Pornstar sex kitten gets her asshole screwed with big cock

Pornstar sex kitten gets her asshole screwed with big cock
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NOTE: Not all of my stories can be about young virile boys with a perpetual erection. Let's face it guys we are all older than that and we are just trying to recapture our own lost youth in a fantasy world here at XNXX. Before anyone suggests a part two, I already did that and then I combined them into this one story.

Rosewood Circle I was recently watching a Disney movie about a youth retention camp called 'Holes.' There was a passage in that movie that made me think. One kid told the kid digging the hole next him that 'it shouldn't be labor to help your neighbor.' Well I had been helping my neighbors for many years now and it was definitely becoming labor for me. Hell I was getting older too. When we all moved into this community together we were much younger, we were all married, and we all had children.

We always helped one another out whenever we could too. Over the years we have watched as our children grew up and moved away. We watched, as our spouses grew old, got sick, and died. We clung to one another in our times of need. Soon on Rosewood Circle I was the only man left. The other six houses on our circle all contain women. We were all at least sixty-five years old and fully retired too. I got to climb up the ladders to clean the leaves out the eve troughs, cut the dead tree limbs, and to mow the lawns in the summer and snowplow our sidewalks in the winter.

I got to all of minor repairs, knock down the bee's nests, and retrieve the mouse traps too. It was as if I owned all seven houses and was responsible to six wives but I had none of the advantages that I really wanted and needed. I was only good for labor and I finally got discouraged.

I complained about it to my neighbor and then hid inside my house for a few days. I had blown off steam with my neighbor Agnes that day. I even mentioned to her that it shouldn't be labor to help your neighbor. Then for some strange reason I told her how much that I missed sex too. Of course I regretted what I had said to her and was so embarrassed that I went into hiding. Well then I didn't answer the phone or the door for those two days either.

Agnes knew where I kept my spare key and opened the door one night shortly after I went to bed. Everybody seems to know everyone else's schedule and mine is girl has huge creamy orgasm cam consistent. The six women came in and then climbed up the stairs silently to my bedroom. For some reason I was restless and sensed that something was wrong and then I started to reach over to turn on my nightlight.

That is when Agnes turned on my ceiling light from the doorway. There, standing around my bed were my six neighbor ladies Agnes, Ethel, Helen, Mildred, Phoebe, and Ruth.

They each had on a very sexy transparent negligée and were smiling at me. I looked from one to the other of them standing around my bed. I had always wanted to see their tits and now that I could I wasn't sure what to do. I was trying to figure out if I had died in my sleep and was in heaven when I heard a voice. Agnes said, "Your wife once told me that you wanted to see all of us naked. The girls and I talked it over and decided that this was as close as we wanted to get the first black precious gets big dick in pussy black ebony cumshots ebony swallow i around." Ethel said, "We talked about your problem too and we also miss sex with our spouses just as much as you do.

We are all willing to help you out if you are willing to help us out too." Helen said, "We have done a lot of talking over the last couple of days and some of us miss flashing our husbands once in a while when he was around. We would love to flash you if you don't mind." Mildred said, "Some of us even like to do our housework in the nude too. Maybe you will let us clean your house in the nude.

You can watch us if you want too." Phoebe said, "Some of us like to go out into our Jacuzzi without our bathing suites on too. You are welcome to join us if you would like." Ruth said, "My husband loved it when I took my zoey monroe and ava addams out and gave him a blowjob. He didn't have to do a thing he could just lay there and enjoy it. Would you like that?" Agnes teen fisting both holes and fuck cute strap small girl problems, "What we are trying to say is… it shouldn't be labor to help your neighbor and we miss sex too.

So if you will accept sex from us as payment for everything that you do for us…then we have a deal." Ethel said, "We drew straws and it's my night to sleep with you. Which side do you sleep on?" I simply slid over to my side of the bed and Ethel got in under the covers with me. She reached down under the covers and came back up with her transparent panties.

She carefully let them drop to the floor. Then Ethel lifted her negligée up over her head too and let it drop to the floor. Everyone knew that she was naked and in bed with me. They also knew that I slept naked too. As Ethel held the covers up tightly to her neck she asked the other ladies to leave us alone and to turn the light off on their way out.

When the other ladies had all left Ethel snuggled her breasts into me and kissed me on the cheek. Then she ran her hand down my body and stopped with it on my semi-hard cock and balls. I was slowly raising to the occasion. Ethel seemed to like that. She lay back flat and pulled my hand over to cup her breast then after a moment she pushed it down to cup her pussy. Ethel was one of the older gals on the circle. She was probably seventy-five years old.

She had white hair and not a bad figure. She had always been so prim and proper around me before so having her in bed with me was not in her nature. She told me that it had been more than ten years since she had had sex and asked me to go slow and to be gentle with her. She also said that she always liked a lot of foreplay. She asked me to manually stimulate her clitoris and to give her oral sex too if I didn't object to that.

She assured me that she had cleaned it out real well before walking over here in just her negligée. Now that surprised me to think that an older woman like Ethel would walk to my house in xxx very big girls boor like that. Then I asked her what she was going to wear home in the morning. She started to giggle. She hadn't thought about that.

I told her that I still had my wife's robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door. She thanked me for the offer and then thanked me for finding her clit. She told me that she might need a lot of stimulation to get her pussy wet enough. After all as you get older you have less internal fluids to coat your pussy.

I told her that my wife kept some lubricant in her nightstand. She said that she would wait until I was done first. Outstanding sex with a hot lady smalltits homemade I fingered Ethel's clit and felt around her pussy.

I put my fingers up to my nose and she did smell clean so I put my head under the covers. I could feel her holding them up to her neck as I moved down. She parted her legs in cooperation too. It had been a few years for me too but I still remembered what to do. When I was completely between her open legs and kneeling I placed my face in her crotch.

My fingers told me that she had very little hair left on her pussy. I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and put my tongue in between them.

I tentatively licked her clit and she moaned to let me know that she liked it. So did I. I licked her for as long as I could stay in that position. At my age cutting off the flow of blood to your legs is not such a good idea. I put as much saliva in her vagina as I could while I was down there. I told her that I thought that it might be enough. Ethel reached down and said that she wanted to put some lubricant on my cock first. I had never heard this lady say the word cock in my life.

She got the tube out of my wife's end table and applied a liberal coating to my cock. She seemed to enjoy stroking it. Then she even aimed it into her opening for me since her hand was already greasy.

I eased my member into her slowly and gently and Ethel liked it. She said that she used to enjoy being on top when she was younger.

She also liked to do it in the backseat of a car too, especially at an outdoor theater. She liked the chance of getting caught.

Then she laughed and thought that maybe she should just walk home in her nightie in the morning and see if she attracts any attention. As I pumped into her I got more and more excited.

So did Ethel. Then when I came inside of her Ethel said that she was having her orgasm too. She cried. It was her first orgasm since before her husband had died. She didn't know how much she had missed sex. After we had made love Ethel and I cuddled into one another and fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up first. I could hardly believe what it felt like to wake up next to a woman. I held one of her tits until she too woke up. Then I kissed her and not on her cheek either. As I lowered the covers to take a look at her breasts Ethel tried to hold them up to her neck.

I explained that we had made love last night and that I was going to see her naked one way or the other so she let go. I lowered the covers slowly so as not to scare her too much. Her breasts were just fine. They were not too big or too saggy they were just right for her. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. Ethel liked it and held me closer to her. I pushed the covers down further. Ethel was not too sure of that but she didn't stop me either. I was right she didn't have much hair down there and what she did have was just as white as what was on her head.

I tried to part her pussy lips so Ethel parted her legs for me. I remember my wife's pussy lips gluing themselves together after sex too. I got between her legs since I was getting hard again and then parted her pussy lips. She was still full of cum so I just slipped my cock into her. Ethel asked me if she could get on top and I said that she sure could. So for the next several minutes she very gently did her pelvic thrusts on my cock. I didn't cum that time and neither did she but we sure enjoyed ourselves.

We took a shower together and Ethel put her negligée back on but not her panties. I offered to make breakfast for her so she didn't feel the need to put on the robe behind the door either.

I just slipped on my pajama bottoms and walked her down the stairs.

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With her bad knees I big oili gand and very big lun want her to fall. As we went into the kitchen the other five ladies were already there. The coffee was on and the bacon was sizzling.

I should have been able to smell it but apparently my mind was elsewhere. The women asked Ethel to tell them all about it and she did.

She made me out to be the nicest man in whole world. After we ate breakfast we all walked Ethel home in just her negligée however the ladies used their bodies to protect Ethel from any outsiders. Ethel said that walking home like that was one of the most daring things that she had done in a long time. While Ethel went up to change into some clothes we sat downstairs in her living room and talked.

Soon she joined us. We talked about what we could do for one another and no holds were barred either. We talked about helping each other with our flower gardens, grocery shopping, and even cleaning out our spouses old things that were still lying around.

We even talked about holding a yard sale. The girls talked about keeping me sexually happy and even keeping themselves sexually happy too. Three of the ladies admitted to having tried sex with other women over the years. The other three were shocked but I told them that my wife had tried it before and that the idea excited me a lot. Agnes admitted that she and my wife had been having an affair for many years but that neither one of them had ever considered themselves to be lesbians.

I suggested that as long as they were already talking and thinking about trying lesbianism that there was no place like right there and right then. Ethel and Agnes stood up, removed their clothes, and embraced as we all watched them.

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It was quite a sight but no one laughed. We all watched as the two old ladies kissed and felt the other's breasts and pussies. Ethel suggested that they continue in her bed where it was more comfortable.

Ethel told us to get undressed if we wished to watch them, so we all undressed too and went up the stairs. Ethel was one of the ladies that had not tried sex with another woman so she let Agnes take the lead. As Agnes licked Ethel's pussy she closed her eyes and said that it felt just as good as it had when I ate her out the night before. She didn't have an orgasm so Agnes fingered her clit for her while she stimulated Ethel's nipples with her other hand and her mouth.

Finally Ethel had an orgasm and said that it had been a good one too. Then it was Ethel's turn to try to satisfy Agnes. She was not as shocked as she had thought that she would have been.

She confessed that her husband had tried to get her to try it once or twice with another woman. The funny thing was that he had suggested that she try it with Agnes. We all smiled as Agnes had an orgasm from Ethel's mouth on her pussy. With a little coaxing the next pair of women got on the bed together. Ethel had suggested that an experienced woman should pair yukina momota riding a thick dick properly till eruption creamed pussy cock sucking with one that wasn't experienced, so Helen and Mildred got on the bed together while Phoebe and Ruth waited for their turn.

As Ethel watched the show on the bed she and Agnes continued to kiss, touch, and fondle each another. When Helen and Mildred were both satisfied Phoebe and Ruth took their turns.

Afterwards Ethel said that she wanted to try making love to each of the women, but not that day. The other women said that they too would like that some another day.

I suggested that since there were six of them that I could sleep with one every night and then on the seventh day that I could watch them make love to one another. They really liked that idea. Phoebe suggested that we start eating supper together each evening so that she could fix a proper meal. She said that cooking for one was darn near impossible. Everyone else agreed with that.

So that evening we converged on Phoebe's house. A couple of the other ladies helped her out while the other three came over to my house to clean it in the nude. I got my windows washed on the inside, the cobwebs removed, and everything mopped, vacuumed, or polished. Wow. Not only were these ladies good at cleaning houses but they were nice to watch naked too. Besides I got to feel of their titties, pinch their butts, and brush up against their pussies as often as I wanted too.

Whenever I reached for them they would stand still and cooperate with me until I was finished, then they returned to what they were doing. I could tell that they liked the attention Supper was fantastic. We all dressed in our finest clothes and even lit the candles. We put on an old Tommy Dorsey record. It was a 33-1/3 rpm however I still have some 78's slender brunette honey fingers her dripping snatch masturbation and toys my collection too.

I hate to admit it but I still have some of those old eight-track tapes too. Anyway I danced with each lady and I was a gentleman about it too. I bowed, kissed their hand, and thanked them for the dance. My wife would have been so proud of me. Then I took Mildred home with me for the night. It was her turn. Mildred surprised me when she suggested that we bring Ruth along with us.

She blushed as she said that her husband had always wanted a threesome with her and Ruth. This was her way of satisfying her husband's request. Okay! Ruth told her that since it was Mildred's rightful turn that she would not cut in when it came to the sex part with me. Mildred thanked her and took both our hands as we left. In my bedroom Mildred undressed Ruth and kissed her passionately as she did so. Then Ruth undressed Mildred and returned the favors.

Next my two aging beauties sat on the bed to watch me undress. Mildred then carefully folded the bed covers down to the foot of the bed out of our way. I had watched both women make out with someone else that morning but not with each another.

Besides now they knew what to do. They had both been one of the new girls. I watched these two seventy some year old ladies kiss, fondle, and poke one another. It was much better this time around. Not only were they a little more experienced but they also did not have the other women to watch and critique them either. These two women were making love to each other and just allowing me to watch them do it.

When they finished I sure was ready for Mildred and vip sex story u s a was certainly ready for me too. There was no need for any lubricant from a tube. As I made love to Mildred she cried softly. It had been a very long time since a man had made love to her and it felt just so good to her. She had two orgasms before I cum in her. Surprisingly Ruth asked Mildred if she could eat her out again.

Mildred said okay and cuddled into me as she opened up her legs for her other lover. She wished that she had done this years ago when her husband had first suggested it. Not only would she have given him the pleasure that he had asked for but she would not have missed all of those years in between with Ruth either. That night those two ladies became the best of friends.

The next day I got up and again the other four ladies were waiting for us to come down and tell them all about our night. Mildred suggested that all of the women try a threesome with me, at least once. She said that having Ruth and I make love to her together was the very best sex ever.

After breakfast I started up the lawn mower and the irresistible chicks know how to masturbate together helped me. As I rode around cutting the grass they moved the lawn ornaments, the lawn chairs, and any other obstacles that were in my way.

They trimmed along the edge of the flowerbeds and under the shrubs too. They also flashed me their titties and their pussies anytime that I was looking in their direction. That day all of us manicured our seven lawns and had fun doing it too.

We made plans to paint Helen's living room the next day together. The ladies decided that if they painted in the nude that they would clean up much easier afterwards. I quickly volunteered to clean them up and they laughed. However the next day we all converged on Helen's House.

She had the paint and the brushes ready when we arrived. Together we took out all of the breakable items and then pushed pair of sisters bribe their car salesman into a threesome furniture to the center of the room so that we could cover it.

We put drop cloths on the floor to protect the rug and then everyone stripped naked. The paint was a nice shade of yellow so I dipped my brush into the bucket and touched it to Helen's nipples while she smiled at me and the other girls laughed. She took the brush from me and put a dab of paint on the head of my cock. Once again everyone laughed. After we painted the four walls with the fresh coat of yellow we decided that the white enamel around the window and door casings needed to be redone too.

So while the ladies made lunch I went to the store for a gallon of white enamel paint. The flat yellow paint dried quickly so after lunch we painted the trim white and decided to let that dry overnight. We could put the room back together the next day. That meant that it was time for me to clean up the girls. I led them up to the big bathroom. Helen ran some water into the tub and then I washed the paint off of her nipples while she washed the head of my cock.

I wasn't going to let her get away quite that easy so I washed her whole body including her hole. Then I helped her up to her feet.

I made a mental note to install handicap railings for everyone in their bathrooms. Each woman got in the bathtub with me as the other women egged me on. I pinched their nipples, I poked a finger in their butts, and I even poked my cock into their mouths.

A couple of my ladies had never even sucked their husband's cocks before. Agnes was my 'lady of the evening.' She had told the other women that she wanted me solo the first time, so she had decided to pass on the threesome. They all understood. Then Agnes walked with me to my home to spend the night in my bed. As we passed by her house she picked up a small shoebox and brought it with her.

She had been my next door neighbor for about forty years but apparently I didn't know very much about her at all. For instance I never knew that she and my wife had been lovers for all of those years. It seems that Agnes was into a slight amount of pain and pleasure and that since her husband's death she had not had either.

She begged me not to judge her and she begged me to help her out. To Agnes pain was pleasure…at least a small amount of pain that is. Once she was in my bedroom and naked Agnes asked me to start out gently. She instructed me as to how to bind her tits with two coils of rope to make them stand right out straight. She had me place nipple clamps on her nipples too. As time went on I was supposed to add weights to the chain connecting her nipple clamps together.

Agnes got on my bed on her hands and knees and asked me to spank her with the paddle that was in the shoebox. Agnes loved ball licking mixed with blow job pornstar and hardcore, she really did.

She had missed that so much over the years that she said that I was her 'master' now and that I could beat her every day of the week if I wanted too. I had never been into pain before but spanking her was actually fun. I started watching her ass flesh as I struck it and it would mushroom up and cause a small tidal wave in her ass cheeks.

She controlled my actions as to striking her harder or softer so I felt comfortable big bob mom with son not inflecting too much pain. I didn't want to injure her either. After quite a while and almost a hundred strokes Agnes asked me to pick it up a little bite and to go wild for the last ten stokes.

By then she had gotten used to the feel of it and had gotten her old grove back. So I gave her hell…I hit her a lot harder than even I had anticipated. However it excited me to no end. My erection was much better than it had been in the past few days. I just turned Agnes around so that I could slip my cock into her pussy while standing next to the bed. She cried but not from the pain that I had caused her but because her husband used to get so worked up spanking her that he too would just fuck her afterwards like I had.

I could not believe how good it felt slipping my cock into Agnes. I had thought about doing just that for years. I had often stolen glimpses of her in her garden bent over pulling weeds or something. My wife knew how much I liked Agnes but she had kept her all to herself. I couldn't blame her in the least.

After I filled Agnes with my cum I released her bound tits and removed the clamps from her nipples. The coils of rope had left red marks in her flesh and her ass was really red from my beating it.

I asked her if she would be okay in the morning. Agnes said that it wouldn't mater to her, that she no longer had anything to hide from her neighbors, and that she would carry her welts with pride. I slept all night in the spoon position with Agnes with my limp dick tucked into her butt crack and my upper arm wrapped around her and holding onto her lower tit.

What a wonderful way to sleep with a woman. In the morning Agnes rushed down to the kitchen with the other girls before I was even ready. She was actually excited to show off her welts and bruises to them. After breakfast I had to demonstrate how I had coiled the ropes tightly around Agnes' tittie flesh while she was bent over.

While I was at it I also administered a few whacks with her paddle so the ladies could see her ass flesh become a tidal wave too. Agnes presented me with the paddle and said that I may need to punish one of my neighbors for something occasionally. I just smiled and gave it a place of honor up on my fireplace mantle. That day we put Helen's freshly painted living room back together then we went over to Phoebe's house to clean out her attic for her.

She was in no position to climb up into the attic any more and carry down heavy boxes. She asked us to bring everything down and place it in the spare bedroom until she could sort it out. The other women started helping move the boxes that I had brought down for them and they helped Phoebe sort them out too.

As they talked Phoebe mentioned that in a couple of weeks that she wold be celebrating her sixty-ninth birthday and that her children and grandchildren would be coming home for the weekend.

All of us offered our spare bedrooms for them to stay in. When I asked Phoebe if she would sixty-nine with all of us on that day she giggled so hard that she had to run to the bathroom. However the answer was definitely a yes. That night it was Phoebe's turn to sleep with me.

She asked Helen to join us for a threesome. Phoebe had lost her husband right after I had lost my wife so we sort of bonded back in the day. Phoebe was an old fashioned girl but we were changing her ways apparently.

For instance she was a virgin on her wedding night and had always been faithful to her husband. I would be only the second man to ever make love to her and that scared her. Also she had never slept in the nude in her life and she had hardly ever let her own husband see her naked.

For her the last few days had really been something. Phoebe admitted to having wet dreams while thinking of me over the years and that she had fantasized about me making love to her when her husband was actually making love to her. Helen assured tattooed teen wanted to feel a big cock in her asshole that it was perfectly normal and that she had done the same thing with her husband.

At sixty-seven I had been the youngest husband on Rosewood Circle and apparently all of the other ladies had fantasies about me too over the years. Wow! So anyway Phoebe and Helen started making love for my benefit. Since they were already licking the other's pussy. I took turns slipping my cock into them and feeding the rich flavor to the other woman. Then Phoebe asked me if she could taste her own pussy.

Sure she could. Apparently Phoebe had never masturbated, tasted her own pussy, or poked even a single finger into herself. She really was an old fashion gal. She asked me if I would consider her my wife just for the night. That way she wouldn't feel so bad about breaking her vow to her husband to stay faithful. Then she cried. I promised her that I would treat her, Helen, and all the other four ladies as if they were all my wives.

The next morning at breakfast Phoebe mentioned to the other women that she had become my 'make believe wife.' Helen said that she felt the same way. The rest agreed with them that I was the now the husband of six wives. No I am not a Mormon. That day I excused myself and bbw granny having fun in the forest shopping alone.

The man at the jewelry store was very surprised when I purchased six wedding rings. They did not contain any diamonds and I had each one of them inscribed 'Make Believe Wife.' At lunch I presented my six women the rings and asked them on bended knee to be my 'Make Believe Wives.' Each woman accepted my offer. With tears in their eyes they each removed the ring that their husbands had given them and put my ring on their fingers.

Life was much better for me now and it was no longer labor to help my neighbor. +++++ Rosewood Circle - Chapter Two To restate the obvious…There are seven houses on Rosewood Circle.

We have all lived here for close to forty years. When we all moved into this community together we were much younger, we were all married, and we all had children. Over the years we have watched as our children grew up and moved away.

We watched, as our spouses grew old, got sick, and died. We clung to one another in our times of need. Soon on Rosewood Circle I was the only man left. The other six houses on our circle all contain women. We were all at least sixty-five years old and fully retired too. So there is me, myself, and I. I am sixty-seven years old. My next door neighbor is Agnes. She is the youngest one of us at sixty-five years old. She just recently retired and had an affair with my wife for many years.

She is also into a little pain and bondage. Then there is Ethel who is seventy-five, Helen at seventy-two, Mildred at seventy plus, Phoebe at sixty-nine, and Ruth at seventy plus. We have already had a few weeks of casual sex with one another. Each lady has spent a few nights in my bed and in the beds of the other ladies too. We eat, work around the yards together, and do our housework together. We are the 'Magnificent Seven' as our children started calling us. Little did they know just how magnificent their mothers really were.

Those first two months were just a settling in period. Kind of like when you are first married. In a way we were married, at least all of the women wore my ring on their fingers now and one or two at a time have shared my bed with me. It was wonderful not having to worry about birth control or sexually transmitted diseases. Each woman has expressed some of her sexual fantasies and tried out what the others have suggested too.

For instance Agnes had me tie coils of rope around her breasts and paddle her ass. Well all of the other ladies have tried that too. Some enjoyed it while others just endured it. Together the seven of us made a trip to an Adult Store and looked around.

I was very surprised at the reaction they had to the very large rubber cocks, the butt plugs, and to the various vibrators. They each bought one or two items and promised to share them. I bought three DVD movies that were X-rated of course. Only two of the ladies admitted that they had never seen a dirty movie before. The rest were looking forward to watching sexy brunette rides a massive meat pole creampie and big tits with me. Back at my house we all got undressed.

It had become the place to gather since we ate breakfast there together every morning anyway. They always wanted to know how the night before had gone and if we had done anything new and exciting. As I applied some K-Y Jelly to each of their vaginas the women all got as comfortable as they possibly could.

I started out with the smallest dildo and slipped it in and out of their pussy several times to their enjoyment as I went around the circle. The next dildo was pretty big so I grabbed a vibrator along with it. As I fucked my women with the dildo I let them stroke their clits with the vibrator.

They really enjoyed themselves as I went around the group. Then with cheers of excitement I grabbed the biggest dildo of all and watched as the vibrator got passed along to the first woman again. As I pressed it in harder and harder Agnes just smiled at me. Then it started making some progress.

She squirmed her ass around and tilted her pelvis in an attempt to help me out. It worked too and I got it in a few more inches. I realized that I was stretching her wide open and that her insides were adjusting to the force that was being applied. I pressed and she relaxed her internal muscles until I finally hit bottom. She told me to keep going and she meant it too.

I was able to get it in her almost another half-inch. I fucked Agnes with it as the other ladies cringed a little bit. Agnes loved it as I slipped it out almost all the way and then plunged it all the way back into her depths. Agnes kept shouting out that it was the biggest thing that she had ever had inside her before and then she orgasmed. Phoebe went next and she too took it all with a little bit of effort.

She was so thankful that she had given birth to four children and loosened things up down there. It appeared that the older the woman was the easier it was to get it inside of her. Ethel was the oldest woman and the easiest one to get it into.

That was when Ethel laughed and told us all about her younger years of turning the vacuum cleaner on blow instead of suck and then fucking herself with the nozzle just to watch her pussy lips flopping around in the breeze. She said that she had tried it once on a motorcycle too with a skirt on and no panties but that the gas tank between her legs had prevented the airflow from doing a very good job.

She said that she used to love that vacuum cleaner, then one day it stopped working. Mildred said that she liked to sit on the washing machine when it went into the spin cycle. Others admitted to doing that too. When it came time for the butt plug the women were not quite as eager.

Three of them had enjoyed anal sex occasionally with their husbands and the other three had not enjoyed it at all. Ruth asked me if she could go last then she was embarrassed to ask me to used Preparation H as her lubricant. No one laughed at her and two others took the tube when I was done and applied some of the cream to their sore butts too.

Each of my 'Make Believe Wives' said that they would be willing to big tit mother fucks pal first time outdoor sex me anal sex if I really wanted it.

I told them that I did want anal sex from each of them but only because I had done it with my wife and I now considered them my wives too. It was just such an intimate and unselfish act to give your lover something you yourself were not overly pleased with doing. We all learned a lot more about one another during that sex toy party. Each woman had her own intimate little secrets that she shared with the rest of us. For instance Agnes was not only into a little pain and bondage and had been sleeping with my wife but she and her husband used to be nudists too after their children had grown up enough to leave alone while they went on vacation to Nudist Camps across the country.

Ethel said that she had let Elvis Presley fuck her when she was a teenager. She had gone to the same school that he had in Memphis. He was two years younger than she was and not all that good in school. She said that her husband loved the fact that Elvis had fucked her in the back seat of his car at a drive-in theater when she was eighteen.

Helen had grown up on a farm. She admitted to jerking off her horse on several occasions. She also admitted to letting the two farm dogs fuck her after seeing them fuck her older sister and her mother. She said that they were pretty good at it too.

In fact she kind of missed a good doggy fuck. The other women then discussed going to the dog pound and getting a big male dog that they might share. Mildred confessed that she had let both of her sons fuck her after they had caught her cheating brother and sister baat room xxx her husband with her boss.

They had come home early from school one day and caught her. She had promised them anything not to tell their father what they had seen and that resulted in them fucking her until they had both left for college a few years later.

She admitted that they were very good at sex, thanks to her teaching them and that both of their wives were very satisfied in bed. She said that in those days she had finally been getting enough sex. Of course she had her husband, her boss, and her two sons fucking her constantly. Those were the good old days. Phoebe admitted that back in 1956 when she was eighteen years old that she had let some fast talking guy get her drunk and film her for an X-rated movie.

It took place in a sleazy hotel room in Atlantic City and that six guys had fucked her that day. She said that she had a copy of it in her safe. It was an 8mm film reel but Phoebe said that her projector didn't work anymore. Ethel said that she still had an old 8mm projector that worked if we wanted to watch it. We decided that some other time would be a better. Ruth was the last woman to share her intimate life with us. She had been afraid to tell anyone but after hearing Mildred confess to having let her sons fuck her it didn't seem to matter that she had let her father and her two brothers fuck her when she was growing up.

She had been born in 1931 and when World War II had ended she was fourteen years old. Her mother had run off with her boyfriend before her husband had come home from the war. He took it out on Ruth and took her to bed with him every night. It wasn't long before her two brothers were fucking her too. When she was sixteen her husband rescued her from her father's abuse. As the heat started to swelter in the middle of July the women and I started to get more uncomfortable.

Even naked it was still too hot and there wasn't any more that we could take off. We sat around in front of fans, we went in where there was air conditioning, and we turned the heat off on Helen's Jacuzzi.

Occasionally we even emptied our ice cube trays into the water. We did see Phoebe's 8mm movie and the women suggested that we make one of our own now that we had digital capability. I could make love to each one of them and they could make love to each other. We did it mostly in the early morning before we got too hot to be touched by another person. It took us two weeks to make but it sure came out well. When we went to the dog pound Helen picked out a big black male Labrador Retriever.

It was harder than you think to get a dog that hasn't already been fixed, from an animal shelter. The family that had him before us just couldn't keep him any more. He had outgrown their small apartment.

At nine months old he looked like a little horse. Helen remembered exactly what to do and in no time at all had him licking her pussy. Rubbing a raw steak in her crotch first seemed to excite him. Once his member was hanging halfway to the floor he was ready and so was she. Helen leaned over a footstool and let him mount her doggy style. The other women were even more interested animl xxx story free com I was.

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When Rover was finished fucking Helen he just turned around and was butt to butt with her for a good twenty minutes. She loved every minute of it. Hell they all loved it.

He got to fuck two more of my women that day and then the other three the following day. We only kept Rover around for a month until he became just too much for my women to handle. They could no longer satisfy him.

He would fuck all six of them in one day and then he still expected more. So reluctantly we returned him to the pound where we had gotten him. We were so happy when the hot summer ended. We were looking forward to the fall weather and of course we knew that winter was coming soon. We took more rides out of town to watch the trees turn colors. There were about three days that fall when everything was just perfect.

All of the trees were colorful and looked just like a painting or a puzzle. I got my women to pose naked out in the great outdoors with the pretty trees in the background, just as I had gotten my wife to pose over the years.

We had become a very close family. Then one day Ethel fell down her stairs and broke her hip. We visited her every day in the hospital until the day we could bring her home.

The doctor and the nurses couldn't believe that she had so many friends to take care of her. She required a lot of physical therapy for several weeks after that. Then koold korean king queen xxx course she was not supposed to climb stairs anymore either.

Helen and Mildred had the houses on the far end of the circle. Their houses were single story homes and they both had extra bedrooms that Ethel could use. There were still three steps to get up to the front door though so I built a ramp up to Helen's front door. The Department on Aging suggested that for every one inch in height that the ramp should be one foot in length.

The twenty-four inch height meant that the ramp had to be twenty-four feet long. It was wide enough for a wheelchair and it had railings too. We all decided that it wasn't a bad idea to have at our ages. As winter set in we talked about conserving energy and of course being on a fixed income the heating bill gets pretty bad, especially if you are heating a whole house and you are the only one living in it.

Soon we decided that we should all move in with Helen. That way we could turn our thermostats down to fifty degrees and save some money. Besides we all stayed together during the day anyway. The six women could sleep in the three bedrooms and I could just sleep with someone different every night as I had been doing anyway. Throughout the winter months we decided that we should just live together anyway. The women liked the idea of not living alone anymore.

They got very used to sleeping together if I wasn't in bed with them. Sex over the winter was very good. We found ourselves going to bed earlier and cuddling into our tattooed ebony masseuse anya ivy makes out and gets fucked by ryan. By the time summer was here again we had a small swimming pool installed. We had a greenhouse built too for growing our flowers.

That way we could enjoy them all the time. Later that fall Ethel and I had the best night of sex ever. She felt better and younger than she had in several years. She had multiple orgasms as my cock filled her pussy. She didn't want to stop either and begged me to fuck her a second time. She was even willing to suck me hard so I let her.

When I finished cumming that second time I was exhausted but she was still full of life. Agnes was in bed with us that night so she took over for me. According to Agnes they went at it until about two o'clock in the morning. When I woke up at seven o'clock that morning Ethel was dead. She had died in her sleep and she had a smile on her face. We all mourned her and then had her buried next to her husband.

The women had put her real wedding ring back on her finger to be buried with her and they put the one that I had given her on her right ring finger.

Things never did return to normal but we all got through it. After all we had each lost a loved one before but we seemed stronger in a group. So life went on in Rosewood Circle. The End Rosewood Circle 166 Authors Comments: Even though I turn off the comments you can always click on my name behind the title and send me a private message. So far I have answered every one of you that has taken the time to write to me. I have even fulfilled some of your requests.

As I was writing 'Rosewood Circle' what impressed me the most was that I was writing about people my own age or older instead of all of those young virile boys with a perpetual erection.

I hope that I am not the only guy out here that reads a good sexy story and then climbs into bed with his wife. I in no way want to slight the ladies that read my stories either. I hope that romance and maturity is just as exciting to you as all of that bim-bam-thank-you-mam stuff. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think. With out women I would have nothing to write about.