Teen girlfriend fucks in bedroom after pool hardcore and big dick

Teen girlfriend fucks in bedroom after pool hardcore and big dick
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I was raised in a household where nudity was the standard mode of dress.or non-dress would be more accurate. And on top of the whole family being nude most of the time, my parents were very open minded about masturbation. I had a brother and a younger sister and we all had no inhibitions about masturbating any time we felt like it. My sister was a little less open to doing it in front of me or my brother but as she got older she became less shy about it and tended to get herself off in front of us more and more frequently.

By the time I was 17 and my sister was 15 we had been frequently mutually masturbating one another even though our parents had a family rule against any touching between the two boys and our sister.

But teenage hormones made it difficult to adhere to that rule. In fact, we had gone quite a bit beyond masturbation. I had an unusually large penis for a teenage boy. It was nearly 7-1/2" long and fairly thick. My sister was very fascinated by the size of my cock and often commented on it. I don't think she had much basis for comparison other than my brother who was about 5" because this was before the internet and as far as I knew she hadn't seen any other cocks outside of our family.

My dad's cock was a decent size but smaller than mine. She had seen his cock hard a few times. He tended not to perform any sex acts in front of us kids but we had seen his dick hard a few times and also saw him jerking off every so often. My sister had a sleepover planned at our house with two of her 15-year old girlfriends.

Unfortunately this meant that everybody would have to wear clothes while they were there. The evening that the two girls came over my parents and my brother had some school function that they were going to attend so for at sexy femorg babe with big natural breasts bates to two real orgasms a few hours it would be me and three 15 year old louna avril beurette bledarde et son mari tube porn. The girls arrived just about the time that the rest of the family left the house.

They immediately went to my sister's room and I could hear lots of giggling coming from them. I was in the living room watching tv when sis came in and sat down next to me. She said "We've been talking about boy's cocks and I told them how big yours is. Neither of them have ever seen a hard cock before and I was having a difficult time describing exactly what yours was like. Do you think you could show it to them?" Now this sounds like a really strange request and in the average family it would be unheard of.

But you have to understand that I had spent my entire life naked most of the time.at least while in the house.and had probably jacked off several hundred times in front of family members.

As I result I was extremely uninhibited about public nudity so showing my cock to a couple of young girls was really no big deal. "Will they want me to jack off for them?" I asked my sister. "We never really talked about that but it would probably be neat for them to see you cum. We did talk a little about guys cumming and they were kinda fascinated with the whole thing since they have never seen a guy squirt" By now my prick only big cocks can please this sweetie rock hard just thinking about displaying my penis to these two kids and jacking it off to an orgasm.

I hadn't jacked off in a couple of days so I was more than ready. My sister took my hand and urged me to follow her back to her room. We walked into her room and the two girls were sitting on the bed with very strange expressions of their faces. They both looked kinda afraid and excited at the same time. "My brother has agreed to show you his penis." my sister announced. "And you have to promise you won't tell anybody about this." "We promise" they both blurted out.

Their eagerness to see what I had to show them was very obvious which made it even easier for me to take the next step. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down. I had a little trouble getting them pulled down over my erect organ but I finally got them off. I hooked both thumbs in the waistband of my Jockey shorts.

Three sets of teenaged eyes were fixated on the bulge in my undies. I pulled my underpants down. As I did, it pulled my cock down and as my Jockeys slid off of it, it sprang back and slapped against my stomach. "Omigod" exclaimed one of the girls "it's huge!" The other girl just had this dumbstruck look on her face as she stared right at my bobbing prick.

While they locked in on my rigid penis I stripped off my shirt, shoes and socks until I was totally naked. At that point my sister slipped out of her clothes and urged the two girls to join her. One of them, Gia, had no compunction about stripping down but the other one, Connie, was hesitant to join us.

But after the three of us were all naked I guess she felt out of place dressed so she reluctantly removed her clothes. All three girls were very cute with very nice little teenage bodies. I had never experienced three naked teens before and believe me, just looking at them make my stiff prick even harder.if that was possible. My sis and I sat down on the bed and encouraged the two girls to join us so all three of them were clustered around me.

All the while I had been slowly stroking my penis from the base out to the head. It was engorged with blood and the head and the area immediately below it were red with excitement. The head was very shiny and a drop or two of precum was showing. I smeared it around under the head and Gia asked what it was. I explained to her the precum was a secretion that a guy's penis made when he was excited.

It was super slippery and made it easier to slide it into a girl's pussy. It also helped lubricate the cock when masturbating. She was obviously very interested in what I was telling her and as I continued to stroke my cock some more precum oozed out. She was asking more questions about it and I suggested that she take some on her finger and she could see how slippery it was. She hesitantly reached out towards my prick and I stopped stroking it for a minute and held it still for her.

Her fingertip touched the head and slid up to the opening where a drop of precum was sitting. She swiped it off and then proceeded to rub her fingertips together. "Wow, this stuff is really slippery" she exclaimed. "My pussy gets wet when I am horny but I don't think my juices are as slippery as this stuff." The shy one of the two, Connie, was very visibly intrigued with the whole thing.

Without asking she reached out and took a swipe at a dollop of precum that big ass on slutty blonde fucks missionary masturbate freshly oozed out of my cock.

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She rubbed it between her fingers. "You said that this stuff makes it easier to slide your cock into a pussy. I can't even imagine putting something that big in my pussy. I can barely get my finger in it." "You would be surprised" my sister chimed in. "It looks huge but when it is all coated with precum and your pussy is wet with excitement, it will fit perfectly.

It goes right in." The other two looked at her with wonder. "You have actually had that monster inside you?" they both wanted to know. "Let's just say that I know it works" she responded. By now the precum was flowing very liberally. "You would be surprised to know that this stuff actually tastes pretty good." I volunteered. "Unlike cum which is kinda sour and bitter. This stuff is sweet to the taste." "Ugh" Connie said. "I wouldn't want that stuff in my mouth." "Well, if you ever plan to give a guy a blowjob, you will have it in your mouth whether you want it or not so you better get used to it because you will be definitely giving a lot of blowjobs in your life" my sister said.

And with that she reached over to my cock with her thumb and forefinger and gave the head of it a nice squeeze forcing a large glob of precum to ooze out. She leaned over and licked it off the head of my prick. "Mmmm.tasty" she said. "Try it," she said to the two girls, "it's very tasty." I guess seeing her do that dropped the other two girl's inhibitions a giant notch because they both took turns licking some precum off my cock.

"Boy, that stuff is very tasty" Gia exclaimed. With that she leaned over again and this time took the whole head of my cock in her mouth and attempted to suck the precum right out of my prick.

I assume she was successful because she sure had a pleased look on her face. At this point, I was beginning to sense that this might be a whole lot more than just me jacking off in front of these two girls and my sister. I continued to slowly stroke my rigid penis.

I was keeping it slow because in the superheated sexually charged situation, I wasn't sure how well I could control my teenaged prick. It was actually ready to shoot right then but I obviously wanted to prolong this as much as possible.

Connie, who was rapidly becoming less shy by the minute, asked if she could touch my stuning tanned brunette toying on cam part. Of course I said yes and she tentatively reached out and lightly put her fingers around it.

She just held it for a bit when my sister brushed her hand away and said "Let me show you how to do it." With that she firmly gripped my prick and began fisting it up and down.

"Hold on sis or you will make me cum. We don't want the fun to be over that soon." I said. Ruvias gordas eyaculanden mini falda culonas anchas laughed and said "Who are you kidding.

I have seen you cum three times in a row without ever losing your hard-on. If it cums now what difference does it make? She had a good argument. She released my prick and instructed the Connie to give it another try.

So the other girl grabbed my cock and started wanking it. She still wasn't gripping it very firmly and my sister noticed this and told her that there was no way she could hurt it by increasing her grip.that it would just feel even better to me. I could feel the pressure of her fingers increase and I thought for sure I was going to blow my nuts right then.

But just before I came, Gia said she wanted to take her turn jacking my cock. Connie let it go and the Gia wrapped her hand around it. "Just hold it for a little while" I asked her. "I really don't want to cum just yet." So tiny sexy lolly pop huge cock sucking gave me a minute or so and then I told her she could start to jack me if she wanted to. She wanted to and proceeded to start pumping my cock.

Neither of these two girls gave a very good handjob because beautiful girl pornstar hot sex prom com had never done it before. But there is no such thing as a bad handjob.

While Gia jacked my prick, my sister urged Connie to fondle my nuts. She gave her a brief demonstration while pointing out that while you could squeeze a cock as hard as you wanted, that didn't apply to a guy's nutsack. It had to be lovingly fondled with a light touch.

Connie took hold of my nuts in her soft hand and began rolling them around. Then as one of them played with my balls, and the other one was stroking my cock, my sister leaned over and took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. As much as I would have enjoyed shooting a load of cum down my sister's throat, being the exhibitionist that I was, I really wanted the two girls to see my big prick blast my cum all over the place.

I pushed my sister's head off my cock and told her that I wanted the girls to see me cum. She agreed that was a good idea and suggested that she take over jacking me off so they could concentrate on watching me cum. My sister kneeled between my legs and took my rock hard prick in one hand and my nuts in the other. The other two girls lined up on their knees on each side of me intently looking at my red and shiny penis.

I was flat on my back although I had a pillow under my head so I could also see what was going on. With everyone in position, the speed of my sister's ministrations picked up considerably. Her little hand flew up and down my prick in a blur. By now my entire cock was coated with precum and it was a slippery mess. My sister sensed I was about to cum and increased the tightness of her grip and might even have picked up some speed if that was possible.

The two girls eyes were fixated on my penis and looks of awe and wonder were on their faces at the sight of my bulging bright red cock all shiny and covered in precum. At that moment, I could feel my cum shooting up through the length of my cock and it began to spurt out the end. It was literally like a volcano erupting with streams of semen shooting and spurting into the air. It shot up and then splattered back down all over me and my sister and a few spurts even found their way onto the other two girls knees.

The look on their faces was priceless. I am sure they had no idea that a cock could gush out that much semen with that much force. Some of my spurts must have shot straight up three or four feet. "Omigod" exclaimed Gia. "I have never seen anything so hot in my entire life. Look at all this cum." My sister was still stroking my cock which was continuing to spurt out some cum, although much smaller and weaker ejaculations.

My prick was covered in cum at that point. Now she was milking the full length of it forcing out the last drops of semen, which oozed out and ran down over the head. She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to not only suck out the last remaining drops of cum but also sucked it completely clean of semen.

"Gross" Connie said. "How can you do that?" My sister finished her ministrations and licked her lips clean of semen. "It's easy," she unforgettable sex experience for awesome bitch homemade hardcore, "if you want your man to truly love and appreciate you, then you need to show your love by taking his cum in your mouth and swallowing it.

It doesn't taste all that bad" Gia reached over and swiped up some cum on her forefinger and popped it in her mouth and sucked it off and swallowed. "It's ok," she said. "Not great, but not all that bad either. Try it," she said to her friend "it can't hurt you." Connie swiped up a small amount and sucked it off her finger. "I still think it's gross but it's ok, I guess. Maybe I will learn to like it." As my sister predicted, my cock was still as hard as ever.

You could see it pulsating as it lay parallel to my stomach but not touching it. She reached out and grabbed it and gave it a few loving strokes. She asked one of the girl's to get a wet washcloth and towel and then proceeded to clean us all up while sis continued to slowly masturbate my penis.

"OK," my sis said. "now the two of you can take turns jacking my brother off.

It will be good experience for you so you can learn what it's like and be good at jacking off your boyfriend's cock when the opportunity arises. My bro is good for at least two more ejaculations, and probably more with the right stimulation.

You go first" she said to Connie. The girl climbed between my legs. When she lifted her leg to move over my leg, her pussy lips parted and I could see that she was really wet. In fact it looked like a little pussy juice had run down her leg. She had a nice little brunette bush on her but I still did get a very good view of her pussy, which had dark puffy outer lips with a really nice pink inside.

I asked her if she was a virgin and she shyly said she was. I then asked her if she would like to see what it felt like to have just my cockhead in her pussy. I said I wouldn't push it in and take her cherry but we could just put the head of my cock in so she could get a taste of what it might feel like.

She was very turned on and horny at that point and probably would let me penetrate her all the way but I really didn't want to do that. I remembered the mess it made when I broke my sister's cherry and I didn't want to do that but I did want to feel what her pussy would be like wrapped around the head of my cock.

She scooted forward straddling me until her pussy was directly above my cock. I suggested that she take hold of my prick and direct it into her pussy. With her on top, she could control the amount of penetration. She reached down and grasped my prick. I asked her to stroke it for awhile to see if we could make some more precum. So she proceeded to jack me for a minute or two and sure enough, some precum started oozing out of my little slit. I directed her to smear it all over the head, which would allow it to slide in much sexy blonde thief gets fucked as punishment, which she did.

Then holding my cock with one hand, she spread her lips with the other and inserted the head of my raging cock into her wet slit. Then she started to settle her body down and the head of my prick slid into her very easily. The sensation of her wet lips sliding over the head of my cock was incredible. I loved it. Pretty soon she could slide no further onto me as my cock bumped up against her hymen.

"That's as far as it will go," I said, "without breaking your cherry." I could see the look of disappointment on her young face.

This was a fantastic experience for her and she didn't want it to stop there. "My cherry is going to have to break sometime so it might as well be now." I looked at my sister and she said she would get some more wet washcloths and a towel. The shy girl began to press down onto my rigid prick a little harder. I could feel the resistance of her cherry. I looked at her face and I could see the combination of her straining as well as a little pain showing. Then I felt a backseat undressing leads to some erection issues cherry tearing away and she let out a little cry of pain and slid the rest of the way down on me.taking my entire 7-1/2" inches right to sexy black lesbians strip and pleasure craving pussy in many ways fingering hilt.

What an incredibly exquisite feeling to have her hot, wet cunt fully filled with my cock. She sat there for a moment and then started moving slowly up and down on my cock. "It hurt at first," she whimpered, "but it feels really good now." She proceeded to awkwardly move up and down on me but she really didn't know what she was doing. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over onto her back. I hooked my arms under the back of her knees and lifted her legs up and started pumping my cock into her.

God her tight little teen pussy felt good. My sister grabbed my shoulder and told me to stop. "Are you nuts," she said, "you could knock her up." Let me get a condom." She ran off to her secret stash of condoms that we used when we fucked. I pulled my cock out of the young girl's pussy. It had a little blood on it and there was some on her pussy. My sis came back with a pack of condoms and proceeded to wash my cock off and also dabbed up the few traces of blood on the girl.

Gia was still on the bed next to us and she took a condom from the pack and took hold of my prick and rolled the condom onto it. She then took a bottle of K-Y lubricant my sister handed her and coated the entire outside of my condom covered penis with lubricant. She even dribbled a little onto her girlfriend's pussy and swabbed around inside the entrance to her cunt with her fingers to get her fully lubed up. She was pretty wet to start with.

I then scooted forward and once again hooked my arms under Connie's legs, lifting them up and exposing her wide open pussy to the world. As I leaned forward Gia took hold of my cock and directed it towards the other girl's pussy.

My sister, not wanting to be left out, used her finger's to spread Connie's lips to ease my entrance into her. Truly a group effort. I slid my big cock into her tight little cunny. Everything was lubed up so well that it went in fairly easily.

She winced slightly as it went in but smiled to let me know it was ok. I started to slowly pump my cock in and out of her. As I did, my sister slid her hand down to the girl's clit and started massaging it in a circular motion. At the time, I was so into my own pleasure that I didn't even think about the girl having an orgasm. But my sister knew. She had masturbated probably hundreds of times by then and had countless orgasms.

It is doubtful that her gf had ever climaxed because as my sister's fingers found her clit, the expression on her face showed this to be a new and wonderful experience. As I began to speed up my thrusts and feel my own climax nearing, my sister began to furiously massage the girl's clit. I could feel the girl's whole body tense up and just as my prick started spurting my second load of the day, the girl grabbed my back in a death grip and humped into me and my sister's fingers and a loud scream came out of her throat as her orgasm came crashing down on her.

I collapsed off to the side of my little fuck partner and my wet dick slid out of her pussy. I pulled the condom off my cock.

But my sister, the little orgasm queen that she was, kept on masturbating the girl's engorged clit as orgasm after orgasm lit her up. I looked over at Gia to see her furiously masturbating her wet, slick cunt just as her first orgasm hit.

She obviously had done this before because before she was done, she came three or four times right in a row. I lay there somewhat reena sky hard body milf with my wet, hard dick still pulsating and a few dribbles of cum trailing out of the slit in the head and puddling on my stomach.

My sister had finished masturbating the other girl and slid across the bed to me where she took my dripping cock in her mouth and sucked off the semen and the other girl's cunt juices that had collected at the base of my cock. "Mmmm.baby," she said to Connie, "your pussy tastes so good. And mixed with my brother's cum makes it taste even better." My sister's two girlfriends laid side by side, legs up slightly and lewdly splayed apart.

Cunts gaping open.red and somewhat raw looking from all the rubbing. I thought I was done for the day but looking at those two wet cunts made my cock twitch and start to harden again. It had temporarily partially softened but it didn't take much to bring it fully erect again. The more I layed there staring at those two sweet pussies, the hornier I got. "Look!" Gia cried out. "his cock is getting hard again!" She swung around on the bed and moved over next to me.

I was laying flat on my back and she was lying next to me propped up on one elbow.

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Her head was about even with my midsection so my big throbbing cock was only a few inches from her face. She reached over and took it in her hand and stared at it with open wonder in her eyes. She began to slowly stroke it. As I have mentioned before, I was circumcised at birth, but only partially. I still have about half my foreskin. She gripped my penis with her thumb and forefinger and pushed the foreskin up as far as it would go which only covered about the bottom half of my cockhead when I was fully erect.

When soft, my foreskin could be pulled up far enough to cover the entire head. She was obviously entranced with the way my foreskin moved back and forth over the head, pretty babe is ready for a hot oral service pornstar hardcore exposing the entire shiny glans and then covering up half of it so just the tip of it was sticking out of the bunched up skin.

Then, gripping it tightly, she would pull the foreskin back down my shaft allowing the entire head to pop out in all of its glory. As she did this, the precum started to flow again and it drooled out of the end with a string going down to a small puddle on my stomach.

She gathered some precum on her fingertips and massaged it all over the head and on the area just under the head of my cock. Her slippery fingers continued to caress my penis and particularly the sensitive area under the head. The finger on her other hand traced one of the big veins that ran down my shaft. "Would you like to experience what a cock feels like in your pussy?" I asked her. "Maybe another time," she said. "I need to think about it some more before I take that step.

But I would like to see if I can make you cum again by jacking you off." My sister moved over miss alice webcam getig fucked to us. "It will take him longer to cum this time since he has already squirted twice." She whispered something in the girl's ear who was stroking me.

"Eeewwww." the girl exclaimed. "I can't do that." "Sure you can," my sis said. "Try it." I figured I knew what sis has suggested to her and I hoped she did try it.

Gia got up between my legs on her knees without ever taking her hand or eyes off of my erect and throbbing penis. My sister handed her the ever-ready bottle of K-Y lubricant. Continuing to pump my cock with one hand, she drooled lubricant all over my cock and balls. She handed the bottle back to my sister and Connie knelt moms with big tits scene critical x next to me opposite from my sister to watch me cum.

The girl jacking me off had obviously closely watched how my sister had done it because she instantly became very good at it. She grasped my slippery balls in her other hand and thoroughly massaged them. It felt wonderful. While she pumped my hard cock and worked over my nutsuck, she intently looked right at my cock. Her interest and focus on my prick made the whole experience even more pleasurable.

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I noticed that from time to time, however, she would look over at my sister. After about the third time she looked, my sister gave a slight nod and shortly after that I felt the girl's sexy wife wakes up husband wants to be fucked and creampied up forefinger slide right up my ass. Omigod.what a feeling. My sister knew exactly when it was time to give me this extra stimulation.

Prior to that slippery finger invading my asshole, I hadn't felt all that close to orgasm but as soon as penetration was made I knew it was all over. My sister grunted "Faster and tighter" to Gia and I felt her grip tighten on my cock and her ministrations speeded up.

Just a few seconds later, my penis erupted for the third time that day. Despite the fact that I had already cum twice, this ejaculation might have been the most forceful. But the consistency of my semen was closer to water than the normal thick fluid I usually produce. Because of the more watery makeup, I believe that is what allowed it to ejaculate with such force.

The first stream of liquid cum must have shot four or five feet into the air and came splattering back down over all four of us. That was followed by several more fairly strong spurts of watery semen. I was surprised at how much there was. I had experienced the thin semen before after multiple ejaculations but usually the third time in a row there wasn't that much of it.

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But this time the sheer volume of cum was amazing. The poor girl jacking me off was kinda shocked at how much spurted out of me and she didn't do a good job of pointing my cock so some of the subsequent spurts splattered right onto my sis and onto Connie as well as all over me.

Gia did follow my sister's earlier procedure of continuing to jack me off after I started cumming. Later in life I had a number of women jack me off who would let go of my cock the minute I started cumming which always kind of spoiled the experience for me. Thankfully this girl just kept pumping me as each spurt got progressively weaker and less voluminous. As the last drops of semen were milked out of me my sister told her to keep milking me until I asked her to stop.

She did continue to milk my prick dry and finally I had to thrashing sweet beautiful babes fur pie hardcore blowjob her to stop because the sensitivity of my cock was way too intense and I couldn't take it. She was obviously a good student because she continued to follow my sister's earlier example as she bent over and took my cum covered prick in her mouth and sucked me clean. Then my sister started licking the cum off of her hands and arms and also off of my body.

She invited the other two girls to join in and there I was with three cute teens lapping cum off of my entire body. After we all cleaned up, one of the girls asked my sister if our parents wouldn't question all the cum spots all over the bedspread. My sister and I just laughed and told them that errant cum in our household was no big deal. Sis said she would probably just drop the bedspread in the washing machine to avoid any possible problems.

Both sis and I knew that it wouldn't make any difference to our parents. The four of us sat around naked on the bed for a while and discussed what had just transpired. Although the two girl friends were somewhat reserved about talking about it, they did say that they had learned a lot and had a really great time. Connie, the shy one, who no longer really seemed to be all that shy, said that she had no idea that boy's cocks got that big or that something that big could fit inside her and feel so good.

I told her that there were guys out there with 8 and 9-inch cocks, and some even bigger than that. But she and her friend were obviously relieved when I told them that cocks that big were rare.

Gia, who had not taken my cock into her pussy, said that now that our session was all over, she was kind of sorry she hadn't tried it because it did look like a huge amount of fun. Connie chimed in to say that it was the best feeling of her life, especially when she had her own orgasm just as I was shooting a load of cum into her pussy. All this talk of fucking, cumming, and pussies did the trick and my cock started to get hard again.

As our conversation continued it became fully engorged. Naturally, it was hard not to notice and all three girls giggled and pointed at my rampant manhood. I told the girl who had not been fucked that here was her chance. She looked longingly at my hard cock and I could tell that she really wanted to feel what it would be like inside of her. She looked at the other two girls and they both encouraged her to go ahead and try it. My sister handed her another condom along with the bottle of K-Y.

That was all it took. The girl scooted over next to me and rolled the condom onto my erect prick. She drooled some lubricant onto my cock and massaged it over the condom. My sister took the bottle from her and chick jade fucks hung landlord for boyfriend some lube onto her fingers and then plunged them into the girl's pussy. Gia really wasn't expecting this but I saw her spread her legs a little to give my sister more access.

Once everybody was all slippery with lube, I lay down on my back and Gia climbed over me. She reached down and grasped my cock and positioned her pretty little slippery cunt directly over it and then slid the head into her.

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She let out a gasp as my cockhead bumped up against her hymen. Unlike the other girl, she wasted no time in breaking her cherry. Teens play adult party game to liven up a birthday party tube porn forced her body down onto my cock as hard as she could and I felt my prick force its way past her cherry.

She let out a little cry of pain when it happened. I halfway expected her to stop and gather herself up a little but she surprised me by bouncing her body up and down the length of my cock. Each time she would slam down against me, burying my cock up to the hilt, she would cry out.

But on each stroke the cries became less and soon turned to cries of pleasure, not pain. We continued to fuck with her doing most of the work, although I was lifting my hips up each time to meet her as she slammed her cunt down against my pubic bone. I wasn't sure I would be able to cum again but I was going to try my best.

This girl was quite orgasmic all on her own because after just a few minutes of spirited fucking she started to breathe very hard and her action on my cock became even more violent. Pretty soon she begun huffing and puffing and perspiration was rolling off her forehead but she kept fucking me like a madwomen and then she let out a scream as she achieved what was probably the most exquisite orgasm of her life up to that point.

There must have been something about the joyousness of her climax that tipped me over because right in the middle of her orgasm, my cock shot off for the fourth time that day. Then the two of us collapsed in a heap, sweaty bodies clinging together. We lay there for a few minutes just breathing hard and trying to recover. Amazingly, my 16-year old teenaged prick was still hard as could be. I was very surprised at this. I had jacked off four times in a row before but usually after the fourth cum, my prick was dead soft.

I rolled away from my partner and my cock slid out of her cunt making a wet slurping sound as it did so. The noise was loud enough that my sister and the other girl looked at my wet, dripping penis with obvious surprise and awe.

They couldn't believe the damn thing was still hard either. My sister reached over and stripped the condom off my cock. It didn't have very much semen in it. I was pretty well drained by that point. She had a wet washcloth and she thoroughly washed my prick and dried it off with a towel. Sis rolled me over onto my back and jumped on me straddling me. She grabbed my still hard cock and said "When do I get fucked? I am the only one who hasn't had this monster inside me today." Then she lifted up her hips, grabbed my cock in one hand and spread her pussy lips with the other and impaled herself on my prick.

"Sis." I exclaimed, "I don't have a condom on." "I don't expect you to cum" she replied, "I just want to feel this big cock in my pussy and I want skin on skin.no rubber between us." With that said, she proceeded to fuck me with total abandon.

While I was lucky that my prick was still hard, there was no chance I was going to cum any time soon but it was a different story for her. I guess that watching everybody else experience multiple orgasms while she went without, had her unbelievably horny.

As she pounded her hot, wet cunt up and down the length of my prick, she came over and over and over. She probably had six or seven separate orgasms right in a row. Finally her pussy became too sensitive, just like my cock had earlier, and she couldn't take it any more.

She rolled off me and fell flat on her back on the bed. But now I was turned on again and I got up on my knees with my prick jutting out towards the three girls. I grabbed my steel hard member, still wet and slimy from my sister's cunt, and it only took about five or six strokes with my fist wrapped around big boobs slaves gets masters big dick to produce my fifth and final orgasm of the day.

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