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Stacked teen creampie shi reeves brunette big tits
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Part One. Jon twisted the shower control and was rewarded with an ice cold gush of water in his face. "Have you got it warm enough yet?" came the whisper from the other side of the curtain. "No!" he gasped.

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"Just getting warm now," he added a few seconds later. The curtain parted, and Bianca slipped in beside him, and promptly positioned herself under the jet of water.

Jon, slightly perplexed, stepped back, duly allowing his girl to rinse her wavy golden hair. He liked the way she looked, with the steam swirling in clouds around her, her smooth skin glistening as the water ran off it. He took in her firm medium sized breasts, noticing her nipples were slightly extended, moving down to her toned stomach and to where her lightly trimmed pubic hair lead down between her elegant and shapely legs.

Bianca squirted some shower gel into her hand, and proceeded to massage it into Jon's chest. She made large circles to start with, then her hands dipped to rub it into his lightly muscled torso too.

Jon decided to be proactive, and grabbed the soap, and squirted some on to Bianca's chest. She moaned softly when he started to massage it in. "Oh Jon baby, that feels good…" Jon brought one hand up to her face, and gently caressed her cheek. Responding to his touch, Bianca moved forward, meeting him halfway in a gentle kiss. Jon moved his other hand southwards, trailing his fingers across her stomach down through her light bush and nestled in her pink folds to stroke her clit.

Bianca broke the kiss, and leaned backwards to support herself in the wall behind her, effectively spreading her legs slightly, giving Jon better access to her damp pussy. Jon continued to work his fingers around her clitoris, sometimes switching to dip them in her honey pot, only to resume stroking her clit.

Bianca was whimpering quietly, her eyes screwed shut in pleasure, the water directing on to her chest, cascading over her now fully erect nipples. Still working his hand, Jon took one of her breasts in his mouth, biting down gently on the nipple, causing her pussy to spasm around his hand, her juices lightly coating his fingers.

She had bitten her bottom lip in an attempt to stop crying out. When her orgasm had subsided, she made Jon turn round so he had her back to her, positioning him under the stream of water. Taking some more soap, she firmly massaged his back for a few minutes, working out any knots she could find. However, she managed to work her way down to his firm buttocks, giving that a quick massage, before slipping her hands around Jon's waist, planting both hands on his manhood, semi-erect after her massage.

Working her hands up and down the length of his dick, sometimes both together, otherwise alternately, altering her speed continually, she hugged herself into his back, grinding her pubic mound into his ass at the same time. Jon finding it hard to stand up properly, leant forward, supporting himself on the wall in front of him. The water felt good on his back, as did Bianca's nipples as they pressed into him.

They continued in this fashion until his balls tightened and his seed splashed on the wall in front of him. After a few spurts, Bianca knelt on the shower floor in front of him and took his rod into her mouth, pumping his shaft, milking any sperm that was left. She let his penis go with a loud pop, and gave him a smile, slowly and deliberately licking her lips.

"What have you got planned for today, Jonny baby?" she asked him as they washed their own bodies quickly. "Well, there's still that Criminal exam bratty sis saved by tight teen pussy with rosalyn sphinx se revise for I anime hentai wife raped by brother in law, though seachsleeping mom sex sleeping pill son is a welcome distraction at the moment." He switched off the water and reached around the curtain for their towels.

"Like sex?" "Especially sex," he said with a grin, while drying himself off. "With anyone in particular, or just in general?" she asked teasingly. "Well… I don't really mind who I have sex with…" He trailed off when she crossed her arms and pouted at him sulkily.

"But nothing compares to sex with you," he added hastily. Her expression softened and she wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a quick peck. "Awww… you really are the cutest guy ever. And to think if I'd never asked you to help me revise, we could have continually ignored each other." Jon, wrapping his towel around his waist, looked at her.

"Hang on… I was going to ask you about ten minutes later, that's a bit unfair!" She was still smiling. "I do love winding you up, you get so serious." Jon, looking slightly bemused, stuck his head out of the shower, checking to see if the coast was clear.

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He listened, and hearing nothing but silence, stepped out, promptly followed by Bianca, also cocooned in her towel. A similar pattern continued i pay good money for some sex the door. When they were both in the corridor, Jon said his goodbye's, gave his girl a quick peck, and returned to his room. *** Part Two. "Hey buddy," Niall said when Jon entered his neighbour's room, a while later. "Hows things going Bianca-wise?" Jon just smiled.

"That good huh, she must be one hell of a lay," his friend commented. "Hey, that's harsh. She's got a great personality too, she cares man, so feel free to get off her back. She's not just transport for breasts." "So there's more to her than just breasts?

You'll have to introduce me to her, see if I can work my northern charm on her." "She's not easily persuaded mate, you'll have a helluva job on your hands," Jon said defensively.

"Oh believe me mate, I'm only kidding, you two make such a good couple." "Thanks man," Jon said, slapping his mate on the back. "So what's the plan for the rest of the day dude? Still busy book-worming? Got any more 'group studying' to do?" "Oh sure man, I thought I'd like the afternoon to do some proper studying, before resuming my 'studying' with Bianca tonight," Jon replied with a wink.

"Sounds good… Well, I'd better get back on with this project thing mate, so I'll see you at tea time." "Sure," Jon replied, halfway out the door. Unlocking his door, Jon cast his mind back over the last twenty-four hours. This time yesterday he could have only dreamt of what had happened since. She's an amazing woman, he thought. Thanking his lucky stars, he picked up his pen, opened his file, found his pad of paper, and began writing everything he could down about his next Criminal law topic.

He was awoken from his work by a knock at the door. "Howdy!" he shouted. "Hello gorgeous, whatcha doing?" Bianca said opening the door. She was dressed in a white sports top with navy blue sports shorts and holding a tennis racquet in her hand. "Well, busy revising right now.

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Unless you can persuade me otherwise," he added, with an eyebrow raised quizzically. She laughed and waved the racquets at him. "Yes you sexy hunk of a man, I want you to do me with this." Jon's jaw dropped.

"Oh you're so silly, y'know that? As if I'd have one of these thrusting in out of me, when I've got specially designed toys to do that. And I need to start carrying around a camera with me for when I wind you up, just to capture your expression." Jon was finding the image of Bianca masturbating one rather hard to shake.

I wonder if that could be arranged, he thought. "Helloooooo, earth calling Sexy Spaceman Jon, come in please," he heard.

"Sorry," he said, snapping back to reality. "What did you say?" "I said, did you want to play tennis with me? As in the sporty kind, not the tonsil kind," she said, pointing to her sport-wear.

Jon looked down at his page of notes, then up at his dream girl in front of him a couple of times, trying to get his brain in gear, and not just his dick. "You're not convinced are you." Jon shook his head. She struck a thoughtful pornamilia onyx and ryan madison. "OK then, so if the idea of us sweating and burning off calories doesn't appeal, then can I tempt you with doubles? I could easily find two of my friends who'd welcome a revision distraction." Jon tried as hard as possible to keep a neutral face, partly not sure if she was winding him up again, and partly to try to prevent him from losing complete control.

Bianca was the kind of girl who just didn't know ugly people. She looked at him over her glasses. That did it for him, there was no way he could resist such a sultry look. "OK then, you're on. Give me say… fifteen minutes? And I'll be there." "Fantastic! You're simply awesome. See ya in a bit then, we'll be ready and waiting…" With that, Bianca left, leaving Jon slightly dazed, still trying to work out whether she was talking about the tennis sexy blonde sucks on a big pole something else.

Ah well, teen hates cum getting naughty on grandpas thought, I could do with getting out of this room for an hour or so. Can't do any harm.

*** Part Three. "That was so out! That was like a foot outside the base line, there's no way you're having that!" Jon was sprawled on the concrete having just failed to return one of Bianca's back hand rockets, while his partner, Holly, was standing at the net remonstrating with Bianca and her partner Frederica, who everyone called Fred or Freddy for short.

Pulling himself up, he walked over to Holly, trying to pull her away from the net to get her in position for Bianca's next serve. "C'mon luv, there's no need to argue about it. Let them cheat now, and it'll come back and haunt them," he said quietly in her ear. Holly's shoulders slumped and she stamped her foot in frustration. "It's just not fair Jon, that was never in, never ever ever." Jon looked down at the buxom brunette in front of him, who was frowning, wrinkles spread across her forehead.

"OK, so life bites you in the ass sometimes. Lets just get on with the game hey? After all it's only a game." Holly blinked a couple of times, and eventually nodded. Her baby blue eyes were steely with determination, Jon noticed. Obviously she was smarting from having her friends not treat her fairly. And she wasn't going to let them get away with it.

Jon, satisfied she was going to let it go, turned away and returned to his position on the base line. Knees bent, spinning his racket in his hands, he awaited Bianca's serve, brows furrowed in concentration. Bianca was having a quick conversation with her partner.

Freddy had black curly hair down past shoulder length, and she was fiddling with her hair band, which was keeping her fringe out of her eyes. She had blue-green eyes, her eyelids heavily coated in dark eye shadow. She was quite tall, around six feet, and was quite proportionately slim. Turning away from each other, satisfied they had a plan, Bianca bounced the ball a couple of times. She threw it up in the air, and dispatched it over the net.

It reached Jon at about waist height, and he swung a back hand back at it, landing it right at Freddy's feet. She stepped back and lobbed it back over the net. It came at a nice height for Holly to smash it with her forehand, neatly splitting the two girls, landing just inside the base line. It crashed into the fence behind them with a loud thud.

Holly turned on her heel, and resumed her position, awaiting the next delivery, her expression unchanged. Jon, Bianca and Freddy all exchanged glances.

Well, lets hope that got her stress out, he thought. Freddy lobbed a ball to Holly. "Hey, Holz, it's your serve girl." They were playing for serve, rather than following the tennis scoring system. Jon had never played like this before, but as they weren't keeping score, it seemed quite a logical way to do it. Holly, jaw clenched, sent over her serve. It bounced quite sharply, reaching Freddy at around head height.

Closing her eyes, she swung her racket at it, catching it perfectly. She heard what sounded like a choking gasp. Opening her eyes, she saw a stricken Jon, flat on his back just on his side of the net, hands clutching his stomach.

Dropping her racket, she rushed over with Bianca, and asked him what happened. "Didn't m-move… move out the… the way.

C-c-caught me… in the stomach…" he replied, wincing in pain and gasping for air. "C'mon Jon, lets have a look you big sissy," Bianca said, rolling up his t-shirt. She moved his hands out the way, and revealed a tennis ball sized mark, already turning angry red, on the left hand side of his upper abdomen.

The three girls tried to stifle their giggles. "Blimey Jon, you've got a pearler of a mark there, that's almost perfect," Freddy said. Jon's eyes opened in a flash, and he glanced down at the source of his pain. He groaned. "Is there any ice close to hand?" Bianca asked, trying to think of something practical to do. "Yeah, I've got some in my freezer I think," Holly replied. "Fantastic, can you wrap it in a tea towel or something and bring it back?" "Sure, I'll be right back.

You coming Fred?" Freddy and Holly disappeared off in search of ice. Bianca remained crouched on her knees rubbing Jon's shoulder reassuringly. "It's OK my love, don't worry. Try and breathe normally, the girls will be back in a minute." Jon tried to control his breathing, taking big gulps of air.

"Do they… know… about us?" he asked between gulps. "Yep, I did mention it to them that we had sex," she replied with no hesitation. "They're cool about it," she added when his eyes widened.

"Nothing to be scared of sexy man, don't worry. They're pleased I think, they amateur roe wanks her plastic penis yanks featured video hairy armpits you're cute. And being a wounded soldier is a big turn on, makes you seem quite heroic I think." Jon closed his eyes again, and nodded slowly.

Bianca continued rubbing his shoulder. "Here we go Jon," Bianca said when Holly and Freddy returned, placing the cool compress on his stomach. Jon sighed when he felt the compress began to take effect. "Jon, I'm so sorry," Freddy told him. "Don't be… It was my fault… for not reacting quick… enough," he replied, still gasping slightly. "Well I still feel guilty, I never meant to hurt you." "It's fine… Honestly…" When he felt a bit better, the three girls helped him up on to his feet.

Still holding the ice against his stomach, Holly and Freddy picked up the rackets, while Bianca put an arm round Jon's waist, and helped him back inside the hall building. She took him to his room, and unlocked his door with his keys, helping him over to his bed. Holly and Freddy followed them in. "Wow Jon, cool room you got here. Liking the posters," Holly commented, looking at his posters of different landscapes, tropical and otherwise.

"Thanks," he replied, still short of breath, now lying on his bed. Bianca perched on the end of his bed, Freddy took the chair next to his sink, and Holly sat down on his desk chair. With all three girls looking at him, wearing concerned expressions, Jon tried his best to give a reassuring smile.

"I'm OK, still hurts a bit, but I'll be fine in a bit." Bianca patted his leg. "OK, but we're all staying til you do." "I can't complain with that." The girls all laughed.

There was a knock at the door. "Jonny boy, it's Niall, mate," came the call. "Come in!" Jon called back, slightly hoarsely. "Hey matey… Woah! What's going on in here?" Niall asked when he saw Jon had company. "Nothing mate… nothing. Just being looked after. Had a tennis accident." "OK… What sort of tennis accident? Someone stab you with a racket?" "Nope.

I got a ball in the stomach." Niall grinned. "Is that as bad as it sounds?" Jon lifted his ice pack. Niall threesome fuck party for horny grandpa tube porn over.

"Blimey mate, that's perfect… Gonna have one helluva bruise there. You've even got a pattern on it…" He looked at the three girls. "So who's guilty?" Freddy put her hand up. "Me. I caught one of Holz's serves perfectly, and he just didn't react quick enough." "Ah. Slow reactions eh? Well, I'll leave you in these capable hands my friend.

See you at dinner." "Cheers mate, see you then." Not used to entertaining more than one person at a time, Jon's mind was in overdrive. I wish they'd all surround me and start stroking my limbs or something, rather than just sit there and look at me, he thought. Or start kissing each other; just something other than sitting there looking all cute and concerned. As if they'd read his mind Freddy and Holly stood up.

"Hey Bianca, I think we're gonna get showers in. Bit sweaty after all that tennis. Nice to meet you Jon!" Holly said. They both gave coy waves and left. Dammit, Jon thought to himself. Jon and Bianca were left looking at each other. "I hope they didn't mean showers together," Jon said. "You mean, you hope they're showering together?" Bianca asked innocently. Jon paused. "That pause told me everything I wanted to know," Bianca said with a grin.

"I've got you figured out you hunk. You've got a dirty mind underneath all that shyness." Jon felt his cheeks begin to burn.

"OK, OK, I admit it. I wish they were showering together," he admitted, holding his hands up in defence. "Oh really? What exactly do you wish they were doing while they shower together?" Evil, pure evil, Jon thought. How the hell am I supposed to tell her what I wish they were doing without sounding like some kind of pervert. Though I am a pervert. Every guy's a pervert to some extent. Dammit… "Y'know… Washing each other? That kind of stuff? C'mon, y'know, it's obvious isn't it?" Not the most satisfactory answer under pressure, he thought.

"Well no, I haven't got a clue what you're thinking. I'm just wondering if you're thinking along similar lines to what I'd imagine them doing." Jon's eyes widened, and his mouth fell open. "You m-m-mean… You t-t-think ab-bout it t-too?" he said in disbelief, the pitch of his voice raising slightly. "Oh yes… I could definitely get off on imagining two of my friends having a shower together," she said, tucking her hair behind her ears. "R-r-really? Well that's g-great," Jon mumbled.

There was an awkward silence. "So what do you think they're doing right now, sexy man?" she asked him eventually, putting her hand on his cheek, caressing it gently. Jon noticed a lusty edge to her words. She was leaning over him now, her eyes filling with erotic fire. "Well… ermmm… I'd imagine that… Freddy would be soaping up… Holly's… breasts," he said finally, the image causing his dick to harden in his shorts.

She straddled his hips, sitting on his growing erection. "And how would she be doing that?" Bianca asked softly. "Crumbs… I dunno… little circles maybe?

Softly caressing them?" "Show me…" Her voice was filled with her arousal now, her eyes flaming with desire. Jon put his hands on her breasts and began massaging them slowly through her top. "Oh Jon baby… That feels so good," she purred. "What would they do next?" "Ermmm… I reckon that… Holly would start soaping Freddy in more… intimate places." She raised an eyebrow. "And how would that feel?" Jon stopped massaging her breasts and trailed his hands down to her crotch, where he began fondling her genitals through her shorts, noticing that a damp patch had formed skinny girlfriend facial tube porn the entrance to her pussy.

Moving over her shorts lightly, he felt her shiver, as he gently stroked her inner thighs, continually moving in circles. She let out a small moan heavy assed beauty lilith lee gets her juicy pussy pounded striptease and pornstars he stroked up and down her slit, and began circling her clit through the dampening material.

"Oh Jonny baby, you make me so horny… Don't stop you tease, don't stop," she whispered hoarsely. Jon kept rubbing her slit through her shorts, pressing harder on her sensitive spot, as he made his circuit around her clothed genitals.

When she could stand it no more, she jumped off the bed, stripped off her top and sports bra, her breasts bouncing loose. "Strip off those shorts you tease, I need some release!" she cried. Jon, not wanting to disappoint, slipped his shorts and underwear off, his erection springing free.

"Oh my… has it grown? I need it in me big boy, hold it up for me…" Once again, following her instructions, Jon grasped his penis by the base, holding it upright.

Bianca climbed back on the bed, kneeling over his girth. He positioned the head of his shaft at the entrance to her glistening pussy. Without any warning, she impaled herself on his length right to the hilt, letting out a shriek of pleasure. "Oh Bianca, you're so wet and tight… Oh my God…" Jon moaned. "OK my wounded hero, you just lie there and let me do the work," she said, her voice heavy with lust.

She started off slowly, savouring each stroke, moving very slowly and deliberately. Switching so she was now crouching on her feet, she leaned forward, planted both hands on his face and kissed him hungrily. Jon brought his hands up to her bosom, and began making random patterns on her breasts, his fingers gliding over her smooth, creamy skin. When he began to tweak her nipples, this heightened her desire further.

Leaning backwards as far as she could, putting her hands behind her to support her weight, she began to ride his cock like her life depended on it. There was no talking this time, esra ceyda kardesler hava durumu sunucusu ciplak black guyanadultcom had her face contorted in concentration, the only sounds being the sister wives xxx a porn parody xxx noises of their intercourse, and their heavy breathing.

Jon continued to play with her breasts, as her hips rose and fell over his engorged manhood, continually spearing her insides. She was now supporting herself on the one hand, fast time sex raj wap her clit with the other and gradually gaining pace on her gyrations.

Jon liked the sensation of her fingers rubbing against his dick, as she continued to bounce up and down. As she approached her orgasm, Jon felt her pussy begin to contract around his penis, and with every thrust, she gave a little squeal. She threw herself backwards hard, her shoulders began to shudder as if she were drilling the road, her mouth open as her eyes were screwed shut. She rested on her hands and feet, as her whole body quivered around Jon's erection, her juices running down into his pubic hair.

When her orgasm had subsided, she leaned forward, clambered off the cock inside her, and cuddled up to Jon's chest. "I needed that," she whispered. "I could tell," Jon replied. "Never quite been ridden so forcefully as that." "I didn't hurt you did I?" "Nope, not hurting any more than I was." She made a contented grunt, then asked, "Is your stomach feeling any better?" "A little, I guess." "OK." She sighed, and snuggled in closer. "I like being with you. You make me feel… safe I guess.

Like nothing bad can happen. And then you're amazing in bed as well, so it's all good really." Jon looked taken aback at the naked figure, snuggling into his chest. "Thanks," he said after a while and held her even tighter. *** Part Four. After discovering that the ice had melted all over his bed, something else Jon was able to curse about, he changed his sheets and settled down to do some work before dinner.

When Niall came knocking, they trundled off to the dining area. Collecting the meal of the day from the kitchen, the two guys settled down at an empty table, where they were joined by other lads from the hall. Exchanging formalities, ordinary male banter was exchanged throughout the meal, concerning football, cricket, which girl was wearing the most revealing top that day and any other topical matters. When the crowd thinned out, Jon and Niall were left sat by themselves, letting their food digest.

A couple of tables away, Jon noticed Bianca sitting among her friends. Niall spotted where his mate's gaze was directed. "You two getting along then?" Jon snapped back to the table he was sat at. "Yes mate, we're getting along quite well. She's quite a woman." "Hell yeah, I'm with you on that one. Have you met any of her friends?" Niall asked innocently. "Apart from Holly and Frederica, I've not met anyone else." "Ah right.

Are they nice?" "Yeah, they're pretty. And good to talk to, y'know, not shy or horrible or anything. Nice people to be around." Jon took a swig of his drink. "So why d'you ask?" "No reason," Niall said becoming enormously preoccupied with the water in his glass. "You fancy one of them don't you," Jon said poking his friend in the ribs.

"Don't be ridiculous," Niall replied, not quite making eye contact. "You do, I can tell by the way you're not quite looking at me." "No I don't!" "There's nothing to be ashamed of mate, which one is it?" Niall looked at Jon bashfully and sighed. "Karla." "Which one's Karla?" Jon asked, straining his neck to try and get a good look at the girls in the group. "The blond one with her back to us. Swedish lass.

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I bumped into her in the central library the other day at uni, and we had a good old natter." "About what?" "Well, we were passing on the stairs and she gave me this look of recognition, so I turned round. And so did she. And she asked me if I was in this hall, cos she thought she'd seen me somewhere before. I said I was. Then we went and got a coffee." "Nice work man.

She's got a nice back to her head." "Well, you'll see her face when she stands up, you moron." At that moment, the girls on that table all pushed their chairs back, and stood up. Bianca was looking around the room. When she saw Jon, she hurried over.

"Hello gorgeous, how's that injury of yours?" she asked. Jon winced. "Well it's giving me a bit of jip," he said, trying to keep a straight face. Bianca caught the beginnings of a smile on his face, and poked him in the chest.

"Don't start kidding around with me Jonny boy, you won't get away with it." "OK OK, it's fine. Nice and purple now. And Niall was right, got a very clear pattern on it." "Right. Well, I came over to ask if you were going to the bar tonight, as all the girls over there," she said waving her hand over her shoulder at the group of girls calling her and looking generally impatient, "are going, and there's one of them, who wants to know if Niall here, is going.

And if he's going, will Mr Sex here be joining him?" The two guys exchanged glances. "Well…" Jon started. "I guess…" "…we could." "What kind of time?" "Nine?" Bianca looked at them both. "You two are such a double act, it's weird. Yeah, we'll be down there at nine. See you then." She gave Jon a quick kiss on the lips, and disappeared towards her group.

Jon turned to look at Niall, who was busy watching Bianca walk away, her ass moving from side to side as she sashayed her way through the chairs. "Hey! That's my girl you're watching, and you've got your eyes out on stalks!" Niall shook his head quickly.

"Sorry 'Mr Sex', she's quite something. She just has this mesmerising effect, you can't but help to watch her leave. It's like her ass has a mind of its own." Jon, leaning on an elbow, joined Niall in watching Bianca walk away. "Now that would be scary." Niall nodded, and stood up. "Yes mate, but I think we've found it exists." *** Part Five. "You reckon Bianca's ass has a mind of its own?" Tim said incredulously.

"How does that work?" He pushed Jon's pint forward, having just filled it from the tap. "Well, have you ever watched it leave a room? There's like some kind of magnetic effect on you, y'know, you just can't help but watch it leave," Niall commented, taking a sip from his own pint. "I completely agree. I'll have any rights to the rest of her body, but it seems a shame to be possessive of her ass. I'll have the naked rights of course, but that's a different matter," Jon said, picking his pint up off the bar and taking a gulp.

"Naked rights?" Tim was looking rather confused. "Yeah, y'know, she can't take her clothes off for anyone else but me," Jon explained. "Ah, I'm with you now. But how does her ass have a mind of its own?" Jon looked over at Niall, who replied, while gazing in the girls' general direction, "Just the way it moves, it seems to move independently to the rest of her body. And it's something that you can't help but watch and appreciate." He looked back at Jon.

"That's deep man, I'm not sure it's the right occasion to show off your depth," Jon said, taking another swig of beer.

"OK, point taken. Save deep for later?" "That would be a start, Karla might like guys who go deep," Jon said straight faced.

"Oh ha ha…" Niall said sarcastically. "So when should we go over?" "Have they been to the toilet in the last few minutes?" Jon asked. "I haven't noticed," Niall replied.

"Right, well they'll probably be going in a minute, they've nearly finished drinks." "So we wait til they get back?" Jon nodded. "It's just so we don't end up sat there looking like gooseberries while they all go to the ladies." "As opposed to being sat at the bar looking like gooseberries?" "We're not being gooseberries, we're talking to Tim," Jon said, pointing to the barman, stood behind them, on the other side of the bar counter.

"Yeah, and I've got people to serve. Excuse me," Tim said, going to serve some guys at the other end of the bar. "OK, so we could be considered gooseberries now?" "Nah, Tim'll be back in a sec." When the girls stood up and disappeared towards the toilets, Jon gave Niall a nudge.

"There we go mate, give them five minutes, and we'll be in." Niall nodded. "OK. Any suggested topics for conversation?" "I've got nothing. I'll wait and see what Bianca says I think, amazing busty milf and sexy teen enjoys a fantastic threesome action deepthroat and hardcore good at breaking silences," Jon said, shrugging his shoulders. He finished the dregs of his pint. "OK mate, I just hope Karla's feeling talkative." Niall did likewise with his drink.

When the girls returned, the two guys walked over to their table, pulling up stools from an empty, nearby one. "Hello gorgeous," Bianca said, giving Jon a beaming smile. He was pleased to see her wearing a light blue low cut top, which gave him the perfect excuse to steal quick glances at her cleavage. "This is Karla," she pointed to the blonde sat on her left wearing a white vest top which too, highlighted her womanly curves.

"You've met Freddy and Holly," who waved at him. "That's Tasha and that's Kristen," she finished, pointing to the pair of brunettes sat on her right, who smiled and waved shyly. Tasha was wearing a black sparkly top, her hair tied back in a pony tail. Kristen had her hair hung loosely around her shoulders, wearing a black and white polka dot blouse.

"Everybody, this is Niall. Niall, this is everybody." "Hi Niall!" came the chorus. Freddy budged along to allow him to sit down between her and Karla, promptly being engaged in formalities by the Swede. "How's the stomach now?" Bianca asked as Jon settled between her and Kristen. "A little sore I guess. Nothing major though, not swollen or anything," he replied.

"OK, that's cool. We were just telling the girls what happened." "Ah right," Jon said leaving a slight pause. "Did they find it funny?" he asked. Kristen turned to him. "It was quite funny actually," she said with an Irish lilt.

"Can I see it?" Jon couldn't see the harm with that, and pulled his t-shirt up, exposing his toned torso, and the now infamous circular bruise. "Wow, it is perfect, Fred wasn't kidding," Kristen commented, stifling a giggle. "Crikey, you've got nice abs, you must work out a lot," was Tasha's comment. Jon blushed, dismissing the comments with a wave of his hand. "So what's the plan for tonight?" "Well, sexy man, we're all going to have a few drinks.

Then the girls are going off to a club somewhere. But I've got a surprise I want to show you, so we can always stay in, if you want to," Bianca said innocently. Jon weighed up the options. Stay in with this gorgeous creature and have another night like the last one? Or go out and show her off? Hmmm… "Well to sexy blonde girlfriend fucks and sucks watch part on pornavacom honest, if I went out, I'd like to drink, and I'm not keen on waking up tomorrow hungover with all this work on.

So I'll take the surprise option I think," he decided. She smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that," she said, tapping him on the nose. "Shall we stay for a bit though, unless you're in a rush?" "Nope, not in any particular rush." "OK. Would you like a refill?" she asked him, pointing to his pint glass.

"Go on then," Jon said, handing her his glass. As he watched her walk to the bar, busty girl playing with a fake dick her ass, he tried to guess what her surprise might be.

Something sexual? Crumbs, I don't even know if it is sexual, he thought. He decided sweet girls like to please each other try and assess how Niall was getting on. Glancing across at his mate, he saw Karla gazing into Niall eyes, listening intently to whatever he was talking about.

Freddy and Holly also seemed quite interested in what he had to say. Returning with drinks, she set them down on the table, sat down, and rested her head on Jon's shoulder. He put an arm round her waist, and she snuggled closer. "Awww… You two seem to make such a good couple," Kristen commented. Bianca looked up at Jon. "D'you think we make a good couple, sexy man?" Jon considered this for a few moments. "Yeah," he replied. "I think we do make a good couple." "That's it?

Just total agreement?" "Well… yeah, I've got nothing to add really. We make a good couple already…" he trailed off. She was looking at him with a questioning expression. "What d'you want me to say?" he asked, a hint of desperation in his voice when she still remained silent. She smiled at him. "Nothing gorgeous. I wanted to hear you say that.

Just that." Just her winding him up again. "Oh. OK…" Niall's conversation had seemingly reached a stopping point, with the three girls laughing. He just shrugged his shoulders at Jon across the table. Jon gave him a thumbs up. When they had finished, they were all taking sips of their drinks.

Breaking the silence, Niall said, "Sooooo… lesbians," and then clamped his hand over his mouth realising the company he was keeping. The girls fell about in hysterics. "My God Niall, what a thing to say!" Bianca said through her laughter. "I'm so sorry, it's what I normally say in a group of guys to break the silence," Niall said holding his hands up in apology, looking rather surprised to see them all laughing rather than looking horrified.

"It's OK mate, I think with this group of girls there's not much that you could say to offend them," Jon reassured him. When they had all calmed down, Karla turned to Niall and asked, "Do you like lesbians then?" Jon smiled to himself at this.

It was a discussion Niall and he had had several times with various people. Niall cleared his throat. "No, not lesbians as such." Everyone was now facing him, putting him under the spotlight.

"How d'you mean?" Tasha asked him, sounding confused. "Well, the correct term for what I like and most other guys I'd imagine, is 'girl on girl action'." "Girl on girl action?" Kristen asked. Niall took a large gulp of his pint, trying to gain some courage.

"Yeah. Think about it. With girl on girl action, there's no connotation or presumption of sexuality. It's just two or more girls doing whatever they do with other girls. Girls know each other probably better than guys, girls know what turns other girls on. And they're a lot more sensitive and stuff, and probably more altruistic. Guys have their own agenda." Jon just nodded in agreement. The six girls looked a little taken aback at this.

Niall continued. "And if they're lesbian, there's no male involvement either." He finished by downing his pint, and slamming his glass on the table. The girls were seemingly trying to take aboard everything he'd said.

"So, you like bisexual girls then," Bianca said slowly. "Yep. Well, I like to watch bisexual girls in porn, yes." "Ever seen it in real life?" Jon noticed a twinkle in Bianca's eye.

Here we go, he thought, she's up to something here. Niall's voice failed him as obviously a similar thought to Jon's crossed his mind. He shook his head slowly. To the guys' utter disbelief, time seemed to stop around them, the bar becoming completely silent as Bianca turned to Karla next to her, leaned forward and kissed her gently full on the mouth.

Karla's eyes widened momentarily, but she responded positively, bringing her hand up to gently caress Bianca's cheek, as the two girls became more involved in the kiss. When they finished, Bianca gave Karla a little peck. "How was that for you?" she asked the two lads. Jon and Niall were looking at each other, mouths wide open.

Jon regained the power of speech first. "That was unreal," he said disbelievingly. "I really can't believe that just happened." Niall looked frozen, his jaw still hanging open. Bianca smiled sweetly at him, tucking her hair behind her ears and rearranging her glasses. "And now my man, your surprise awaits." Taking Jon by the hand, she hauled him up and dragged him out of the bar, with him still looking back at the table where he had just witnessed one of his fantasies happen before his own eyes.