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Amateur french teen sex on webcam hotbabes and pussy
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I am really glad that you guys rated Megan and I relax Part 2 a way better percentage than my first one. If you guys need any background info od don't get a part than just go on my profile or search it up to get the full scoop on what has happened. Again I apologize for making such bad stories but I hope this will change that. Please do give me feedback as I always love to hear what I can add or do better. And I apologize ahead of time because sometimes it doesn't read the " " and puts them as question marks.

*Update: some people voted negative for Megan and I relax Part 2 making it go down in percent. The school bell rang and the first day back was over. As I waited for Megan to walk over to my car I leaned on it felling to coolest I had ever felt. She was walking with a friend. When they walked to my car, they both got silent and looked at me. I suspected they were talking about something serious. Her friend smiled at me and said "hi Michael"!!

I forced a smile and put my hand up sort of like waving. She looked at me and then at Megan and walked away. I was leaning on the passenger's side this gorgeous teenie college cutie hardcore reality the car so I opened the door for Megan. I saw her friend look back just when I opened the door. She had a worried look on her face. I stared at her and got in my car.

Megan gave me a kiss on the cheek and asked me how my day was. I told her "it was fine except for the stress I'll be getting from school work". She told me "well I know how to solve that.

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I've helped you relive yourself before from it". I just looked at her and smiled. I wanted to talk about her day too and I told her "I saw you with some boys today, are you hooking up with any of them"? She told me in a very shy voice "no they were just talking to me" and looked away.

I wondered what was up and wanted to find out but I could see she didn't want to talk about it. We were on the way to the house when Megan told me "stop here". A turned my head in confusion and wasn't going to stop until I saw her puppy dog face and eyes.

She had always known how to convince me by doing that face and every time dp with big dick in tight ass did that it made her look cuter.

I stopped at the side of the street and asked her what was wrong. She said "nothing, I just wanted to do this" and put her hands behind my head and started to kiss me on the mouth.

She was always the best kisser but this kiss blew me away. I kissed back and we sat back in our seats and waited for a while not saying a word, then she asked me "so how was the kiss"? I replied "the best one I had my whole life". She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "Mike you always know what to say, and you always do everything for me.

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I love you." I told her "I love you more than you can imagine". She looked like she was going to cry and I gave her a hug and a kiss on the head and started the car. When we got there I could hear sniffles and she wiped a tear from her eye.

I jumped out of the car and ran to her side to open the door. She came out and I hugged her and we walked to the door. I unlocked it and I grabbed her bag to put it away for her. She was looking down trying to hide her now flooding eyes from me I walked her upstairs and sat her on black mom with huge really huge ass bed.

She reacted with a huge hug and she was now full on crying.

I asked her "why are you crying? You can tell me anything". She looked as if she was going to say something but paused and then managed to speak and said "it's you, you love me so much and I can't take it.

You always look out for me and always take care of me. You truly do love me, don't you Mike"? I could feel my shirt being drenched with tears as she sniffled really hard and hugged me tighter. We still hugged when I said hot lady lumps receives the messiest cum I will always love you". While I said that I was almost being suffocated because Megan hugged the hardest she could. I kissed her head and said that we should do our homework.

I know homework on the first day that's how it is in my real life. I went down stairs to get her bag and mine and came to her room. I told her "we should get our homework done before mom gets home from work". She nodded and I set her bag on her bed. I headed for my room and she said "Mike, thanks for everything" with a smile. I turned back and said "no problem". "Come downstairs to eat" my mom called from the kitchen. When we were at the table my mom asked how was our first day back.

I told her that mine was the same old same old. Megan didn't say a thing. "Megan"? My mom said. She looked up at me and then at mom and said "it was fine". My mom said "is there something you want to talk about"? Again she looked at me but stayed focused on me and said "no, nothing". She looked down at her food. My mom looked at me and I shrugged. When we were done eating I cleaned the plates and when Megan's eyes met mine I knew something was wrong. She turned away fast and I went back to cleaning the plates.

When I finished I run upstairs and barged into Megan's room. I told her "ok what's wrong"? She didn't look at me. I told her "what happened at school"? She told me "I have a problem at school." she paused then said "I blonde beauties get a rock solid cock about school". I didn't fall for it I knew something happened at school. I said "what about school"? Still looking away she said "I need help with my math homework". I said in a calming voice "Megan you can tell me anything.

It's ok I'm here for you." She shook her head and said "it's just the homework". That night I didn't sleep thinking about Megan's problem. When I woke up I leaped off my bed I took a shower, I changed and walked downstairs. Megan was already there and talking to mom. When she noticed I was there she stopped talking. I told my mom "mom were going to leave now". She told me "but you haven't eaten yet". I told her "I've got more important things to worry about" in a calm voice staring straight at Megan.

She knew I was talking about her. I opened Megan's door and went to open mine.

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I drove fast to school and parked in the closest parking spot. By this time clouds were stirring up and the wind began to blow hard. I took a deep breath trying to cover my frustration.

I told Megan "so what is it what's the problem"? She tried to play dumb "what problem"? I looked at her with no expression and I said "there's something bothering my sister and I am going to find out what it is". She didn't say anything and got out of the car and walked to class without me. "Fight, fight, fight" the kids circling around us yelled. Earlier I was looking down wall street boss makes male staff strip hardcore and mature hall when I spotted my sister walking with one of the guys she was with yesterday.

The kid kissed her and Megan pulled away and tried to leave. The other boys circled her as the same boy went and kissed her again. Now I knew the problem. I threw my backpack on the ground and charge straight for the group of brother sister and girlfriend threesome. When I got there I rammed some of the kids surrounding Megan and went for the kid trying to kiss Megan.

In one motion I lifted the kid by the shirt and slammed him against the wall. Everyone there was surprised to see me and quickly made a circle around us.

I yelled at him "were you trying to kiss my sister"!!!! The kid was in so much fright that I saw him piss his pants. I pulled him higher and yelled "Answer me! Were you trying to kiss my sister"? He didn't respond and I felt his heart beat faster. He started to cry and I threw him onto the grass. People got quiet as I turned and faced Megan. It was the first time she saw me with such anger. She grabbed my hand and I took her to my car.

School wasn't over yet but it was time to leave for us. When we got home it begun to rain hard. I took off my jacket so she can cover herself from the rain. We got in and I set her bag down. Her arms swung around me and gave me the strongest hug I had ever felt. I whispered "do you want to talk about it"? She said "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.

I was afraid you might think I was cheating on you". I thought "cheating? We aren't even." I remembered that she asked me "do you love me like I love you". My answer came back to me and slapped me across my face. I hadn't responded in five minutes thinking what we were. She said "Mike? Mike are you ok?" I snapped out of it and said "I'm glad you stayed true to me". She smiled and we kissed.

I told her "I'm wet so I should take a shower". She told me "can I go with you"? I thought then nodded my head and we walked upstairs. We walked in the bathroom and got undressed. Every time I would stunning gianna has her huge tatas creamed cumshots and big tits my sister naked, I would get a boner.

I tried to hold in my breath to stop it and we walked in together. I turned on the water and we got under it. She turned around and told me "thanks for defending me at school". I laughed and said "yeah I had fun, I really kicked that kid's ass. He was so scared he pissed his pants and started crying". We laughed together.

When we stopped she looked at me with deep compassion and went in for a kiss. She went for tongue to tongue and I responded. My penis started to lift and it hit her vagina.

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I started to apologize and she put her finger on my lips. She kissed more and started to stroke my erect cock slowly. She went faster then slower, faster and back to slow. She stopped kissing and slid down my body and to my groin. She ran her hand through it a couple of times then licked the bottom of it.

My penis was large so she ran her hands and sucked on the head. It was too much. I felt like I couldn't last anymore and she stopped she came back up and our tongues met again. She was stroking then said "it's my turn to get pleasure".

She turned around and spread her legs as teased her clit by rubbing my dick on those sweet pussy lips. She started to moan a little and I sexual pleasure with stripper striptease and hardcore more. She grabbed my prick and guided it to her hole and I pressed all the way to the womb. She let out a big gasp and then a moan. I went in and out slowly as she rubbed the front of her magnificently soft pussy.

When she did she would let out little gasps and then sigh. We did this for a while and she started to cum all over my throbbing cock. She was gasping and we stopped. She would have suffocated if we went more.

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We took a break and she started to move her body going back and forth. I helped her but she was now moving faster than I. She was screaming and yelling "oh fuck I'm going foot massage escalates to pov suck and fuck cum"!

She came again and let her juices act as a lube for our fuck. She yelled "oh fuck, don't stop fucking my clit"! I went faster and she did the same.

We made clapping noises and she tried to catch her breath. "Oh fuck, cum in me, I want you to cum in me"! I was ready to let out a huge load into her contracted pussy. I pumped for the last time and let my erupting dick fill her canal with all the cum I had in my body. With and "ohhhhhhh" Megan seemed to pass out.

I picked her up and held her in my arms. When she came back she said "that was the biggest orgasm I had ever experienced. Thanks Mike". I kissed her and we finished out shower. The rest of the time we spent sleeping together and woke up to the door being unlocked. I jumped out of her bed and ran to my room. Mom called in an angry voice and said "Michael, Megan came down here now"!

We went and mom said "why did you two leave school early"? I said "we had a problem at school and.""What kind" my mom asked. Megan explained the story to mom. Mom said "so you beat up a kid for Megan?

You must really love her. She owes you a big one". Megan said "I already did".