Ava adams caught panty thief

Ava adams caught panty thief
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This story starts in early the early part of my life and is still bothering me today, it is a story of deceit, hate, disloyalty, adultery, betrayal, bi-sexual male, bi-sexual female and love not to mention the mill owner having sex with four different women to include my wife.

I guest it is every mans dream to have a harem. I became aware of the story when my young wife, eighteen years old at the time went to work there as a bookkeeper secretary.

The first mistake I made was with one of the owners: Raymond, he was a two faced son of a bitch. Every time I met this bastard he would shake my hand and pat me on the back and tell what a good wife I had. He should have known; she had fallen in love with this SOB and was giving him my love. My wife didn't have a kind word for me, let along sex it was completely out the question. Later I realized that Raymond had a wife and three girlfriends to include my wife.

I guess I was jealous, Doesn't all men dream of having a harem, When I would ask my wife if she were having an affair she would get mad and tell me I was crazy. Now after confessing she has told me so many different stories, that I am so totally confused I don't believe the Wizard of Oz could figure it out. So I think you might enjoy this story. It has a little bit of every thing in. Trading virginity for cheeseburger and a coke: Kay was a good looking teenager with a perfect body with long blond hair and all the curves in the right places every time I saw her my knees would get weak and my pecker would get hard.

The first I met her she was with her boyfriend, Mack, she had ravishing jayden jaymes rides a throbbing boner cumshots and brunette a sexy cowgirl dress and was eating a cheeseburger. On the way home that night Mack pulled his car into the driveway of an abandon cabin and turned the motor of and said he wanted to talk. The talking turned to making out with Mack running his tongue down Kay's' throat.

When he put his tongue in her ear she had her first climax it lit a fire in her pussy. Kay had never been so hot and was getting hotter than when her older sisters told about their love life with their boyfriends. Now it was her turn, Mack had pulled her short cowgirl dress up and was playing with her pussy and Kay was on fire.

Mack was laying on top of Kay then he slid his legs between Kay's legs and spread the apart with his left hand he grabbed the center of Kay's granny panties and pulled them off of her sweet pussy with his right hand he guided his seven inch hot dick into miss Kay's burning pussy. Mack slammed into Kay's pussy and Kay let a light scream when her maidenhead burst and she could feel something dripping out of her cunt, she thought it might be blood and it was blood mixed with cum because as soon as Mack entered her, his young dick exploded shooting a very large load into Kay's Pussy.

Kay was so disappointed that she stared crying and trying to clean herself up if her parents saw her like this it would mean the beating of a lifetime for this thirteen year old. She told Mack she that had been saving herself for her husband. Mack primera vez mi mujer en reunion swinger storys and said you should marry a dumb ass and he will never know.

At this time she realized that the real sex would come and bring love come later. Dating: I met my future wife just before I got drafted as I mentioned earlier she was dating a local low life who had taken her maidenhead. I often kid her about trading her maidenhead for a coke and a cheeseburger.

We dated mostly by mail with a three-day pass and thirty days leave before I was sent to South East Asian. Sometimes the making out was heavy and I believe I got her rocks off in the back seat of my cousin's car.

About every time we had a make out session I would leave with the blue balls and in great pain. It was around this time I fell in love with the shy blond teenager and proposed she said yes and I put my ring on her finger and problay screwed up her and my life forever. While I was over seas she had run around with a local blue grass band. They would attend events in the South East Area, I ask her if she had make out with or had a relation with anyone in the band and she stated she couldn't remember.

I love her memory, she says she doesn't lie but tells things to protect herself. Football Hero: Her hero and lover in high school was a local football player that attended the same high school with her, I ask her why they didn't go out and she stated he didn't have a car, now I wish like hell that I should have loaned him mine. Kay had told me of her fancy to let Bruce put her into a locker in the boy's dressing room and after the football players had taken their shower they would lineup and she would Suck all there dicks.

When Kay's lips locked around Bruce's dick the first time it exploded with so much cum that Kay was gagging so loud her sister-in-law Donna came to her door to see if she was all right. Kay cleared her throat and laughed with glee and proclaimed she had never been better. Kay was staying with her sister in law while her brother was serving in the army. The football field was a couple blocks from her sister in laws trailer; she would watch Bruce practice and then he would walk her home for a make out session in Kay's room.

Kay had sucked Bruce's dick and Bruce was loving it, Kay told Bruce it was time for payback and he should lick her pussy. Bruce coming from a very religion though that was taboo, Kay reassured Bruce that is was normal and very clean. Kay slid her pants and granny panties off while Bruce positioned himself with his face between Kay's legs as she spread her legs he sniffed her pussy like a dog. Bruce finding it smelled pretty good ran his tongue up her crack and found her clit and started sucking on it.

Kay was moaning so loud Bruce stuffed her granny panties into to her mouth so her sister law would not interfere while Kay was having the biggest climax of her life. At this time Kay was considering marrying Bruce and dropping her other lover.

That was about the time I came home and fucked up by marring her. The Seduction: Now after we were married and settled down, I sent Kay to school as a bookkeeper and she got her a job at Springs mill and she had the time of her life while she ruined mine. This is the way I believe it happened, Kay later admitted That Nier automata b succubus rough fuck big dick animation pov play free her boss was so kind to her and paid her more attention than she ever had in her lifetime she stated that was one of the reasons she fell in love with him.

As Kay worked at her desk Raymond would come up behind and kiss her on the neck, run his tongue over all the exposed parts of her body this sent shivers up and down her whole body. One day Raymond stuck his touge in Kay's ear and she exploded with a very big climax cum run down her leg Raymond knew he had found a gold mine and her pussy would belong to him.

She stated when he slipped up behind her and would kiss on her neck then he would run his tongue up and down her neck then stick his tongue into her ear. By then she had wet her panties and her nipples would get hard and he could do anything he wanted with her body. Every evening after quitting time they would play little sex games with each other.

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One afternoon after the other employees had gone for the day, Kay and Raymond were having a heavy make out session Raymond looked into Kay's eyes and said show your love daddy how much you love him at this time Raymond already has his eleven inch dick out then he put his hand on top of Kay's head and pushed her down for the blow job of his life. Her lover often told Kay that she could suck the chrome off a trailer ball. After the blowjob and Kay had licked all of his sperm off them Raymond had to have his good night hug and kiss.

As Kay developed feelings for Raymond that might be love, he treated her like a princess and she thought he was in love with her and would let his harem go for her. She thinks in the year that she worked there she had to swallow at least a gallon of cum and had the same amount of oil shoved up her tender young ass.

Kay's husband was sent out west by his company to work for two weeks. During this two weeks Kay and lover Raymond cemented their affair with Raymond living and loving at her house every night. Her dumb ass husband admitted that pregnant slut teasing watch more of her at ulacamcom snakes always crawled at night.

During this time with all the attention that Raymond was bestowing upon her and keeping her pussy dripping with cum Kay fell in love. Went Kay came to pick up her husband at the airport on his return from out west she brought Regina and Raymond with her. They all seemed so glad to see him but in there hearts they wished he would have never came back.

I would like to start with what each individual was thinking at the time. Kay setting at her desk wondering what her new lover had in store for her today. Since he had rubbed that big hog leg (11") that hung between his legs against her leg she was constantly wetting her panties thinking about it standing stiff as a board with pre cum dripping out of the head of it.

Her cunt was on fire she was so horny. Kay slipped her short mini dress up and slid her fingers into her wet aching cunt and was playing with herself, she had been ramming her fingers in and out oh it felt so good she was about to cum.

Kay was thinking I have to wait on my lover and let him shove his eleven inch cock up my pussy. Now it was five minutes after 3:00 o'clock and he should be in the office at anytime to put her back in heavenly bliss, She was thinking about her dumb husband who worked night shift and would be asleep or working on his dumb ass racecar.

She had married this low life to get out of the hills of Tennessee; not only that, he has a real small dick and could never satisfy her sexual needs. She didn't love the dumb ass who had such a simple mind, but was looking forward to marrying her boss who had plenty of money, a big new house and a new Lincoln.

There was one problem; he had a wife and two girl friends. Anybody hung like a young horse always had women chasing after him. But in her mind she could take him away from all of them because she had such a tight pussy. TRUE LOVE: Raymond had not told Kay he was a bisexual and had a male lover in his harem.

James was the local xxx sex chines girl fuck driver for the mill and had a ten-inch dick with a very large loggerhead that Raymond loved to have shoved up his ass.

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But young Kay had not tasted the love juices of women yet; she didn't know that Regina had the hots for her young body. Regina was a couple of years older than Kay and had been lusting after her fine young body. Kay's lover was out in the mill talking trash to Regina one of his mill workers who was going to have his child. Raymond had just finished fucking her in the ass in the bathroom and was rinsing his dick off and getting it ready for Miss Kay, he was thinking that girl could suck the chrome off of a trailer ball.

Now Raymond was thinking about his horny good-looking hillbilly waiting patiently for him to put her in heaven. He had a thought run through his head that made him shiver, if these dumb cunts ever got together it would be a bloody ass fight. He put those thoughts behind him and entered the office with a greeting to Kay. He said hello my love, are you ready for some love from your love daddy. Raymond was 18 years older than Kay who had just turned nineteen, so he had become her love daddy.

Kay jumps into his arms and gives him a long burning wet kiss. They make out till their juices are boiling, at this time Raymond puts his hand on top of Kay's head and pushes her down to his zipper, Kay frantically unzipped it and grasped his limp cock and shoves it into her mouth and begins to kiss and suck it frantically as it becomes very hard she is wondering why it tastes like oil, that makes her wonder if he had oiled it to put it up her young ass.

She was sucking hard and playing with his balls as he explodes into her month. She jerked it out of her mouth with it spewing cum all over her face and onto her hands. To show Raymond how much she loves him she started licking it off her hands and arms. While they were cleaning up, Regina came into to the office to say good by to her lover horny milf reena sky gets fingered by teen melissa saw Kay licking cum off Raymond's Large dick Regina imminently started licking the other side of Raymond's dick when they got to the end of it Regina pulled Kay to her and give her a long kiss, Kay had never been kissed by a girl it was like a bolt of lighting with so much pleasure she got so excited with Raymond and Regina both tearing off kays cloths Raymond was kissing Kay on the neck and pulling Kay's blouse off Regina had her panties of and was sucking on her clit.

Kay was moaning and between deep breaths was saying I love I love it. With Kay on top of Regina eating her pussy and Raymond was playing with Kay's ass James came into the office.

James looked the scene over and pulled his rather large dick out and stuck in Raymond's face Raymond pulled James dick into his mouth like a animal he was running James dick all the way down his throat. Raymond told James he had to have it in his ass while he licked Kay's ass as Regina licked and sucked Kay's pussy.

Kay was having a climax as Raymond dropped his pants as he was wearing no underpants he took his hand and reached down to Kays pussy and scooped up the fluid and smeared it on his ass, James mounted Raymond with a thrust putting all 10 inches up Raymond's glory hole causing him to yelp. Raymond begged James to put it all in me please James give me the fucking of my life.

Sweat was running down his face as he exploded in Raymond even more as Kay was giving him a hand job. Kay was nearing climax with all the fluids coming out of Regina pussy wetting all of Kay's face Regina was sucking Kay's clit and burying her touge into Kays pussy all four began to climax. After a few moments James let Kay lick off his dick while Regina cleaned up Raymond with her touge at lucky patient fucks a stunning nurse pornstars cumshots time Raymond was telling Kay about their upcoming rendezvous at the Crows Nest Bar, a bar in a local town.

Kay's husband would never catch on about this.

She would ride up there with Shirley. While Shirley went in and danced, Kay and Raymond would have a wild sex session in the back seat of the Lincoln. Then Shirley and Kay would have a few drinks and drive home using the excuse that they were looking for Shirley's wayward husband.

While Raymond was driving home to his wife, how he hoped she wasn't horny he was thinking about the last love session he had at Kay's house, she had met him at the door with no titty britches on in a short mini skirt and no panties, said she was so hot they had caught on fire.

Raymond pushed her back onto the couch and started eating her hot wet pussy after putting her into heaven for about 15 minutes! He picked her up and carried her to a king-size bed in the master bedroom, after throwing her onto the bed he spread her legs and slipped his 11-inch dick into her and listened to his secretary scream.

Wow she had one tight pussy and she was screaming for more, so he pumped her more violently until he could unfaithful white girlfriend bbc took your bitch the juices running down his balls and wetting the bed. He thought her simple-minded husband would sleep on the wet spot in the morning.

He rolled her over, with his hot little slut on top of him; she looked at him with glazed eyes and drool running from her mouth, oh Raymond I feel like I'm impaled on a telephone pole explained Kay.

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But I love it and I love you so much and at that time they both exploded with cum juices flying all over the bed. Raymond and his love slave were chatting after they got their breath and he stated you'll be all night cleaning up this bed. Kay retorted let the dumb ass sleep in it he's so dumb he couldn't tell my cunt was full of your cum last Friday night, he ask if I had been with somebody and I told him I had an infection.

Like a real dumb ass he believed it. THE BIG BREAKUP: All weekend long Kay was thinking about Raymond and how much she loved him and wanted to marry him as soon as possible.

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So Monday morning when Raymond came to work Kay was waiting with her planned talk about how much she loved him. How he was the first man she had ever loved and how she had never loved her husband and had only married him to get away from Tennessee.

She explained to Raymond that he was the first real man to make love to her and what they were doing was wrong. Kay pleaded with Raymond to pay for her divorce and they get married at once. Raymond looked at Kay with pity as he explained I thought you understood that I am happily married with two happy girlfriends and my special friend. He looked into her eyes and said why would I want a slut who would commit brother sister and girlfriend threesome on me as my wife.

I thought you were just a slut wanting to putout. Kay with tears in her eyes said you told me you loved me. Raymond answered Kay with; all whores and sluts like to hear that word so they can justify it in their minds to commit adultery on their husbands. Kay retorted I destroyed my marriage for you and Raymond explained back if it hadn't been me it would have been somebody else.

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Kay thought about quitting her job but she was thinking that her husband was already accusing her of putting out and fucking around and was looking for a lawyer to divorce her. She would have to go back to Tennessee with everybody knowing she wasn't anything but a cheap slut and whore. Who committed adultery on her husband and ruined his life.

She thought to herself that she was the worst person her husband could have married. She hadn't really taken her wedding vows seriously because she had not loved him to begin with and was just looking for a ride her mother would approve of to get out of Tennessee.

Later on when interviewed for this story her husband admitted the biggest mistake he ever made was marrying Kay and the second big mistake was not divorcing her.

He also wondered if all women were the same and don't take their wedding vows seriously and will fuck around every time that they get mad or lonely. And I came to this conclusion if they aren't cheating they are looking for someone to cheat with.

He also stated that he was pissed and jealous at the same time, he had a hard time believing his wife was not in love with nenitas que quieren guevo tube porn lover. When she will give him a blowjob on command and all of their sexual encounters. When a man has a harem his is above all of his peers sexually.