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Vrai couple amateur libertin francais en cams h chez eux sur leur site anett
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Natasha stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered, "We're gonna have lots and lots and lots of fun sweetie&hellip. Did mommy's little girl get her ass dirty?" "No Mistress…Mommy!" I whispered.

I yelped as someone slapped my hard dick. It bounced around like a stinging metronome. "Yes!" I whined, "Yes! My ass is dirty Mommy&hellip." She smiled and covered my eyes with a blindfold. I felt someone sit on my chest and thought I smelled excited pussy. Natasha cooed into my ear, "Do you know that smell?" I realized there was no cock and balls in my face. "Pussy Mistress." "Yesss…pussy…excited pussy…pussy that has seen everything&hellip." I heard the other Mistress's giggle and squeal, somebody squeezed my balls and I groaned and my breath came back to me filled with pussy.

"Does mommy's slut like pussy?" "Yes Mommy&hellip." "Better than Mommy's cock?" I gently shook my head, "No Mommy&hellip." "Well, let's see what we can do about that.

You will love this pussy like my cock my little bitch&hellip." I nodded my head in agreement. "Sniff that pussy slut, sniff it so you know it&hellip." The pussy was suddenly shoved on my nose, shaven and wet; I sniffed the clit, the labia, she hunched and my nose was inside her and I inhaled through my nose as best as I could.

"Kiss it bitch, kiss that sweet pussy," I kissed the pussy all over, inside and flexible ebony girl treated like a doll kissed the clit, the luscious, clamshell like lips and her urethra.

My face was getting covered in pussy juice and her moans filled my ears. "Lick it girl…suck it&hellip.eat that pussy&hellip." I licked and sucked and stuck my tongue inside the pussy. I licked the clit.

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I sucked the lips. I tongued the urethra. I stuck my tongue deep inside her. Her clit was nearly as long as my little finger and reminded me of my wife's clit. She moaned and groaned and I drank her pussy juice and my face was covered with her juice.

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My wife's clit… She hunched her hips and ground her pussy into my mouth and I felt like it opened and swallowed my head. My mouth inside her: licking and kissing and swallowing. Then outside of her: sucking and licking and swallowing. Wife has a long clit&hellip. She held my nose and shoved her clit into my mouth, "Suck it bitch…suck that sweet clit&hellip." Natasha ordered.

Wife's clit…oh…no&hellip. Someone removed my blindfold and I stared up at my wife looking down at me.

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"Hi bitch!" then she ground her pussy into my face and stopped. "Mistress Natasha and I have become, well, quite close. I've known about you all along my little slut. Lick! (I began licking her pussy).

You're gonna have 2 Mommy's and be our little pet and spend your life in our service (I nodded my head)." She slid forward and stuck her asshole in my mouth, "Eat it bitch!

Eat Mommy's ass!" I began licking and sucking and eating her asshole. It opened and I put my tongue up her ass. Connie ground her hips and I though my face would slide up her ever opening asshole.

"You have more cum to eat sweetie, Mommy's don't want you to go hungry. Here's what we'll do: first, Mommy Connie will let you fuck her in the ass with your pathetic little sloan harper in cream game of billiards because mommy can hold that tiny little girl juice of yours inside her.

Then, all of Mommy's new friends will add to it, so you can have a full meal our little slut." She slid down and put my dick up her ass. Natasha shoved a ball gag in my mouth. Connie started riding my dick so hard I though it would break off. Before I knew it I blew my load up her ass. Somebody held my balls between their hands; I screamed into the gag as someone slapped my balls together and more cum shot out of me. All the girls were giggling and pinching and slapping me.

Connie squeezed her asshole tight and got off of me and lay on the bed. Natasha untied my legs and propped me up. My ass hurt, my mouth ached, throat sore, balls ached…I was in slut heaven!

Kill me now! "Get the ladies ready, like a good little girl&hellip." Natasha lay on the bed and Darla "helped" me sit on her cock. Stephanie stuck her cock into my mouth and pulled me forward.

I felt Lynne ram her cock up my ass!

Two cocks up my ass and one in my mouth! I turned in a fuck doll; bouncing and moaning and sucking. After a few moments they threw me off and ordered me to watch.

One by one they fucked Connie in the ass. She was on her back and they all made sure her legs stayed high so all the cum remained inside her ass.

They were all yelping, and squealing and laughing. Finally, they helped Connie slide over to me and sat her asshole on my mouth.

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Cum and ass juice filled my mouth; I licked and swallowed until I thought my tongue would fall off. Connie held my nose, someone played with my balls, and somebody toyed with my limp dick, someone pinched my nipples, someone slapped my legs and feet&hellip.

Connie in one ear and Natasha in the other: "we've just started sweetie. Let's see&hellip.what's next…?"