Sensational babe gets a big black cock

Sensational babe gets a big black cock
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Fbailey story number 568 The Sister That I Love I was lying on my bed listening to my sister talking to her best friend, the girl next door. When we were younger Dad split one big room into two smaller bedrooms for my sister and I.

He put in a heating duct that feed hot air to both of our bedrooms. Years ago I learned that I could listen to her conversations if I wanted too. I could also cover it up to prevent her from listening to my conversations.

As I listened, my sister Chloe said, "We need to get our brothers to notice us as young sexy women." Her friend from next door and my best friend's sister Katie said, "What if we walked into his bedroom wearing only our panties? We can ask him to judge our new breasts.

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That way he would have to notice us. Wouldn't he?" Chloe said, "I guess so. Are you really up to this?" Katie said, "I am if you are." Chloe asked, "What if I'm up to doing it without my panties too?" Katie said, "I am if you are." I sat up on my bed in just my underwear and waited.

In a minute Chloe stepped into my bedroom dragging Katie behind her. They were both nude and they were both very nervous too. Katie was a cute shade of pink. Then Chloe said, "We want you to judge our pussies and tell us which one you like best." Katie snapped at her, "I thought that we wanted him to judge our breasts." Chloe smiled at me and said, "Do both then." I got off my bed and motioned for them to sit on it. Chloe sat on the right and Katie sat on the left.

I smiled as I stepped between them, placed my hands on their shoulders, and gently pushed them down onto the bed. I then knelt down between them and lifted their inside legs. I handed that leg to them and asked them to hold up their outside legs as well. A nice spread and their young pussies were on display. They both had some sparse downy fur growing on their mounds, they were both pink inside, and 18 old xxx story sex stories pussy lips were puffy.

I leaned in closely to each of them and gave them the smell test. I got an instant hard-on. Their feminine odor was overpowering to a virile young boy. I damn near came in my pants. I got so hard that my cock poked up from the waistband. Then I went in for the taste test. Wow what a taste. I slipped over to Chloe and went up to check out her titties. I amateur babe flashes tits and twat boned on her nipples and then I went to whisper in her ear that I loved her.

During that stretch between her nipple and her ear the head of my cock slipped into her pussy. Before I could whisper anything Chloe whispered, "Oh God, that feels so good." I lowered my underwear and pushed the whole thing into my sister.

After a few strokes I moved over to Katie. I sucked her nipples for a moment and then I slipped my cock into her pussy. It only took a few more strokes before I was cumming inside Katie.

I pulled out and said, "I could not tell if one of you had the better breasts or pussy. To me you two are absolutely perfect. However, I think that I might need to repeat these tests frequently." Katie laughed and said, "I'd like that. Can we do it every day?" Chloe said, "Please." I pulled both girls to their feet and kissed them. Then I said, "I would love to do this to you every day. Would it be okay it I do Katie after school and you Chloe around bedtime.?

That way I could give each of you the special attention that you deserve." The girls looked at one another, smiled, and said yes. Then they ran out of my bedroom giggling. I uncovered the register and lie down on solo bikini beauty toying smalltits and toys bed to listen. A moment later, I heard them giggling as they entered my sister's bedroom. Katie said, "You have to lick it out, he came in me. I'd have done you if he had cum in you." Chloe said, "Okay" then everything went quiet.

Soon I started hearing someone breathing heavier and more erratic. I could hear Katie say, "Oh story prohibidde luli love chilena God, I love that, Yeah right there. Keep it up, keep it up, I'm cumming. Oh Chloe I love you." Chloe said, "I love you too Katie. I'm so glad that we gave our virginities to my brother instead of your brother." Katie said, "I'm not giving that little snot anything.

I let him suck on my nipple last night and he bit me." Chloe said, "That little bastard…and I was going to let him fuck me so that we wouldn't wear my brother out." Katie laughed and said, "Wear him out!

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How many nights have we lain here and listened to him jerk off? That brother of yours needs our pussies just as much as we need his cock." Chloe said, "Well maybe not quite as much.

I want him in me again already." Katie said, "Shall we go back over?" Chloe giggled and said, "Lets." This time when the girls entered my bedroom I was naked and I was stroking my hard cock. Chloe climbed up on my bed, up on me, and then sat down on my cock. She said, "I missed him. I had a void that I needed filled." Katie got up on the bed fellow knows how to make his doxy cum hardcore and creampie us and asked, "Do you think that you can handle the two of us after school and at bedtime?" Boldly I replied, "Ladies, I'm fairly certain that with just a little practice I can fuck you both three or four times a day.

We just need a little privacy is all." Chloe snuggled down onto my cock as Katie snuggled into us. Katie closed her eyes and softly whispered, "Three or four times a day. Wow!" I kissed her forehead and then I thrust up into my sister hard. Just before bedtime Katie made an excuse to come over so that I could send her home with a full pussy.

Then I took my time filling Chloe. In the morning Katie was here right after breakfast for her morning dose of cum. That started out our first full day of sex.

After school I fucked them, before dinner I fucked them, and then at bedtime too. I had fulfilled my promise to the girls.

Now could I do it every single day? You bet your sweet ass I could with the occasional exception, when Katie just could not get to me because of her parents.

Katie did get even with her little brother for biting her nipple a couple of weeks later though. She offered him a blowjob and then bit his pecker.

He told his mother what Katie had done and she told him to keep his pecker out of his sister's mouth. Later she told Katie that she knew about her and I and that she was taking her to the doctor for birth control pills. Her mother said that she couldn't stop Katie from letting me fuck her but that she could stop Katie from getting pregnant at an early age. Then Katie asked her mother if Chloe could go with her.

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All she asked was if my mother knew that I was fucking my sister. She replied that my mother didn't know. Chloe was invited to go along. That night Chloe and I were invited over to dinner. Her son was sent to spend the night with his father and then we had a talk. At first I was concerned, then Mom arrived, and I became even more concerned. However, it all turned out just fine. The two mothers sat us all down and set some ground rules. First my father and her son could never know that we were having sex.

Second, they would cover for us so that we were free to do it anywhere that we wanted to in either house. Mom pointed out that sometimes she liked it when Dad would fuck her bent over the kitchen table or send her to church with a full load of his cum drooling into her panties. Katie's mother said that she always liked it when there was a slight chance that they might get caught doing it.

Then Katie's mother asked, "Would you do me once in a while?" I smiled and replied, "I sure would. Can we do it in some place special…where we might get caught?" Katie's mother laughed and said, "Yes, we can.

I will think of a place for this Friday if you like." My mother said, "Why wait? My husband is in our living room watching television. You can get naked and let my son fuck you on the kitchen table." Katie's mother said, "Will I be the only one naked?" Chloe and Katie said that they would get naked too. Of course I would get naked so that only left Mom.

She was reluctant at first but then she gave in and said that she would get naked too. We all undressed at Katie's house and then ran over to my house. We went directly into the kitchen through the back door. Mom cleared the table of the salt and pepper shakers, the butter dish, and some pretty plastic flowers. Katie's mother got up on the table and I knelt right on the edge between her legs.

I looked down into her eyes and plunged in with all my might. She let out a gasp and then Dad shouted out, "Sylvia! Is that you? Bring me another beer." Mom looked at us, got a cold beer out of the refrigerator and then walked naked into the living room.

Dad said, "Holy shit woman, what do you think you are doing? The kids might see you." Mom replied, "They are next door. Do you want me or not?" I giggled when Dad asked, "Can we do it on the kitchen table?" Mom said, "How about I stand in the bay window and wave at passing cars while you take me from behind?" Dad replied, "Oh God, I love you more every day." I finished cumming and we all slipped out the back door.

We then got dressed and went around the house just far enough to see Mom bent over in our bay window. She just smiled at us. We backed away before Dad saw us watching. A few minutes later Mom popped in and said, "Okay, I'm glad that lewd oriental sucks large cock japanese hardcore all thought it was funny, but old man Wilson was walking his dog just as Harry was filling me up with his high test." Katie's mother said, "I bet your hanging titties were wagging just as fast as that cute little dogs tail.

Weren't they?" Mom started laughing and said, "This Friday the girls and I are going to watch my son fuck you under the bleachers during the football game. You will be naked." Katie's mother laughed and asked, "Can I shake my pom-poms?" My mother said, "Laugh all you want too…I'll be holding your clothes." Well needless to say my life became better and better after that.

I even got to make love to Mom on occasion.

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Katie's mother took bigger and bigger risks with me but fortunately we never got caught. Katie's brother started living with his father, which really freed us up a lot. Sex was so plentiful I didn't need to go looking for any, unlike all of the other boys in school.

The End The Sister That I Love 568