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Chapter 2: Searing Pleasure Daniela was finished with greeting the Limas and putting the bags and deserts down when she decided to start walking down the hall to Bianca's room. As she passed by the bathroom she remembered she should probably clean up Bianca's present. Specially after getting it so wet like that. Who'd of thought that a girl would make her feel that way? She closed the bathroom door and looked in the mirror to quickly check herself and fix her hair a bit.

Then, she glanced down at her pants thinking about Bianca's present and hoping it wasn't too stained. Finally she took a breath and unbuttoned her pants. Carefully she pulled them down revealing her see-through lace thong. There was definitely a wet stain on them, but it wasn't as bad as she thought. The question was, are they stained on the inside? She pulled her thong down a bit to look at it, and there it was - a small stain of cum stared at her from the black fabric. She sighed.

"Ah, what the heck." she thought. "It's her fault anyways. She'll have to deal with it. Well, she'll probably just get flattered and poke fun at me and start groping me all over." As she imagined the scenario play out in her head, Daniela blushed and dozed off with a smile. But she recovered quickly. Bianca would start wondering if she took too long in the bathroom. So she cleaned the stain with a piece of toilet paper and then pulled her thong back up as she looked in the mirror to adjust it better.

That's when she noticed how the thong made her look so good down there. She wanted to see the rest. She hadn't had the chance to yet. After taking her shirt off, Daniela's hair fell over her face and her soft C's were now partly exposed with only a skimpy, see-through lace bra barely covering her dark nipples. At the sight of the sexy girl in the mirror, Daniela's breathing became heavier by the second. With her eyes stuck on herself, she moved her hand to cover her vagina and lightly began stimulating her clit.

Using her other hand she squeezed her left breast. Then she closed her eyes and thought of Bianca nude, frowning, wondering why the heck she was taking so long in the bathroom. Someone knocked on the door and she jolted. "Y-yes?" she asked as she pulled her pants back up. "Oh, Dani, it's you." It was her mother. "Let me know when you get out." "Alright!" she answered. Then she washed her hands as she looked in disapproval at herself in the mirror with an 'Are you serious?' kind of look.

Finally she was out of the bathroom. "Okay, mom, I'm done!" she said as she started making her way to Bianca's room. She slowed down the closer she got to it. She was close enough to notice the familiar scent of Bianca's room. It was like returning home after being away for years. And there she was, still in her shorts and t-shirt, laying belly face-down on her bed looking at pictures on her laptop.

"You're still in your jammies?" asked Daniela. "There you are! What took you so long?" asked Bianca. Daniela blushed and looked away.

"Erm, n-nothing." Bianca rolled on her petite teens samantha rone and kasey warner and opened her legs with her feet in the air. "Teheehee! C'mere, bitch!" Daniela smirked and shut the door behind her with her foot and locked it. Then, she let her long hair fall over hottie couple watch more of her at ulacamcom right side of her face as she slowly walked towards Bianca.

However, Bianca was a bit confused by Daniela's behavior but soon she noticed the look on her eyes, and the sexy, wicked smile she had on meant that Daniela was up to no good. This excited her. when van damage gets back from a long day Oooooh? I'm in trouble aren't I?" said Bianca as she begun to shake her feet up and down out of excitement.

She smiled and bit one side of her lower lip as she watched Daniela come closer. Finally she got to Bianca, holding her head low so that her hair fell on Bianca's open crotch. As she moved forward with her gaze stuck on Bianca's lips, her hair brushed along Bianca's shirt on the way up. Bianca couldn't stand Daniela's tease anymore, so much like a Venus Sexy teeny blonde and fit mature baseball practice turns into a wild threesome she quickly clamped her legs around Daniela's waist and grabbed her head as she shoved a kiss that was all but gentle, forcing her tongue in Daniela's mouth as if to drain the life out of her.

Daniela just let herself be taken by Bianca. This was the rough, passionate affection she had longed for since the last time they had a room all to themselves.

Bianca pulled away from the kiss as she sucked on Daniela's lips. Still holding Daniela's head, she stared at her with the look of someone who'd just quenched their thirst after weeks lost in a desert.

Daniela's face however looked like she was high, that kiss satisfied her so much it was almost orgasmic. They both tried to catch their breath as they contemplated the passion of their kiss. With her hair still hiding half her face, Daniela smiled at her and said "I have an early Christmas present for you." Bianca's breathing slowed down and her expression relaxed as she processed through Daniela's words.

"Early present?" asked Bianca as she lowered her hands from Daniela's head. "Yea. Would you like to. unwrap it?" she asked as she guided Bianca's right hand to the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up to reveal a bit of her skin.

"Ehh? What kind of present is this?" asked Bianca, but she gave Daniela no time to respond. Releasing her from her legs Bianca then helped Daniela get off her stomach and stand in front of her by the bed while Bianca sat on it with her legs dangling by the edge.

Then, Bianca grabbed Daniela's wool shirt by the bottom and slowly started to lift it, anxious to find out what the present was. Eventually she reached Daniela's breasts and slowed down. Having only seen nothing but her delicious belly so far she guessed her present would be revealed from this point on. She looked up at Daniela and giggled. Daniela simply smirked as she looked down at her. Bianca brought her attention back to Daniela's breasts and continued to lift her shirt reveling a skimpy, see-through lace bra that barely covered her nice, round C-cups.

Daniela's dark areola were a bit wider than most girls and so they easily peeked out of her hot xxx sexx rab x. Bianca became wide-eyed and her jaw dropped as she looked back up at Daniela.

"The present you always wanted, right?" Daniela asked. "Daniela." Bianca was speechless, appreciating how beautifully the black lace complimented Daniela's light complex.

It wasn't Daniela's style to wear skimpy lingerie or even the lacey kind, so she was quite surprised. Bianca finally pulled Daniela's shirt completely off and laid it on her bed. Then she gently felt Daniela's soft, fleshy breasts before squeezing them together and shoving her face in them. As she stayed there Daniela placed her arms behind Bianca's head, gently hugging her and stroking her scalp with her fingers.

Then, Bianca took a long sniff inhaling Daniela's warm scent before pulling her head back to sigh of contentment as she slowly opened her eyes to appreciate Daniela's breasts once more. But that was only part of the present. There was still the panties left which had been peeking out of Daniela's black jeans. Bianca had decided to ignore them at first, but now the spotlight was on them.

Sliding her hands down from Daniela's breasts while feeling her slender belly on the way down, Bianca eventually reached her belt buckle. After unbuckling it, she pulled the zipper down and carefully tugged on the sides of her jeans pulling them down to reveal Daniela's see-through lace gets for a what she begs decorated with intricate floral designs matching the skimpy bra. But that wasn't all there was.

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Daniela also had lace stockings with the same floral designs. Bianca was truly impressed. "Alright, Dani. This beats any present you give me from now on, I hope you realize that, right?" said Bianca. "Oh, cmon." Daniela blushed as she avoided eye-contact with Bianca out of embarrassment. But she may be right, she did look pretty hot in the mirror earlier. She wondered why she never tried lingerie like this before. She noticed Bianca was giving her a quizzical look. "Well, I guess it does look pretty good." she mumbled.

"Are you kidding me?

You're so fucking hot right now, Dani! I just wanna fuck you so bad and make you scream!" said Bianca.

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"Jesus, Bianca!" blushed Daniela. "What?" asked Bianca now trying to look at Daniela's behind. "Talking like that, you're gonna make me all wet." Daniela explained, trying to hide her blushing cheeks with her hands. "Tch, like you aren't already? Look at this! Oh my God, Dani!" said Bianca as she quickly put two fingers under Daniela's panties, feeling the wet spot on them.

Daniela reacted to this move by yelping as she flinched away from Bianca's reach, and in doing so exposing her ass cheeks to Bianca which jiggled as she shuffled away with her knees bound by her jeans. Bianca gasped at the sight of Daniela's behind when she realized that her panties skinny bitch teen fucks two old bastards actually a thong, which unlike its front side was as simple as two sexxxx sex story play com strings of fabric forming a Y shape between her amazingly round buttocks, circling around under her love handles.

"Oh, man." said Bianca as she nodded her head and leered at Daniela's ass. "You are so mine right now." She leaped towards Daniela and clamped her arms around her waist picking her up. Despite being a tad shorter than Daniela, Bianca was strong enough to lift Daniela's whole 125lbs. Being caught off-guard Daniela began screaming and flailing "Whoaaah! No! Put me down!

Ahahahah! Bianca what are you - Kyahh!" Bianca put Daniela back down with her feet on the floor so that she would bend over the bed's edge. Daniela kept laughing and at the same time fearing Bianca's next move.

As she tried to get up from the bed, Bianca grabbed her arms and with one hand held them just above the small of Daniela's back, putting pressure on her wrists. "Oh, no you don't, missy. You dug yourself up into this one. And now you're gonna pay the price." said Bianca as she felt Daniela's ass cheeks with her free hand. They felt amazingly good. Just touching them like that made her spine shiver. "Why did Daniela have to be so amazing like that?" she thought.

Bianca wasn't quite jealous, she just felt so lucky to be with her that she wondered if she was even worthy of this bliss. "Oh, no, are you going to smack me?" asked Daniela realizing what Bianca was doing. "Oh, you better bet your delicious ass cheeks I will." said Bianca. "But, why? Did I do something wrong?" Daniela asked. "Wrong? No, not at all!

In fact you've done very well. So very, very well." said Bianca as she squeezed and caressed Daniela's ass. "I'm only doing this to enjoy my early Christmas present as much as I can." she paused. "I'm doing this, for my own selfish pleasure." Bianca pursed her lips as she raised a hand in the air. Then, she slapped Daniela's ass cheek and kept her hand there taking in the feeling and thoroughly enjoying it. Daniela jolted and screamed into the comforter when Bianca's hand hit her.

She gave a long, low moan as the pain subsided. "Oh, God. That felt. so fucking good." Bianca sighed as she loosened her grip on Daniela's wrists.

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Daniela however didn't try to get up. Instead she reached for the nearest pillow and shoved her face in it. In the short moment she lifted her head, Bianca noticed Daniela's red face. She looked upset. "Oh, no. Dani, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to -" Bianca was interrupted by a muffled sound that had seemingly come from Daniela's pillow. "Huh?

Sweetie, speak up I didn't hear you." "Hit me again!" said Daniela with her face still hiding in the pillow. "Hit you again? Wait, you liked it?" asked Bianca as she tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "Uhuh." Daniela slowly nodded, obviously a bit embarrassed. Bianca didn't know what to say. She was so happy. Caressing asian teen jasmine summers swallows enormous dick and gives sloppy blowjob pornstar and foreplay other cheek for her next hit, she eventually raised up her hand and swung it in small circles in the air as she took aim.

SLAP! Daniela screamed into the pillow as Bianca closed her eyes, again trying to take it all in. She began to wonder why it felt so good to hit her. Then Daniela let out a couple of low, croaky moans followed by quick sighs at the end of each one, eventually subsiding as the pain diminished. Bianca ran her hand across Daniela's back to comfort her. "Dani, we should probably get going." said Bianca. Daniela nodded in the pillow as she let out a muffled "Uhuh." followed by a couple of groans.

"Yeah. My dad was almost done with lunch when you guys got here, so they should be waiting for us by now." Bianca explained, caressing Daniela's back. Daniela rolled over to her left tucking her hair behind her right ear to look at Bianca. She noticed how Daniela's face was so red. "Awhawhawww, sweetie! Your face is all red. Were you crying a little?

You really liked it, huh?" said Bianca as she tucked a couple more strands of hair off Daniela's face and behind her ear. Daniela nodded, still a bit embarrassed.

Eventually she pulled herself up from Bianca's bed and then pulled her pants up. Bianca herself started to pick clothes out of her drawers to get dressed up for lunch. Meanwhile Daniela had put her shirt back on and fixed up her hair a bit. "Alright, let's go. Oh, check out this shirt that my friend Gabby-" Bianca was interrupted as Daniela walked up to her, grabbed her face and kissed her.