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Kenyan black slut olive kathure porn
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Fucking an Angel As she walked thru the door, silence fell along with most of the men in the room's jaws. Damn, she was HOT, real HOT. Her long strawberry blond hair fell past her hips and swayed gently caressing them as she walked further into the room.

John came here every evening after work and he knew every woman who frequented the bar. He didn't recognize her; she must be new to the area.

Her dress, red lace, was slit to the hip on both sides and dipped dangerously low in the front, letting the soft round swell of her lush full breasts show. Both nipples were erect from the sudden cooling of the air conditioning in the room and poked invitingly thru the lace of her dress.

As she walked to a table, her hair swayed and showed how low the clinging red lace dress was in the back, the dimples on her lower back peeked at him. Her round buttocks were enticing and brought his cock to attention. He licked his lips; this was going to be an interesting evening.

He was instantly on alert, silently signaling the other men in the room to back off, she was his, or at least she was going to be, she just didn't know it yet. The soft light in the room accentuated her high cheek bones and the golden glow of her skin.

She looked like a ripe peach and as he drew nearer he noticed, she smelled like one too, with a light underlying scent of woman musk. Ummm he could smell her and it was intoxicating. She sat at the near by table, her dress falling open when she wiggled on the chair. He was sure he could see her naked Venus mound.

Her hair fell over the back of her chair and swayed as he stood staring at the deep V at the top of her buttocks revealed by the low cut back of her dress. Stepping in front of her, holding a chair in front of his cock to conceal is erection, "Hello" he said, "My name is John".

She slowly lifted her eyes to meet his and he almost lost his breath. Her eyes were a very intense shade of violet and glowed with an inner fire. An amused smile flirted with her lips sex xxxx storys girl black guy she slowly lifted her hand for him to kiss. "My name juicy cunt is gratified to the max Angel" she said in a soft whiskey voice so low he barely heard her over his thundering pulse throbbing in his temples echoing the throbbing of his cock.

If he didn't have her soon, he was going to explode and embarrass himself by coming in his pants. No woman had ever had this effect on him and he was speechless. As a slow song began to play, he wordlessly took her offered hand and kissed it as he drew her to her feet and onto the small dance floor. He slid his arms around her and drew her close, burying his face in her peach scented hair.

As they softly swayed to the music, he could feel her tremble. Maybe he thought she is as overwhelmed and excited as I am.

As she drew back slightly and gazed up at his handsome face, she sighed. "Yes" she thought, "this is what I came here for". "Do I know you?" she asked with a tremble of passion in her voice. "Not yet" was his breathless reply, "but you will soon, I promise".

Angel was excited, this was so not like her, to come into a strange bar and dance with someone she didn't know. But, she thought to herself, "This is what I came here for. So why am I suddenly shy and afraid"? As she gazed into his steady chocolate eyes and looked at his handsome tan face she realized he was more than she had dared to anticipate. She was on a mission and his steady gaze calmed and comforted her while his overall demeanor excited her.

"Wow, this is going to be an evening to remember" she thought to herself. "What brings you here tonight" he whispered in her ear. She took a deep breath and decided it was best to be brutally honest with him.

"Well John she purred, I came here in search of a big handsome man to fuck me, would that be you"? Shocked by her answer, John almost missed a step and drew her closer to his body and he could feel her tremble, "Yes" he said, "that would be me. May I ask why such a lovely woman has to seek out a man to fuck her"? "Well" she said taking a deep breath, now was the moment, "You see I am new to town and I don't know anyone and I am so horny I think I might die if I don't get fucked soon".

John almost fell over at her honest and totally unexpected answer. Unable to speak, he took her by the hand and led her from the dance floor and out the door before she could change her mind. As they got into his waiting limousine neither of them spoke, only gazing at each other. "Where to he asked, your place or mine"? Angel leaned forward and gave the limo driver the address of her hotel and sat back almost on John's lap.

As he placed his arms around her to kiss her, she slid slightly away and said, "Do you mind if we wait until we reach my suite? I am afraid I will cum right here on the seat if I let you kiss me". John nodded his ascent and she leaned back almost purring with relief. This is going to be such fun she thought. When they reached the address she had provided, the doorman opened the door and John took her hand as she slid out, her dress bunching around her waist and revealing an even more enticing view, her wet cunt came into view, bringing his already hard cock to an even harder state.

They rode up to her suite in the elevator in total silence. John took the time to gaze up at the mirrored ceiling and was able to look down both the front and back of her dress, the view was spectacular. Entering her suite, she took his hand and led him down the hall thru the open door right to the waiting bed.

As he sat down she reached up and untied the straps of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. The lighting was soft but bright enough to give him an awesome view of her golden skin and lush curves, all the walls and the ceiling were covered with mirrors.

She knelt down and slid John's shoes and socks off his feet and as she tugged at his jacket, he came to life and quickly stood and stripped naked, his hard on jutting straight out in front of her face.

Angel took it in her hand and gently hefted it, testing its weight, looking over her shoulder to the mirror beside her; she smiled and licked her lips. Bending over the head as he lost the ability to stand and fell back onto the bed, Angel took his cock firmly in her hand and blew out her sweet warm breath over it.

The feeling was so sensual and sexual John almost came on the spot. Angel ran her wet pink tongue around the head making sure to keep her hair daughterswap fucking the lesbian out of their daughters between the reflection in the mirror and his cock, so he could see her every flexible ebony girl treated like a doll reflected.

As she drew his cock into her waiting mouth, running her tongue around the head and up and down the length, John moaned. She truly is an Angel he thought, and this is Heaven, every man's dream. As Angel continued to service his cock John laid lasublimexxx casting for young hot brunette billie star his arms behind his head and just relaxed into the moment.

Her slips were so soft, her tongue was so wet, she was sucking him deep into her throat and he was so aroused! She licked up and down his cock like she was licking an ice cream cone and groaning with pleasure as she did so. He could smell her arousal over the light peach scent and it dove his hips into a gently rocking motion.

Unable to bear it any longer, with one smooth move, John raised himself up and pulled her over the bed and slid to the floor on his knees. She wiggled slightly positioning her hips so there was a clear view of her cunt with his tongue stroking it in the mirror.

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She smiled into the mirror and moaned, letting loose a flow of sweet honey into his waiting mouth, John began to lick and suck on her clit bringing it to a hard nub which he punished with his tongue mercilessly, licking and nibbling it as he inserted a finger into her tight channel and was rewarded with her orgasm which brought her body off the bed. Sliding up her body, licking all the way John took one firm breast into his hand and the other into his mouth. As he gently bit down on her nipple he could feel her tremble and shake with an orgasm, that's two, the thought to himself.

"I wonder how many times I can make her cum before I do". As John continued his assault on her breasts alternating between them licking and sucking she squirmed and moaned with excitement, her eyes wide open staring at the reflection in the mirror. John positioned himself between her legs, catching them up over his shoulders and glanced into the mirror, he could see her wide open wet cunt begging for his giant cock to enter it and he smiled as he plunged all the way in bringing her off the bed with a moan and another orgasm.

"Three" he thought. As he set a punishing rhythm, his balls slapping against her ass he watched the mirror more excited than he had ever been. Watching his cock plunge in and out of her tight pussy, her honey leaking out around it was a wonderfully exciting show. As he almost reached his own orgasm, he threw his head back and moaned aloud, "God baby you are tight" as he came in her tight pussy he could feel it clamping down squeezing the cum out of him.

Falling onto the bed beside her he reached over and lazily stroked her pert breast and rubbed the nipple between his fingers. "Damn Angel, you are good" he muttered as her lush breast began to take over his attention. She pushed him down firmly and bent to take his now spent cock blonde teen sucking bigdick watch more of her at ulacamcom her mouth licking and sucking him clean and bringing him to a new erection.

She turned positioning her wet dripping cunt over his mouth and lowered it to his waiting tongue and lips. As he nuzzled and sucked her clit and cunt she continued her assault on his cock. As the pleasure began hot ebony babe misty stone sweaty ass fucked to perfection build he flipped her off and rolled her over onto her stomach.

Inserting a finger into her anus he waited a second giving her time to become accustomed to the invasion and gently rubbed the head of his wet cock down the crack of her ass and began pushing the head of his cock into her ass.

She moaned and pushed backward toward him allowing his cock to slip all the way in so his balls were now rubbing against her wet pussy. He could feel how it was tiring to suck his balls in.

As he picked up the pace, she began to moan louder and buck back against his cock taking him as far inside her tight ass as was possible. Their orgasms overtook both of them at the same time. Exhausted he slid off her back and out of her tight ass and laid down beside her. A short time later John woke to find Angel gently washing his cock with a warm cloth then she began to lick and suck him again.

As his cock rose to new heights he moaned.

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"Angel" he murmured "I don't know if I can again". Angel just smiled toward the mirror and continued licking and sucking his cock that with a mind of its own had risen to a new erection.

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As her lips moved over his cock she moaned and when she swallowed it down her throat, the humming was transferred to his cock as a gentle vibration, driving him crazy. When he had almost reached the breaking point, she slid up his body and taking his cock into her hand sat astraddle of him burying his cock deep into her tight wet pussy so far he could feel the head bump against her womb.

Angel leaned down swinging her lush tit in his face and like a hungry baby he obliged by opening his mouth and sucking it in, deep in his hot mouth and sucking and using his hands to pull out it against hard suction of his mouth. Angel groaned bucking her hips and grinding down onto him. In one swift move he rolled them over so she was on her back with him on top and never lost the plunging rhythm of their fucking. They both orgasmed at the same time and this time they both fell asleep tangled up in each others arms and legs.

This time when he woke she was licking his cock again, "Mercy baby, do you ever get enough" he murmured against the wet pussy she held over his mouth. He began to lick and nibble her again, plunging his tongue deep inside and bucking his cock deeper into her mouth as she took him over the edge again and let her sweet honey down into his eager mouth. Sliding up the bed, she took his hand and inserted his finger into her still tight pussy while plopping her tit into his mouth again.

As he sucked her tit petite blonde beauty has her asshole destroyed cumshot facial fingered her, he inserted two more fingers into her tight cunt and slid one into her ass. She bucked against his hand and danced there for him, her tit almost down his throat, his hand up her cunt and finger fully inserted in her ass she screamed and moaned and shook as a powerful orgasm overcame her.

This time when she feel asleep, John got up, grabbed his clothes and going to the posh bathroom showered and dressed and left her sleeping with her smiling face turned toward the mirror as it had been all night. As she heard the door latch click closed she sat up smiling toward the mirror.

"Happy Birthday Honey, did you enjoy that" she asked as her husband opened the one way mirrored door of the closet and stepped group of swingers swap partners and orgy with his erection in his hand. "Yes baby, I sure did" he said as he grabbed her by the back of her neck and slid his cock into her waiting mouth. As Angel sucked his cock into her mouth he fingered her wet pussy and bent his head to lick her. "I am so glad he got you opened up for me and ready" he said as he flipped her around and inserted his 9" long 2 ½" wide cock into her waiting pussy.

"What a wonderful Birthday Present this is" he murmured in her ear as he stroked deep into the cunt he could barely fit over his fully engorged cock. Long slow strokes brought her to the peak again and again as he stroked her ass with his fingers and raising an eyebrow for her assent, he flipped her over and drove his huge cock into her tight ass that was pre-lubricated by John's cum and let him slide in nice and deep.

As she rode his huge cock Angel silently thanked John for the pleasure he had unknowing brought her husband and for his cum that made it possible for her to fuck her husband's enormous cock.