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As Connie drove to dinner she had a strange stirring inside her. Over the past two years she had enjoyed her husband's newest position. He was Principal at a newly built high school in a nice suburb outside Houston. While he had been very busy digging into the job, she had tried to help out as best she could by getting involved with a number of school activities. One of them was as sponsor of the boy's basketball team. Since she didn't work, it hot step mom tech her daughter her lots of time to participate with the students and athletes.

Connie went to every game including the away games. She loved sports and was one of the team's most vocal supporters.

Last week the team had a chance to make the playoffs with a win but instead lost in overtime.

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After the game the players were very down and she agreed to take them out for a consolation pizza and cokes after the game. She was very supportive of the boys and they appreciated her being there for them. After the meal she gave a big hug to all the players.

A few were reluctant to disengage but for the most part they were very respectful. The team had three seniors who would be moving on to college. As everyone was leaving the pizza parlor, the three of them took her aside and thanked her for everything she had done for them the past two seasons.

The leader, Brad told her they wanted to do something for her. They all agreed she deserved a nice dinner as their thanks. While she insisted that wasn't necessary, they were very insistent and she agreed that she'd love to accept their offer.

As they walked her to her car Steven, the 6'6"" black post player made a strange request. He asked her to wear the blue dress she had worn at last she is a wild maid hardcore and brunette awards dinner. Since it was very dressy and shorter than what she usually wore around the team, she was taken aback.

However, when they all insisted that they'd really like it if she agreed, she said OK. She felt a little strange but they were so nice it didn't register as anything but some boys being boys. Connie wasn't a striking beauty but she was much better than your average Principal's wife. Italian with dark black hair, 5'6'', 122 ponds and a slender build, she knew that some of the boy students liked looking at her along with any number of fathers who attended the school.

She loved the attention but was very careful not to do anything to embarrass her husband Anthony. He had always been very attentive to her needs during their 15 years together but his new position didn't give them as much free time as they had in the past. Their sex life had dropped from 5 times a week to maybe two or three times a month. And those times didn't have the passion and intensity she was in need of. As a result she had recently purchased a vibrator for the first time in her life.

Connie had increased her usage of the toy lately although she kept it hidden blaked school girl new red tuv 2019 her closet.

When she entered the restaurant they were all seated at a booth and she noticed how happy they seemed to be seeing her. As she walked towards them she was aware they were staring at her as if she was the entr?of the night. It both disturbed her and made her feel very good. In fact, she loved the attention. The boys had chosen a large booth and they all got up and made certain she was seated between Brad and Steven.

The other boy, Drake, the team's point guard, was seated across from them. Drake was one of those young men that was almost beautiful to look at. Girl with big tits amy wild get tag teamed pornstar and knockers hair, well educated from a wealthy family with a thin athletic body that made all the girls swoon.

On a number of occasions Connie had looked at him and imagined what he was like in bed. But he was very shy with her and so they had only spoken in brief sentences since they met. The meal was excellent and the boys insisted she have a special bottle of wine that they had discussed with the sommelier. Although she resisted, they were insistent. She had done so much for them and they merely wanted to repay her.

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After running out of excuses she agreed, arguing to herself that she'd be having a full dinner so it wouldn't have much impact on her. Altogether they spent almost two hours at the restaurant. During the meal she was aware that on a number of occasions one or the other rubbed their legs against hers.

After the first few times she stopped resisting. The bottle of wine probably had something to do with that also. As the evening drew on she was taken back to her high school years which were very happy ones. She was very popular then, a cheerleader and very active sexually. But that was then and she hadn't strayed since she married Anthony although there were a few occasions when she had let a few men feel her up at parties when she was drinking.

The young men admitted during the end of the dinner that they thought she was very hot and all the guys loved looking at her, especially her fantastic legs. Steven admitted that's why they wanted her to wear the dress she had on.

Connie blushed petite and skinny teen kiley fucks a huge dick pornstars hardcore the attempted seduction of the group but, inside, she was giddy with happiness. As the guys paid the check, they dropped a bomb on her. Drake's family had a lake house outside Austin. They invited her to spend a weekend with them.

Of course she said that wasn't possible. "Anthony wouldn't ever allow me to go away for the weekend with three male students. It's impossible." Brad spoke up. "He wouldn't have to know. We sure wouldn't tell him." While he was speaking Connie noticed that Brad had placed his hand on her leg and was actually stroking her thigh. She reached down and took his wrist and lifted it off her leg and placed it on his lap. While doing so, she happened to brush against what was quite obviously a very hard prick.

"I've got to go guys. It's been wonderful but it's time for the party to end." Connie began to get up from the booth. Just as she was getting ready to leave, Drake spoke up. "Mrs. Farrell, please think about it. I promise you'll be safe and we all love having you around. You'll have three men waiting on your hand and foot. Just think about it, OK." "There's nothing to think about, Drake, it's impossible." Connie did think to herself, "now if only Drake were there, I might consider it." No, girl, stop thinking that.

But when I look at him, I have all sorts of funny feelings inside me. The boys paid the check and they all escorted Connie back to her car which was parked in the mall garage.

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To fend off the others, Connie slipped her arm underneath Drake's arm as they took the stairs up to the next level. When they got to her car, Brad spoke up. "Connie, if you won't allow us to treat you to that weekend, at least you owe us a goodnight kiss." "What do you mean owe you?", although Connie knew the rules of the game in high school.

After a date, if the guy spends big on you, you at least give him a little reward, depending on how long you'd been going out with him. Drake interrupted her thoughts. "He didn't mean owe because we all know you don't owe us anything. It's just that this will probably be the last time we get to be with you before we're off to college. We'd really love to just feel what it's like to kiss you. There can't be any harm in that, can there". "Well no," said Connie, "but it's really not appropriate, you know".

"Please, Mrs. Farrell" replied Drake. Maybe one quick kiss and then I can get home. I bet they all go home and jack off thinking about me, she thought.

She liked the idea of the three of them jerking off thinking how hot and sexy she was. I might even enjoy thinking about that when I'm using my vibrator. "OK, but no funny stuff and no one can ever know about this." No one. Promise!" They all eagerly agreed while their smiles couldn't be wider. "Alright, Drake is first." She felt he was easiest to control if there were any problems and besides, she was dying to feel his lips on hers. Since she was already at her car, when he put his arms around her for the kiss, she leaned back against the door to sort of brace herself.

As his lips came down on hers, she instinctively closed her eyes. Damn, he's good. No wonder he's got all the girls drooling. If I was with him in high school, I'd probably let him do anything he wanted to me." Connie's lips parted and suddenly she felt his tongue deep in her mouth.

"God, his tongue is a weapon" she thought to herself. Connie also became aware that she was being poked in the belly by a hard object.

Before she knew what was happening she felt her legs spread to accommodate him. She felt herself rocking back and forth without thinking about it.

"OK. That's enough" she heard Brad say. "Your turn Steve." " No, I'm not finished. I haven't been kissed like that in way too long" She thought. Drake withdrew and she noticed the sad look on his face. She was sad too, maybe sadder. As Steven came to her she couldn't help but look down and notice he too was hard already. Maybe I'm doing the wrong thing, she debated with herself, but she couldn't very well break her promise now.

Steven wrapped his long arms around her and, without asking just lifted her off the ground. His hands were holding her by the ass and he forced his leg between hers so that she was helpless to stop him from sliding her up and down on his hard cock. Connie was his ragdoll and he was dry humping her however he wanted. Actually, Connie was well aware that she was no longer dry. In fact she was dripping wet.

No one had ever taken her like this before. She always felt in control before and now, here she was a sex toy for this high school senior. Unlike Drake, there was no tongue, only brute strength. Also, Connie was well aware she had never been with a black man before, let alone a black young man.

She had never had strong fantasies about black cocks before but she heard the stories and was mildly inquisitive. It was just something she seldomly fantasized about. "You're even hotter than I thought you'd be, baby. I always knew were sexy, but now I know how you like it. Just like me. Deep and rough. I guess you ain't been getting that kind of fucking lately, huh".

Without knowing why, she shook her head no. Then she let out a very audible sigh. "My turn" said Brad, " My cock is aching to feel that hot bitch." While Steve backed away, Brad went right at Connie. "I almost came in my pants watching you get used, honey. And the best is yet to come. I know what you need Connie, and you'll get every inch of it". By now, she had all she could do just to not pass out.

She had never been talked to this way or treated like a slut. But she really didn't even care. Connie wanted more. She was willing to go along for the ride that they had in mind for her. As she was thinking of what was going to happen next, Brad suddenly lifted her dress to her waist and pulled her panties aside. As he placed not one, but two fingers into her isabella clark double anal fisted and prolapsed by hot blonde pussy, her knees buckled and he had to hold her up or surely she would have collapsed right then and there.

"Guys, you ain't gonna believe how fucking wet this cunt is. And it's not only warm, it's actually hot. Damn, this pussy must not have been getting much cock lately. Is that right, baby? Hasn't Principal Farrell been giving it up to that aching pussy of yours?" "Please, just make me cum. I need to cum so bad." "Do you really need us to make you cum, Connie?

Tell all of us what you need so we can take care of you." As he spoke to her, he withdrew his fingers from inside her. "No," she said, "why did you stop. Please don't stop. I'm so horny.

You all got me so wet. Finger me and make me cum, please. I need it so bad." "I really don't think this is the right place to take care of you" bragged Brad. "We need to go someplace private where we can give you what you really need. Drake, grab her car keys out of her purse and give them to me so we can move this party along".

As Drake fished for the keys Connie said "No, please, do it here. Finger me like you were before so I can cum. I can't be too late or Anthony will worry about me." As she was speaking, Brad took the keys and got into the front seat. Then he unlocked the backseat doors while Steven took Connie by the arm and pushed her onto the seat. As he sat down, Drake got in on the other side of her. "Keep that pussy nice and wet, but make sure she doesn't cum yet" demanded Brad.

" She needs some hard cock to take care of her tonight. Something to remember," Brad told the boys. While she sat between them, Steven lifted her dress lesbian sex kittens open up their deep butt holes and screw oversized sex toys pulled her panties off. "You won't need those any more, bitch. They'll just get in the way". Then he lifted one fakecop aaliyah ca pelle pornstars big tits up and placed it over his so he could more easily slide a finger inside her cunt.

Meanwhile Drake had begun kissing her deeply. His tongue was again probing ever so deeply within her mouth. Connie willingly gave herself to him and she knew that she could never stop Steven from having whatever he desired of her.

"Have you felt how wet and hot this bitch's pussy is," Steven said to Drake. "No, not yet" said Drake. " Go ahead, try it Drake, you can feel what you've been wanting for so long. I'd say it's got a lot of catching up to do. This pussy ain't been getting any good fucking or it wouldn't be so wet. Go ahead, see for yourself." When Steven withdrew his finger, Drake whispered to Connie. "Is it OK? Can I see what it feels like? I want you so much." "Yes, Drake, I want that.

Please make me cum. I can't stand the waiting. I have to cum so bad that I'm going crazy". As he slid his forefinger easily inside her, she let out a moan. "Mmmmmmm, oh yeah. Do that. Faster. No, faster and harder." "I told you we'd get in her panties, didn't I?" said Brad. "Honey, how many times have you been with more than one man?" "I never have" she whimpered. With that Steven plunged another finger inside her.

She would never have imagined having two different students fingering her sopping pussy before tonight. "Awwwww yeah, yeah, yeah, more, harder" she cried. "Stop it, I don't want her cuming until my cock is inside her" said Brad. "I want to listen to her begging me to fuck her so she'll never forget tonight. Besides we're two hotties in the bathroom have fun there and if she cums in the car with all that pussy juice, she'll never get the smell out when Principal F takes the car to school.

" Within 3 minutes they all pulled up to a house and the boys got out and pulled a barely dressed middle aged woman into her most memorable night she would ever spend.