Cute japaneses lusty oral stimulation stockings and hardcore

Cute japaneses lusty oral stimulation stockings and hardcore
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Dan's XXX Dream Part Three Same day, later At home with Rachel, Becky and some guests It was now mid afternoon and Dan was hungry.

He asked Becky if she could stay for something to eat, she answered that she was free all day and would love to stay. Dan called for pizza. In less than an hour the doorbell rang and Dan told Rachel to answer it; she held out her hand for the money but received none. Dan told her to handle it anyway she wanted and she smiled a wicked smile. While they had been waiting for the pizza to arrive Dan had put on a pair of shorts and Becky had dawned her bra and panties, only Rachel had remained nude.

Peering thru the peephole she recognized the delivery boy who, it seemed, was anxious to make another delivery to this address…little did he know what she was planning for him. She opened the door fully and posed for her audience; he was dumbstruck and almost dropped the pizza busty amateur flashing on the streets hardcore and voyeur before Rachel pulled him inside and closed the door.

Taking the boxes she placing them on the coffee table then turned back to the lad and asked him how much she owed him for the pizza. He finally snapped out of his trance and quoted her $37.50 including tax. Acting surprised she looked like she was hunting for a pocket that would contain some money.

Then she said that she didn't have anything on her to pay him, could he just trust her for it until she could find the money. He couldn't answer for a minute while his eyes bounced from her full tits to her shaven pussy and back to her full lips; finally he shrugged and mumbled that it was Lesbo fun from val dodds and brooke haze will make you cream in your pants and started to leave.

Touching his arm as he started to turn away Rachel succeeded in stopped him in his tracks. She said he was sweet but she couldn't just take his pizza without giving him something in return, dropping to her knees she quickly unfastened his pants, let them fall away, and fished his cock out of his boxers. Pulling him forward she sucked his dick all the way into her mouth and began bobbing back and forth. He had just begun to get hard when he fired his load into Rachel's surprised mouth; swallowing it all she maintained her grip on his cock when he tried again to leave, his face red with shame.

Pulling his cock back toward her face she reassured him that he had nothing to be ashamed of and as a matter of fact she took it as a compliment. All the while she had been stroking his member and he was recovering nicely, regaining a respectable six inch length. As soon as he was fully hard she sucked him back into her mouth; her hands moving back to his ass as they got into a steady rhythm.

His thrusts quickly became more urgent just before he grabbed the back of her head, yelled and made one last shove as he emptied his balls. Rachel managed to swallow and keep him in her mouth sucking gently until he shriveled back to his normal size and milf and teen take on same lucky guys cock out. Looking up at his smiling face she wiped her lips with the back of her hand before she stood and kissed him on the cheek.

The boy almost jumped out of his skin when Becky and Dan began to applaud. Only having his pants around his ankles kept him from beating Dan to the door; it took Dan a while to calm him down, reassure him that he was not in trouble. Walking him out to his delivery truck Dan was still reassuring him until they were out of earshot of Rachel. Stuffing a fifty in the boy's hand he asked him if he might have some friends who would like to have a shot at Rachel too. The boy starred at Dan looking confused.

Dan explained that he wanted Rachel to experience more than he could provide her physically, and he could use some help bringing her along, you know, sexually. So… did he have say four friends who were inexperienced like he was that might like some of what he had enjoyed…?

The fog cleared for the boy finally understanding just what Dan was getting at…sure he had some friends and they were not going to believe what he was going to tell them, but when… where… how…? Dan laid it out plain and simple; if he could bring his friends around say 8 o'clock this evening Dan would make sure Rachel was available for a party. He would supply all the necessities, music, booze… and Rachel.

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All they would have to do is help him out with the expenses. Twenty dollars apiece would do. The pizza boy agreed quickly and raced off in his truck. Returning inside he found that the girls were already finishing their second pieces of pizza; he explained that it took a lot to calm the boy down.

He assured Rachel that her fears that the police would come knocking to arrest her for raping a young boy were unfounded he enjoyed himself so much that he wouldn't tell a soul. Once the pizza was gone Rachel began to clear away the mess, when she disappeared into the kitchen Dan filled Becky in on his plan and asked her if she wanted to stay and watch the action. Becky agreed tilling him that it would be "Bloody hot" watching all those eager boys with Rachel. They all relaxed and Rachel even retired to her bedroom for a nap kayla marie did her very first black on white action leaving Dan free to show Becky the media center that would allow them to watch and record the evenings events without intruding.

Dan could not resist switching over to watch Rachel as she slept; he rubbed his cock against Becky's ass as they watched the unsuspecting girl sleep. Introductions The doorbell chimed at 7:55, the boys were a little anxious, Dan sent Becky in to wake Rachel and get her ready for her big entrance before he answered the door. The boys were just what he had hoped for, though they seemed a little put off that an old man stood in the doorway instead of the beauty their friend had told them about.

Earlier Dan had decided that he didn't need to know their names so he just made up names so that he could tell them apart. The pizza boy Dan called Adam, because he was the first. Then busty babe drilled by pervert pawn dude at the pawnshop was Ben, shorter and younger with glasses and pimples on his face.

Dan remembered that he had better card all the boys to make sure they were neither too young or to old. The third young man was black, average in height but heavy set, almost round in the middle; he got the name Charlie. Number four was tall and skinny with big hands and feet; at six and a half feet he couldn't have weighed more than 150 lbs.

He got the name Donnie. The last boy was six foot tall and had an olive complexion, glasses and black wavy hair; Dan called him Eddie, he would be a lady killer when he grew up but for now he was as geeky as the rest.

Dan smiled and welcomed them into the apartment; they stayed bunched up and ready to run if they sensed anything wrong. Smiling, Dan reassured them that the story they were told was true, there is a beautiful young woman ready and waiting for them and they would be able to see and enjoy her very soon.

He noted that there were rules about such things and they would have to follow the rules or they would be kicked out. Rule one: No means no. If Rachel said no that was it, period. Rule two: They were to respect their friends and share everything. Rule three: They had one shot; they would not be coming back for more.

If they wanted to do anything do it now for once they left here it was over.

Rule four: Respect their surroundings; that meant that they could not tear up the place or make an unreasonable mess. Dan then asked them to produce some ID to prove that they were at least eighteen but not older than nineteen; they all pulled out their driver's licenses and Dan checked them carefully. Ben was just eighteen by a couple of days and Eddie was the oldest but just a month older than nineteen, everyone was good to go.

Dan then went over his house rules; they had the run of the living room, kitchen and the hall bathroom, the rest of the apartment was off limits. There was some beer in the frig but not so much that they could get sloppy drunk; besides, Dan warned them, booze inhibits performance and they would not want that. Condoms were not required because they were all virgins and Rachel was clean and on the pill.

"Any questions" Dan asked. Hearing nothing from the anxious boys he called for Rachel. The light in the hallway came on just before she appeared looking like a vision from a teenagers wet dream; her hair was done up and the light behind her gave it a golden glow, there was a little glitter in her hair and on her skin making her sparkle as she moved, she wore a white lace baby doll outfit with small white panties and shear white thigh high stockings.

One little secret that only she knew was that her panties were crotchless; that fact made her feel just a little more wicked and slutty. On her feet she wore what looked like glass slippers with low two inch heels. Two steps into the room she stopped and posed for the boys; an audible moan came from all the males in the room and it took Dan several moments to clear his head enough to continue.

The girl certainly knew how to make an entrance! He asked the boys to pay up their share and they responded rapidly each one digging into his pockets for the cash. Dan made a big show of taking the money but he did not let Rachel know how much they were forking over for the privilege of her company. One last command from Dan was for them to strip down to their underwear and line up for the introductions.

Each boy began slipping his clothes off and as directed throwing them in separate piles against the wall near the front door, all except Donnie. He removed his shirt like the others but hesitated after he unzipped old men fucks young teen girl with big dick pants; Dan moved quickly to his side and asked if there was a problem.

Donnie blushed as he told Dan that when he was getting ready for the party he thought it would be better if he didn't wear any skivvies so… he would be naked if he took of his pants. The other boys snickered at his predicament but Dan just smiled and encouraged him to continue undressing.

With his hands covering his privets he allowed Dan to pull him toward the center of the room here Dan loudly announced that initiative here was to be rewarded; then he stopped Donnie and directed the others to lineup in order to the left of the naked boy, putting Adam last with the comment that latina hottie nikki kay staycation with old men young old and pornstars had already had some time with Rachel. Dan knew that the order really made no difference but he wanted the boys to think for themselves.

Rachel stepped forward as Dan stepped away leaving her in front of Donnie; she stopped well within his personal space, got up on her tiptoes and tipped her face up for a kiss.

He bent his neck slightly and their lips touched in a soft and tender kiss that Rachel held as she slipped her hands behind his seeking his cock. Her first touch was in the hair that surrounded its base, continuing her caress downward she sought the tip, her hand traveled a long way down and finally she broke the kiss looking down not able to believe that she hadn't found the end of his cock.

He stood like a tall tree, his hands at his side as she finally took hold of his long, thin member and tipped it up so that when she moved forward to kiss him again it was trapped against her body with the tip resting near her breasts. "Oh, my God" was all that she could manage to say as the kiss ended and she returned to stand flat footed before him. Taking a good side step she stood looking eye to eye with Ben who was shaking with every breath he took.

His tighty-whighties had a good size bulge growing as Rachel used just her fingertips to caress him while she leaned in for a kiss. Big tits nursing coed anal and creampie arms came up to her face and he softly held her cheeks as their kiss deepened; Rachel got her first tongue tussle from the youngest member of the crew.

Stepping away a little she struggled to maintain her focus and remove his shorts exposing his rock hard cock before she moved on to the next boy. Charlie was sort of dancing in place, shifting his weight back and forth while he waited his turn, once Rachel stepped before him he drew in a big breath and froze as she put both hands on his chest to play with his sparse but tightly wound chest hair.

The texture intrigued her and she spent a long time just letting her fingers roam until he began to breathe again; she dipped her hand into his shorts finding more kinky hair and what she could only think of as a warm, flesh covered coke can in her hand. Pulling down his shorts she revealed his black, thick, uncut cock and two balls the size and weight of eight balls from a pool table.

He was rapidly getting hard and his cock stuck straight out between his round belly and his balls. Rachel kissed his lips sweetly, patted his dick and moved on to Eddie; he had a smirk on his face until here we have a beautiful asian teen that has everything that a man cou reached into his boxers to give him a couple of strokes. His hard cock immediately spit out its contents wetting the front of his underwear, withdrawing her hand she began licking her fingers right before his eyes, showing such relish that his wounded ego and cock both began to rise.

Moving on to Adam she threw her arms around his neck and pressing her firm tits onto his chest she whispered a sweet thank you for bringing her all his charming friends. Automatically his arms went around her body returning her hug. A step back and a sharp tug and his underwear joined all the others on the ground. Rachel moved back to more or less the center of horny boys as Dan excused himself wishing them a fun evening and disappeared down the hallway.

She untied the satin ribbons that held her baby doll together and let it fall away from her body. She next stepped out of her slippers and removed her panties revealing her shaved pussy to the boys who now formed a tight circle around her.

Leaving her thigh highs on she caressed her body as she slowly turned around allowing all of them to see all of her. Ben was the first to reach out and caress her firm ass, then Donnie touched her breasts, soon she was the center of attention as ten hands leapt forward to touch and explore every inch of her soft flesh. Rachel raised her hands high over her head as she danced and whirled in the center of the carnal storm; she had never experienced such overwhelming sensuality, her whole body was consumed by her passion, she was totally turned on…she seemed to lose control of her movements as the hands took total control…then she fainted.

Dan almost panicked as he watched Rachel collapse to the floor at the center of the excited boys; it was only Becky's calm voice and the vice like grip on his arm that prevented him from rushing to her side.

She reassured him that Rachel was more than alright pointing out that the boys had seen to her comfort even as their faces registered their fear; fear for her safety and fear that their night of passion might be over before it began. Dan finally regained his composure when he saw the girl open her eyes and smile at the young men who surrounded her.

It was Ben who recognized the need for some organization to their orgy; directing Donnie to pick her up and deliver her to the couch he suggested that they begin by taking turns with Rachel. Ben told them that Donnie would go first, and then he would take over, then Charlie, Eddie and finally Adam. After that they could follow Rachel's lead for more fun. Amazingly all the guys agreed to the plan leaving Rachel in Donnie's care.

Eddie went to the kitchen and brought back beer for all the guys that didn't have their hands busy with Rachel. Dan was pleased that the guys sipped at the bottles like they had never tasted the stuff, at least until they discovered that it didn't taste half bad. Then they settled in to watch Rachel seduce their friend, Charley taking the time to turn on some music before he too settled in. Donnie Donnie was sitting on the edge of the couch where he had deposited Rachel unsure of how to proceed.

Rachel, however, knew exactly what she wanted and opening her arms she beckoned him to approach and kiss her. Donnie's lips touched Rachel's at the same time her nipples made contact with his smooth hairless chest; pressing forward he became more aggressive with his kiss as he reveled in the sensual delight her breasts caused as they were crushed against him. He tangled his fingers in her hair to pull her lips fiercely against his own, his mouth opened as her tongue darted forward.

Rachel remembered well the beauty of her first moments of intimacy with Dan and how wonderful that time had been so she was absolutely bound and determined to give these young men the same sort of initiation into the world of love. To that end she would try to remain in control of her own passion so that she could give more to the boys.

She broke the kiss, pushing Donnie back but before he could complain she guided his hands to her breasts and showed him how she liked to be caressed, learning quickly he soon added some moves of his own, pinching her nipples just a little and sucking on her tits with his soft lips. Rachel moaned her approval, encouraging him to continue his sucking and kissing further down her body.

She tangled her fingers in his sandy hair and guided his face across her body to her belly button and beyond. He had to reposition himself back further on the couch, when he did she moved one foot from behind him to the floor giving him complete access to her crotch.

She let him look at her pussy as it opened like a flower then she placed his hand on her vulva helping him to begin a soft exploration of the new cunt-try he had discovered. Rachel soon discovered that his inexperienced hands brought her unexpected pleasure.

Between her moans of approval and some guidance from her fingers he quickly brought her to a nice climax. All the other young men groaned with Donnie when she experienced her first orgasm of the night. They all had been following the couple's progress, vicariously enjoying every move and moan. When she came Eddie and Adam even stopped stroking their cocks, their eyeballs bulging out in amazement.

When Rachel recovered from her experience she smiled up at Donnie and reached for his prick that was now hard and trying to reach the floor; repositioning him slutty czech chick opens up her soft twat to the special onto the couch she held him in her hands, one above the other, and licked the tip that extended inches beyond her soft grip.

She began to stroke his meat while she sucked the head into her mouth; Donnie winced, groaned and unleashed his pearly load into her mouth. Applying suction to the end of his cock she extracted as much goo as she could before she made a show of opening her mouth to reveal its contents before she swallowed it all, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand before she drove back on his sword in an attempt to hasten its recovery.

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More groans came from the audience. Dan and Becky were engaged in mutual masturbation as they watched the show on his big flat screen TV at the foot of his bed; they too moaned as Rachel demonstrated her sexual skills.

Becky asked for the millionth time if the video machine was set to record as Dan's fingers brought her off right after Donnie unloaded. Rachel managed to get Donnie hard in a matter of minutes, and then he was ready to go again.

She lounged back on the couch with her legs spread lewdly and rubbed her pussy until he got up and hovered above her, grabbing his prick she rubbed the soft end up and down her slit wetting it and sending waves of pleasure up into her brain. Donnie showed remarkable restraint as he pushed himself into her boiling cum hole; three inches in, one out, three more in, one out, three more in prime cups big natural tits oiled and toyed Rachel purred, two inches out and push…he was all the way in.

Their audience roared with Don as he began to root around in her soggy cunt; he built a head of steam and was soon sliding in and out with abandon, Rachel banging her cunt up at him in unison.

She clung to his back as her body again found release while that long pole slid along her clit over and over; Donnie pushed in one last time then released his swimmers directly onto her cervix. The tension in the apartment was unbelievable but soon dropped when everyone began to breathe more normally. Becky licked Dan's cum off her hand and his cock while she kept an eye on the screen not wanting to miss a second of the action. Ben Donnie rolled off Rachel and onto the floor his wet dick shriveling back to an almost normal size.

Ben was there on Rachel as Donnie hit the floor, his dick hard and red with a purple head. He couldn't help himself as he dove head first into her sodden cunt, his prick rubbing her cheek. Rachel had just enough presence of mind to remind herself that Don was only the first of five horny guys that she had to deal with before she sucked Ben's cock all the way into her mouth.

Slurping around her pussy he plunged his tongue into her hole to retrieve every savory drop of gooey liquid, his mind reeling as he fulfilled a lifelong fantasy; he was having sloppy seconds from a beautiful woman's cunt. Rachel could not concentrate on his cock because he kept hitting all her sensitive spots sending her rocketing again and again into orgasmic bliss; finally after a particularly good one she managed to disengage him from her puss and move him around to where she could hug and kiss him.

She tasted her own flavor mixed with Donnie's cum and had to admit that she tasted pretty damn slutty ladies lily and dolly enjoys pussy licking. They kissed and played for a while as she slowed the frantic kid down directing his hands to her tits, ass and pussy. He kept trying too hard and she had to impress upon him that harder was not better by squeezing his balls a little too hard. That got his attention and his touches became far more gentle and pleasing.

Donnie had recovered sufficiently to accept a beer from his friends and a couple of high fives too; he then found a spot where he could watch as he sipped away at the chilled bottle. Rachel soothed Ben's balls by sucking each one into her mouth and tenderly rolling them around with her tongue; that and a couple of soft strokes sent his cum rocketing past her head where it landed on his chest almost at the base of his neck. Rachel smiled as she sucked out the last of his sweet sperm; the guys cheered as if he just scored a goal.

Some more strokes and a lick and Rachel had Ben ready to go again; God how she loved these young studs! Climbing up his body she paused with her cunt just touching the end of his dick savoring the moment just before she would be filled again, then she settled slowly and steadily down onto his shaft… the crowd rimming ass girl old man first time introducing dukke OOOOOOOOOOO until she stopped, her lips touching his curly brown bush.

The young men all went AHHHHHHHHHH with Ben as he experienced his dick settling all the way into his first cunt. Becky almost pulled Dan's dick off by the root as she watched Rachel's face when Ben bottomed out; Dan crying out in pain until she released him. She made it all better when she got up and sat on his cock in a reverse cowgirl. They had to scoot around a little to let Dan watch the TV while she rode him slowly.

Ben had taken the smooth and soft lesson to heart and now he applied it to Rachel's tits as she ground up and down, back and forth, on his hard cock. She looked like she was riding a mechanical bull in slow motion; the crowd went wild cheering her on as Ben thrust up and twisted around while she kept her cunt centered on his cock.

Moving his hands to her butt he changed his rhythm to a fast rabbet fuck; she steadied herself with her hands on his shoulders and rode out a terrific orgasm, her head thrown back as she howled at the moon. Ben arched his back more as he continued to rabbit punch her pussy until he surrendered to his passion, pumped her full of his cum and slumped back onto the couch.

Rachel bent forward resting her head on his chest while she caught her breath. Climbing off Ben she allowed him to retreat while she stood and asked if someone could get her a drink. Cum was running down along the inside of her thighs when Eddie brought her a bottle of beer and a wet rag from the kitchen both of which she gladly accepted.

Chugging the beer, she wiped her pussy clean from her clit to her asshole; then she threw the towel in Ben's face. Charlie Charlie took the empty bottle from her hand and set it down on the end table, rubbing his hard, oversized cock against her ass. Rachel pushed her ass back against him and purred as they began to dance to the music.

It was a bump and grind kind of rock and roll, the music had a solid beat and Charlie could move. Rachel kept some part of her body always in contact with his cock while his hands caressed her tits, ass, back and arms. Hoots of joy and cheers rang out from the youthful male audience as the two moved erotically to the music.

Rachel loved the attention and found herself soaring as she performed for them. The music changed and a love ballad began; Rachel found herself in Charlie's arms snuggling her head into his shoulder as he held her ass with both hands.

His chest hair caressed her nipples as his cock ground away on her clit. Dan watched in amazement as the couple moved together. Charlie's black hands stood out clearly against the white of her ass; Rachel's slight white body pressed so firmly against his oversized black frame. Dan pulled Becky back against his chest and mauled her tits, she moaned; he couldn't tell if he had caused her reaction or it was the erotic seen before them, he didn't care, he had his dick buried deep in a cunt and that was good enough for him right now.

When the music changed again Rachel slipped down to her knees while she maintained maximum contact with as much of Charlie's black body as she could until his hard, black monster appeared before her eyes. She grabbed him with both hands and stretched his prick out as much as she could before her lips made contact; it was a good thing that his cock tapered to a blunt point because otherwise she couldn't have gotten any of it in her mouth.

As it was she slobbered on the last inch or so trying to find a way to get more of his fat monster in. He threaded his fingers in her hair to control her head, sometimes to pull her away from the sensitive head when she applied to much suction, sometimes to force as much of his cock into her mouth as he could. Rachel's hands were busy cuddling his balls as they hung in their oversize sack; at last she got the suction just right making his balls samantha had never been slapped nor face fucked with the amount of aggression up next to his prick.

Charlie quivered as his cum was unleashed, the volume overwhelming Rachel's mouth; streams of cum ran from the corners onto her breasts then continued flowing to her belly. Her eyes fluttered as she tried to swallow the creamy substance as fast as she could; she ended up holding onto his butt with both hands as she finally found a way to breathe again.

Charlie fell back onto the couch with Rachel still attached to the end of his cock sucking away. Their audience was silent, all the boys holding their breath waiting to see how fast the couple would recover. At last Rachel raised her head and smiled in triumph at Charlie; she then rose to her feet using his cock as a hand hold and began to stroke the black monster.

Standing with her legs spread, knees locked, she bent at the waist and went to work both hands pulling the dark skin back and forth trying to bring back some life. Her audience got a great view of her ass and pussy while she worked; the vaginal lips were still wet. Swinging her hips slightly back and forth she made her dimpled ass dance before their eyes. Like the young men before Charlie's cock quickly recovered its full glory so Rachel climbed onto his lap facing him, spread her pussy and began to force the black meat into her cunt.

At first she just rubbed the head back and forth enjoying its warm texture and getting it as wet as she could with the juices that were dripping out of her hole, then centering it up she pushed her hips down engaging his cock to her hole.

In the mean time he had been caressing her tits but as she pushed down he pinched her nipples… everybody groaned. Dan had repositioned Becky and lubed his cock; as Rachel struggle to shove Charlie's dick into her pussy Becky struggled to work Dan's cock into her ass.

Both girls were making slow but steady progress. Rachel wiggled, rotated and bounced her cunt on Charlie's big dick; his loose skin helped as the mass of his prick slowly entered her hole.

Every now and then she would rise off his pole trying to relax before she dropped down to try again. At last she worked herself all the way down onto his cock and she sat back with a huge grin, her insides adjusting to the massive intruder.

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Becky too, sat in triumph with Dan's dick fully engaged in her butt. With the suspense over everyone took a deep breath and tried to relax.

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The scent of pussy, cum and sweat permeated the air keeping the sexual tension high as Rachel began to move ever so gently up and down bracing herself against Charlie's hands as they cupped her tits. "Full, I feel so full… full, I feel so full" became her mantra as she found a rhythm that brought her to an earth shaking orgasm.

Her movements shuttered to a stop as his began, his hands had shifted to her hips, now he could lever her up and down on his cock; he increased his movements slowly but steadily building to a peak that would take him over the edge. Rachel felt like a rag doll with a telephone pole jammed in her cunt as Charlie really began to fuck her.

Knowing that he was not going to quit until he could cum again she allowed the sensations in her cunt to overwhelm her body; she tried as hard as she could to grip his cock and pump his cum into her hole.

Leaning down she forced her tongue into his mouth as she gripped his shoulders and fucked him back. They came together, she whimpering into his shoulder, he roaring as loudly as a jet engine and then they were quiet. Dan was brought to his climax by watching the kids screw and that brought Becky along as she too finished, her heart racing, cunt twitching. Eddie This time it was Rachel that slid down to the floor after Charlie's cock softened enough to allow her to slide off.

Eddie showed some compassion by just rolling her onto her back and tucking a throw pillow under her head; he knelt at her side and began sweeping his hands over her body helping her to relax as a great river of cum ran out of her gaping hole onto the carpet. He started to kiss her but not on the lips or tits but her shoulders and arms; gently he lifted her hands to his mouth so that i licked sucked and fucked her hard could bathe each finger with his tongue.

His hands caressed her breasts but did not linger there any longer than any other part of her body; they traveled to her tummy where he tickled her belly button then on past her hips to her legs and feet. She lay sweetly near sleep as she relaxed looking for all the world like sleeping beauty.

He awakened her with a gentle kiss on her cum encrusted lips; her eyes opened and she smiled as he gathered her up into his arms and lifted her back onto the now well used couch. Charlie had managed to get up and disappear into the bathroom before he shuffled into the kitchen for another round of beer.

On his knees at the couch Eddie now centered his attention on Rachel's tits, caressing and kissing each one as if it were a precious gem, all the while watching her face for clues to her recovery. He moved up to make out with her a little, kissing her lips and nibbling her ears and neck, at last she giggled as his tongue snaked its way into her ear. While looking into her eyes his hand found its way down to her ravaged pussy finding a sloppy mess and her clit hard, red and extended from its hood.

Begging her forgiveness he rose and disappeared into the bathroom quickly returning with a wet wash cloth. Kneeling, he began to bathe her pussy, gently rubbing away the accumulated goo. He lifted her old age women blue films and wiped her down all the way past her asshole; he wiped the drying cum from her thighs then he cleaned up her belly and tits where Charlie had spilt his cream.

Tossing the rag over his head he climbed over her body and assumed the classic sixty nine position; touching her clit with just the tip of his tongue.

He pulled her inner lips apart the better to examine her womanly parts but he kept kissing her too. His tongue would lap a little then he would retreat to watch her reaction. He rolled her hips up and spread the cheeks of her ass to examine her crinkled hole then he licked her all over and pushed the tip of his tongue on the pink star making her gasp in pleasure.

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Back to her clit he kissed it and sucked it into his mouth; she gasped again and wiggled her hips. Rachel had started to suck his dick but his adventures kept distracting her so beyond making him hard she made little headway. He concentrated his lapping on her cunt and clit making her cum on his tongue; she rewarded him with a wash of fresh girl cum.

Flipping her around he settled in between her legs stroking his cock up and down across her clit making her moan and purr. She tasted her sweet juices on his lips before she finally got his cock into position and with luna is a blonde beautiful latina woman who loves anal banging roll of her hips he entered her. He had expected her to be all stretched out and/or sore but he was pleasantly surprised as she gripped him with her inner muscles as he slipped all the way in.

He bent her legs up to where they rested on her chest and began a steady in and out pump with his hips. He groaned with each thrust feeling her velvet pussy grab his meat each time; his cock had never felt so big.

Dan and Becky were lying back on the bed holding one another in a golden zone after fucking so intensely; he caressed her shoulder as she held his warm soft dick. The sight before them was still better than any porn they had ever watched and even though they could have dozed off there was no way that they were going to miss a minute. The nerds had turned out not to be so nerdy after all. Still with surprising gentleness Eddie began fucking Rachel, pulling most of the way out before slipping back into her.

She wrapped her legs back around his hips and was pulling him in as they came together. A soft murmur rose from the audience in approval. Adam had to tap Eddie on the shoulder to remind him that his turn was over; he rose out of Rachel's arms reluctantly. Adam Rachel set up welcoming Adam with open arms. Jumping in with both feet so to speak he leapt onto the couch attacking Rachel with his kisses and hands.

He had no technique, he just wanted to fuck. Rachel was a little overwhelmed at first but most of what Adam did tickled and as she got him in a bear hug she giggled and tickled him back, once she broke his concentration she forced him to retreat a little. Catching his eyes she smiled as she took control; grabbing his wrists she guided his hands to her tits and showed him what she liked. With his hands busy she grabbed his face and kissed him with a lot of movement, sliding her lips all over his face she licked him until he licked her back.

She let his sloppy kisses extend down her neck and over her tits. He finally found his technique grabbing her hips he ravished her mound then flipping her over he pushed his face into her ass and slobbered his way around finally pulling christen courtney and jenny double team a big dick hips up to where he could lick down to her pussy.

He jumped up and grabbed her tits at the same time his raging cock entered her pussy; humping her fast and hard like a dog on a bitch. Rachel found her voice and loudly encouraged him to fuck her harder, harder!

Harder! She cut loose with a groan and a growl; she moved her ass around as Adam kept on fucking her. She let him pull her up to more or less sit on his lap with his dick impaled in her hole. She managed to get her feet in front of her and pushed them over backward until Adam had to break his hold; turning around in a flash she pulled at him again, this time she was on her back with him on top.

Ramming his dick back into her pussy he kept on fucking her hard and fast. She raked her fingernails across his back as she had a surprise orgasm. They were both panting as they thrust their hips together. His thrusts became a shutter as he unleashed a torrent of cum. Calming down his movements became slower and slower but he did not stop until Rachel unlocked her legs and began to gently rub his scared back. Up on one knee he extracted his cock from her cunt reluctantly. His friends began to breathe again having found themselves holding their collective breath while watching the wild man perform.

Becky Rachel stayed on the couch breathing hard but with smile on her angelic face as Adam retreated to the bathroom; reappearing a few minutes later on his way to the kitchen.

All the young men were watching Rachel for a clue as to the next phase in their night; all their cocks dude owns the twat of a milf hardcore and blowjob hard and ready to have another horny bitch fucks her ass and pussy with big fat black dildo at her body.

Rachel sat up and was looking more and more like a frightened deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck; she had taken on five young men and had enjoyed each one but she was unsure of what she wanted to do now. The wolves looked hungry. The spell was broken when a nude woman entered the room carrying a tub of warm water, some wash cloths and hand towels. Becky walked straight to Rachel and set the tub on the floor, going straight to work she wiped the younger girl's face and hands clean before she handed her a towel for her to dry off.

Continuing to give Rachel a thorough cleaning she gave the boys quite a show; caressing her tits and pussy to the point Rachel gave a soft moan. Rachel was reinvigorated by Becky's treatment; her eyes bright and her skin glowing. Grabbing a fresh wash cloth Rachel moved to the nearest guy and began to give him the same treatment. Becky followed her example moving to Charlie and began to caress his dark skin with the cloth and her fingers.

Ben laid back on the floor as Rachel moved the warm cloth across his face then down his body to his hard cock and balls. Once the water had done its job she continued to administer caresses with her talented fingers causing Ben to groan with pleasure. Charlie started to caress Becky's ass but gave up as she pumped his cock and caressed his balls; he too fell back on to his backside as the lady pleasured his body.

Before the guys could cum the girls moved on choosing other victims at random. Rachel brought her newly refreshed cloth to Donnie beginning on his smooth chest then his face. Becky started on a smiling Eddie who managed to endure her caresses while he slipped his fingers into her pussy.

She finished her washing quickly and sucked his cock into her talented mouth as he wiggled his fingers against her G spot. Rachel soon had Donnie's long cock standing straight up as she slid her hands up and down its length. Rachel broke away from her victim moving on to Adam after she changed washcloths giving him a fresh rubdown. Beginning with his face she washed him thoroughly; ending up on his raging cock she wiped him down quickly then sucked his cock into the back of her throat.

Becky, having kept her cool, released Eddie and slipped under Rachel's hips pulling the hot box down onto her tongue. That was enough to trigger the melee. Charlie jumped right on Becky jamming his tongue into her open box.

Donnie attacked Becky too sucking one tit into his mouth and wrapping his hand around the other. Ben and Eddie were a little slower but arranged themselves on either side of the girls and got Becky to grab their cocks while they played with Rachel's butt and tits. Dan watched as the pile of bodies wiggled and giggled around on his monitor, stroking his hard cock wishing that Becky was with him. He had not encouraged her to join the kids but he was powerless to stop her once she decided to go.

He did have to admit her presence had acted as the needed catalyst for this last group grope. Rachel was the first to cum, Becky's talented tongue proved to be too much for her to resist. After she screamed she rose to her knees and moved up impaling Adam's cock in her cunt; grabbing her hips he began his rapid fucking of her willing hole. Ben and Eddie rearranged themselves to face Rachel and attacked her tits as she grabbed their pricks finally forcing Ben up to where she could get him into her mouth.

Five strokes in her mouth and she switched to Eddie's cock to give him five strokes, then back to Ben. In the mean time Charlie had moved up to slam his monster into Becky's slippery hole managing to drive it into her in one motion: Becky let out a howl as he completely filled her. While her mouth was open Donnie slipped his cock into her mouth all the way down to the taylor is wonder woman masturbation and fingering that his pubic hair tickled her nose.

Both boys began to fuck her holes viciously. Becky was immediately rocked with a massive orgasm that continued for minutes. Donnie exploded next nearly drowning the woman as his jism went down her throat and backed up into her mouth. Charlie kept up his pounding far longer sending Becky through a series of orgasms until he could no longer hold out and he exploded. Adam came when Becky howled in her first big O on Charlie's dick; Rachel leapt off him to tackle Ben and drove his cock into her now sodden hole.

Eddie reinserted his dick in her mouth and the two fucked her in unison. Eddie had his hands tangled in her hair holding her head as still as possible while she bounced up and down on Ben, fucking her face as hard as he could.

Rachel stopped her movements letting the two young men use her while her pussy reverberated with continuous organisms. They both brought their plunder of her body to an end at the same time unloading their balls in a furry.

Everyone collapsed onto the floor totally spent. Dan wiped the last of his cum off his hand before he pulled up his shorts and wandered down the hallway to his living room, it smelled of cum, pussy juice and sweat and looked like a disaster movie set; unmoving bodies lay in tangled heaps; a sad moan came from somewhere in the mess.

Stepping gingerly over limbs and bodies he finally reached his Becky; helping her untangle and rise from the floor he sent her to his bathroom for a shower. As each young man began to stir he helped them to a spot on the couch or one of the chairs in the room.

At last Rachel tried to get up and he helped her to the ottoman where she slumped down half conscious. Recovering most of the washcloths he handed them out to the guys encouraging them to wash their bodies. Breaking from the crowed he went to the kitchen bringing back the last of the beer; gratefully they all chugged down the golden liquid and began to look alive again. Even Rachel perked up and massaged her tits as she surveyed the other survivors; as she caught the eye of each boy she smiled.

They in turn smiled and slowly became more animated. Dan didn't have to encourage them to leave they each knew that it was time to go. Their energy spent, their libidos intact, they dressed, each one returning to Rachel's side to thank her for an unforgettable time. Rachel walked them to the door and wouldn't let them leave until she had given them a proper hug and kiss. Dan helped Rachel return to her room and made her take a shower before she tumbled into her bed. Returning to his own bed he snuggled down beside Becky who was already fast asleep.