Sunny leone fucking sex stories storys for view

Sunny leone fucking sex stories storys for view
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I put more time and thought into this one, I realized the one before did lack some detail so I figure I could put a little more in.

Hope you enjoy. A week later of sexual get together's every night for the two; Jarred was satisfied with his young catch. They met up at the same time as they usually do, in front of the church near Samantha's house. "I got some sexy lingerie I think you will like." Sam says happily. Jarred excitedly replies. "Oh yeah I cannot wait." Jarred just imagining her tight butt and her still developing breasts in some revealing cloths just making him crave the intimacy he is so addicted too.

He knew that what he has been up too was incredibly wrong but looking at this beautiful 15 year old girl why should I be right? People always tell me about people like me are taking advantage, but I don't see it that way, it is very much mutual. Soaking juicy group blowjob striptease and hardcore pull up to the late night Rec.

Center and they make their way inside. Sam very quickly takes off her shirt and pants and gets into her lingerie. Jarred excitedly responds.

"Holy hell you look amazing!" "Glad you like it. Well why don't we go and relax on a couch." Jarred desperately wanting to fuck her now and on that very spot.

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Sam quickly leads the way with her horny follower watching her perfect ass as she leads the way to the nearest couch. "Now sit down like a good boy." Sam orders seductively. Jarred willingly obeys like a little boy awaiting punishment. Sam puts her hand on his shoulder and spreads her firm legs over his and starts to kiss him.

Jarred unable to resist his urge to touch her butt any longer so he gives it a quick spank before grasping roughly, there tongues dance in one another's mouth. "Well, well, well I guess I caught you in the act Jarred." A voice out of nowhere intrudes.

"What the hell?" Jarred says nervously. A cop walks out of the shadows. "I have been investigating you constantly bringing this young girl here and I was right about your actions." "Who are you?" Jarred says nearly having a nervous breakdown. "I am the law enforcement here, my name is Bill and you are screwed man.

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Well not in the way you would hope. You are going to be put away for a long time." Says Bill. "No, don't!" Sam screams. "Don't put me away surely you can find it in you to let me go." Jarred begs. The officer takes a nice hard look at Sam's body and was quite impressed, firm body, pretty face, beautiful boobs and a remarkable ass. "Why should I, I have put away people for far less then this. But maybe we can strike a deal." Bill proposes still checking out this young girl.

"What is it anything?" Jarred says in panic. "I want to have some fun with that pretty young girl you got there." Bill says abruptly. "What are you kidding me? That's what you were going to take me out of here for in the first place!" Jarred yells. "Well I can take you away no harm for me." Bill says. "I'll do it, just promise you won't take him away." Sam begs.

"You don't have to do this Samantha!" Jarred says. "No I want to if it is what it takes to keep us together." Sam says sadly. "You have a smart head on your shoulders girl, now let's have some fun." He says as he takes off his shirt, and Sam sits on a sofa in her lingerie waiting nervously.

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Bill walks up to Sam with only his boxers and his police belt on and puts his hands on her shoulders and rubs up and down feeling the soft skin of her arms. "It's alright girl I'll treat you right." He says then goes in for a gentle make out enjoying the soft touch of her young lips.

Bill switches spots with Sam so she is standing up while Bill is sitting down. "Now you know what to do." Bill says as he takes his boxers off.

Sam stares at his penis hesitantly before she grabs it, and then hesitantly holds it before she slowly lowers in to stick it in her mouth.

"Wow your mouth is nice I like it. Now start sucking and moving your head around." Sam willingly complies. Her head starts bouncing up and down. "Oh yeah that's damn good, no wonder this man taps you every night." Bill says in a raspy tone as if he had trouble saying that from the pleasure of amateur teen couple strip fuck on webcam situation.

Jarred sitting back balling his fists in anger, pissed about this man taking advantage of his girl. He had not thought about it before but he has actually fallen in love with this girl.

Maybe his lust developed into an addiction for her company and her touch. Bill tilts his head back enjoying the sucking of this beautiful girl.

"Ok that's good for now. You did great girl we will most certainly get back to this soon." Bill says as he picks up Samantha like a bride and carries her through the locker rooms and into the kid's pool area. He soon lays her down in the shallow water still in her lingerie with the water half way up her back. Bill lustfully starts kissing her neck and her shoulders while he takes off her lingerie quickly, and forcefully. Sam now completely naked, Jarred notices that she is hardly near this mans size yet she is so capable of giving him and I so much pleasure.

Bill quickly penetrates Sam with powerful thrusts, which makes her moan in surprise. His thrusts are continuous and strong. "Oh I love tight pussy on such a beautiful girl. It's just been so long since I have fucked a girl your age." Rick says creepily. His thrusts started strongly and slowly but shortly his thrusts began going inhumanly fast, Sam screaming pleasurably from his thrusts, it sounded as if she was being beat to death.

It was impossible to tell if he was having an orgasm because he wasn't stopping, it would be way premature to have one now. Hold that thought, Bill stops and starts kissing Sam. "Why did you stop?" Sam asks trying not to sound concerned. "I'm fucking a teen girl, why waste the night in missionary position?" Bill says happily.

He then puts Samantha on top of him in cowgirl position. "Isn't this the same thing?" Sam asks. "You have a lot to learn Sam." Bill says. He puts his hands on her firm hips and starts thrusting her with powerful hits, bouncing her body up and down pounding her moans out roughly. Sam fighting to stay on. Her body bouncing on top of his like a tramp, but Bill still finds the time to spank her ass as she is bouncing on top of him. "Ohh yes." Sam accidentally slips out verbal truth of her pleasure.

Jarred caught off gaurd. I didn't think she would enjoy this, maybe she is just putting on a show to make it quick. The sound of the shallow water splashing between them didn't stop the sound of there bodies colliding roughly. Jarred still watching, for some reason he was starting to enjoy watching someone else enjoy his girl as much as he does. Bill still bouncing Sam on top of him and lesbian idols gape their deep ass holes and plow enormous magic wands cannot help but realize how much he loves that she is so light compared to him.

So he feels the urge to quickly over turn her, but to his pleasure he realizes that the girl had an orgasm.

"I knew you were enjoying this." Bill says proudly, looking at the dazed teen that appears to be unable to focus. "Oh uh yeah." Sam utters making no sense. Bill grabs her mid body and spins her onto her back grabs her right leg and keeps it on top of his elevated arm to brazilian special forces hostage to fuck hard in all holes penetration threesome her legs far apart.

Bill takes a quick glance at her; he notices her eyes are half open this only confirmed her pleasure of his company. His eyes continue to travel her body and then they catch notice her erect nipples and he quickly takes a nice sloppy suck on one they pulls his face back and starts violently thrusting into her tight entrance.

Sam's elevated leg swings from his every thrust. He starts this process for about 5 minutes before there lodand bhose sex full sex stories any visable change. Bill starts going harder and faster, and faster, then quickly stops. "Woah hold on for a second I'm about to cum." He stays in one place for a second. "Ok that was close. Here lay on your stomach." He spins the small exhausted teen over and slips his hands under her waist to lift her butt a little higher to make his next attack a little easier.

Samantha has to keep her face tilted to one side to avoid completely submerging it into the water. "Please don't hurt my butt." Samantha begs. "Naa I don't want to kill you I'll just do you doggy style." Bill says proudly as he inserts into her tight opening.

It doesn't take long for him to get up to speed. The sounds of water and the colliding of there bodies were competing to be the loudest. Jared still watching in astonishment and is liking the site more and more, and is quickly tempted to pleasure himself at the site of another man enjoying his girl so much. How could I even enjoy watching this he doesn't deserve her like I do but I still find myself stupefied. Sam cannot hold it anymore her screams had to be slutty hot milf brandi adores pussy tribbing with teen uma out.

"Oh god please give me more please!" She says as she has herself a unexpected orgasm. Hearing this said caught Bill off guard and sent him over the edge. "Oh shit!" He yells before he starts a large orgasm, he fills her partially before pulling out and spurts it all over her ass and back, he slaps her ass with his dick as he is letting out the remains of a great explosion. He lets go of her and climes off.

"Oh man that was amazing." Bill says proudly as he sits down. "So I guess you are letting Jared off?" Samantha says as she flips over and sits up leaning on one leg. Bill still surprised she remains loyal to him. "Well remember you still owe me a blowjob little girl you aren't off quite yet.

Oh yeah he is almost off the hook till then." Bill says. Jarred walks over, "Hey we had a deal." Jarred says clearly annoyed. "Yeah I am not arresting you yet so calm down, she just owes me one further service its nothing big." Bill replies defensively "You said that you will have some fun with her, and I saw you out there having a blast with her." Jarred says.

"Its ok, I will do it once we both have it in us, but till then I am beat." Samantha mentions. "See there you have it, she is up for it but till then we need some rest." Bill says "Fine but keep it at that!" Jarred orders, "hey, who is the one that is possibly going to be convicted of screwing an under aged girl, and who will they believe? You are the one being done a favor I can hall your ass off any time I damn well please." Bill says "He's right Jarred he is doing you a favor." Samantha says naively.

"I'm starting to wonder." Jarred whispers to himself. "Ok well seeing as I don't got the juice to continue tonight how about I get your number so we can have you cash in the favor?" Bill says bluntly. "Oh yeah." Sam says as he gives her his phone to put in her number. "As for you, you are free of all charges from me, but be careful the other officers might not be as merciful as me, or they might do the same thing either way I doubt you want it to happen." Bill says while he finishes putting on his cloths.

Sam had already put her lingerie back on. "Well I'm off see you again soon Samantha." He says like some sort of high school kid as he walks off.

"Sam do not do anything stupid with that guy." Jarred says with concern. "I won't." she replies quickly as if she was being nagged. "I think it's fair if you give me some head before we leave, I mean I had to watch all that go on." Jarred says like a impatient child. "Eh I'm so tired, but I guess I can do it quickly you never do last." Sam says with a flirty tone.

"Thank god." Jarred unzips his pants cartoon mom sleep son fuk watches as the sneaking bill bailey fucks peta jensen doggystyle teen in her sexy lingerie lick his cock slowly. She soon inserts his erect penis into her mouth and proceeds to go up and down. "Oh damn you have no idea how bad I have needed this." Sam pulls out and licks his penis once over to make it further wet she then returns her mouth to the much needed Jarred, her sucking sounds sloppy on his over moisturized dick.

Jarred moans, her loud sucking continues to pleasure him, "Look into my eyes while you suck." She quickly complies and there eyes meet as her mouth still travels him back and forth. "Ok open wide, its time for me to cum all over your pretty face." He pulls out of her and she opens up as he sets his aim. He starts rubbing himself quickly then lays a large load that first falls onto her forehead and makes its way down her face until it is falling mostly onto her lips and into her mouth.

"Oh yeah that's my good girl." Jarred says as he finishes his load. "Oh god that felt good." Jarred says, Sam smiles, Jarred looks at his girls cum covered face. "Alright that was as amazing as always." Jarred says proudly. "I need to wash up." Sam says as she walks toward the locker room to shower. Jarred watches her leave. I wonder if she is considering seeing that man again.

10 minutes later she comes out and retrieves her cloths. "You ready to go home?" Jarred asks the worn out teen. "Yeah lets go." Samantha says as she finished dressing. "Are you able to come home with me tonight?" Jarred asks.

"Yeah I told my parents I was staying at a friend's house again." She states. They go out to the car and start heading home, but Jarred still has thoughts spiraling with the doubts of Sam, could she possibly become attached to him the same way she to me? They get back to Jarred's place and Sam was quick to slip into her underwear and climb into the bed ready to fall asleep. Jarred climbs in and wraps his arms around her in a spoon fashion as she falls asleep.

I hope I am just overreacting Jarred thinks before he falls asleep as well. To be continued.