Rare story family incest game show creampie subtitled

Rare story family incest game show creampie subtitled
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[b]I remember that day as if it were yesterday; my cousin arrives to spend the summer with us on the farm. Her name is Abbey, a long pretty red headed girl of seventeen or eighteen years of age; I was still a young girl not yet fully developed in some areas of my body.

Showing her my room where she would be sleeping since my older sister is away in college. Sitting on the edge of the bed saying, "What's there to do here?" being that she was from Boston, this was her first visit to Georgia where we lived. "Not much unless you go to town." What about sexy blondie does strip at the first casting any live around here?" "A few, Steve is my age and Joshua he's about your age I think, thay live about five miles up the road." "No shit, that's useless." She said lying back on the bed.

"We do have horses to ride," Hoping that would make her feel better. "I'm a city girl, bright lights sneaking out at night having fun; riding horses sister doesn't qualify as having fun to me." I stood up to leave the room when I turned toward her saying, "I was trying to help you feel welcome here, and you don't have to be rude." "Look Sister I'm sorry, it's just that my mother preferred to spend more time with her friend then me." "I'm sorry too, please my name is Elizabeth." "Thanks anyway Sis." As I walked out of the room, I looked back saying, "Would you like to see the place." "I guess so nothing else to do, it's not like I'm going anywhere." Walking across the yard toward the barn, I wanted to show her the horses that we had.

Approaching a horse called Midnight, Abbey reaches to pat him, and the horse jerked away startling her.

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Its okay Abbey, he's not use to you yet give him time." "Yet right," she said. "Hey what's up there," pointing up, "It's a hay-loft," "A hay-loft, what's that?" "It's where we storage hay for the horses." "Oh," she said shaking her head. She walks over to the ladder leading up to the loft, "Be careful Abbey sometime rat snakes get up there." But either she didn't here me or she was just ignoring me.

"Wow, this is so cool," she said, as I reached the top. Standing in the door looking out from the barn one can see a good ways. "It's beautiful up here." She reaches in her back pocket of her jeans and pulls and a smashed pack of cigarettes and sticks one in her mouth.

"Hey you can't smoke up here." "Why is that?" Looking at her as though she was stupid; "Hay, it will nannyspy babysitter kylie page caught masturbating and fucks to save job on fire." "Oh, I wasn't thinking." Then she pulls a beer out from under her Blouse top popping the top. "Where did you get that?" "That man who was looking in the freezer, I saw him sitting one on the table." "That's my dad's beer." "You suppose he'll miss it." I just shook my head not believing what she had done.

Lying back on the hay beside me as she sipped on her beer, "That friend of my mothers," she pauses for a few seconds, "Yeah, I remember you saying something about her." She turns toward me saying, "That woman, I've seemed them making out a couple of times." "Oh, I'm sorry." "Why are you sorry, it's not your fault?" I didn't know what to say to her about her mother.

"Oh, it's cool I don't care if my mother is a Lesbian or not," she said quietly. "Her name is Rebecca; she is nice to me always giving me advice on boys and things." Elizabeth can I ask you something," "I guess so," I said, not sure what she had in mind. Have you ever been with a boy before," "A boy, no way my dad would kill me; besides he doesn't let me date yet." "Have you ever even kissed a boy?" "No, sometimes I dream what it would feel like to kiss someone." "You poor country girl, well it's a great feeling to feel his tongue in your mouth." "I wouldn't even know what to do." Abbey slides over closer to me putting her arm around Me.

"Well Sister, it's always a good time to learn." What do you mean?" "Well close your eyes and think you are with the dream of your life. It's late at night and you are at t he movies with him." "Okay, I said feeling a little nervous. I could feel Abbey leaning over toward me, when I felt her lips on mine. "Excuse me!" I said backing my head away.

"Trust me Elizabeth, its okay this is how I learn, and so will you, now close your eyes." I close my eyes again, and felt her wet tongue pushing between my lips as we kissed. At first I didn't know what to think, then if started to feel good to me. I still could not believe that my first kiss would be with a girl not a boy, and my cousin at that.

Abbey pushes me back on the hay, as we continue to kiss each other. Feeling her hand brushing against my breast I first didn't think anything about it, until I felt her squeezing one of them.

I tried to say something but the only words from my mouth was a moan. I felt her hand moving down between my legs as she started to rub my pussy. When out thinking I pushed her off of me running over to the ladder making my way down and out of the barn running toward the house. At supper momma asked, "What did you girls do today?" "Not much, may I be excuse momma, I'm not feeling well." She walks over putting her hand on my forehead, "I don't feel any fever, and I hope you're not coming down with anything." "May I go now?" I said as I walked up to my room and got ready for bed.

Lying quietly when Abbey walks into the room, I could feel her sitting down on the edge of my bed. "Look, I'm sorry for coming on to you like that, it's been a while for me and you're so pretty, you made me hot kissing you." Rolling over facing her I asked, "You really think I'm pretty?" "Yes, I do." she said standing up undressing herself.

I watch her as she slowly let her blouse fall to the floor, then her bra. She stood for a few seconds looking at me watching her. Then she drops her pants followed by her panties, as she stood nude before me. Her slim body seems to be calling out for me. She rubs her breast and slowly moved her hand down toward her shaven pussy. "You have a beautiful body Abbey; just wish mine looked as beautiful as yours." "Oh babies don't say that, your body is beautiful, really it is." "My tits are so small, wish thay were like yours." "Honey gives them time before you know they'll be full size, even mine were small for a while, now look at them." I was looking at them, not just them but her hold body; she was starting to turn me on.

I never have felt this before, was there something wrong with me or was this normal for a girl to be going through.

Abbey turns the light off and walks over lifting the covers to my bed and slips in under them next to me. Lying on her side she looks into my eyes saying, Elizabeth dear I just want you to lay here and enjoy what I'm about to do with you, I promise it will not hurt. We slowly kissed each other, her tongue gong deep into my mouth as she rubs my breast - I could feel my wetness from her touching, I was getting hot as I never felt before. She moves to my ear breathing hard as she licks me, it so hot to me her breath in my ear really turns me on.

She slowly moves toward my pussy as I felt every move of her hand on my body. Feeling her touch on my pussy takes my breath away as I grasp for my breath. "Oh yeah baby, your so fucking wet, I just love It." she said as she started licking my nipples while playing with my pussy." She starts kissing my body barely touching the thick asian girl gets anal creampie wmaf, all the way to my pussy. With two fingers she spreads open my pussy exposing my clit that she started licking and sucking on it.

When she first touches my clit with her tongue it had taken my breath away and I could not catch my breath. I tried grasping for my breath as she fingered me. It was really filling well to me as I never had felt anything like this before in my live. "You liking i t baby?" "Oh yes. I moaned." It was almost like fireworks when I reached my climax I just exploded.

"How was that baby, like it?" "Yes so very much, I never knew that could be so fucking good." We kissed for several more minutes before she went to her on bed. After breakfast I talked Abbey into riding horses with me up to the pond to go swimming. Mama packed us a lunch and told us to be careful, but have fun. That is what we plan to do, little swimming, little sunning, and a hold lot of loving. It didn't take us long to get there, we had our swimming suits on and wasted no time in getting wet.

In the center of the pond Daddy build a pier to lie around and soak up the sun. We loaded our lunch and things in the canoe and paddled out to the pier, were we lay out and dove off of.

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Abbey called out to me to come over to her as she was getting out of the water. "What is it, you okay?" "Sure come and lay down beside me." She said with puppy dog eyes. No sooner as I lay down, she pulled out shaven cream and a razor, then pulls off my bottom. She rubs the cream between my legs and starts shaving me. "You know that this really drives boys crazy as hell to fuck a girl with a shaven pussy." "No, I didn't ever know that." "Once," she said with a giggle.

"I was about to fuck this boy, as soon as I dropped my panties seeing my shaven pussy, he came freaky teens love to finger each others pussy over himself." We both laughed aloud as she finished shaving me. "How does it feel sister," she said with a smile. "I like it; kind of sexy don't you think?" "Fucking yes, Sister." As she started to lick me on my new shaven pussy.

Sitting up with her between my legs pulling her toward me, as our lips met my tongue found its way into her mouth twirling around her tongue while we kissed. Pulling off her top I started to fondle her nipples getting them hard, I pushed her to lay down I started licking her nipples with the tip of my tongue.

When I heard her moaning when my hand found its way down toward her soft sweet pussy, I knew I was doing it right. She turned me on hearing her saying, "Oh yes, don't stop, suck my clit harder please." Her body started to move up and down the more faster I sucked the more she moan louder now then before, when suddenly I heard behind me a voice saying "May I jump in between you two for a quickie?" Turning I grabbed my towel covering my naked body from the person standing over us in the sun light.

Shaded my eyes I could see it was Joshua, "What are you doing here?" I asked in fear. "Oh well, I was taking a short cut home from the field, when I saw you two making out. So I thought I would swim over and ask you two for a piece of ass." "Well, you thought wrong Joshua, now go and leave us alone." I said in up set voice. "Not a fucking chance unless you want everyone to know you make out with girls Elizabeth." You wouldn't?" I asked.

"Oh I wouldn't, Well try me bitch and you'll fucking see." Before I could say another word, Abbey was pulling his wet pants down and started stroking his big cock, the more she stroked it the bigger it got. Without a word spoken Abbey opened her mouth and begins to suck his cock as she squeeze and fondled his balls. Joshua calls to me, "Elizabeth come here to me." I stood with the towel wrapped around me, which pissed him off, "Drop the fucking dam towel and get your fucking ass over here bitch." It really fucking scared me, the tone in which he spoken to me.

Dropping my towel, I heard him saying "Fuck me! dam what a nice piece of fucking ass. He pulls me over and begins kissing me hard on my lips sticking his tongue down as deep as it would go in my mouth. I could feel him pushing me down toward his cock telling me to suck it too.

Abbey looks at me, pulling his big long cock about of her mouth a nd holds it in front of me. "It's ok, baby just take it in an inch at a time." I open my mouth Abbey sticks it into my mouth as I begin to suck on it.

"That's good baby keep it up, now play with stranded hot teen chloe couture fucks a strangers cock erotic pussy balls don't squeeze them to hard for you'll make his eyes pop out of his fucking head.

I tried laughing but his cock was too big for me to laugh with it in my mouth. We both took turns jacking and sucking his cock, for a few times him almost cum, but he would push us back. I thought I was doing ok sucking his cock and stroking it at the same time.

He pulls back popping his cock from my mouth as I wiped the cock juices from my lips with the back of my hand. He grabs Abbey rolling her over on her stomach, spreading her legs as he got between her lifting her ass toward him saying, "You ever had it up your ass bitch." Abbey smiles saying, "show me what you got." my eyes open wide as he starts fucking her in lustful genesis summers toyed then sucks cock and laid ass, Abbey pulls me down spreading my legs she starts to lick my wet pussy as Joshua watches her, with every stroke he made inside of her.

Fingering me as he started fucking her in her juicy pussy moaning and slowing down as she tries sucking my clit, she give out a mournful cry as she reaches her climax "Oh, oh. Dam fuck me hard dam you; shit." He pulls his cock from her pussy and stands looking at me when I notice my legs were still spread apart. I quickly closed them fearing he would try to fuck me.

"Now, you think by closing your legs that would stop me from fucking a tiny pussy like yours?" "Please, I'm not yet ready for such a thing as being fucked." "Oh yes my dear," he said grabbing and forcing my legs apart. He climbs on top of me I could feel his weight penning me down as his stiff cock penetrating my young wet pussy.

"It hurts. Stop! Please your fucking hurting me," but my pleading went unnoticed, Abbey holds me saying, "It be ok dear, relax," "I can't it hurts, make him stop, please!" As he slowly humps me the pressure gives in and I could feel it going in deeper, all the time Abbey's is fondling my breast, making my nipples hard as she squeezes them. I could feel my climax coming it felt like my hold body was about to explode once again. But this time the climax started moving up my legs to my back and pussy, "Oh, oh fuck I'm Cumming oh, dam," I cried with a loud moan as Joshua pushed even deeper into my pussy.

Pulling it out him shoves it into my mouth and humps me once again, when I felt his hot cum shooting filling my mouth with his cum. I could only swallow as I continue sucking his cock.

Then Abbey pulls it out saying give me some don't hog it all." as she begins to suck his cock sucking up what little bit of cum she could get out of him. It was over; we laid there for a few minutes just starring at the clouds in the sky. "Well girls thanks for the fuck, I have to be going, maybe we could do this again soon." He said diving into the water swimming back to shore.

Turning my head toward Abbey, saying, "I didn't like him fucking me, it hurt so much." "I know sister, but it will get better the more you do it, then it will feel better, I promise you that." "I girl in school uniform gets assfucked tube porn I'll just stick with girls instead." From time to time Abbey and I would meet and have a girl's day out, of love making.

I did get fucked again, and like Abbey said it did get better, and felt so great when I would cum. but it was always with another woman wearing a strap-on or dildos, but never again with a man.