Blondie gets banged on her very soft couch in the morning hardcore brunette

Blondie gets banged on her very soft couch in the morning hardcore brunette
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Nigerian Nightmare - Part 3 By Andy Caulden Last on, first off - just my fucking luck. The bedroom door opened and the overhead light came on, which blinded me for a few seconds. I had no idea how long I had been left on the stack.

My whole body ached as Kola kitty core cant get enough of an insane fucking Samson released me from my bonds and carried me out of the room. The two men were extremely strong, and carried me along the hallway with considerable ease. Their powerful hands held me in a vice-like grip, which underlined the fact that either man could knock me into the middle of next week with very little effort. The living-room was filled with naked men: three white hunks and six black hunks.

They all looked like muscle-bound wrestlers in their late twenties or early thirties, and they all seemed very pleased to see me. I was about to be humped by a horde of burly bum-bandits. They were going to turn my arsehole inside out with their hard-standing cocks. My heart began to pound with both fear and excitement, and my cock began to twitch with anticipation. 'This is the first of the bunch,' said Kola, as he and Samson dropped me on the floor. 'The other three will be served up later, when this one's arse is tapped out.' 'He's nice and skinny,' said a bald-headed black man, who was sitting on the sofa.

'I've been looking for a long-pig like him for ages. Maybe.' 'He's yours, sir,' Kola interrupted, nervously. 'He can suck on your cock while we fuck his boyfriend.

You can then take him away with you, and keep him.' 'Keep him?' 'Yes, sir,' said Saka, as he stepped out of the kitchen.

'We don't need four bum-boys cluttering up the place.' 'Stand up for Mr. Teene, boy,' said Kola, as he kicked me in the side. 'And show him your assets.' The rest of the group didn't look too happy about losing out to Mr. Teene - Boz Teene was someone who clearly held a lot of sway over this group of burly brutes, hence their respectful silence.

They watched me stagger to my feet, as the pins and needles began to kick in, and turn to face Mr. Teene. The man looked evil and ugly. His bald head and pockmarked face made him look a lot older than the tonal sheen of his body indicated. He was just as muscle-bound as those around him, but he looked far more menacing.

'Give me a twirl, boy,' said Boz. 'And lift up your arms, like aeroplane wings.' I truly struggled to complete the manoeuvre, but I was never going to fail: self-preservation would ensure that I stayed on the right side of Mr.

Teene at all times. 'Good, boy,' said Boz. 'Now just stand there, with your arms outstretched.' 'Shall we bring out his boyfriend and tap his arse, sir?' asked Kola, sensing the frustration of the others in the room. 'He'll give you a good show.' 'Give me another twirl, boy,' said Boz, ignoring Kola completely. 'And then come over here and sit down, beside me.' When I sat down, the man's right arm took charge of my 'nice and skinny' body and crushed it to his side.

I then sat stock-still as he asked Kola to bring out Kevin and hand him over to Baba and Daniel. Kevin was like a rag doll in the hands of the two black men. Daniel was especially brutal and uncaring toward my oh-so willing boyfriend. He was a mountain of a man, and the first to impale Kevin.

'Up you come, boy,' said Daniel, as he took hold of Kevin, who was bending over in front of him, and applied a full nelson. My boyfriend's back was now pinned against the man's chest, with his feet off the floor and his body held fast by the wrestling hold and the cock up his arse.

When Daniel spread his powerful legs, Baba knelt down and placed Kevin's legs behind Daniel's lower thighs. In this position, Kevin could support his body weight as Daniel power-fucked him.

Everyone in the room, apart from Kevin and Daniel, watched my boyfriend's cock swing back and forth at high speed. With envious eyes, I watched that flaccid cock swing. If Boz had picked Kevin instead of me, I would now be impaled on Daniel's manhood; the Nigerian would now be hammering away at my arse with his coal-black cock.

'Hump him good, Dan,' said Baba. 'He's nice and pretty, and bony too.' Daniel grunted in agreement, and then suddenly increased his stroke rate. The man was clearly enjoying the moment. 'Ball him up, Baba,' said Boz, as he turned his head and kissed me on the left temple.

Daniel slowed down to reposition his arms, which allowed Baba to put Kevin's body in the new position. My boyfriend was ordered to raise his legs and hold them tight to his chest, in a kind of foetus position. Daniel then hunkered down to accommodate the new position. In profile, Kevin's body did indeed resemble an odd-looking ball - he was still impaled on the cock and held in place by the man's powerful arms. However, the position was more for show than anything else.

'Spit-roast him now,' said Boz. This position was truly awesome, and required Kevin to be held between the two men, some three feet off the floor, whilst still impaled on Daniel's cock.

Baba's cock was now buried deep inside my boyfriend's mouth; so, with his hips and shoulders held by the sharing a lusty and tough shlong momsandteens and threesome Nigerians, Kevin was kept hovering in mid-air with his arms and legs tucked up beneath him. In clearly a well practiced move, Baba and Daniel rotated Kevin round on a very tight axis, as if he was actually being spit-roasted.

His arms and legs did get in the way from time to time, but this didn't interrupt the action in any significant way. I sat and watched my boyfriend being humped in this way for several minutes. I then turned my attention to the effect the show was having on those around me. Everyone, including myself, was sporting a massive hard-on. This warm-up show was going to be the precursor to a very long and horny gang-bang. Kevin, Henry and Tony were in for a whole lot of bum battering.

Suddenly, the arm holding me close to Boz relaxed. 'Go suck on some cock, boy,' said Boz. 'I want you to start over there, with Samson, and then work your way round to Warren.' I smiled as the man squeezed my thigh and sent me off to suck on Samson's cock. I could feel his eyes boring into my backside as I zeroed in on Samson's hard-standing length.

I was face-fucked by some pretty horny men. They all made me gag as they watched Kevin being used and abused by Baba and Daniel. My mouth was mined by seven of the ten men in the room. 'You're in for a high-oh time with Mr.

Teene,' said Neil, the blond beefcake. 'The last long-pig he took away with him hasn't been seen for months. Baba and Daniel will fuck you up hills and down dales, like they're doing to your boyfriend - Mr. Teene enjoys watching his henchmen fuck wimps like you. He'll then get them to hang you upside down from a hook in the ceiling, like a piece of meat. That's when the canes and chains come out.' I stopped sucking on Neil's cock and looked up at him in horror.

'I've seen the videos, and they ain't that pretty,' Neil continued. 'You'll be caned all over - Mr. Teene won't think twice about caning your cock and ball-bag. In fact, he'll target them more than your arse and feet. Now get back to work.' I sucked in Neil's cock and listened to him describe the fate that awaited me.

'Then there's the ice-cold chain, with links as big as eggs.

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It'll be shoved into your arsehole. And it's no good you screaming - Mr. Teene won't stop until all the links are in.' Neil grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat.

He was clearly getting off on the tale he was telling. 'You won't like the electric either, especially when Mr. Teene zaps your knob. That's when you'll be screaming the most. That box of tricks packs a hefty punch, especially when the clips are attached to your nipples; or when one clip is attached to your ball-bag and the other goes roaming round your hot, sweaty body.' 'Tell him about the candle wax and the spinning,' said Warren, the next blond in line for my services. 'Ah, yes,' said Neil.

'Mr. Teene likes to drip hot candle wax all over a wimp's body, especially when that wimp is hanging upside down from the hook in the ceiling. Also, he likes to twist a wimp round and round, until the rope attached to the hook is wound up tight. He then lets the wimp go for a spin.' 'If we ever see you again,' said Warren, 'you must tell us about the spinning. How did you feel during a spin; how many times did it happen; how did you feel when Baba and Daniel pissed on you?' 'They always piss on a wimp during a spin,' said Neil, laughing.

If the two men were trying to wind me up [no pun intended], they were certainly succeeding. I was now resolved to make a bolt for it, even if Neil's tale of torture was pure fiction.

Being held captive by four Nigerians was bad enough, but if there was a plan to hand me over to an African torturer, who liked to torment white wimps, then I was going to abandon Kevin and make a run for it. Neil and Warren knew they had me well and truly hooked. They continued to feed me horror stories of those who had been handed over to Mr. Teene; and as they did so, they got the nod to fuck me from the man himself.

Boz sat and watched the two white men take advantage of his new long-pig. He stroked away at his cock as Neil and Warren lifted me off the floor and tried to fuck me in the spit-roast position. Unfortunately, I was dropped twice during their first attempt, which certainly amused Boz and a few onlookers. 'Pick him up and try again,' said Boz to Warren. 'I want to see you fuck his brains out.' 'Yes, sir,' said Warren.

'Trouble is,' said Neil. 'The long streak of piss is too slippery, too sweaty. He needs drying off.' I was hoping Boz was about to send me off to the bathroom to get dry. The window in the bathroom wasn't large, but it would accommodate my skinny frame.

'Take hold of his legs and drag his arse round the room a couple of times,' Warren suggested. 'Then turn him over and do it again.' The thought of my arse being covered in more carpet burns made me wince. 'No, no, no,' said Boz. 'Make him crawl round the living-room on his stomach. Then turn him over and drag him back to where he is now.' 'Fucking great,' I said to myself.

'What was that, boy?' asked Boz. 'Nothing, sir,' I whimpered. 'Crawling, dragging; it's all fine with me, sir.' 'You have no say in the matter, turd,' said Neil, as he kicked me in the side.

'Your arse is ours now, so button your lip and start crawling.' I was kicked several more times as Neil 'encouraged' me to crawl round the living-room, twice. I was then dragged round the room, twice - once on my front and once on my back. Warren seemed pleased that his suggestion had been included in the drying process. 'Now raise him up and fuck his brains out,' said Boz. 'I'll go get some salt to rub into his chest, back and arse,' said Jennifer white wants to do it hard, who was hovering by the kitchen doorway.

'He mustn't get sick.' 'Good idea,' said Neil. 'Let's make him squeal like the long-pig he is.' I had to get to the bathroom window; it was my only hope of getting away from these fucking brutes. Henry and Tony were now in the room and being humped by the musclemen. Unfortunately, Henry was not faring too well - he was far too old for this sort of thing. The fuck-fest was going to last a long time, and with four holes and four mouths to feed, the musclemen were going to have a real horny time of it.

Neil and Warren finally managed to impale me in the spit-roast position. However, they didn't do a very good job of it.

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'This ain't gonna work,' Neil complained. 'Let's stretch him out on the floor and get Saka to a-salt him. We can then fuck him properly.' I was dropped on the floor again, which was now becoming a habit with these two bastards. 'Stop complaining,' said Warren, as Saka began sprinkling table salt over my back and arse. 'Those rosy red arse-cheeks need a-salting.' 'It stings, it fuckin' stings,' I cried out. 'Tell him to stop.' 'No chance, bum-boy,' said Warren. 'We like to hear wimps like you squeal.

It makes us wanna fuck you all the more, especially when you beg us not to.' 'Now up on your hands and knees, turd,' Neil ordered. 'I want to fuck you piggy style.' As I did so, Neil grabbed hold of my hips and pressed his knob against my anus. He then thrust forward with all his might and lanced my arsehole with his rigid length. My moans of pain echoed round the room, and continued as Neil began pumping away at my burning hole.

'Piggy style, fucking great!' he boomed. 'Let's hear some grunting and squealing, turd.' I did my best to comply with the order; and as I did so, the blond beefcake released my hips and slapped my arse-cheeks with his powerful hands.

Tears of pain and joy streamed down my face as Neil's manhood took possession of my inner sanctum; his throbbing cock had stretched my anus to the full. I was now being power fucked by a predator with a super fit body and an insatiable appetite for the weak and willing, and not so willing, of this world.

'This hole is real tight,' said Neil to Warren. 'Yeah, but it ain't gonna stay that way,' Warren replied sourly. 'It'll be gaping by the time you've finished with it.' 'True, true,' said Neil with a raffish smile. 'But it won't stay that way for long. It'll be super tight for your hump, if you give it time to football duddys daughter and play daddy easing daddys tension cast his eye round the room and saw four white wimps being face-fucked and humped by his muscle-bound friends.

Each wimp was down on his hands and knees, servicing two hard-standing cocks. Only he and Saka were sitting on the sidelines, looking on. 'You've done well, Saka,' said Boz. 'These bum-boys are all good performers. Even the old one can take a fearsome pounding.' 'They are soft and weak, so they always do what we want,' said Saka, grinning. 'The tribe will be lining up natural redhead girlfriends go down on each other passionately fuck them over and over.

We never had three Oyinbos [peeled bananas] on offer at once, so the club will be empty some nights.' 'So when will I get my money?' Boz asked. 'Two weeks, sir, two weeks. The money will be paid in two weeks.' 'Good. And I get to take these bum-boys off your hands when you find fresh meat?' 'Yes, sir. You can have them in two or three weeks' time. It won't take Remi long to snare more Oyinbo for the pot.' - - - Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Andy Caulden