Wife having sex with exposure habit with multiple people in front of

Wife having sex with exposure habit with multiple people in front of
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Chap 1 It began as a normal high school party. You know one of the who-can-get-drunk-the-quickist-makeout-fests. Being the driver for the evening I only had one or two beers and I kinda floated around from person to person being the only sober one sucks sometimes.

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I'm freshly 18 years old, and though I wouldn't say I'm hot but I'm not ugly either. My only real abnormality is my penis. Almost 9 inches long and as wide as most girls fists it was one of the few things I am proud of.

Unfortunately for me I remained a virgin, though having gone through every thing else far to many times. Head was good…if the girl could fit me in her mouth and I had tried to have sex once before, but she was a virgin and I wouldn't fit. So I kinda just kept my size a secret, in school at least. Anyways my closest girl friends Jen and Melissa were on top of some college pricks, faces locked in teenage rebellion.

My boys were in the middle of a hard-core game of kings; a when suddenly there was a tap on my shoulder. It was Kristen, Kris for short, my next-door neighbor, and the ultimate girl next door. Now before this goes any further let me describe her. She has flaming red hair that flows down her back and a tiny dash of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She displayed perfectly perky C tits and by far the nicest ass in our entire school.

I talked to her in the mornings; we shared gym first period and discussed her latest boyfriend trouble (always older guys and always some how fucking her over). She was wearing a low cut white tank top, and one of the shortest mini skirts I have ever seen.

She went on to explain how she had just broken up with her latest boyfriend after catching him cheating on her. This was how it always happened, he cheated, lied, stole or some other shit, and the next morning I would calm her down and tell her it wasn't her fault.

I took her to the back steps so we could talk in peace. As she continued to explain the dilemma I small tits blonde teen khloe kapri railed by huge hard cock smalltits pornstar help but notice she wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples we piercing through her shirt and the longer we talked, the smaller my pants were getting.

Suddenly sirens broke the warm fall air, We both didn't want to get caught so we bolted up ran for my car that was on another street connected by a wooded lot that bordered the rear of the house. We ran to the fence and Kris told me she was going to need help getting over. I boosted her up trying not to be to distracted by the sight of her perfect ass inches from my face, her cheeks barley covered by pink lace panties.

The limpness left my cock at this point as it stood up to half-mast. She finally managed to get over the fence myself following and we ran off through the woods. We stop running one we were out of sight and she smiled at me.

"Did you like the view back there?" "Yes.I mean no.I mean…shit." I smiled She laughed and we kept on walking until suddenly I saw there was a cop sitting on the hood of my car. We both dropped and somehow as we hid behind a tree she landed on top of me.

"Shit they got my car." I whispered "Could be worse" she grinned back, that certain twinkle in her eye "you could be all alone." Now this was a girl who I had fantasized about a thousand times and here she was flirting with me.

My semi-erect cock started to grow and I knew soon my pants would be too small (as they always were.) "I mean" she whispered in my ear "you have been so helpful these past few weeks with all the ex stuff…is their any way I can repay…Jason Holy Shit" she stammered as my huge cock finally broke free from my jeans, "Fuck that's huge…Oh My God" she said as she reached for it.

"Well my secrets out." I smiled She stared at my huge manhood for a moment and then as if coming to her senses she smiled. Slowly she leaning forward and kissing me, her tongue darting in and out. She pulled of my shirt and began slowly moving down my chest.

My prick throbbed at her touch but she passed it using her teeth to unbutton my pants and remove my zipper. She reached out and started stroking my cock with soft lacy hands as her mouth softly licked my fuck my ass and cum on my face telsev as if it were an ice cream cone.

She licked and kissed every part of my prick as I groaned probed up against a tree. Finally she whispered seductively, "How deep to you think I can go." Suddenly shoving almost 6 inches down her throat.

My world collided, and my breathing quickened. This was too much for me and after about a minute I jazzed all down her throat.

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Her eyes widened and closed as she tried to swallow all of my cum. She got most of it, though some dibbled down her chin. She looked up with piercing blue eyes and whipped the cum off her face. We suddenly heard the sound of a car drive off.

She peeked around the corner and told me the cops had gone. "Maybe we should go some place more comfortable" I suggested, pulling up my pants. "Sounds good to me" We walked to my car, her arms wrapped around mine, a smile on her face. "I know just the place." She said with lust in her voice. Chap 2 "Turn right here" she said as we drove. The conversation wasn't awkward, more just anxious; she wanted me almost as bad as I wanted her.

It was dark and when her hand started rubbing my jeans I must have jumped because she started laughing. I tried to concentrate, but failed, my hand leaving the wheel and sliding down to her skirt. She let out a quiet moan. We drove like this for another 10 minutes until she gasped "Stop right here" I slammed on my breaks.

We had stopped in front of a dark mansion. Kris told me to pull in the driveway as she searched through her bag for something and finally removing a set of keys. "This is my Uncles house. I'm house sitting for a few weeks while he's in Aruba." She said as we she opened the front door. She told me to go into the living room and wait for her as she walked up the stairs. I walked around until I caught sight of the most beautiful living room I had ever seen.

I relaxed on a couch waiting for Kris to come down the staircase fantasizing about what the night will hold. When she came down she was clad only in perfect black lingerie. To this day I have never seen any thing hotter then she was as she sauntered down those stairs. By the time she had reached me my cock was harder then steel. She straddled me ripping of my shirt as our tongues danced. I unhooked her bra and let her perfect tits hang liberated from there lace prisons.

I moved slowly downward kissing her neck, collarbone, and finally her tits though I did not touch the nipples. I teased her, darting my tongue closer and closer to her real college squirter rides cock to pay fine cheerleader squirting nubs, until finally one tender lick to which she let out a gasp of pleasure.

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She rolled over, my turn to be on top licking and sucking on her tits, as her hand slid slowly downward to her soaked thong.

"Make me cum Jason" she gasped, "make me scream" I slowly moved down as she furiously stroked her clit. Pausing and licking each part of her abs I moved closer and closer to her slit. I approached slowly kissing her thigh, moving dangerously close to her clit then tenderly sliding away.

Kris moaned in ecstasy. "Fuck me" she screamed "oh my god just fucking lick my pussy." But I wouldn't, I kept teasing her until her pussy was dripping and finally, I dove in. When I touched her that first time, she let out a primal scream unlike anything I have ever heard and she grabbed my hair as I tongue fucked her pussy pressing my lips against her labia, shooting in and out, slowly making my way up to her clit.

The tiny pearl had peaked out from behind its cover and I started flicking my tongue over its tiny head. As she moaned Gorgeous big booty lezzie charlotte pumped hard by marie luv slid my fingers into her dripping cunt, plunging them vigorously until I found her G.

She couldn't take this very long, and her legs began to shudder. I sucked upon her clit as my fingers pounded her G spot. "OH MY GOD…OH MY GOD…YESSSSSSS," she screamed as her first orgasm hit her, he back arched and I held on for dear life. "FUCKKK ME…OH MY GOD," she shrieked as she arched her head back in the bliss of orgasm. Her orgasm was unbelievable her entire body shook and shuddered, and he pussy juices exploded out of her cunt all over my chin and chest.

Her screams subsided but still I held on, vibrating my tongue over her clit as I sucked on it, I brought her back into ecstasy. She thrashed and moaned, gasped and screamed "OH GOD YESS" over and over. Until finally I let go. Her breathing slowed as she collapsed upon the couch, I still licked her but gently now rubbing my fingers slowly upon her cunt.

She was still speechless. "You seemed like that." I said smiling "Oh wow…" was all she could say. After she finally calmed down enough to talk.

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She asked my where I leaned to do that. I explained my situation of how being a virgin I had learned how to pleasure girls with out my cock. "So you really are a virgin." She exclaimed "Ya I know I know no need to rub it in" I retuned "Well some things can change," she said with a devious smile. "But it's getting sorta early in the morning and I'm already 3 hours late for curfew so would it to be bad if I asked you to take me home." "Not at all" I sighed and put back on my shirt "Not at all" "Thank you" she smiled We drove home in silence.

There wasn't much to say but as I pulled up to her house. She grinned "What are you doing tomorrow?" she asked hopefully "I have work…" I replied as her face dropped "but I can call in sick." "Great, and thanks again for the amazing night." She said as she walked to her front door. I droved home in awe, was this really happening.

I got home, got into bed and sat in wonder thinking about what tomorrow might hold.