Sexy lady eva long moans gleefully while getting fucked in threesome w

Sexy lady eva long moans gleefully while getting fucked in threesome w
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To Sophie Hou: I have this idea in my head, you're in this guy's car, he's picked you up at a club. You're really really fucking horny, you've wanted to get off all day but someone bothers you everytime you try to do it yourself.

So this guy approaches you in a club, you're not particularly interested, but he buys you drinks and you're feeling drunk enough to fuck him. You're wearing a white blouse with a bright red bra underneath and a tight short black skirt, with matching red lacy thong underneath. He offers to take you for a drive, you know full well it's going to end up in a fuck.

He takes you to this garage he works at and parks inside. He starts kissing your neck and pawing at your tits, trying to grope whatever he can get in his hands. You are horny, but slightly disinterested, but he lively anal drilling for two asian beautiful chicks at it and you're like whatever. He opens up your blouse, pulls one of your tits out of your slutty red bra and starts sucking on it.

You are getting a little pleasure out of it.

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I'm walking down the back alley past the open garage door and I see what is going on in the car. My dick immediately gets hard and I want to start wanking while watching but I can't find a subtle enough place to hide, so I just think fuck it, and I walk into the garage. The guy is still sucking on your tits and you're trying hot dike mommy loves to eat pussy enjoy what ever pleasure you can get out of it, but you have this bored look on your face which looks sexy as hell on you.

I get closer with a massive hard on poking in my pants when you see me. You're shocked and stop the guy sucking your tits, but he seems to get off on it, so he keeps sucking your tits while I stand by the car stroking my cock through my pants.

You begin to relax and smile a little as we make eye contact. You turn to the guy and push him off your tits, then take his hard 5 inch dick out of his pants and give him a straight forward blow job.

He quickly moans he is going to cum, so you pull your mouth off and turn to me before he can. You reach out of the car window and reach for my hard cock, pulling it out of my pants and stroking it, at 8 inches(heee). The guy is desperate for attention so he keeps pawing at your tits as you ignore him and wank me off.

You smile and get out of the car, quickly getting on your knees and giving me the dirtiest sloppiest blow job.

You wank off my shaft as you suck it and use the other hard to play with my balls. You gag a little but take as much of my dick as you can. Eventually you pull it out of your mouth, xxx teacher sister brother sister to face the car window, leaning against door. I pull your slutty thong to the side and push your pathetic excuse for a skirt up to your waste and I start fucking you from behind as you make ice cold eyes at the other guy in the car.

I pump into you hard and pull your hair right back. You grab hold of the car door hard to keep your balance and look down at the guy as I pull your head right back by your hair, barely able to see him, but you make as much eye contact as you can and give him a bitchy smirk.

I fuck you hard. I pull out and you nearly fall to the ground, but I catch you, holding you from behind by your tits, barely held in by your slutty red bra.

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I throw your shirt on the ground and undo your bra from behindbut leave it on your shoulders, your tits now hanging free while your bra barely hangs onto them. You look down at the guy and he has the hardest dick ever, still only 5 inches.

You laugh gently and pull down your soaking thong, and toss it at him. I grab you roughly by the sides and then guide my dick into your asshole. I fuck into you as hard as possible, your tits jiggling everywhere. The guy in the car starts stroking his cock looking at you 6 guys fucking 1 girl you get fucked, his hand is a blur on his cock and your tits are all over the place.

I slam deep into your ass and pull your hair right back. The guy in the car talks dirty to you while he wanks. He calls you a whore and a cheap slut and says you're just a dirty bitch.

He tells you you're probably enjoying being fucked like a whore and that you want your face painted like a proper cheap bitch. I let go off your hair and start smacking your ass with one hand, groping your massive tits with the other and your look deep into the guys eyes and try to tell him he's pathetic, but you can't concentrate to form a sentence. You moan like a bitch. The guy finally cums into your thong that's wrapped around his cock.

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Eventually I pull out and you fall down to the ground, your legs are too week to support you. I smack you across the face with my dick and then you grab it and start to suck it. I cum inside your mouth and you swallow as much as you can. I pull out and shoot the rest over your tits. I put my dick away and walk off. You call the guy a pervert and demand for your thong back.

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He gives it to you, soaked in his and your juices and slide it back on. You pull your skirt back down and pick up your blouse. You put it back on, but it doesn't fit right cos you're sweaty and it sticks to the parts of your chest where I came and is more see through. You get in the car, kiss the guy full on the lips in a deep kiss and tell him to drive you home and not to speak to you on the way. Like I said, it's just an idea I have.x