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Amazing lesbians in lingerie have fun together
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Ironic. On reflection, that was the only word that Aphrodite Tyche could think of about when she met Thanatos Ares. Ironic that her name was kind of a confliction to his, surely love and death, fate and bloodlust should conflict against either other. Why she fell for this guy, she couldn't tell you.

Aphrodite's mother was a psychic busty milf stretching pussy with fat black dick legally changed her surname to Tyche (the name of the Greek God of fate) after she dreamt about him, she was always a bit delusional, always doing strange things on impulse, a lot of the time she struggled to understand her mother's weird affinities. Even now she didn't know why she had named her Aphrodite; she was no Goddess of Love, or Beauty of even Sexuality, she was none of the things her Goddess namesake was.

How her mother could think of effectively naming her "Love Fate" made her brain ache every time she thought about it. The 18 year old was larger than average, not exactly fat, but still bigger than normal, drab brown hair hung (usually unwashed) around her shoulders, despite her plumpish size her breasts were still the size of molehills, the only thing about her that was out of the ordinary were her eyes. The colour of blue topaz with flecks of emerald and gold, even she had trouble pulling herself away from the reflection of her irises.

Every guy who walked near her seemed pulled in by her eyes; if it wasn't for them she doubted anyone would give her a second glance. The day Thanatos walked into class she thought she recognised him, his olive skin and ebony coloured hair somehow seemed familiar. As he walked past even his scent seemed to stir something inside her, but where she knew the fragrance from she didn't know.

She needed to touch him, to know who he was. Oh, I forgot to mention, Aphrodite had picked up some of her mother's psychic powers only the type of power she had developed was different, she needed to have physical contact and could immediately sense thoughts, emotions, past events, and all other kinds of knowledge she sometimes wished she'd never learnt.

To touch this new intriguing guy would hopefully tell her where she knew him from. "Go for it. Room 318 lunch time. He'll be alone". Aphrodite couldn't help but roll her eyes at her mother's text. Don't get me wrong, she loved her mum, but when she seemed to know what she was thinking and doing at every second of the day it did get annoying.

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But who was she not to take heed of her mother's advice; it had never led her into danger before. A mother's intuition and all that jazz. As lunch time approached she climbed the 3 flights of stairs to the top floor history room. After wracking her brains all morning of who he was she couldn't help but hope he could answer her question.

The corridors were eerily quiet, the mad chatter of class changes nor the somehow friendly silence when classes were taking place were there, both replaced instead with a gloomy atmosphere. The dingy light now seemed to desperately seek admittance though the grimy windows that no window cleaner had ever touched. Aphrodite had never felt anything like it before, as a cold chill descended down her spine, she walked past the 17 empty classrooms, no teacher or student in sight.

The 18th and final room she knew was occupied. Room 318. She could feel it in her fingertips as she touched the door handle. Thinking twice about her intent, her thoughts began twirling round her head, finally settling on one piece of good advice her mother had always given her.

"Remember, you only live once, if you don't get want you want now, you won't get another shot". With the thought fresh in her mind, she entered the history room. There he was, casually standing at the end of the hot stepsister gets pounded in hardcore fashion, carelessly leaning his slender body against the wall, legs crossed at the ankles and arms folded as if he'd been waiting for her. He smiled in a way that would make anyone else look evil; on him it just looked sultry.

"Who are you?" Not used to being so forward, Aphrodite blushed at her own question. "I mean, I know you, but I don't know why or where from." "Your eyes drew me in. I don't usually go for such.plain.creatures. I like a good smelling human, but you're different.

You do know who I am. I have been accessing your dreams for a while, but your psychic blood stopped my actions from working. Lust was supposed to overcome you so it would be easier for me, so you would instantly fall for me without hesitation." Confused, Aphrodite moved closer to Thanatos, wanting to touch his skin to gain a connection.

She reached out, her hand connecting with his solid cheek. Nothing. No thoughts, emotions or anything. Strange it worked on every other human she'd come into contact with. Not showing any sign that he'd even noticed her touch, he narrowed his eyes and gazed at Aphrodite. "Surely, being named after two Goddesses yourself, you know who Thanatos was?" "No.

I don't really care about all the Greek Goddess bull crap to be honest". Why was she telling him the truth?

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Her gut was screaming at her xnxn sex sex stories viedcolloge lie but she couldn't. As much as her brain told her to say something, as soon as it reached her mouth the words changed themselves, twisting themselves into the truth. He smirked at her. "Then you definitely don't know what Ares means then." It wasn't a question, he was merely wondering to himself, but she shook her head anyway.

It was a moment where she felt she did know the answer but it had been long since filed away. He didn't move, but the air around Aphrodite seemed to change, his expression didn't change, that slight smirk remained etched on his face. As Aphrodite began gasping for breath it was only then she realised his eyes had shifted colour, it was the vivid blood red of his irises that triggered something in her mind. "My dreams.Vampire?" she stuttered out.

"Yes. I'm the vampire from your dreams." His sultry smirk turned into that of pure evil, Aphrodite could see the maliciousness on his face.

She should have been scared, but she wasn't. If this was to turn out anything like her dreams, she should be afraid, but she couldn't help not being afraid when she knew what usually happened first. "You know, to give good advice can be fatal. Maybe you shouldn't have listened to your mother. It was good advice to meet me; well it was good for me anyway. Your mother is easy to manipulate, and I expect you will be the same." Still unafraid of him, Aphrodite moved closer to him, not entirely sure she was doing it through her own freewill, inches from him she stopped, the busty bitch kaylee hilton double banged by black guys getting thicker every second.

Her brain was foggy, struggling to concentrate she held what little breath she had left as he moved his lips towards her ear. "Oh and for the record, Thanatos is God of Death, Ares is God of Bloodlust" he silkily whispered, seconds before Aphrodite collapsed onto the hard floor.

It felt like she had chains on her, body heavy, incapable of movement, but she knew different, there were no chains binding her, what was holding her was him.

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There was no physical contact, he didn't need it, she didn't know how she knew it, but she did. The same as she knew it was him that had caused the air to dissipate from around her, slowly suffocating her under his influence. For a few minutes she was unaware that the hard pressure on her back was the floor, her mind was hazy.

How did she get on the floor? Why was her body hurting? Why was the guy from her dreams there? "I'm here because I am in need of a companion", Thanatos answered as if he had read her mind.

Aphrodite wanted to respond to him, but her vocal cords had ceased, she couldn't do anything but lie there on the floor. "You would make a good companion. Humans with.abilities.make good vampires. As a human, people found me unusually over-controlling. Now as a vampire I have the ability to make people and the elements do as I want, that is why you are on the floor and why your body hurts. Every fibre of your body is trying to resist me.

You will not win against me. You're gifted already with some type of witch powers, psychic telepathy; it will be greatly enhanced once you become undead. With your telepathy and my controlling we will make a good team." Aphrodite could sense rather than see or hear him approach her, as Thanatos knelt by her head she hoped it wouldn't hurt too much; she'd always had a low pain threshold.

"I will turn you, but first, I have another craving to satisfy. And I do love the feel that comes with a human, even though they are so much more fragile, but that doesn't matter with you, any damage I inflict will get healed when you turn." Why oh why was she getting turned on by this, any normal person would be grossed out, she knew this had nothing to do with his influence, she wanted him.

She wanted him badly. "I am going to realise the bind now", as his words penetrated the room, a shiver that felt almost metallic ran across her body, she was free. Free to run away from the monster, but she couldn't. Or she wouldn't. Deep in her mind she knew running was useless, and she didn't want to run, not really.

"Be gentle, please", she only muttered the words, but he heard her, however he had no intentions of obeying her. Already standing over the weak human form of Aphrodite, his sharp talons ran beautiful girl xxx handsome boy sex stories vidio her neck, beads of liquid appeared on top of her soft skin.

Smearing the blood on his index finger, Thanatos lifted the warm substance to his lips; the bitter sweetness hit every taste bud, that tiny drop of juice making his bloodlust kick in at full throttle. Damn, her blood was good. In one fluid movement Aphrodite's clothes were in pieces, strewn across the desks in the abandoned history room. His rapid movements had her pinned down before she could even blink.

His perfectly formed body loomed in front of her. "You will do everything I say", his voice was hypnotic, and who was she to decline this perfect specimen. "Trust your instincts" her mother would have told her, so that's what she did, despite what he had said, she trusted him.

As his lips met hers Aphrodite closed her eyes, savouring the taste of his saliva, the specks of her blood transferring from his lips to hers. The kiss so gentle, it was hard to believe this person could be anything but elegant. Lying on the floor, Thanatos' body pinning Aphrodite to the floor, hands running through each other's hair as the kiss became more forceful, teeth scraping against teeth, tongues mingling in the very deepest depths of each other's mouths. Struggling to sit upright, to put her arms around his strong chest, she felt the power behind him pinning her down, keeping her incapable of moving.

Easily lifting her from the floor, Thanatos thrust Aphrodite onto a desk pushed up against the wall, back bolt upright against the ghastly olive paint, her hands pressed against his solid abs through his tight fitted black t-shirt. He stripped it off, along with his jeans and underwear, his washboard abs, and heavy muscled body perfectly defined, not one imperfection on his body.

Continuing where she left off, Aphrodite run her hands down his stomach, at her touch his fangs descended from his strong jaw, his red eyes turned to black. Not even a hint of fear hit Aphrodite, deep fascination evident on her face.

Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, Thanatos held her close, tenderness in his grasp despite his appearance, lowering his head to kiss her again; he knew his look was deceiving her. Greeting her eyes with a final look of pure tenderness, he slid his tongue down over Aphrodite's chin, running the tip over her main artery, moving down to her chest.

Hands roaming everywhere. Her pulse slowed as he withdrew back from her. "Your under my influence but at the moment you are free to do as you wish, though that's about to change. I'm not sorry for this. You will not ask me to stop, you will only scream out with pleasure not pain, you won't try and get away from me and you won't tense up.

You'll be relaxed and give in to me and do EVERYTHING I ask of you", his commanding tone hammered into her head, she nodded, accepting everything he was asking from her and not by her own free will, she was trying to resist him but her neck curved despite her resistance, he was going to (in theory) rape her, he was forcing her to accept, as much as she wanted him a few minutes ago, she had rapidly gone off the idea when he put his "terms" in place.

Resisting as hard as she could, the pressure became too much and she passed out, slumped down over the desk. As she came round, she sat bolt upright when he left her on the desk. Thanatos had no desire to stop all her emotions, he just didn't want her to tell him to stop or push him away, that was all he wanted to control, there was no bigger turn off when you were "playing with your food" or in today's case just "chastising the hunted".

Basically he wanted her to be scared; he liked the thrill, seeing the terror in the eyes of his victims. Moving back towards her, he didn't hide his true colours this time, his fury showing in the dangerous red of his eyes, his fangs protruding over his lower lip, desperate to torture.

Grabbing hold of Aphrodite's wrists, she sat there expressionless as he forced her arms over her head, holding them against the concrete behind her. Shifting position so he had both wrists in one hand, red marks already appearing on her sensitive skin, his other hand gripped her breast tight, he leant his head in to her face.

"You're nothing more than a slut to me. Now get on your knees and suck me" Unable to disobey, the look of terror became evident on her face.

She was a virgin still; he knew that, the taste of her blood gave it away. He wasn't going to tell her that he knew though, not yet anyway, where would the thrill be in that? Releasing his grip, she slid down onto the floor, kneeling in front of this beast of a man, tears ran down her cheeks but unable to scream out her anguish or run away from him, she had no choice but to silently obey. Tenderly kissing this end of his limp penis, she placed his lips around its circumference, sliding in a few inches before withdrawing.

"Take it all", his voice echoed over her. Lips seeking out his length again, she pushed it all into her mouth, gagging as it hit the back of her throat. "Now keep sucking until I'm hard". Pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, her saliva soaking every inch of him, his length extending every time it went into her pursed mouth, teeth scraping against the head as he withdrew fully then crammed it back in, deeper and deeper into her throat with each thrust. Wedged a good few inches down her oesophagus, his cock had to be at least 9 inches now he was hard as rock.

With a final thrust, his pubic hairs hit her nose, his hands held her head there, suffocating her. Cheeks turning blue and gagging violently, she grabbed his knees as she battled to stay conscience. As darkness clouded her vision, he pulled out, precum dripping onto her face as she gulped in great breathes of fresh, sweet air. "Not bad since that was your first blowjob" he breathed into her ear as he dragged her barely conscience body to her feet.

Unceremoniously dumping Mom olivia fox teaching stepdaughter pressley carter back onto the vacant desk, Thanatos pinned her shoulders down, the faint crunch of bones made her want to scream in agony, but of course she couldn't. More tears streamed down her face, salty residue glistening on her cheeks.

His vice grip relenting, he gently ran his finger down from her fractured shoulders, over her breasts, squeezing each one as he passed by, nipples growing hard and aroused despite her agony and discomfort. "You really are a slut aren't you" he chastised the young girl, tears running freely, the only sign she was in any pain.

"Your tits are fucking hard, and I bet when I put my hand down here." carefully scraping his nails down Aphrodite's stomach, blood beading along the thin welts his extra sharp talons caused, his hand reached her pubic hair. "Open your legs, bitch." Unable once again to disobey, she opened her legs, "wider, you whore, open them as wide as you can." Feet perched on the edge of the desk, she opened her legs but Thanatos was unsatisfied.

"Wider", he demanded as Aphrodite tried to open her legs further. "You useless slut" Thanatos snarled, clutching jav collection complete visible ass voluptuous anus girls thighs and pushing her knees back and down until a big cock for sexy lindsey meadows were touching the desk, her pelvis and hips crunched together, attempting to rotate, the agony visible on Aphrodite's white face, the fractured shoulders and nearly dislocated hips taking their toll on her weak human form.

Mouth curving into a feral sort of snarl, fangs protruding from his jaw and his teeth running over their sharps points, Thanatos bent over, grip still tight on the lower part of her thighs, he sunk his teeth into her upper thigh, coarse pubic hair scratching against his cheek, thick hot blood ran into his mouth and seeped out matting the hair, running down her slit, a steady drip running onto the desk.

As more of her blood flooded his mouth, she became weaker, pulse growing faint, he knew when to stop though, only a slight amount of blood left in her, enough to barely keep her conscience, he didn't want her dead.

Not yet anyway. Eyes barely open, she watched unmoving as he licked the spilled drops of blood, first from the desk then from her slit, his pointed tongue caressing her clit and probing her hole, thoroughly licking and flicking every inch of her pussy, there was no point in wasting such good blood was there?

He could feel her pussy pulsing against his mouth as his tongue forced its way around, an orgasm from his intense speed licking building in her, before she had chance to climax he withdrew from this sure pleasure she was enjoying.

Finger running like a razor over her clit, she was pulsing like crazy as his finger slid into her tight virgin hole, determined to cause her discomfort he pushed in another 2, filling her to capacity, her moistness let his fingers slide up, with the speed of Ferrari being driven at full tilt, he slammed his fingers in and out, her pussy becoming inflamed and raw at the torture, what little of her blood was left began to drip from her broken hymen, slowly mingling with her cum as he let her orgasm finally peak.

The look on her face displayed half agony half pleasure, the need to scream showing in her eyes, but it wasn't because of the pleasure.

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Tearing his hand away from Aphrodite's vagina, he didn't let her rest, climbing onto the desk, he sunk his hard cock inside her raw pussy hole, pumping her chubby guy with big cock getting a handjob bdsm and harder, clutching her sides, not caring as he ribs cracked under his grip, the air forced from her lungs.

Harder and faster, his balls slamming against her flesh with each thrust, blood dripping with each withdrawal. "Ah shit" he screamed out as he sprang forward in time for his load to spew over her non responsive mouth, load after load running down over her chin onto her breasts.

"Did you enjoy that? I did" Thanatos boasted to a seconds from dead Aphrodite. "You are now mine, you know I fuck anyone I want as a companion, because it makes the bond stronger. I bet you will be an excellent fuck when you're a vampire, you are good when you're half dead" Pulse beating at barely once a minute, heart ready to give out, Thanatos ran a nail over his wrist and let a stream of his blood run down her throat. "Now it's time for you to die." Hands on both sides of her head, he kissed her forehead tenderly before twisting her neck round shattering the vertebrae, she was finally dead.

"See you soon sweetheart."