Son and mom in bathroom

Son and mom in bathroom
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when I first moved to the area in which I now live, I noticed the little girl next door would always sit on my steps and wait for my arrival, some times she would sit in a dress and part her legs when I would walk up to my door, I would always turn my head the other way, but look peripherally.

I counsel at two of the local youth centers, and deal regularly with children who have been molested, all confuse love with sex and always associate the two, so it is very easy to talk them into sucking your dick, or fucking their little pussys, seeing the same behavior in my neighbor, I knew she was being fucked, and I knew I would fuck her also.

After about six months she began to use any excuse to touch my ass, from picking nonexisant lent, to invisible dust, then she started to outright molest me, grabbing, squeezing, even pinching, but I never told anyone, I just waited for my chance to get her alone. Sarah (not her real name) had become close with my own daughter and began spending a great deal of time in our home. One day my wife was in the kitchen, and my daughter running through the house, Sarah entered my room while I was preoccupied, and said"what are you doing?" when I turned and looked her way she was sitting on my bed with her legs on the railings, parted showing me her beautiful young, hairless, cunt, I said nothing I just stared into her little pussy and looked into her sex games amaze awesome babe very much with a look that said "yes I want to fuck you too".

Erica called out for her,she smiledI smiled then she jumped off of the bed and walked away.

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A couple of weekends later, my wife had taken my daughter out it was a three hour trip either way, so I had the house to myself for a while. At 10:30 there was a knock on the kitchen door looking through the window I saw it was Sarah, I let her in and offered her cookies and milk.

While getting the glass I looked out of ther window to see if anyone had noticed her entrythen pulled up a chairand told her that Jesse had gone out with her stepmom and wouldn't be back for a while.

She told me her mom had gone shopping, and asked could she stay until her return, I said yes.

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We legal age teenager licks shlong and drills twat gone to the masterbedroom to watch tv,not five minutes I just leaned over and kissed her, just a child she had no idea how to kiss, but she was willing to learn.

I asked her could I give her a speacial kiss and she said yes, with that I raised her dress and peeled off her underware and started kissing, and sucking her pretty little cunt, I knew she was fucking by the way my finger was easily accepted by her pussy.

(I would later find out it was her fifteen year old brother) I don't like bragging but I have an 8 inch dick and I knew I would have trouble with this young babysnatch, even though her brother had taken her cherry, she had not known a mans love. After wetting her cunt as much as possible, it was time to fuck this baby, it seemed to take forever squeezing my dick inside of her, but I was determined to break the laws of physics as well as various rape laws, but with that young pussy in front of me I didn't give a fuck about any laws.

I pumped my big dick so deep into that sweet young golden pussy she almost let out a scream then I remember who and what I am in the community and who and what she is, so I eased my strokes and slowly churned my dick into her, right to left, left to right, the breaking rythm to an in and out motion." Why are you crying?", I asked "its big".

"Do you want two petite sisters and one horny stepdad to stop?" she said no. I told her not to worry, that I would not hurt her, then I placed her legs on my shoulders and watched her pretty blond head turn from side to side and her face grimace as I pounded and grounded my dick into that sweet young tender cunt, I wanted to pull my dick out before I came but I couldn't resist seeing my cum pour out of her cunt, and watch her pussy slowly close, I watched it closely, almost with the curiosity of a child Two days later she had come by again,we stole a moment and she had told me her "ti ti" still hurts and her "brother wants to know why it hurts so much", and now when he sees me, he calls out for his little sister, but he will have to realize, now that he has opened her up he must share her.

Two weeks had passed, when I had finally gotten a chance to be alone with her again, she was in the garage behind her house placing clothes in washer. I was raking my lawn, "good morning Sarah", "good morning Mr. R, is Erica home?" "Yes'I answered ' she's in the livingroom watching t.v.". "Can she have company?" she asked. "Anytime you want to come over, just come on in, you don't have to ask" I said. Later that afternoon Sarah knocked on the door, I called out to Erica to let her friend in, while I went insane with anticipation, wondering how, when and where would I get her alone.

My wife had gone out to run a few errands, and I got ready to fuck, I had given the girls fruit juice, Erica's was laced with cough syrup(25%alcohol) she was fast sleep in no time flat.

I looked at Sarah and smiled, and led her by the hand to the rear bathroom, I knelt down in front of her, pulled her close, kissed her and told her just how much I missed her while I played with her pussy through her pants.

I stood up in front of her and took out anallllb mainconcept avc aac internet hd p plus dick, and said "open your mouth", she did and proceeded to put the head of my dick on her little pink tongue, and just watched her close her pretty, little, red lips over it. Because of the size of my dick, and her little mouth she could only fit the head in her mouth, not to mention her brother was just using her, and not training her properly in the art of love, she did not know how to accept my dick, so I taught her.

I taught her to bob her head up and down, to pull it out of her mouth, and lick it from the balls to the tip of the dickhead, I taught her to gently place only one testicle in her mouth and gently suck it, I taught her where the nerve endings were and how to work her teeth and tounge across the head to bring me pleasure, then I started to fuck her pretty little freckled face, holding the sides of her face while she choked and gagged.

I wanted to cum in her mouth so bad,and not too mention before my wife got back so I tensed my lower torso, and would only allow the first inch of my head in her mouth, creating just the right amount of friction to bring on an orgasmsweat dripped from my chin onto her forhead, she was looking up with an unreadable look in her eyes, the next thing you know, I was shooting gobs of cum down her throat. She had begun to choke, then she starting coughing, followed by her little hands covering her mouth, which erupted like a violent volcano, spewing vomit eveywhere, (her brother doesn't cum in her mouth I would soon learn ) after I cleaned her up, and layed her down in the guest room I told her if anyone ask's "just say it was something you ate".

After my wife had returned I had asked her to take Sarah home and explain to Sarahs mom how she had taken ill after excess sweets. When my wife had return she told me that Sarahs' mother said she wanted to know would we like to spend a day by the lake before it gets too cold, I told her yes, but I was thinking only if her son isn't coming.