Ebony pawnshop amateur giving head for money

Ebony pawnshop amateur giving head for money
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My name is Joe and I have never been very good with the ladies, in America anyways, so when my three best friends, Dylan, Jon, and Matthew were planning on going to a trip to the UK I jumped at the chance to see the sights and more likely, the women. After months of planning, we headed over to London and saw all the sights we needed to see and hung around multiple pubs.

I met a few decently pretty girls and we made out but it didn't go any further which left me thoroughly depressed. One night, my friends ddf network nekane and jasmine webb fitness fucked in cheerleader outfits I went to a pub called the Old Stove in a very old-looking section of London where we had a few beers and some laughs.

Before long, my friends had all found girls to dance with and I sat alone at the bar drinking a pint. Right as I was about to leave, a girl sat next to me and ordered a pint and chugged it in under 15 seconds which I found quite impressive, so when I complimented her on her drinking skills she laughed animatedly and we started to talk. She told me her name was Kerry and that she was celebrating because she was just about to finish high school and unfortunately she was also sad because her boyfriend broke up with her.

I saw my chance and I ordered us a round of drinks and we talked for a few hours until she had to leave. Before she left, she asked "Hey, this is going to sound really weird because I just met you but I have an end of school dance tomorrow and I'd like you to come with me." We had both had our fair share of beer so I took it with a grain of salt and said, "I'd love to come with you but I don't have any dress clothes and I think you're a little tipsy so we should call it a night." She then came very close to me and looked into my eyes, I hadn't noticed it before but she had the deepest, most beautiful green eyes and she gave me a light kiss on the cheek before saying, "No, I mean it.

I need someone to go with, it would really piss off my ex and I got lucky because not only are you really good to talk to, but you also really cute," whispering the last part in my ear like a secret. She told me to meet her at the pub and she would pick me up at 8 o' clock, adding in that only the girls dress up formally and the guys just wear button-up shirts.

The next morning I shook off the hangover and had some fun during the day still thinking about Kerry's proposal and its seriousness. The guys didn't want to do anything that night so when I went to leave dressed in a button-up shirt and dark jeans with my new cologne on, they laughed at me for going to a dance with a girl I just met and I darted out the door.

I arrived ten minutes before and got my nerves calmed and impulsively checked myself in the mirror. She arrived right on time in a beautiful Bentley Continental GT and when I looked at her open-mouthed all she said was that her parents had quite a lot of money. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and although I sex vidoes mp4 story sexx see her dress, I saw that part of it was a light magenta color down to her ankles.

We arrived at the dance, which was being held in a fancy private school, and when I opened the door for Kerry, my jaw dropped. She had a strapless, backless magenta silk dress that clung to her athletic body perfectly as her shiny red hair dangled down her back. I tried to be cool as possible as all of her friends came up and commented on each other's dresses and I was introduced using strong handshakes for the guys and charming smiles for the girls.

Kerry apologized and we walked out onto the dance floor with the other students and started dancing.

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The first couple of songs were fast but we both danced in our own nerdy way and then after a particularly slow song, the beat picked up again; however, this time Kerry turned around and started grinding against my cock. We started out slow but once the beat got faster her hips rubbing against me made my dick go hard. I immediately pushed it to the side and apologized and then she turned her head slightly and said, "I don't mind at all" and started gently rubbing my cock while pushing her hips and ass firmly onto my groin.

I started getting into it and before long I was rubbing my hands along her smooth legs and then started to rub her clit with my hand wide-open. She immediately started to like it and put her arms above her head and around my neck and started to move her tight ass against my crotch, my dick practically wanting to rip out of my pants.

I started rubbing even more and I could feel her lace panties through her dress, she suddenly turned around and kissed me hard, throwing white wazoo for black pounder interracial hardcore lips into hers. I could feel her nimble tongue massaging my tongue and me doing the same and right before I was about to start rubbing her tight ass, a girl ran over to her sobbing loudly and dragged Kerry away, before Kerry disappeared among the crowd she mouthed, "I'll be right back." No man appreciates being cock-blocked so after a few minutes I went through the door and Kerry was by the door comforting the girl.

I looked at Kerry with a questioning gaze and she came over and explained that the girl, whose name was Lucy, just got dumped by her boyfriend and needed some cheering up. I walked over to her and said "You must be Lucy. I was told that you needed to forget about your asshole boyfriend, I'm here to help." Lucy slowly looked up at me with her light blue eyes and short cut black hair and said "That would be wonderful." She wiped her eyes and I introduced myself and even after wiping away her makeup she looked drop dead gorgeous.

She was wearing a black silk dress that went down to her knees and as we walked back into the dance floor I noticed her butt was quite a bit larger than Kerry's small athletic ass.

We started dancing and after a little while, Lucy started grinding on me and I immediately looked at Kerry, who whispered into my ear that she wanted Lucy to "forget" about her boyfriend and gave me a short, wet kiss on the lips. I started grinding harder on Lucy, rubbing her thighs and eventually her clit and she then did the same thing as Kerry and started going faster and faster.

Her ass felt so good through my jeans, every once and a while she would start moving up and down and grab my cock and rub it. Suddenly, I turned her around and started kissing her and rubbing her big booty. She kissed back hard and soon Kerry was grinding on me while Lucy and I were making out. The dance officially ended and the girls told me they wanted me to come to an after party at a friend's house and I jumped at the chance.

We had to make wwe c j perry lana porn story quick stop at Kerry's house so the girls could change out of their dresses and when we arrived at her house I was still surprised that her house was huge. We walked up to the door and read a note on the door: "Hey Kerry, your Dad and I went out of town for a bit to the summer home so make sure to watch the house while we're gone. Mom & Dad XOXO- Kerry then looked at Lucy and then me and said "We can have our own party, can't we?" Before I could respond they dragged me into their cavernous living room and threw me down on the couch.

Kerry sat on my left and Lucy on my right and they both took turns passionately kissing me and rubbing my fully hard cock. I laid back and rubbed their backs with my hands and occasionally gripped their asses. After only a few minutes, the girls stopped and looked at each other, picked me up off the amateur eurobabe pounded by nasty stranger guy at home and took me upstairs to Kerry's bedroom and threw me on her huge queen-sized bed.

The girls then started slowly taking off each other's dresses and bras.

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Lucy took off Kerry's bra to reveal two milky white B-cups with the perkiest nipples I had ever seen. Kerry then took off Lucy's bra to reveal two 36 DD tits tanned ever so lightly. The girls walked over to the bed and laid on either side of me, I was wise and took off my shirt before they had gotten there, so when they laid down I could feel their warm, soft tits against my chest.

After more making out, I took off my pants and they could tell I was fully erect under my briefs, I then stood over them both and took off their panties to reveal their quivering pussies. I then put a hand on each and started rubbing and finger fucking both girls, they started moaning and pushed my hands even deeper in, their legs shaking and backs arching. After they both came, I took my fingers out and tasted their pussy juices and they both tasted sweet and didn't smell bad, this prompted the girls to throw me down on the bed and start slowly sucking my cock.

Kerry started and spit onto my cock before stroking it which pleased me immensely. She then started to alternately suck the tip of my dick and rotate her head while going down as far as she could, all the while Lucy was looking at my cock like it was pure gold.

"I want a turn with it," Lucy protested. Before I could calm them both, Kerry licked her tongue from my balls to the tip with her long, nimble tongue and pushed my dick over to Lucy who immediately went farther down than Kerry but not all the way down. I could feel the back of her throat on the tip of my dick and it felt so good.

Meanwhile, Kerry was busy slurping and fondling my balls and then Lucy started sucking up and down my shaft and stroking up and down and before I knew it I felt like I was going to cum. I tried to hold it back but before I could I exploded into the back of Lucy's mouth and she started vigorously slurping up all my cum and stroking harder as if wanting more.

She looked up at me and swallowed and licked her lips saying "Damn, that tasted good." Suddenly, Kerry pushed Lucy and started whining about she wanted to fuck me and now she would have to wait. Under normal circumstances, I would be in that position but as she had said that my cock perked back up again to full toes blowjob and brunette webcam teen masturbation toys russian lovers having voluptuous ready for round two.

I turned to Kerry and said "Here's your chance," and I laid back as she put her hips over my cock and slid my cock into her wet pussy.

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However, she did it very slow and moaned all the way down as she reached the bottom and started moving up and down very slowly. I then motioned for Lucy to get on my face for which she was only too happy to oblige.

She got onto of my face and immediately lowered herself down onto my waiting tongue.

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As I penetrated her with my tongue I could feel her shudder in ecstasy as I started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. Meanwhile, Kerry started moving faster up and down and occasionally grinding her hips, I tried to grab her hips and fuck her harder but she took my hands and placed them on Lucy's wide hips and big butt. She then started to bounce up and down faster and faster and since my hands were on Lucy now, I started pulling her harder down onto my tongue and she started to grind over my tongue and grab my hair.

Almost as if on purpose, I could feel Kerry's extremely tight pussy grip my cock and I could feel her warm juices flow over the top of my dick and she screamed, "FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK" so loudly that I thought we would wake the neighbors but in her empty house there was no other sound. Lucy then took her cue to bounce up and down on my tia le da una cogida a su sobrino video completo aqui until I felt her pussy tighten and she shot her juices all my face, all the while screaming "I'M CCUUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNNGGGGGG." Both the girls were very tired after the screaming orgasm but I was just getting started so both Lucy and Kerry got off me, wondering what I wanted to do next.

Almost as if on instinct, I picked up Kerry and put her on the pillows at the head of her bed and opened her legs, her pussy still soaking wet. I then told Lucy "I want you to start eating her out and if you're a good girl, I'll put my dick in your tight teen pussy." Apparently, I struck a chord in Lucy and she came up close, gave me a wet kiss, saying "I love it when you treat me like a bad girl" and gave me a quick lick on my cock, still wet from Kerry and proceeded to lick and suck all the cum out of Kerry's pussy.

Kerry then started moaning and grabbing Lucy's hair and I looked at Lucy's big butt splayed wide-open and my cock got even harder. Lucy turned around and shouted "Fuck my tight little pussy," I moved over the bed and gave her a few quick slaps to her big round butt and she then started to shake it until I could feel her cum spraying lightly on my skin. I then moved over and slid my cock deep into her quivering pussy.

She lifted her head and moaned and before she could say anything I pushed her head back into Kerry's pussy and proceeded slowly going in and out of her wet vagina.

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After a few minutes, Lucy turned around and begged me to fuck her harder so after watching a lot of porn I decided the best way to do it was in all the hardcore scenes. I lifted her up and then took both her arms behind her and pulled her even deeper onto my dick, she moaned as I started rapidly fucking her tight pussy. Every once and a while I would slow down and she would grind on my dick and talk dirty to me, Kerry was watching me the whole time and started fingering herself, the moment I picked up again.

I was surprised how long I was lasting but I couldn't last forever, young slut has her hands on your cock time I saw it coming and said "Oh my God, I am going to cum so hard." Before I could do anything, Kerry reached up, pulled my cock out of Lucy's wet pussy and started to suck the head and pump the shaft.

Before I knew it, she was slurping up my cum and squeezing out every last drop into her mouth. I laid down on the bed and the girls laid on top of me, my hands rubbing their smooth asses until we fell asleep. I awoke the next morning to find Lucy still sleeping but Kerry looking at me and kissing my chest.

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said "I wasn't entirely up front with you," thoughts buzzed through my head, all of them bad, but then she said "This was my first time. That's why I couldn't suck your cock very well and took a while to start riding your cock." I looked at her incredulously but I saw in her eyes just like in the pub that she was serious. I immediately told her "You were amazing last night I never would have guessed you were a virgin and you sucked my cock so good I thought for sure you had done it before." Her answer was perfect, she said "I watch a lot of porn so I know what to do and the truth is that after last night, I want more," and start to rub my cock and kiss my neck.

She then moved down to suck my cock and I lifted her tight little ass up to my mouth and started vigorously eating her out. Her pussy was wet before I even started to eat her out and as she started to move her little butt over my tongue, I could feel her lips slid over my cock.

Even though I couldn't see her mouth, I could see her long red hair bob up and down with increasing speed. I soon got into it and started thrusting upwards into her waiting mouth as she went down and even though I could hear her choke she started to spit on the head and go even deeper. Our 69 soon woke up Lucy and she joined me in eating out Kerry, our tongues overlapping and massaging each other's while tasting Kerry's pussy.

I don't know why but in the heat of the moment, I stuck two fingers in Kerry's ass and started moving in and out. Kerry moaned loudly and started sucking harder on my dick. Kerry then got off and started to help Lucy suck my dick while I licked Lucy's pussy. I could feel their throats on my cock and their tongues on my balls. I put two fingers into Lucy's ass and she started to shake her ass up and down while I slapped her big round ass.

Lucy's pussy tasted so sweet and couldn't help but spit in her pussy and suck her pussy lips making her whole body shudder in pleasure.

I could feel myself beginning to cum and told the girls, "You better share this one" and I exploded into Lucy's open, eager mouth. Lucy sucked out all the cum and started to make blonde amateur mom playing plus a spekula speculum and hospital with Kerry trading the cum back and forth.

They both swallowed and licked their lips, laying back on top of me. We waited about an hour before I forlornly told them I had to leave and we all got dressed and the girls drove me back to my hostel. After a final backseat suck and fuck, I got out of the car and told them we had to do this again sometime, if at all possible, they agreed and I walked into my hostel, happy that my dick hurt.