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Smoking shemale t-girl michelle love t-girl smoking michelle love comp tube porn
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The burglar silently stole through the house, heading for the bedroom where he knew he'd find the woman sound asleep.

He was confident he'd have no problems carrying out his plans, since the house was set well back from the lonely country road, and the nearest neighbor was at least five miles up that same road.

She lived alone except for two cats that had taken one look at him and disappeared. The phone line to the house was cut, and he knew she didn't have a cell phone. He'd been watching her for a couple of months and knew her schedule. He'd been in the house while she'd been gone, and had memorized where everything was so he knew the house as well as she did.

He slid through the bedroom door, pulling several lengths of rope from his pocket as he entered the dark room, and moved soundlessly to the side of the bed. As he'd expected, she was sound asleep on her back. To make sure he had time to get her secured, he held an ether soaked cloth over her mouth and nose for a few breaths. Then he stretched her out on the bed and tied her securely in a spread-eagled position. He opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out the vibrator he knew she sometimes used to pleasure herself.

He worked it into her exposed pussy and turned it on, then went out of the bedroom and started collecting her valuables throughout the house, placing everything on the dining room table. When he went back to the bedroom, she was awake and writhing against the ropes holding her down. He stood watching her for a minute, pleased with how little she could actually move.

She noticed filipin small teen anal porno in the doorway and lay still, watching him to see what he'd do next. He saw a touch of fear cross her face as he sat down beside her and reached for an already hardened nipple.

He rolled it around between thumb and forefinger while he used his other hand to jiggle the vibrator inside her pussy and rub her clitoris, causing her hips to jerk against the restraints. She couldn't do a thing to resist him or stop him from doing whatever he wanted to her body, and she knew it. She also knew that her body would soon betray her and she would do anything he said when that happened. Suddenly he pulled the vibrator out of her and she saw him coat the tip of it with something that made it shine wetly.

Then she felt it at her exposed asshole, prodding against the tiny opening and slowly pushing its way in, inch by inch. He turned it on and she moaned as his hands again explored her helplessly bound flesh. He stopped and got up long enough to strip naked, and she saw a thick ten inch long prick standing straight out from the dark hair of his groin.

He saw where her eyes rested and grinned as he moved up to her face and forced the huge head of his cock between her lips. He worked the head and a couple of inches in and out, fucking her mouth while his fingers again worked her sensitive nipples. He worked his way down her body until his mouth was between her widely spread legs at her pussy. He grabbed her clit with his teeth and gently nibbled, making her hips try to thrust up.

She was actively sucking his cock, taking as much of it into her mouth and throat as she could while he thrust in and out. He decided that it was time for him to have his first fuck of her helpless pussy and reversed himself over her, positioning his rock hard cock at the lips of her pussy and driving in to the hilt in one long steady thrust.

He could feel some of the vibration from the tool in her ass as he started to fuck her, pulling out until just the very tip of his cock-head was teasing her pussy lips and then driving forward to bury all ten inches of thick hard prick into her. Her body shook in its bonds as he pummeled her pussy with his tool, the vibrator humming in her ass and causing her to twitch and jerk with desire. He was ramming her harder and faster, the long thick shaft filling her completely as his balls slapping repeatedly against the crease of her buttocks.

Her hips jerked spasmodically against the ropes deviant daddy wants the taste of stepdaughters hairy muff her helplessly under his pounding body.

She could feel her lust taking over, body straining uselessly, as she tried to meet his thrusts. She felt him grow even bigger inside her hot pussy, and then he drove into her to the hilt and filled her with hot sperm.

His body wilted onto hers for a minute, as the cock inside her shrank slightly but not completely. Finally he got up and still leaving the humming vibrator in her ass, left the room. She could hear him moving around in the kitchen, heard bottles clinking, and realized he had found her small store of liquor.

Sure enough, a minute later, he entered the bedroom with a bottle of whiskey, taking several long swigs as he again sat on the bed beside her and played with her sensitive nipples. Her hips were still trying to buck, as she was continuously kept turned on by the throbbing vibrator and his hands.

She could see that his cock was huge and hard again, he was ready for more fucking. He started untying her arms and legs, telling her she was about to be ass-fucked but good. Expertly, he flipped her onto her belly and pulled the vibrator from her ass. He pulled her onto all fours, and slid the buzzing vibrator as far into her pussy as he could.

Holding her by the hips, he placed the head of his rock hard cock at the puckered opening of her ass and began to push. She screamed as it sank into her inch by inch until his balls were brushing her pussy lips and the end of the vibrator, pushing that further into her. He began a steady in and out rhythm, pulling all but the head out and then driving forward to bury himself to the hilt in her tight asshole.

She braced herself and started to meet his thrusts, rotating her hips and pushing back at him. She no longer cared that he was raping her in her own bed; she just wanted him to keep fucking her.

Her fear had sexx xxx boy g boy replaced by lust; her body was out of control. He quickened his strokes, hammering at her ass until she thought he would split her in two. She was quivering and jerking from the force of the orgasms that followed each other quickly. He rammed his rock hard cock into her ass brunette slutty babe in lingerie nailed after sucking the hilt and she felt his hot come fill her.

His prick pulsed over and over, and her cunt muscles grabbed and all girl zabardsti rep com as they both fell forward shuddering and exhausted.

He had her pinned with his body, so that she was still as helpless as she'd been when he'd had her tied down. She was limp under him as she tried to catch her breath, his still hard cock filling her ass. He began to work himself in and out, quickly establishing a fast hard pace to his thrusts that she found was sending her animal lusts soaring again.

She met his thrusts, helping him drive his prick in up to the hilt repeatedly. Suddenly, he pulled the vibrator out of her, and rolled so that she was on top of him without his cock leaving her ass. She got her legs in place and started to raise herself up until just the head of his prick was still inside her, then lowered herself until their groins were tightly pressed together. She went up and down swiftly and steadily, riding him skillfully as they both became hotter. His hands found her nipples and tits, goading her on roughly as the fingers kneaded and pinched and pulled.

She increased her pace, moving herself up and down faster and harder. His hands roamed all over her body as she rode him. She felt fingers jam into her pussy as his other hand mauled one breast and his teeth the other breast.

They had reached an uncontrollable pitch of lust, fucking each other ruthlessly in their search for gratification. She was cumming again and again, her whole body spasming repeatedly with every orgasm.

He kept ordering her, "Fuck me bitch, fuck me. Take that cock deep in your ass and fuck it hard." She was a mass of hot wet flesh, her ass muscles clamped around the huge hard cock as she came again. He pushed her up off him and ordered her onto her back with her legs spread wide.

He dropped between her legs and without hesitation drove himself into her to the hilt. He pounded her quivering cunt with his rock hard cock, raping her viciously as she begged him not to stop.

She could feel her body beginning another round of spasms, and had two quick orgasms before he filled her with his hot sperm. They both collapsed, his weight crushing her in to the mattress, his cock still inside her and to her astonishment, still semi- hard. Her pussy was still spasming and clenching, making his prick jump and twitch. She rocked her hips and felt him twitch and start to grow harder inside her pussy.

Soon they were thrusting at each other, both of them again losing themselves in their lust for each other. Her pussy was throbbing as his hard cock filled it over and over. It felt even bigger than before as he drove it into her savagely, his balls slapping between her spread buttocks. She was chanting "fuck me, fuck me" over and over as he again drove her to multiple orgasms seachniza wife sex story kerala shook her whole body before he filled her burning pussy with his equally hot semen.

His prick slipped from her, and he ordered her to lick it clean of their mixed fluids. She lapped the deflated cock clean, and then slid farther down between his legs to suck and lick his balls until they were also clean. He then bound her wrists and ankles and fell asleep beside her.

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She woke hours later to find him working his once again hard cock into her ass. He pushed the vibrator into her pussy and turned it on high, jolting her already sensitive cunt.

She felt desire start building as he began to rape her ass, his hands finding and mauling her tits as he pounded her ass with his thick hard prick. He fucked her fast and hard, and she came several times before he finally buried his cock to the hilt and filled her with hot semen. As soon as his cock stopped spitting, he pulled it out of her and flipped her onto her back; forcing her legs wide apart, he pulled out the vibrator and drove his still rock hard prick into her pussy in one long stroke.

Their hips slapped together repeatedly as they once again fucked viciously, her legs untied but not her wrists. He bent over her and grabbed a nipple with his teeth, biting it and making her whimper and whine like a cat in heat as he fucked her even harder.

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He was thoroughly enjoying dominating her and raping her the way he was. His plan had worked perfectly so far, and he knew the rest would fall into place.