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At fucking watch more of her at ulacamcom
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First off let me describe myself, I am an average 5'9 guy with sandy blonde hair and forest green eyes. I just turned 25 before I started the semester where I meet the love of my life, but before him there was no social life to speak of. Most of my friends were ones that I played with online, and I did not have any siblings.

Plus I have no muscles that I can see and I was mostly pale as a ghost from being inside most of the time. As I said he checked me beyond anything I ever imagined, but I am grateful for it. I was sitting in my first class of the new semester, when in walk the guy who forever changed my world, and to make my day better he sit right next to me. Before he had took his seat I had scanned him over, he had spiky caramel color head with hazel eyes to top it all off.

His clothes show off his body well, for I have never seen a man wear black leather pants that made him look like something delicious cum hungry grannies will make your cock explode eat. My mouth started to water as I watched him walk toward me with the grace of an angel.

I had estimated that he was 6'0, but that jumped to 6'2 when he took the seat next to me. Without a warning he had turned to face me, and grabbed my face with his huge gentle hands then planted a kiss right on my lips. I melted at the feel of his wonderful lush lips, yet I am still in shock by his sudden attack. As a smirk spread across his face my face turned bright red which in turn made me rush out the door.

I missed my first class completely since I had stay in the restrooms go over what had just happened to me. Finally, I decided it was really nothing and that it never happened at all, so I left to head towards the cafeteria.

I never made it, for my beautiful attacker stopped me with that same smirk plastered on his face. All I could think about is how I wish to see him out of those clothes in my bed which I had not noticed that he was only a few inches from me now.

He whispered in my ear, "Do you want to see what lies under these clothes because I sure want to see what you are hiding under yours. I want to run over all of that sexy body starting with that juicy cock." He laughed and licked his lips as I back away slowly from him to turn and run away. Before I had even made it to the door where my freedom was, he was there in front of me blocking my escape route without me ever seeing him move.

Without warning, I was being dragged into a janitor's closet nearby, and I tried to fight to be released even though deep down I wanted him so bad that I could taste him. As we both stand there in the closet with him pressed against me running his hand under my shirt, I finally said to him, "Look, I may want this as much as you, but could you at least give me your name?" With those words he stopped and nods to himself as he said to me, "How could I forget that little detail, oh yeah!

I know why I was after your body as my playground. My name is Darren Lacrosse and you are mine." Darren pressed his lips hard against mine before forcing my mouth open to let his tongue slide in and dance with mine. He tasted so amazing like nothing I have ever had sampled in my 25 years of life, and his touch was just heavenly that I would have died happy right there. I was left breathless as he pulled away long enough to pull me out of my shirt and completely undone my blue jeans.

My nipples peaked up from my excitement and the cool air that crawled under the door. Darren gasped as my 7 inch cock spilled out from the jeans, he said with an excited tone, "I have never seen something as wonderful as this.

You are going to get something very mind blowing, Lukus Mark! I plan to fuck you senseless since you were marked as mine from the beginning." At first I just stood there confused by his words then I realized he knew my name without me even telling him it. I felt angry raise in me as I pushed him away and yelled at him, "How the hell do you know my name?!

What does being marked even fucking mean?! Don't you dare lay a hand on me until you answer all of my questions!!" He grinned evilly as he replied to my demands, "I know your name because it was carved into my bones a long time ago by my clan. You horny schoolgirl lolly small plays with her holes marked as the one to stand next to me when I testing out their new strap on toy in power.

Now let me claim you or the next person you meet will not be as gentle with you." Before I could even argue with him, he was down on his knees in front of me licking the tip of my cock. I felt Darren run his tongue down the length of my cock to he got to my balls, and I shivered at how good it felt. He pulled my left nut into his mouth and sucked on it gently, but I felt like I was going to explode from the feeling of it. Without a word he moved to the other one repeating the sucking, I let out a low moan at the pure pleasure.

I watched him move back the tip of my pulsing cock and he looked up at me before licking the tip where pre cum had formed. He took in the head of it and sucked on it eagerly as if it was a wonderful flavored lollipop with a gooey surprise center. I could only relax against the wall and try to muffle growing moans as he pulled more of my cock into his mouth. Darren took all 7 inches of me in without breaking a sweat, and a scream almost had escaped from the pleasure he had given.

He started to move back and forward at a fast pace though each time he had me all the way in he would suck as hard as he could. I knew my climax was coming, but I held it back wanting the pleasure of it to last forever. It was like he knew too that my climax was coming because he held my throbbing cock deep in his throat and sucked for all that it was worth.

Without warning, I lost control and a large load filled his mouth spilling out the corners I sunk against blonde bbw fat plumper riding a dong wall breathing heavy as Darren wiped the extra cum from around his mouth off.

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He said to me with a pleased smile, "That was the best I have ever tasted! It is too bad I can enjoy it without being rushed. We have only completed half of the bond, the next part is you taking my hot seed and it has to be in your cute little ass. That is going to hurt I know, but we do not have time to waste.

So bend over and let me ride you like there is no tomorrow." Shock had spread across my face, I was pretty sure that I could not handle the pain to come, but it seemed I had to do it anyways.

I slowly turned to face the wall and spread my legs apart to give him easy access however I wasn't sure about anything anymore. Darren pulled my jeans down to expose my ass before grabbing my hips to bend me slightly.

Without warning, he shoved his 8 inch cock into my tight hole, and I yelled out, "OH MY GOD!! THAT FUCKING HURT YOU BASTARD!!!" I heard him laugh as my hole is squeezing his cock tightly refusing to release its torturer; slowly he started to move in and out of my sore hole. He increased his speed a little at a time with his hands firmly attached to my hips however he would shove deeper each time. English hot sexx dot com was breathing heavily from the pain mixed with the pleasure as he continue move in and out, in and out, in and out until he was pounding me so hard that I screamed out in pleasure.

Darren paused for a minute only to whisper in my ear, "It is almost over. Next time I will not be so rough, I just have to bond us before the other one comes." With those words finished, he speed up until I felt like I was riding a jackhammer. In and out went his cock with his balls slapping my ass which made whimper for more of everything that could be.

Suddenly, Darren stopped and I turned to see what he was looking at which was a female teacher standing in the doorway.

She said, "What the hell is going on in here?!?!" The only thing I could reply was, "Oh shit." (To be continued) If you wished to read the next part, comment and rate.

Hope you enjoyed.