These babes do not need a cock

These babes do not need a cock
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We were on a family vacation on St. Maarten Island in the Caribbean. The weather was perfect with high temps in the low eighties and light winds. There were a few afternoon showers but they did not last long. Our condo was on the edge of town with a view of the ocean but big tit charlee chase housewife confessions pt was not directly on the beach. Mom and Dad preferred to spend the days around town or relaxing at the condo.

My sister, Ann and I wanted to spend most of our time at the beach. On our third day we told Mom and Dad that we were going to the beach and Mom gave us the usual instructions including staying together in the buddy system for safety.

I didn't like the idea because Fran was 18, almost a year younger than me and I wanted to meet and hang out with others of my age, hopefully meeting a girl to spend some time with. I had just turned nineteen a couple months before. Rules were rules and I understood why my parents thought what they did.

Adorable brunette teen covered in whipped cream then fucked least sometimes they kept Fran with them and let me go on my own. This day we decided to go for a long walk down the beach. After about a half hour walk we came to a sign. "ORIENT BEACH STARTS IN 200 FEET. FULL NUDITY IS ALLOWED" I took Ann's hand and started to turn her around and go back the other way.

She stopped in her tracks. "I want to go there. Let's keep going." I asked her if she knew what a nude beach was. That was a silly question.

Of course she said yes. Then I asked her if she really wanted to keep going. Again the answer was yes. I knew that I really wanted to go on but I was not sure that I should let my little sister go to a nude beach and see all the naked people. She dragged me past the sign toward the second sign that said Orient Beach starts here. We were not fifty feet past the sign when we saw our first nude couple at the shore.

They were in their early twenties and both in great shape. "Wow", we both said almost at the same time. Ann grabbed the beach blanket I was carrying and spread it out on the sand.

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"Get out of your clothes. We've gotta be nude too", Ann said as she started stripping out of her pink two piece swim suit. I looked at her with some shock but soon, we were both standing there naked as the day we were born. I looked at my kid sister and she was not a kid any more.

She had a slim body and no baby fat. Between her legs there was a small amount of pubic hair and her boobs looked like they were about to graduate from A-cups to B-cups but they had nice firm, erect nipples. She looked at me and my package and said, "Very nice, Big Brother." We left our things on the beach blanket and walked down the beach looking at all the people.

We walked side by side but not hand in hand. Every once in a while one of us would point out some other person to each other with comments like, "I bet she is pregnant or wow, I've never seen a guy with so much hair all over his body." "I've gotta go potty", my sister said.

I told her to go in the water and do it but she said that she had to crap not pee. We looked around and saw a sigh that said 'Toilets' by a path that went away from the shore.

We walked up the path and on a smaller side path, there were several port-a-potties. She went in and used one. When she came out, we saw a smaller path that looked like it went straighter back to the beach so we went on that one.

Invasion of a gigantic knob hardcore and blowjob we walked, the path got smaller and we saw a couple that looked like they were in their early thirties.

They were off the side of the path on a patch of grass. He was on his back and she was down beside him giving him a blowjob. I tried to turn Ann back the other way but she stood her ground. "Get down Paul. I want to watch them." We both dropped to our knees where we would not be seen as easily. The woman had her lips over the man's good sized tool. She was bobbing her head up and down, taking almost his entire shaft in her mouth on each stroke.

You could see from the fact that her cheeks were pulled in that she was giving his prick a good sucking while stroking it with her lips.

I don't know why they call it a blowjob. It should be called a suck job. He was obviously enjoying it. He kept moaning and telling her how good it felt. After a couple minutes he held her head still with most of his cock in her mouth. You could see his hips jerk slightly several times.

The woman pulled off of him, looked at him smiled and licked her lips.

Then they got up and headed back toward the beach. As they passed near where we thought we were hiding, he smiled at us and gave us a thumbs up. Ann looked at me, "Wow, that was something." She saw that I had a big erection.

"Can I do that to you, Paul?" I looked her in the eyes, "Have you ever done it before?" "No, but it looks easy enough and I want to try it." She reached out and took my cock in her hand. It felt great to have my little sister holding my manhood. She pushed me so that I rolled onto my back and positioned her head over my prick. She looked at it for a few seconds and then lowered his mouth to it. On her first i could fuck him all the time she tried too hard to take all of me into her mouth and gagged hard on it when it touched the back of her mouth.

I told her not to try so hard at first, and she got into a good rhythm, only taking about half of my six and a half inches but doing a good job of sucking hard as she ran her lips up and young and hot couple in massag my shaft. A couple times she scraped me with her teeth but not enough for me to complain and a couple times she gaged herself by trying to go to deep.

All in all, she was giving me a great blowjob for her first try. She brought me to a peak and I told her, "Ann, I'm going to come. ANN, I'M GOING TO COME!" She didn't stop so I held her head in place and I blew my load in her mouth. I felt my ball sack tighten and my prick swell. My cock pulsed four times. Each time it blasted a shot of my cum into my little sister's mouth. She gagged and coughed a little but I held her head till I had stopped and then I let go.

She quickly pulled and started spitting the little bit she had not julia ann my friend mom onto the ground. "You bastard., you squirted your stuff in my mouth." "I told you twice that I was getting close and you didn't stop." "I didn't know what you meant." She glared at me with a mad look on her face and a line of my cum still on her chin. We stood up and walked back to the beach. Just as we were getting back to the sand, Ann looked at me and smiled.

"I guess it didn't taste that bad and I really enjoyed doing it." We ran down into the ocean for one more swim. In the water I put my hand between her legs and ran a finger up into her pussy.

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She stepped back and playfully splashed water in my face. I grabbed her from behind, pressed my cock against her ass and grabbed her small tits in my hands. Ann wiggled her ass against me and then broke loose. As she walked back up on the sand, she stuck her tongue out at me while still smiling. We walked back down the beach, put our suits back on, passed the signs that announced the nude beach and headed to our vacation condo.

Along the way I told her, "Next time, I want to lick you between the legs while you are doing it." She replied, "I would like that. It feels really good when I rub myself down there." Mom and Dad greeted us as we walked in. "Well, did you guys have a fun day?" We both answered at the same time, "Yea.

We really did." As per the website rules, all people in this fictional story are at least 18. 913