his hand but suddenly he was massaging one of my tits. I whimpered when he pinched a nipple between his fingers hard. My nipples both go rock hard at that. " like that baby?" "No.Mr. Miller don't." "Call me sir.just sir." And he dropped the flashlight, putting his other hand on my free tittie and soon he was rubbing and pinching.

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My nipples were getting so hard I didn't know what to do. I even pressed against his hands once and that turned him on. "Oh yeah like it …" he whispered then he dropped down and started sucking my tits. As he was down there I felt him pulling at my jeans, then suddenly he was sliding them down my hips. I whimpered. "Mr. Miller, please." He jerked his head back and slapped face. " me sir." Then he slapped my tits as his other hand pulled my jeans down to my feet.

I was stunned, didn't know what to think. He'd slapped me and it hurt but when he slapped my tits they got harder, and I could feel my cunt getting wet it didn't make sense. This wasn't supposed to be happening. Once he had my pants down, one hand started rubbing my panties and he moaned aloud. "Your fucking wet little girl." I was so ashamed I couldn't say anything.

He pulled my hand and forced me down on my knees then pushed me back sexy gorgeous girl shows off her milk sacks lay in the cornfield.

He pulled my shoes off, then my jeans leaving me laying there in nothing but my panties. "Little wet fucking girl in my cornfield." His hand resumed rubbing my panties and then I felt a finger slide inside them. I froze but god it felt so good as his finger slid up my snatch then forced it's way inside my pussy.

He grunted as he pushed it in. "Shit girl, you're tight…you ever been fucked?" I whimpered in embarrassment laying in the dirt in the cornfield.

"N . no" I whispered. He moved away from me, his finger sliding out and I wanted to tell him to put it back in. But he just leaned back, and pulled my panties all the way down and threw them off into the field. "Bet you wanna get fucked don't you girl? Wet little slut you're just begging for cock." I didn't know what to say, and what he was saying to me made me embarrassed but even wetter at the same time. I moaned as he looked down at me, I saw him stroking himself through his pants. "Little slut…spread your legs." And I don't know why I did it, but I did.

H e laughed. "That's it your little fuckhole off like a good slut." I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as he talked to me and rubbed himself. Then he turned and barked "Duke." The big German Sheperd came to his side, and they were both looking at me. Then Mr. Miller laughed and took Duke's collar. He led him to me, right between my spread legs and shoved his head down.

Duke didn't need any more encouragement, he put his mouth to my cunt and started licking. I came right away, embarrassed and scared and teen anime tasting a cock and gets drilled loving Duke's doggy tongue in my cunt. Mr. Miller watched, slipping his jeans off and then his underwear. As I lay in the dirt with the dog lapping me to another cum I saw Mr.

Miller's 10 inch cock as he began to stroke it. "That's right, little sluts like dogs." He moaned and stroked himself hard as Duke's tongue plunged in and out me.sometimes missing my little cunt and lapping at my ass.

Mr. Miller walked to my head and knelt down stroking his cock. As Duke continued to lap me Mr. Miller rubbed his cock over my face.

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He slapped it across my cheeks a few times the pushed it into my mouth moaning. "Take it baby.suck my fat cock." I knew I was being raped, not only by this old man but by his dog. But I was loving it…I kept cumming and when Mr. Miller stuffed his cock in my mouth I opened it up and started gobbling his cock. Licking and sucking for all I was worth even though I'd never given a blowjob before. Mr. Miller looked down at me as I sucked him and sneered. "You're a regular little cocksucker, a natural slut…I gotta fuck your mouth slut." Then he broke cuban teen booty blows a big dick my neck leaving his cock in my mouth and he started shoving.

He held my head down and drove his cock into my mouth shoving it down my throat till I gagged. "Nasty little slut how do you like being mouth fucked?" I couldn't answer him as he fucked my mouth and throat.

But Duke's tongue kept making me wetter and wetter and I knew Mr. Miller was right, I was a little slut. He pulled out of my mouth gasping. "Damn slut.I almost came…" then he got behind my head again, his hands running roughly over my tits pinching the nipples. "I ain't about to rape no little girl…not first." He said.

His hands ran down and grabbed my legs pulling them up so my knees touched my chest. As soon as he did Duke stopped licking me…and I felt his paws on either side of my shoulders. Mr. Miller grinned down at me.

"Gonna let Duke rape you first, so you can't say I did." He took one hand and reached down and I suddenly felt something hot and hard at the entrance of my cunt. I realized what he was doing and started screaming but he only laughed.

Once Duke felt my entrance he started humping and Mr. Miller took both hands pinned my legs up to my chest and spread them. "" I screamed "Not a dog.please." But it was too late, it took Duke only seconds to find the entrance and I felt his hot doggy dick slide into my wet cunt.

He started fucking me fast and broke my hymen. I screamed and screamed. Finally it stopped hurting so much and I just felt this hot long cock sliding in and out of me. I started moaning. "you like that a dog cock stuffed up that tight little cunt?" I didn't say anything and Mr.

Miller took one hand and slapped my tits. "Answer me slut." "Yes.yes sir." I whimpered as Duke's cock drilled in and out of my tight bald cunt. Then I felt something bigger and Mr. Miller laughed. "He's going to knot you slut.stretch your little cunt open." And it happened, something huge popped inside me and I blacked out from the pain.

When I came around Duke was humping me hard and I felt hot sticky cum spewing into my tiny little cunt. Mr. Miller was jerking off over my face moaning. "Dog slut.little bitch loves it." Duke finished pumping cum into me, and his knot went down.

He slid out of me and I lay there gasping and german pissing vintage tube porn. I'd just been raped by a dog and I was wet, craving more. I moaned on the ground and Mr. Miller laughed. "I knew you'd like it cunt." Then he reached over and tore an ear of corn off it's stalk. He handed it to me. "Shuck it slut." I didn't know why he'd want me to do that but I did.

As I peeled the husk and silk away Mr. Miller shoved three fingers into my cum filled cunt moaning. "Yeah, that's a tight wet little pussy." When I finished shucking the corn Mr. Miller took it from me, and in one movement shoved it up my cunt. I screamed, the base of the corn was even bigger than Duke's cock had been. Mr. Miller just laughed and started fucking me with the corn. "Gotta cornhole the little cunt. You know what cornholing is slut?" I shook my head whimpering as he fucked the corn into me, then he pulled it out and showed it to me.

It was dripping wet with Duke's cum and my own. He reached down and pushed me over to lay on my stomach. He pushed the slick ear of corn against my ass.

"This is your cornhole slut." Then he shoved it inside me, splitting my ass open. I blacked out again.

It didn't last long, when I came too he was still fucking my ass with the corn and it hurt. It hurt so bad I screamed over and over again even while I was spewing cum from my cunt. He was raping my ass and I was cumming hard.

He shoved the corn up my ass and left it there, then flipped me back over and straddled my face again. He cock slammed into my mouth and he started bucking wildly in and out, forcing it down my throat again. "Cumming for dogs and corn…you're such a slut." Then he pulled out and thick gooey masses of cum splattered over my face and mouth as he panted.

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He jerked every last bit of cum out of his cock. He sat back straddling my neck and slapped me. "I got uses for you on my farm cunt." He backhanded me again and I passed out. When I woke up I was tied down to a little bed in a strange room and Duke was looking over me&hellip. (to be continued?)