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Maxxie sat on his bed in his room staring out of the window onto the street. A sketchpad rested in his lap as he pondered what he would draw. Ideas floated through his head but none seemed right for him, for the paper. He needed inspiration, something to keep him afloat. It was summer vacation, and Anwar was off visiting his family. In fact, most of his friends had left for the summer, leaving him all alone with a notebook full of empty pages and nothing to draw.

But just then a familiar head came strolling down his street. It was Sid. Sid who was supposed to be visiting his relatives in.whatever place it was called. Maxxie wasn't sure of the face, but honestly who else would wear a fucking beanie during the summer.

Maxxie hopped up and ran outside eager for someone to keep him company. He'd been bored during the summer. Somehow drawing and dancing and gay porn had kept him occupied, but he needed some excitement and his friend would provide that. Maybe they could go smoke a joint or grab a beer. It would be fun. Max could catch up on Sid's where abouts and his relationship with Cassie.

But when Maxxie ran outside and actually called out after the person, he realized that it wasn't Sid.

It was someone one's body ressembled his friends, but whose face was darker, cuter, and very handsome. "Excuse me. Err. I thought you were a friend," Maxxie chuckled, running his hand over his sleek blond hair. His shirt ran up a bit so the other boy could see his abs. And Maxxie was surprised to see the boy's cheeks flush. "Hey, um… I'm actually on vacation and you see… I sort of got lost.

Yeah. Do you think you could maybe help me?" The other boy scratched the back of his head and rubbed one foot against his other leg. He turned his head to the ground and bit his lip. Maxxie's eyes were drawn to his piercing. It was hot and when he bit his lip like that… Maxxie shook his head. "Well, don't worry, mate!" Maxxie replied, running forward to meet the boy. "I think I'll be able to help you.

Besides I'm bored as fuck!" He laughed and stuck out his hand. "I'm Maxxie by the way." The boy's eyes scanned Maxxie's body. Tight skinny jeans that hugged his body and a half unbuttoned polo shirt. He stuck out his hand and shook Maxxie's firmly. "I'm Ethan. Nice to meet ya," he replied. He himself was wearing baggy pants and a black t-shirt with some strange probably 'American' band's name on the front.

Maxxie nodded and walked up next to Ethan. He wrapped his arm around the other boy's shoulder. "So where, exactly, are we looking to go?" he asked, leading Ethan back to the City Centre. Maxxie pretended not to hear the boy let out a groan. Ethan's eyelids fluttered. He was so cute, and from that groan it seemed as though he must be gay, or at least bisexual.

This perked Maxxie's interests in him. "You see, I sorta don't remember where I'm supposed to be," the other boy said slowly, his voice sounding a bit sensuous but all together very adorable. Maxxie felt himself they are just enough for chelsea zinn on, but tried to keep pace with the conversation. "What do you mean? You're really lost here aren't you? Got yourself into a bit of a spot?" Maxxie led out a deep laugh.

"Why not call your folks on your mobile?" Ethan tilted his head and stared at Maxxie for a second. He's so fucking cute… Maxxie bit back the urge to moan, and the boy's eyes look at Maxxie's white teeth digging into his bottom lip. Ethan's face reddened and his heart beat quickened. "What? Oh yes, by that you mean cell phone." Ethan suddenly shook himself out of his reverie. He had imagined them together doing pornstar sex kitten gets her asshole screwed with big cock, dirty things.

Ethan reached into his pocket, wishing he could move his hand over a bit and just fap because he was getting hard… more so he wanted to do this irresistibly sexy stranger. Ethan instead held up a scratched-up black flip phone between his fingers. "It's been out of batteries…" Ethan looked uncomfortable and ashamed. He had that cute, helpless, hopeless, irresistible look. Maxxie would take him right there in the middle of the street with everyone watching.

"Are you, by any chance, gay?" Maxxie asked cautiously. "What? How did you know?" Ethan asked defensively, folding his arms over his chest. Maxxie's grin lit up his face.

"You groaned, right then, and blushed when my hand wrapped around the back of your neck. You don't think I'd notice?" Maxxie asked, stepping closer so that his last few words were a whisper tickling the hairs on the back of Ethan's neck and fluttering into his ears.

Ethan stuttered. "So what if I like men having sex together?" Ethan asked. He adjusted his dick inside of his pants. Maxxie let his fingers trail over Ethan's shirt, swirling around his nipples.

"Have you by any chance ever had gay sex before, stranger?" Maxxie continued. His voice sounding sultry and deep. Ethan closed his eyes completely succumbing to Maxxie's sensuous voice. A voice smooth as chocolate. "Not in the butt!" Ethan moaned, closing his eyes and making a little grinding motion. He could only imagine this handsome stranger grinding into him. Ethan opened his eyes, startled when he felt Maxxie's hand fondling his crotch through his pants.

"What are you doing?" Ethan moaned, grinding against Maxxie's long fingers which playfully wounded their way around the outline of Ethan's dick. "There are people around!" he cried out shyly in a hoarse whisper. His actions contradicted his statement as he reached out to caress Maxxie's hand and to help it fondle him. "Put it in my pants!" he sobbed, titling his head back and biting his lip again.

Maxxie grinned. They stood against a wall outside in the summer heat. The blond haired boy moved over and began to slowly hump Ethan's hip, while still fondling him. His fingers, like a spider, crawled up to the top of Ethan's pants, and slid down into his underwear where he found his warm stick alive and hard. Maxxie leaned his head over to Ethan's neck and licked it.

Ethan whimpered. Maxxie gave a lopsided grin, contented with creating such a reaction from the boy. He opened his mouth and lightly bit the skin on Ethan's neck, his teeth trailing across the smooth surface of his glistening skin until they clamped a piece in his mouth. Maxxie pulled. Ethan moaned. Maxxie bit his ear. "I'm getting so hot right now, you bastard," Maxxie sobbed. Ethan turned to look at him and Maxxie pushed him against the wall.

With Maxxie's hands holding him up, he stuck his tongue into Ethan's mouth. He felt around inside his warm wet mouth. He bit the other boy's lip. They took turned.

All the while Maxxie thrust against Ethan's dick. Slowly, but picking up speed. "I wanna fuck you, I wanna fuck you!" Maxxie shuddered, when he went up for air.

Both of the boys' faces were red with heat. Their faces glimmered with sweat. Their eyes glimmered with lust. Maxxie panted. "Let's go. Back to my house!" He grabbed Ethan by the ear and led him back to where they had come from. Back up the stairs into Maxxie's room.

Posters littered the walls. Maxxie shut the door tightly and threw Ethan onto the bed.

He took off his shirt and pants displaying an impressively sized dick and motioned for Ethan to do the same. Clumsily Ethan complied. He felt an aching in his limps. Maxxie bent down and kissed Ethan on the lips. Then on the cheeks. Down to the neck where he slowly bit him, twice. Three times. Ethan moaned softly, the sound fluttering around the room. Maxxie found Ethan's nipples. He suckled them, he let his tongue trail around them, he bit them.

He pinched the other one. Entwining it with his fingers, pulling at it. and then he moved his lips, soft like butterly kisses, down to Ethan's crotch. Ethan sobbed and bit his lip harder Precum oozed out of the top of his wet penis.

Maxxie fondled his balls. Ethan cried. "Stop it, you tease," he groaned pulling his beanie over his eyes.

He let out a start as he felt Maxxie's wet lips engulf his penis. His hips butted forward, thrusting his dick into Maxxie's mouth. Maxxie cried out, but the noise was dulled by the dick taking up his mouth. Maxxie began to slide his mouth up and down Ethan's dick. His tongue trailed around it like a serpent. Flicking here and there as his head glided up and down.

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Ethan had grabbed his nipples and was pinching them tightly. His head was titled backwards and he bit his bottom lip mercilessly. "Feels soooo good." The boy roared, grabbing Maxxie's head in his hair and thrusting him down.

Time and time again. Ethan shuddered. His hands let go of Maxxie's soft, sweaty strands of golden hair and he buckled down.

Maxxie slipped his real son forces own mom tfuck storys up off of Ethan's dick, making a popping noise as though he had just pulled his head off of a lollipop, which he had done sort of. He licked his lips. And he pulled himself up so that his bronze chest pressed against Ethan's which was white as snow. Ethan still had his beanie over his eyes. Maxxie slid it off and Ethan peaked out.

"My dick hurts and I'm going to fuck you now, okay?" Maxxie asked, his eyes sparking. Ethan pulled himself up, wobbily. "Please," he called out in a faded away voice. He had already experience ecstasy once today, and now he would another time. Maxxie walked over to his drawer, his penis head gleaming in the light with precum. He took out a container of what looked like hand sanitizer and held it up. "It's lube." He smiled and tilted his head to the side.

"Smells like strawberry." Maxxie popped open the top and squeezed some into his hands. And onto his dick. "Give me your ass." Ethan nodded and turned around, so that he was in the doggy style position with his butt in front of Maxxie. Maxxie smeared the lube around his ass hole. "It is surprisingly clean," Maxxie observed. "You don't know how many dirty ones I get. I wonder…" Maxxie clutched Ethan's butt cheeks and leaned forward. Ethan felt a tickling sensation.

"Eungh!" He dropped his head down. Maxxie's wet tongue was probing his ass. "Tastes like strawberry too!" Maxxie exclaimed, forcing his tongue between Ethan's cheeks. He swirled it around his hole, leaving a trail of gleaming liquid. Then he wedged it into the hole.

Ethan squeeled. His arms and legs buckled. Maxxie giggled and thrust Ethan's butt cheeks apart. He took a lubed finger and wiggled it into the hole. Ethan sobbed. "Oh yes! Please! It feels so good! Yes!" Ethan panted as Maxxie slid it in and out. Maxxie smiled. He put his head down and bit Ethan's ass cheek. He pulled. He had begun to thrust at the air. This horny boy hot skinny brunette strips off her pink lace thong ampampamp toys herself turning him on so badly.

Maxxie pulled his finger out. He pulled himself to his feet. "You ready?" he called out. Ethan nodded pulling his head up and locking his hands and legs into place. Maxxie let his head trail around Ethan's dick. He noticed Ethan had another hard on. Maxxie posed his dick in front of Ethan's hole. "I'm going in," he shouted. And then he thrust in. Both boys groaned in unison. Ethan swayed but managed to hold himself up.

His hole was filled, with dick an dit felt so good he wanted to cry, to sob. He felt a bright light. He felt his muscles spasm with joy. His body rippled with pleasure. Ethan's dick twitched.

He was so hard. He felt a rush of sexy brunette gets fucked in various positions to his face. He reached back and grabbed xxxx story play xxx proon of Maxxie's hard butt cheeks and grabbed it to him.

"Eungh! Please do it! Do me! Maxxie, do me!" He sobbed. Maxxie didn't need him to tell him that. He slowly slid his dick out and thrust in. His hips banging into Ethan's butt, his balls knocking against him.

"Again," he grunted and slid out and then in. Ethan's head had fallen down as he tried to keep from collapsing. So many feelings were flying through his mind. The pleasure was so much to behold. A sexy, hot guy was inside of him. Was fucking him. And his dick was so huge. Again Maxxie thrust. Ethan groaned. Maxxie moaned. Maxxie held onto Ethan's hips and began to thrust more and more. The thumping sound became repetitive. Again. Again.

Ethan felt himself being propelled forward and thrown back. "Now lets switch positions," Maxxie grunted, while thrusting. He grabbed Ethan's arms while humping him and then threw him onto his back. Ethan was in heaven. Maxxie's dick slid out for a second but he pushed back in. He felt himself close to his climex.

He felt his gaze shift to Ethan's face which was squenched up as he took everything in. Maxxie grinned, he reached for Ethan's clammy hand and lightly kissed it. Then he took Ethan's dick and began to run his fingers up and down him.

Softly, like a feather. Ethan was saying strange things. It was cute. "So good. Fuck me. Yes. I love it. Love you. Maxxie. Yes. Stranger. Eungh." Maxxie felt himself at his limit. He thrust one last time and Ethan squeeled as cum erupted over Maxxies hand and oozed between his fingers.

Ethan felt his cannal flood with warm liquid. Full entirely full. The dick inside him so hot and the cum so warm and smooth. And he felt himself shoot his load and spasm in delight. Maxxie crumpled on top of him.

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Their sweaty warm bodies entagled together, their fast heart beats causing their chests to thump up and down. Their breaths coming out thick and gruff.

Maxxie crawled up over Ethan's body and pulled of Ethan's beanie. His friend's eyes fluttered open. His eyes were chocolately, and clean, like autumn on a beautiful day.

His hair dark like midnight where human beings hadn't reached. Maxxie lost himself in those eyes for a moment and then he titled his head and brought it closer to his panting stranger's. He kissed him. Softly once and then harder again. Their mouths opened and tongues danced. Ethan hugged Maxxie's body to his own. Their mouths came apart, a string of saliva breaking between them. Maxxie grinned and fell over to lie on the bed next to Ethan.

He reached around and grabbed his hand. "Next time you can do me," he explained. He reached his hand up to his mouth and tentatively licked the cum off of his fingers, like a cat or a puppy.

Then he reached over and found Ethan's clammy white hand. He played with his ring. He grabbed his hand and pulled himself over to Ethan. Maxxie wrapped his body around Ethan's, his dick resting against Ethan's hip. His nose resting in Ethan's hair. Ethan's heart beat steadied, and Maxxie felt his hand being squeezed. "Fuck," Maxxie sighed happily. "Indeed," Ethan whispered next to him, a grin forming on his face.