Kinky luscious bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot

Kinky luscious bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot
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It was only a couple of days later that I came to the house and there was a strange SUV in the driveway. I thought that my wife was busy with a customer so I looked in a window, at the side of the house, before I went bumbling in.Isaw Sarah in between a guys naked legs.

She was naked also. Then I saw her move over and start sucking another cock, The other man was not a man at all but a young boy of about ten or twelve. His body was hidden by the man Sarah was sucking off.

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I watched Sarah. Amazed at the size cock that she was sucking. Naturally the other guy was larger but he was a grown man. The kid, I could see him better now, had a very large cock for his age, It was at least as large as mine of about eight inches. The man she had been sucking was the one from earlier in the week that I had sucked off with her.

His thick eleven inch cock was large as he stroked it and watched Sarah suck the young boy, The man, John, got in between the legs of the young lad and he sucked the boy's cock with Sarah. I heard a voice and looked to the side of them and there stood another boy along with a ypung girl. The girl looked to be no older than eight and the boy was roughly the same age as the one my wife was sucking with her customer. The girl had long blond,almost white hair and was very pretty for such a young girl.

She was the kind most men just looked and lusted after, saying that she would be a looker when she grew up. I wasn't most men and I wanted to sexualy cuddle the girl then. She was dressed, or undressed in a small pair of panties ala Victoria secrets for little sexy girls. The other boy stood stroking a huge cock,for his age. The little girl came over and knelt on the floor and began sucking him. That's when I made up my mind to join the party. I walked back by the SUV to go inside seeing that her client was someone I had sucked on before.

As I passed the SUV two large Danes looked at me, their long tungi=ues lolling out from their jaws. Maui taylor sex scandal full move startled but I could see the stup tails wagging like crazy.

I stopped and made a notion, like you do dogs.then proceeded to the front door. I went into the living room where the small orgy was takimg place. Sarah looked up from the young boys cock she was sucking with John," Hi honey.want some youmg cock?" John had not taken his mouth off the cock.

Matter of fact he was deep throating the cock at the time.

I kissed her, tasting the young boy, and looked to where they young girl had looked up from sucking on the other boy, I told my wife that I wanted to get me first taste of a young girl. I took my pants off and my engorged cock sprung up and hit the girl in the face. She giggled and took my cock into her young mouth.

The little girl grinned real big and squeeled as she opened her little mouth and stuffed my cock in. I say stuffed because her little lips barly fit around my cock.

Altough the boy she had been sucking had a large cock for his apearant age it was nothing compared to me. I threw my head back and just enjoyed the sucking she was giving to my cock. I looked over and winked at Sarah as she sucked off John. He was much larger than I and I could easily tell that the little girl was enjoying sucking a daniela de itaquera sp caiu na net man.

The lad got down on his knees besides her and took my cock from her. So there they were both sucking on me. I was wrapped up in their ministrations but I still had the presence of mind to look over at my wife. Sarah was lost in getting fucked from behind by the other lad and sucking on John's thick cock. Sarah was slurping on the oversized cock and moaning, kinda muffled like, around his cock from the hard fucking she was getting fron the young bob.

He was about five six but slim. I was amazed that someone so young could throw Sarah such a hard screwing. Suddenly he threw his little head back and grimaced. Then Sarah began to gagg on John's cock for a short minute. It seems as if John and the kid came at the same time. Sarah had the tennis ball sized head of John's cock caught in her mouth.

It had swollen up even larger wile it spewed his sperm down her throat. The kid behind was shooting his load in her. I couldn't see her throat or how much he was shooting in her. As the two juvinals sucked my cock and balls the little girl went underneath me and throst her little tongue up my ass. Then I shot. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Can you imagine a twelve year old boy's mouth on your cock and a pretty preteen girl tonguing you ass.

As I started to stiffen my body the little quickly took my cock from the boy and swallowed the resy of my cum, which was great, in her throat. The two of them wewre swapping my spurting cock back and forth. As I was almost empty, my wife reached and brought her cum filled nouth to mine. "I wanted to swallow about half his cum.the rest I saved for you.

I sucked at her mouth while she swirled her tongue around mine. John's bulky body scooted underneath her and as the boy withrew, John made wet sucking noise and evidently the young boys cum from her cunt.

The two kids that took my cum ran over and started to suck her cummy cunt rich man fucks poor wife John.

I felt a hard cock (I knew the feel of one by now).I looked to see the boy that fucked Sarah holding his still dripping cock to our faces. I had never noticed young boy's cocks before but this lad had a cock that was larger than mine but not as large as John. Sarah looked at the cock and told me that she had one orgasm after story xxx hotel rooms travel mother and son. She also said that she loved young cock.

We sucked his cock clean.

He started making faces again and shot off anew in out mouths. Meanwhile the other two kids got behind her and were tounging Sarah's asshole and dripping cunt with John.for the next two hours Sarah swingers swap partners and pounding in playboy mansion I engaged in every known perversion with John and the three kids. Sarah was fucked by both boys while I fucked the little girl.

I knew that she had been fucked before by someone with a cock at least as large as mine. She moaned and screamed in extasy and opened her little mouth while I drove me tongue down it. She sucked feirsly on it. John had meanwhile used the two boys to loosen Sarah's cunt up for his big cock. He fucked Sgrah for about an hour and then rolled off her completely sated, I used little Debby's (that was the little girl's name) little body and sucked either Ron's or Jimmy's ( the two little boys) cock while my wife screamed and moaned from the tremendous fucking she was getting from her customer.

We all lay there exhausted except for my sweet wife. She kept trying to get one of the cocks hard enough to fuck her more. I had never seen Sarah in such a state befere.

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John told Ron to go to the truck and check on the two Great Danes. He came back with them and they smelled the sex in the house and imediately pulled easily from where Ron had their leashes. Sarah was laughing as the two large dogs started to xnxx porn pictures sarah palin naked the cum from her body. Sarah soon started to go into spasms when the two animals started to licking her wet stretched cunt.

John was watching the going ons with a sparkle in his eye. It was as if he well knew what the end results would be. I Knew myself what Sarah would eventually do.

Sge finally lay on her back on the plush carpet and spread her legs to allow the danes easier acess to her cunt. "Sarah ." I asked her, "Do you really know what you are getting into?" "Oh honey it feels so good .just let then clean me out," Her eyes went wide whan one Dane started to thrust his long curled tongue in her anus. She turned a little to the side to accomodate him and he moved his haunches around to better use his tongue.

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This put the danes underbelly above her head and she looked up in honest suprise. His cock was all the way out and her face, long, thick and a deep red that was almost purple. He was fully inches longer than John and much thicker toward the middle. The Danes continued to lick her cunt and anus.

I was watching. captured by the animalistic sceen before me. I glanced to see John hard again and terribly swollen. He was intensly watching my wife as she was licked xxx sex dowen lod story the two great dogs. Sarah stared at the one dog thrusting his long tongut in her ass. His cock was larger than anything she had ever taken. Almost without thinking she reached and touched the slimy lookimn cock dangling near her face.

Now she was looking at the cock with a mixture of excited amazement and disgust.The disgusted look vanished as she fount the cock to only look slimy, and she wrapped her small hand around it. The dog immediately sensed the game plan change and he swiftly manuvered hos cock over her mouth and hunched his middle way up to give mt wife room to suck the great cock in. He sure had been sucked before because he just sorat dropped the end of nis cock in Sarah's mouth. Her lips spread more open as more cock dropped in till it got stuck after half had entered her.

Suddeenly took the cock from her mouth and cum ren from her. The dog had started comming as soon as it hit her moits mouth. She looked suprised and held the dripping cock while she tastedthe dog sperm. Then she looked right at me for the first time and smiled, She immediately took the cock back in her mouth and began to bob her head.

She was now taking more than half of it's great length and I could see her neck make make swallowing movements as she was swallowing as fast as it ran into her mouth, The other Dane saw her sucking the other dog and put his snout toward her mouth and started licking her lips and the other dog's cock. Inoticed the other Dane was trying to get his cock, equally as large my wife fantasises about others tube porn the one she sucked, into her cunt.

I saw the huge reddish tip of it feel it's way in between the still wet lips of her vagina and he hunched froward and thrust his foot long prick into her. Sarah's eyes opened wide as she felt the long thick Dane cock penetrate her with one powerful thrust.

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She later told me that it felt so hot, much hotter than a man's cock, that she began to cum right away. The Dane that was licking her cunt had to shift and nuzzled his snout under her raised this wicked legal age teenager beauteous girl. His long tongue shot into her puckerred hold. True she had taken her husband's cock and her client's cock there but the Danes long up tongue drove her mad. The Dane fucking her pushed his tongue into her mouth and was lapping her throat out when she sucked it in deep min her throat and sucked on it like a man's.

Her husband and John were watching the spectical and stroking their thick cocks when the little girl started sucking on them. Not to be left the young boys drove their cocks up one of their respective asses and fucked them while Sarah was busy being an animal. The huge Dane fucking her became and his knot shot up, tying with Sarah's cunt. Some how Sarah managed to flip over and the second Dane got on top of her ass and the puckered hole was the recipient of it's hard, think ,red cock.

All of us were cumming while we saw Sarah being doubly imailed by to monster cocks.

Sarah's body was still jerking twenty minutes later when the Danes finally pulled their spent dicks from her gushing holes and she made small whimpericg sounds. John imediately got down between her thighs and noisly sucked the cum from her twin orifices. The Danes walked and lay down in a corner of yje room.

They had fucked the woman and were satisfied. Every one was satisfied also. The kids were getting tired. John had Sarah and I suck him once more but his cum was only a dribble now. After John and crew had left Sarah and I lay in the bedroom till we fell asleep. I promised to take Sarah dogging when she recovered and wanted lots of fucking.