Bangbros valery santos colombian chick with big ass films her first porncolombia fuck fest

Bangbros valery santos colombian chick with big ass films her first porncolombia fuck fest
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This story happened a while ago, and I had a long and deep thought whether to publish it or not. I decided to share it with you, even though it's extremely strange and taboo. I never thought such things could happen, so that's why I want to tell you it - world is crazy, and people are too. Due to the fact that everything happened in real life, I'm gonna change the names and places that will be mentioned in this text.

I'm not a native English speaker, so I will try my best to tell the story without the mistakes and with as much details as possible. Hope you'll have a good time reading this story! ******* Now, a little back story: I've grown up without a father and never knew who he was, as my mother never spoke of him.

Though we've been close with her, as I've been her only child, I haven't been seeing her often at home. She used to work a lot, as she had to pay the bank loan and feed two mouths. She became pregnant with me, when she was only 16, so when I turned 18, and left for college, she was still young enough to keep pursuing her career. So I left my home, rough daddy first time sharing is caring 34 year old mother, and went on my own.

As we've been quite close emotionally, we've never been used to chat ant talk a lot. Usually, I make a couple of calls to her during the holidays, and I only visited her once, since leaving for college, after my first year. And when I was at home, I was still fat back then, so now as I've lost tons of weight, and am proud of my abs, she would probably even wouldn't recognise me in the street. All of the other summers I've spent working on seasonal jobs.

Now I'm graduated from the college and have a pretty good job that I'm fond of. Long talk short - It's pretty much common and formal long distant parent-kid relationship we have. It's been almost 6 months since I and my ex-girlfriend broke up, so jerking off in front of my laptop every evening became a habit.

It was not because I was a 22 year old douche bag, and couldn't find a real life pussy, or at least afford myself a slut from escort site. A past couple of months been rough at work, I had several projects to take care of, so I just didn't had enough time for clubs and hook ups. Plus, I have quite perverted fetishes, so setting up big ass brunette public blowjob before fucking account in some porn community site was much more prolific that trying to find a pussy for one night stand.

It takes only seconds to find your interest on the net, when you want to just quickly empty your balls. I've looked over the most popular porn sharing sites and communities, and somehow I found webcam sites extremely attractive.

Probably because it was amateur girls doing nasty stuff. It even turned me on, that some of them clearly did it because of money, while other - purely out of desire for some pussy action. A fresh 18 year old teen gently rubbing her still fresh and tight pussy, a girl fucked by her boyfriend, amateur milf fisting her loose anus, or a sexy Brasilian shemale taking dildo up her trained ass - those are the things you could find, and buy with tokens on webcam site.

So this one night, I'm all horny and tired, log in into my account. At the office where I work, there's this super hot dark haired 30-35 year old chick, who wears tight skirt and heels all the time. Sometimes, I'm even able to glimpse at her thong, when it becomes visible through the skirt cloth when she bends over, or sits down.

I know that she has 2 kids, and looking at her ass, imagening her all naked except with her white g-string panties tightened around her ass gives my dick an immediate erection. So, this night I want to find some experienced, older webcam MILF, which wants to see me cumming, and even take a dildo up her ass while talking how slutty she is.

I turn on the filter, by ticking "milf", "soccer mom" and " mature", and start my evening. I'm shuffling through the girls, looking for the one who can catch my eye. I know that you are given the best action and the view when yuo're on a private show, so I keep my dick and tokens in my pants until I find someone who's worth it. After some good 15 minutes I finally find something beautiful - a caucasian chick who calls herself "nymphomum24/7".

I quickly check her profile. Some nasty pics and " anal, squirting, DP, fisting" under her do's. Nice. I instantly splash some tokens, and we're in a private show. On a bed she is on her knees, bending and showing off her ass to the camera. Black stockings frames her hips perfectly, while she spreads her ass cheeks with her hands.

Her puffy pussy and asshole are barely covered by a girly tight black g-string panties. Her thong is so tight and cut in her holes, that it looks like its going to break and free her pussy lips any moment.

Her body curviness is perfect - you can clearly tell that she is not a teen anymore, probably 32-35. Her ass is round, waist is slim, and her hips are wide, but not fat. She looks slutty and mature enough to know how to please herself and her partner, but at the same time very sexy and beautiful.

My webcam is on my cock. It is already hard, and out of my pants, resting in my hand. "Hey there, big boy" she starts the conversation. I hear that phrase quite often, as I've always been proud of my 26 cm cock.

"Hi there. Someones definitely looking slutty tonight" I tell her while slowly jerking my cock.

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"Heh, yes, she is" she giggles, and shakes her ass. Nymphomum24/7 slowly moves her finger behind her thong, gently pulls it up, and moves her finger across the length of its string. I watch ass her dark edged asshole reveals itself only for a second. "I am all slutty tonight, and all yours" I can see the back of her head, and a side of a cheek.

She smiles, puts her finger to her mouth, and starts sucking it. "That's good then. I was looking for a sexy, experienced woman, who could show me some nasty things. And I see you've got a juicy pussy and some tasty, itchy asshole. I think, tonight we will give them some serious stretching and stuffing". "Oh, I love that idea! I've just logged in, and I've been craving for someone to watch me cum.

I'm such a nasty slut, I can't even go a day without stuffing something in me." The woman picked up a medium sized glass butt plug, and started licking it. I was thrilled to see what goes next. "Well, I guess, I'm a lucky guy.Why don't you show me more of that beautiful asshole?" "Sure, honey" She pulled a thong on a side, and one side of her pussy finally fell free.

Her outer lip hung freely, and the edge of the thong disappeared in the soft rack of her glistening cunt. With the same hand she grabbed her ass cheeks, and spread it. Her shithole looked amazing. Her sphincter edges we're dark, and they extended like a ring around her butthole, slowly getting more and more pale, while completely blending with her skin color.

A slithly visible tan lines framed her ass. She poured some lube on her finger, and started rubbing it around her asshole, just right on those dark edges. It must have felt good, as her finger slowly ran across that shiny puffy edge of her rear end, because she femdom bitches show cock no mercy as they fuck guy with strapon tube porn her eyes, and let a moan.

"You know how to take care of your ass. I like that kind of woman. Keep going" I kept a slow pace on my dick, because I wanted to last longer that usual with this slutty MILF. "If I may ask, just how old are you?" "You're the boss here. I'm 38. 38, and a mother.

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You like older women, don't you? You like watching me, a mother with a kid, rub her asshole in front of you? Mhmm, yes, you like it" She bit her lip, and slowly pusher a finger up her knuckle in her ass. It went in smoothly, like it belonged there.

She fingered herself for a minute, the pushed in a second finger. It went in even smoother than the first one. After a couple of seconds, she shaped her fingers like a hook, and started moving them around her asshole muscle in circles, pulling and stretching it on the sides, and up and down. Her cunt was getting wetter, so was the panties. She pulled her finger out, and licked them.

The, she pressed the buttplug against her shithole, and pushed it in. This time she let a louder moan, as her anus stretched to the girth of the toy, and absorbed it. Her other hand was rubbing her wet pussy, with her clit sandwiched between her fingers. As she moved her panties on the side a bit more, her whole, waxed cunt was finally visible. While she fucked herself with two finger, her other hand played with butt plug. She moved it in and out, and her anus made a 'plop" sound every time toy came out of her anus.

"Mhm, you like that? I'm sopping wet! You like how that butt plug slides in my asshole?" She asked while still moaning. She was gently moving her whole body up and down, and it looked like she's going to cum soon. I was afraid, I'm going to too. She came while moaning and breathing heavily. Her asshole contracted so tightly, that it pushed out the butt plug with such force that it flew somewhere behind the camera, and bumped on to the ground.

Luckily, I managed to slow down, and keep on jerking. "That was something, I waited for this orgasm whole day" she smiled, and caressed her ass. Then she pulled of her wet panties. They we're soaking, and covered in her girly juice. She rubbed it against her lips, face, and sucked the wetness out of the cloth.

I could still not see her face, but she swallowed it all. "You're amazing, I must tell you that. I like sophisticated woman. But I think there's plenty more, I haven't seen from you yet." I told her, hoping she has some bigger guns in her closet.

"Well, it all comes from me being a slut, who enjoys getting off in front of strangers" She giggled in that sexy voice." Are your ready for this?" She asked, and grabbed a rubber, 32 cm long dick shaped dildo. "Now that's what I would love to see inside you!" She poured some more lube on her asshole, rubbed it around, and without any foreplay started pushing the tip of the dildo inside her ass.

It was a lot thicker that the plug, so she had to force it in. As the head pushed through her tense anus, her body flinched. She gasped, and spread her legs a bit more. Slowly, she raised her ass, and got to her feet. Dildo was hanging out of her ass.

She hunkered down, And placed rubber balls on the bed. The dick was huge, and she wanted to sit on him. Even though her back faced me, I was able to see how she rubs her pussy with free hand. At he same moment, she went lower, with every inch dildo going deeper and deeper inside her ass.

Her shithole sucked in that fat dildo like a hungry mouth, and she started pounding it. Up and down, up and down, she went faster and faster. She was so concentrated on her assfucking, that she even didn't bother talking to me.

After five minutes riding that dildo, she fell down on her knees, getting back in the same position when we started. "Mhmphm. I want you to see me fuck my ass, I want you to watch, as I cum, and gape my butthole for you, baby" She moaned, and kept thrusting that dildo inside her with a hand. She fucked herself for a few more minutes, and the quickly pulled out. She let a short scream-like sound, as the fat end of the dick tip stretched her asshole, and forced his way out.

She came and let a loose, bubbly fart. Her asshole was gaping, and a prolapsed, shiny rectum was visible at the end of her sphincter. "That's really something special. I would love to bury my tongue inside your gaping asshole, and taste it. I would lick your rectum, and suck it out of your ass." "You like that kind of stuff, don't you?

You like my dirty, loose asshole? Mmmm. You've been generous, so I'm going to give you something special." She smiled, and poured some lube again on her ass.

This time, she rubbed it around not with her fingers, but with her whole hand. "Do you want me to fist my ass? Do you want to see this slut fuck her own asshole with her fist? My rectum is so warm, and slippery, I rough hand job helpless teen lily dixon is lost and found a few chairs out in an deserted wait ti stuff myself." She closed her eyes, folded her fingers, and pushed her fist inside her ass.

Her ass was already warmed up, so it came in smoothly. She moaned as she moved her fist around: at first she rotated it to both sides, enjoying how her knuckles moves inside and stretches her rectum, the, she thrust her fist even deeper an inch or two. She slowly pulled out the fist up to her knuckles, which was the thickest place, ant then pushed back in. She kept doing it faster and faster, sometimes changing the pace by trying to go as deep as possible. Every time she pulled out, her asshole ring tensed round her knuckles not wanting to let go.

And every time when it looked like her ass is going to give up, and just push out the fist she thrust it back in with a loud moan of pleasure. I stroked my dick so fast, that I had to bite my lip.

I was close, so was she. She pressed her head on the bed, biting the sheets. She was fucking her asshole at full speed so fast, that her shithole probably did not even had time to tighten up as she thrust her fist from knuckles to her wrist. A strip of lube was running down her wet pussy, when she pushed her ass out to the camera even more. She made a few very deep thrusts, and came again.

I came too. It all happened in a second. The same mom gives son one good vh I started shooting my load all over my belly, her pussy tightened up, and let two strong spurts of her juice out of her cunt.

She quickly pulled out her fist while orgasming. Her asshole pulsed simultaneously with her raining pussy, and while her cunt squirted, her gaping ass let farts from her rectum. When she pulled out her fist, in a blink of an eye, her rectum prolapsed, and burst out through her ruined butthole. A shiny slippery rosebud, as thick as a fist unleashed a second wave of squirting.

Her prolapsed rectum bubbled and farted, as she couldn't control her body responding to an orgasm. She screamed in to the sheets, while her body was shaking. After a few seconds, she calmed down, and caught her breath. Her rectum slowly retracted back in its place, like a snail to its shell. She massaged her pussy, smiled, and licked her lips. She sit down, in front of the camera. I still couldn't see her face, but her beautiful, natural, a bit hung tits was in front of me.

It was a C-cup. "Shit, that was some serious stuff. I think I'm in love" I told her while gently touching my creamy dick. She giggled. She gently kept caressing her pussy. "Well, you know, you're nice. Other's usually just are too distasteful and offending.

I'm not a drug addict or something else what they often call me or other girls who do that. I just like doing it. I'm a slutty mum, I like to fist my ass, I like how it feels when my rectum uncontrollably bursts out through my anus and I start squirting.

I like when men cum watching me do this. I like the taste of my pussy juice, the taste of men cum, I like to suck dick, and swallow. " "Well, I think that's amazing that you do it, and you're happy.

There's nothing more sexier than an woman who knows that she is sexy, and knows how to please it. The sluttier the better" I laughed. " Um, do you have a boyfriend? I'm asking just out of curiosity, cause if you have, he's a lucky bastard." "Hah. No, actually, I don't. Usually they not too happy when they find out about my hobbies" she laughed. "You mean this? Webcams modeling?" "Um, yes and no. I forgot to mention. I also love gloryholes. I mean, as I said I love sucking dicks, and this one time I had a sex with a guy in a adult cinema.

There was this booth with holes, in other room. He told me that it was a glory hole. Where guys stick their dicks in a hole, and an anonymous person sucks them off. It could be a girl, a guy, whoever. That sounded hot, and one night, I was very horny, and tried it. Got inside, and did it. Sucked at least 20 guys. Fuck me, I was afraid, that some maniac would jump on me, but everything was fine. And if the guy is not clean ir whatever, I just jerk him off, I don't suck him.

I don't want to catch an STD or something. So, since that I do it regularly, at least once, or even twice a week. And that's my perverted hobby." She giggled again. She sounded innocent and slutty at the same time. "Wow, that's amazing. I've done some crazy shit, had sex with a shemale, been in a groupie, but that impure awesome bitch milf pounding act japanese and hardcore sexy as hell.

You really like to suck dicks!" I laughed again. "If I only knew where that booth was." "Well. I can send you an address to your email address. I mean, you seem normal, and there's always a chance there's a maniac on the other side. I just hope there's not" she laughed. "I see your email on your profile info. Here. Now you've got the address. It's in Berlin, I live there." "That's incredible. I've just seen your beautiful prolapsed anus, learned about your hobby, and it is only 3 hours drive from my place to you city.

I'm willing to sacrifice my time to get my dick sucked in real life by you. You're just too amazing" I smiled, and wondered whether I'm just lucky, or is she just lying. "Ar you telling this to everyone on this site?" "No, you are probably the third. Usually guys, when they are done, they just log of, or as I said, they are too offending, and I don't tell them any truth.

So, I'm planning to go to the booth on Wednesday. If you're interested, I'd be glad to suck that big cock of yours. It looks amazing. I would love to feel how you shoot you thick cum inside my mouth, hah" She giggled. I was hard again. "Then I'm probably in! Wow, that's unbelievable. Hey, you've got amazing body. I bet you as pretty as your butt and breasts. Can I see your face?

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I wan to see those lips, and that smile." "Sure honey. I'll give you a kiss, and the I'll have to go. I hope to see you soon. In here, or there, haha" She giggled, moved back and bent down a bit.

She was beautiful. very beautiful. She smiled and gave me an air kiss. I waved to her, and the screen went black. At first, I only thought that the room looked familiar. Know I know why. It was her. I just jerked off while watching as my 38 year old mother fisted her asshole for me. I just learned that she sucks dicks at a local adult cinema.

Probably, where I and friends sneaked in to watch a porno when we we're young. And she was a slut. A true slut. Not only I could think straight, I also never thought that thing as this is possible. I would let myself believe in zombies, or superman, but not in this. But it was her, the're was no way denying that. Same city, same room, same face. And I don't even know what was the strangest and creepiest thing: that I enjoyed it, or that she just gave me address where she wants to meet me and suck my dick.