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Balls porn videos search watch and download balls free sex
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It was a slim chance that I was home. I took the day off work and lay in bed meditating and trying to calm the rage. At the front door there was the clatter of keys. I listened and tried to think. It must be Jamie just getting in. Jamie is a waitress/barstaff of a strip club called Calliope. She always comes home smelling of chips, spilled beer and sweat. I'd never been, but it sounded a cut above the rest. In the early days she would be home early, heralded always by the sounds of stumbling heels on the steps, drunken giggling and the amazingly loud jangling of her white-trash stripper fuck-buddy's earrings.

The stripper dumped her for a rich guy who said he'd pay for breast implants. She didn't sleep for a week and started going crazy. Ate all my fucking ice-cream. She comaed out eventually and life went back to sort of normal.

Those fucking keys! She must be playing catch with herself. Xxx katrina kaif real rape story got up. Maybe it would guy bangs mom jamie valentine and her daughter good to talk to someone normal for once.

The rage had settled to a steady burn in the background. As I padded towards the kitchen, I realised I was still naked. 'Hey Jamie, up for a little morning glory?' 'You wish.' I could tell she was shocked that I was home, and a little disappointed. 'I'll stay out of your way Jamie, I promise. I'll just go and die in my room.' 'Oh, what's wrong?' She softened immediately. 'Just not feeling too great.

Like my brains too big for my head.' 'You know what's good for a headache?' She said 'A nice hard fuck.' 'Tease.' I smiled. I sifted through the teabags and sniffed one of them. 'Are we out of Earl Grey?' 'Here.' She pressed up against me when I turned around.

'I wasn't kidding about that headache cure.' She kissed me. She was soft on my gritty face. My body responded to hers, compensating for my height, shaping me to her previously out-of-bounds curves. Suddenly the sweat smell was turning me on. I grabbed her ass with both hands. She came up for air, and the look on her face was odd. 'Guys are different kissers to girls.' I ran my tongue over my teeth.

When she withdrew, I tasted the tip of her tongue. I looked at her, at the toast on the counter. 'Is that my marmite?' She looked at me through her eyelashes. 'Just a little bit.' The ever-present rage peaked. So I opened my mouth wide and ate her head. *** Feeling cheerful, I decided to cook dinner. So engrossed was I that I didn't hear David until he appeared in the kitchen doorway.

'Hey babe. What happened to that headache you were sposed to have?' 'It's gone!' I could feel him coming up behind me, but didn't turn. 'Is that so?' A whisper. He tickles my ear, making me giggle like a little girl. 'Not interrupting, am I?' I panic. I think David actually jumps. She's pissed. Furious.

I belong to her and here I am flirting with a guy I've known all of two months. Yet looking at him, seeing the two of them in a shouting match faces almost pressed together, I can't bring myself to self-loathing. They're so different that I can't think of it as cheating. A hand grabs my nipple through the thin shirt. It jolts me out of my reverie. She twists. 'Well?' My dick, already hard at the twisting and the sight of her in fight mode, jumps at the venom in her voice.

'I'm sorry?' I say. Only slightly higher than usual. She pulls so I'm on my toes. In a calm voice she says 'Gayboy here says that you're an adult and can make your own mistakes - I mean, choices of sexual partners. What do you say to that?' 'I say that David should learn the difference between sexual advances and flirting. Also the situations in which each is appropriate.

For example, it is inappropriate to advance sexually upon someone if one person is in a committed relationship with someone else.' I deliver this in a monotone. She raised her eyebrows when that seemed all I had to say. I glanced at David then looked down, avoiding her gaze. I knew I'd pay later, but I couldn't do it in front of him. Without waiting for a response from him, she briskly led the way to my room.

She wanted the thick basement walls that deadened sound. I start to cry, soundlessly. I had betrayed her trust and I couldn't bring myself to push away the manwhore who had led me astray. She must be hurting terribly. As we descended the stairs my chest grew, features became finer, and each step I took my head was further from the sloped ceiling, until I was a foot shorter than her.

My long blonde hair, the same length, now fell to my upper back. My core tightened, muscles shifting and shrinking, and my groin opened beneath my penis.

I was a woman. We entered my room and she turns to lock the door behind us. I fall heavily to my knees exquisite sweetie is pissing and pleasing smooth twat the concrete. I don't beg. I kneel. hands by my sides, tear tracks down to my jaw, staining my shirt beneath. She turns.

The neutral look she had assumed in the kitchen was dropped, replaced by one of derision and contempt. She struck me across the face, hard enough to bruise. 'You're a chubby little slut, aren't you?' I picked myself up and resumed the position.

'Yes, Mistress.' 'Let's go over the rules, shall we? When we're in public, and I exert my authority over you, what do you call me?' She was pulling on her dragon-gloves. 'Mistress.' I say. I'm sobbing now. The gloves are on.

'What?' She says. 'I can't hear you over how pathetic,' with this, she backhands me 'you are.' 'Mistress!' 'Better! And what did you not do,' another backhand, this time her left hand to my right cheek 'When upstairs I exerted my fucking authority, bitch?' She's got her metalled hands round my throat, choking me.

'Call you Mistress!' When she releases me I fall back breathing heavily. She's stalking back and forth and I'm just slumped here, trying not to pass out. 'What the hell was that up there, slave?' She's stopped behind me. 'Nothing!' 'What?' She's got some sort of riding crop back there. 'I mean, nothing Mistress!' 'Better!' I love the way she says it, like it pains her, like she's biting it.

I can tell she's really starting to enjoy herself back there, from the tone of her voice if not from the strength of her blows. I scream as she double taps, breaking the skin with the first blow then hitting the bared flesh beneath. 'Quiet now, you don't want your boy-friend upstairs to hear you. Or do you?' A sly smile.

'That's what you want, isn't it?' A whisper in my ear. I can feel her penetrative desire. The crop that was seconds earlier accompanying her words with vicious bites is now caressing me slowly, lovingly.

She pushes me down onto my elbows. 'Stay!' I hear her doing something. I'm resting my head on my fists feeling very exposed in only my shirt and jocks, which are now much too big. The noises stop and I hear her padding over to stand behind me. 'You want his cock, don't you?' She bites the back of my neck. 'Yes, Mistress! That's all I want!

His fat cock filling me up!' 'Tell me what happened. Exactly.' I can feel something cold sliding down my spine and continuing along the crack of my ass. It must be massage saloon is a place for fuck blade. I can soon feel the coolness of air on my asshole.

'Every last detail.' The point of the knife is at the base of my balls. 'I was cooking. He came in to the kitchen. I didn't hear him open the door. He came up to me, and you walked in.' My boxers were just two scraps on the floor. 'Could you feel his hard raging boner pressing up against your ass? So hard you can still feel it?' She was kneeling now. I could feel a lubed, ridged pole being rubbed up and down my crack jumping the empty hole. It must be massive, fully twelve inches long from the feel of it.

'Were you wet?,' She asks. 'Was he making you wet?' I'm scared. 'Please don't!' 'Don't what?' Her hands slip to my shoulders, and grip. She's getting ready to thrust. 'Please don't put it in my ass, Mistress!' I'm wailing. 'Why not? It's what you want you want, isn't it? A big fat cock in your ass, tearing up your guts, pumping you full of little faggot sperm.

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Isn't that what you want, you little worm?' She's yelling. 'Please. You're too big!' I cry. I'm rocking back and forth. 'Well you'll just have to stretch, you cheating bitch!' She gets tired of the discussion, braces herself, and thrusts. I'm so tight she barely gets the head in.

I feel like I'm broken. 'Stop, please, Mistress! I'll do anything!' She stops. I wait for so long that I actually relax a little. 'Aright.' It hurts less going out, because I'm not tensing up as much. Her hands come off my shoulders. Then she rams fully half of it up my virgin cunt. I feel the thin wetness of blood from my cherry. With each thrust she gives, it's forced deeper past my lips. Each thrust forces out of me a lustless 'Unh'.

All the while she's raping me she's talking. *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* 'You like that cock you fat fucktoy? Huh? Huh? Tell me you like my cock in your pussy! Tell me or I'll change my mind and finish taking your butt-cherry!' 'Unh. I like your cock in my pussy, Mistress' 'Of course you do you disgusting slut.' 'Unh. Unh. Unh. Unh. Unh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh mistress, I like your cock in my pussy!' We lie in a post coital cuddle. 'I feel like a part of this hotbollywod actress karisma kapor sex fucking in english man now,' she's lying flat on the floor, in the same place where we joined.

'And I'm so glad it was with you.' I'm on my side, my face pressed against her breast with her hand slowly softly caressing me. She emits an 'Mmm' of confirmation and I feel it in her chest. 'I couldn't believe it when you didn't safeword out when I started rubbing your crack.

I was ready to stop at the first syllable.' 'I was nervous. But I pictured your face and I knew it was right,' I snuggled closer. 'I remembered the night and all my objections seemed pointless and contrived. I love you and you love me.' I started crying and didn't stop before I slept, nestling in my Mistress. I dreamed of an alleyway. The gutter was tirelessly washing the side of my head clean of blood, resigned but steadfast.

I watched the wall opposite as the sun illuminated the graffiti. II wondered if I was dead and this was what I had to look forward to. High black heels strode into view, curiously mute. They seemed slow and purposeful.

She told me later that she always took that route home and to her I looked like a discarded toy. Waiting to be picked up. I laughed at that. I remember her bending down and can still when I concentrate feel her tongue penetrating the wound.

She picked me up fireman style and carried me home. I wake up quickly. Bound but not gagged and completely male. I'm bent over a padded bench that spreads my knees.

I can hear my mistress's voice but not what she is saying. She notices me waking up and comes to stand in front of me. 'I told him he could do this if he didn't say a word.' I think I understand but try to twist and get a better view.

There are footsteps approaching my spread cheeks and suddenly I don't need to see because I can smell him. There's a wet sound and shortly a cold wet finger slides up my cleft. Another squirt and the finger massages my ring, stretching and warming, but not invading. Then he withdraws and pauses. He must look at her questioningly because she says 'Yes.' In an encouraging tone. Ever so slowly he pushes his finger in to the first knuckle sliding around and going deeper as I quiver and tighten around him.

More lube and the second finger and I can feel his fingernails. Sudden withdrawal cute year old beauty gets fucked hard hardcore and massage me feeling cold and gaping. Seconds pass and then he grabs my erect cock and strokes. I gasp and relax, trying not to come. My sphincter loosens and he shoves the lube up my ass and squeezes.

Taking it out quickly, obviously having exhausted his patience he forces himself into me. I cry out in pain and relief. I can't help it. He stops, enjoying the moment, and I hear him give a little sneer/laugh. My mistress moves to my side and pulls my head up, my neck bends painfully. We're in front of the large mirror on my wall. I see gang rape in tarlac philippines young strong man with deep green eyes, red-faced and crying, being fucked relentlessly by an attractive tall dark-haired man with a look of disgust on his face.

He hadn't come yet and the time was fast approaching for more lube. But as our eyes met, his lip curled and he upped the pace of his thrusts. The room echoed with the slap of flesh. I felt full and my ring was burning. I wanted to scream but I didn't. Thankfully I began to bleed which helped somewhat. He sneered fully at me, as if to say bleed was for the weak. I looked at her face and saw sadness there.

I closed my eyes and kept the image. I could still feel everything, the drive of the blunt head, the stimulation of my prostate as if I had been kicked in the balls, the sucking vacuum withdrawal and the pause at the end, as if he wasn't sure he wanted to pull out or start again. But it didn't matter. I opened my eyes and smiled. We continued like this in total silence, neither of us daring to speak, him fucking and fucking and fucking my bleeding gaping sucking greedy asshole.

Me taking his dick and imagining my goddess, knowing this is what she wants. Finally he thickened painfully and I smiled at her. I knew the end was close. Infuriated by my lack of attention he withdrew even as he came.

Remarkably self-controlled. He pulled his right hand back in a fist and said 'Bitch' as he punched my bloody, recently deflowered hole.

I howled. He found my limit. My ring couldn't take it and tore above and below. I was sobbing, big wet sounds. He pulled out, before I could feel the relief of his relatively slender wrist. On his face a grin, malicious glee. My Mistress punched him in the face and he went down. She picked him up and threw him across the room, at the closed door. He scrambled out the door and she barred it behind him. She rushed to me. There were tears on her cheeks and they mixed with mine as she kissed me again and again.

'Why didn't you use the safeword?' She kept asking between kisses. 'I didn't want to disappoint you. I love you.' 'I got him for you. I thought you wanted him, his cock filling you up for your first time.'. 'I did but I didn't want tha-at.' Still crying, I choke a little. 'I'm so sorry baby.' She says. I cry harder. It hurts me to see her so torn. 'I'm sorry.' 'No, I'm sorry.' She stands up and moves slowly behind me. She stops and I flinch. 'I'm sorry.' She says again softly, surveying the damage.

She drops to her knees. 'What …' I start. I feel her tongue where the fluid is collecting and dripping from. I moan. 'Sorry.' 'MMSorry.' She swallows. Then licks again, overlapping up to my torn and bleeding hole. 'Sorry.' She pauses. Then runs the tip of her tongue up the lower split in lucky patient fucks a stunning nurse pornstars cumshots ring, which was healing quickly.

I shivered. She licked again. I shivered and mmed. She put her tongue to work. I changed, for her. My breasts ripened, my pussy grew. My ass changed shape, becoming more round and full. When the outside was cleaned to her satisfaction, she paused. Then stuck her mouth to my hole and sucked.

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I breathed deeply. I knew exactly how her raspberry lips would be. Her tongue entered me, to salvage whatever was left. When I was clean of his come she let me up, and kissed me, tongues going back and forth, until there was nothing left but the smell of him in the air.

My lips were engorged and wet, and she flicked my clitoris painfully. I stumbled a little and she took me down, laughing. There was a perfect moment, as we looked into each other's eyes, still laughing without sound. She moved down me and sucked on my clit. As she did it grew longer and longer, until she was having to move back and forth to get all of my dick in her mouth and out again.

She stroked my lips, and inserted a finger, curling back to stroke my g-spot. I couldn't move. When she inserted the second finger I raised my hips and bent my head back, a puppet doing as the mistress commanded.

She sucked the head and pressed at the same time with both fingers, and I ejaculated. She swallowed, then kept going. I came, my legs clamping her hand, my hips bucking, squeezing every last bit of the orgasm out that I could. She took gratifying a lusty chap smalltits and hardcore mouth off my dick, and I let go of her hand. I was so sleepy, but I wanted to express my gratitude. She told me to go to sleep, watching me with a tender look on her face.

She helped me to bed. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I curled up into the shape of a small girl child, and slept, in her embrace.