Spectacular teacher sucking of her naughty students uncensored and oriental

Spectacular teacher sucking of her naughty students uncensored and oriental
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Today was the day I would cross the line again. It was a typical day in the office, everybody was working on the current projects to meet the approaching deadlines. After the general staff meeting I asked my co-worker if we could talk in detail about the more urgent matters. Almost everyone else was already heading out for lunch. He told me to wait in his office while he grabbed a bottle of water. I went into his office and closed the door behind me before lowering the blinds. While I waited for him I settled in his chair and reflected on our continuing affair.

It started with innocent flirting. How incredibly na? I was to imagine that I could stop what was happening. I was a fool. He kept pressing me for more, constantly urging me on to the next fake taxi nadia elaina pornstars big tits, the next level of intimacy.

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Finally he blackmailed me. Having me at his mercy I became his office sex toy, to use as he pleased.

The sex had been against my will, yet I was torn between being terrified that he would use me again and being frightened that he wouldn't. I was aroused by the risk and the multiple orgasms he japanese love story porm movie giving me. Three weeks ago I decided to get back on more even footing.

I had taped one of his "toy" sessions with me and turned the tables, blackmailing him. I fucked him with a strap on and showed him how it was to be used as an office toy. Since then we had not met for anything remotely sexual. Now I could feel my whole body tensing in anticipation. I had tried my best to push my needs down. It was his fault I was feeling like this.

The last three weeks I spent fantasising about the idea of being taken again. I was scared, confused, excited. I felt my body aching for his touch and couldn't believe how asian milf teasing watch more of her at ulacamcom I wanted it.

He walked in and looked down, his eyes as always immediately drawn to the cleavage of my big breasts. I smiled, saying "There are few things I really need to clear with you, could you close the door?

I don't want anyone walking in on this." As he spun and closed the door, I stood and walked up behind him making it impossible for him not to run right into me when he turned back. I felt his hand graze my thigh as he turned around and he gasped in surprise at finding me so overtly invading his personal space.

He dropped his water bottle. I enjoyed his look of surprise, hesitation and definite lust. He grabbed my hips and pulled me against him. We both looked at the door and wondered if one of us should lock it. Neither of us did. It was more of a turn-on when there was danger involved.

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I felt his cock raising against my leg. "Oh, your cock is already getting hard. You just make me crazy sometimes. I have had fantasies about you over the last three weeks, you know." , I murmured, my fingers caressing the length of his stiffening cock through his jeans. "I thought it was about time to realize those fantasies." His startled expression melted must watch amateur cheating couple-31 tube porn one of pure lust.

I shuddered, suddenly thinking of how he had dominated me in the past. A smile spread across his face. A smile that implied he knew exactly how much he was getting under my skin and that he was enjoying it. "Something wrong?" He nearly purrs the question in my ear, causing another shiver to run down my spine.

Now I was not sure if I wanted my thoughts to become reality, but I did not push him away as his hand slid under my shirt up to my breasts.

I ignored the voice in my head warning me. Instead I listened to the new voice that spoke in a hypnotic whisper, telling me to do something I should not do rather than what was expected. He took my silence as a 'go ahead' and seizing the opportunity without further hesitation his lips were pressed against mine.

He deepened the kiss, entwining his fingers into my brown hair and all but demanding submission. "You want me. You want to feel my fingers on your breasts, feeling out your nipples, every dip and curve of your body.

You want me to fuck you again, don't you my little toy?" He was becoming increasingly more dominant with me.

I suddenly realized how much this was turning me on. Him taking command and sunny leone new sexy story me. Hearing him call me his toy send a tingle right through my pussy and realization set in. ?wanted this. I was starting to really submit to him. "Tell me what you want," his voice was low and soft as he uttered the challenge into my ear.

I wanted desperately to beg him to take me, wanted to tell him to ride me to oblivion. But saying so would be the final surrender - yet refusing him was out of the question. Honesty still seemed to be the best answer, but as I opened my mouth I couldn't find my voice.

"Tease, I still want to hear it, I think you know how to answer that. I think that petite teen blonde casting intimate family affairs are choosing not to reply, and that is unacceptable." he nearly growls the words at me. "I want you to take me again, to make me scream. I want that hot feeling, the soreness and the heat. I want your cock inside me.

I want to pleasure you", I answered dutifully, falling back into my role of his obedient toy. As his lips pressed against mine once more everything else seemed to fade away. I could still feel his hand run through my hair, the other one caressing my nipples beneath my shirt. I wanted him more now than before.

Taking a slightly more aggressive role, my hands were unbuckling his belt as I guided him to his desk and unzipped his jeans revealing his tented boxers. To my surprise he allowed it. His voice lowered into almost a growl right next to my ear. "Take off your shirt." I pulled off my shirt revealing my bra clad big breasts. I looked to the floor feeling a bit ashamed of my surrender and arousal. "White cotton huh?

Still playing innocent? I definitely know for a fact that you're not, so why hide it my toy ?" His hands started running over my breasts. I closed my eyes as I felt him undoing my bra. In moments he had it joining my shirt on the floor. Then his mouth was at my neck, slowly kissing his way lower until he was at my breast.

He circled his tongue around my nipple. His mouth closed over it and he sucked it in, rolling his tongue around the tip. I moaned again when he scraped me with his teeth. He sucked them amy brooke and kagney linn karter in nasty lesbian bdsm scene into his mouth. He started kneading my breasts, sucking on them, twirling my nipples between his fingers, biting down ever so often as I moaned and pressed against him.

He started gently, but gradually increased his force until it almost became too much. If he kept his up and I'd cum from his mouth alone. He continued his assault on my nipple alternating between both of them sucking hard and biting the nipples. I groaned, "Not so hard, it hurts, you are biting my nipples way to hard.". He ignored me and continued his ministrations for a minute or two until he was content with the sight of two swollen, hard and wet nipples pointing in his direction.

"How badly do you want me?" he whispered, rubbing himself against me slowly but firmly, his hands fondling my breasts, and sliding down to run against my crotch. I moaned, writhing against him. "How bad, toy?" he groaned insistently against my ear, "Tell me.

I need to hear it." He lowered his head to my nipples again, suckling harder as he kneaded my breasts with more force. I felt high, drunk on sensation, my body quaking in reaction. "Right now, I want you more than I've ever wanted anything. Do me. Any way you want.

Please." "Finally playing naughty? I've always liked this side of you. Get down on your knees toy." I slid down to my knees. I felt myself soaking my panties as I really, really love sucking cock. His erection was clearly pushing against the thin cotton of his boxers and I longed to free his cock from its constraints.

"So shall I suck your cock?" Instead of answering me he pushed his jeans and boxers down past his knees. I grasped his erection firmly. I rubbed at it slowly with my his thumb, circling the tip. I caused him to gasp heavily as my lips kissed the tip of his cock.

"Oh, you have no idea how much I missed this." He groaned as my fingers slid up his legs and played with his balls. I licked the tip and I could feel it twitch in response. I stopped and looked up, waiting for him to look down again, softly stroking his hard cock and caressing his tip with my lips and teeth.

He wrapped one hand around his cock and with the other took hold of my hair. "Open your mouth, and put your lips around my cock, my little toy." I worked the head until it was slick with my saliva.

I slowly licked him from base to tip. Enjoying his taste I ran my tongue up his length one more time before I slid his shaft down my throat. "Yes that's it, suck it, suck it good. Don't forget to use your fingers as well!" My hand slid back between his legs, found his ass.

My index finger traced his anus, probing lightly. I felt the fingers of my other hand circling my wet pussy, rubbing lecherous beauteous bitch gets hard fuck hardcore creampie clit and then finding their way in. I made myself shudder as I did so.

His eyes looked glazed from the sensations wannabe model thinks im a casting agent teeth, tongue and fingers were eliciting. He groaned pushing deeper into me. I pulled his hips toward me and began fucking him with my mouth, hard and fast nearly gagging from his thrusts, but loving the feeling of his cock in my throat. I heard myself moan as I guided him in and out.

I lubricated my fingers on my pussy then I penetrated his anus with one finger matching his thrusts into my mouth. He kept working in and out of my mouth, I started pushing the pace. My tongue made loops over his head and my mouth pulsed against him.

"Yes, very, very good. You love getting mouth fucked in the office. I give it to you and you suck it like a pro. You do it so, so good." He pulled out and pressed his cock upward, guiding his balls to my mouth. I licked his sack, loving the feeling of the soft, shaved skin. I felt the sperm stirring and tightening his sack as I took it in my mouth. I bathed his balls with my tongue, salivating all over them and his throbbing cock.

He pushed his cock back down into my throat. He began fucking my mouth with his balls now beating my chin with every stroke. I tightened my grasp on him, sucking in my cheeks to create greater pressure.

I felt him swell larger as he pushed deeper into my throat. He grabbed my head with both hands and groaned as he ejaculated into my mouth. I felt his hot cum shoot down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth, his cum and my saliva all over him. I still had my mouth open leaking a stream of fluid from my mouth to his still erect cock.

"That was a great start for us. Come now, I know how much you love giving blow jobs. But it's fucking time now little toy. Yes, you do want me to fuck you, don't you? Now get up. Get to my desk, toy. I'm going to fill you, fill you to the fucking brim." I let him go and stood up leaning against his desk. His fingers pressed against me, working their way down my body to where my legs were parting for him. He was now rubbing my crotch through my jeans, fakeagentuk slim and sexy milf knows how to handle agents cock a friction that had me arching into his palm, moaning quietly.

His fingers rubbed and I pushed against him, needing friction. "Don't stop, Please, don't stop. I, I want, please, I want you to fuck me again," I whispered, my cheeks burning though I did not move.

He unzipped my jeans and tugged them off. "You don't need to worry yourself," he whispered. "The only thing you should focus on is the pleasure you're about to give. Turn around, let me see your ass.

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Bend over the desk my toy. Get your ass up high in the air! Higher!" I turned and stretched my body over the desk He slid my wet panties to the side and slid his finger down to my pussy. He started slowly pushing his finger into my pussy and rubbed my ass with his other hand. "You are really dripping wet. Now spread those legs wide open to get yourself ready for some fucking.

You are a hot little cocksucker but I'm not done with you and you will need xxx story sex stories fak me of good lubrication. Now start fingering that cute little pussy of yours.

Play with yourself toy." He pulled my panties off and stepped back, curled his hand around his cum covered cock and started to slowly stroke himself. I couldn't help but look and I felt my pussy pulsing. Doing as he had commanded my fingers stroked, circled and fucked my already soaking pussy. Getting as wet as I thought possible I circled my ass hole, getting it wet and slick.

I slowly slipped one finger inside drawing my breath in as I felt the tingle all the way to my nipples. Knowing he would like seeing me lick my juices from my fingers I did so, sucking two fingers into my mouth, looking back to him. "Do you like what you see? Does it turn you on to watch me playing with myself?" His hands moved to my back, up to my shoulders and around my chest to roll my nipples. He gave each one a hard tug. Then his hands travelled back down to my pussy and he dipped a finger in.

The finger travelled to my backside and ran around my ass hole. I gasped. He pushed against it. He moved his hand to caress the skin around my ass. I saw him rubbing his cock up and down between my cheeks, he seemed much bigger now than before. My breathing got faster as he started to probe my wetness with the head of his cock. He pulled his cock away and inserted two fingers into my now dripping pussy.

My breathing grew rapid as he continued to finger me faster and suddenly inserted his thumb into my ass. I could feel my muscles tightening around his finger. I threw my head back moaning, I pushed back on his fingers to get me off. My mouth was open and my eyes were closed. I was breathing really hard now feeling my body shake as I was about to cum on his fingers, feeling myself ready to go over the edge.

He pulled out of me right when I felt I couldn't hold on any longer. I shivered and at the same time let out a very loud moan.

Moments later I let out a cry of ecstasy as his hard cock pushed deep into my pussy. I love that moment when I first feel his throbbing head enter me as it squeezes tightly into my horny pussy.

Even as nothing but sex for a busty whore hardcore and blowjob and aroused as I was, he felt bigger than when I had his cock in my mouth and down my throat. Almost immediately I felt my pussy tingling which caused me to lift my hips off the desk just as he shoved his cock back into me.

"Oh you like that don't you, my little office toy, my fucking toy. I use you for your tight wet pussy and your are my little toy who can't live without my cock. I'm really getting addicted to that tight pussy and those beautiful big breasts of yours, toy. Look at them bouncing toy, this is what you were made for, my fucking cock." I didn't argue.

I squeezed every muscle inside of me tightening around his cock to make him cum. He didn't cum. He grabbed my hips and rammed into me. I heard his balls slapping against my ass and the wetness of my pussy splashing as it swallowed his cock when he buried it deep in my juices. Releasing my hips, he grabbed my ass and lifted me even more off the desk and began pounding away at my pussy like a man gone mad.

I used my hands to hold on to the desk and stay in that position as he began pounding even harder and faster. "You like that don't you, little toy, huh? Work it, work that pussy. Look at that ass, that fucking ass bouncing back on my cock." I felt my legs start to quiver and knew I was about to cum. My head fell back as my body went through an intense orgasm.

I felt a finger being inserted in my ass and matching the rhythm of his cock spearing me. This sensation instantly set me off first time fuck forest rape. I exploded, contracting uncontrollably as my body succumbed to the irresistible stimulation. Powerful waves of several orgasms swept through me, obliterating all thought while he continued to pound into my two holes.

Suddenly he eased me down onto the desk. As he did so he said, "I told you that you would enjoy this cock didn't I, little toy?

Oh, your not done yet." All I could do was smile and moan as I lay sprawled across his desk. I felt his hands work their way up my body to my still sore breasts. Groaning as his hands once again began kneading them just as before. He grabbed my legs and flipped me, pulling me toward him as he spread my legs wider.

I felt the head of his wet and slippery cock against my pussy. Malabimba subtitulada castellano sexploitation italiana sub subtitulos pushed in hard. "Oh, this is great watching my cock disappear inside of you. Watching your pussy tighten around it and draw it inside." He banged my pussy.

With each push I was now pushing back. All I could do was shudder when I felt his hand beginning to work my clit. I screamed out in pleasure and he shoved in with even greater fervour. "Oh yes!

I want to cum! More, more!", I screamed. He smashed my pussy harder and faster. My breath began coming in hard gasps as my pussy started convulsing again. He now seriously went for my clit and rubbed it rapidly pushing his cock in up to his balls. I cried out as my body exploded in another mind-blowing orgasm. "What are you doing to me? Oh, I'm cumming again! I cant stop cumming!

Oh fuck! I'm cumming." My body shuddered at will, I began feeling light headed as I heard him say "Fuck yes toy, cum all over my desk so I will never forget what happened. Now get ready for my cum". As I squirmed below his fingers, which were still massaging my hypersensitive clit, he drilled inside me fast and hard. I felt him tense and his cock began pumping his hot cum deep into my pussy.

He slumped against me while his cock continued to twitch spewing cum deep into me. Finally I felt him soften and slowly slide out of me. He released me and I collapsed to the floor watching him stroke his cock to get that last little bit of cum.

He reached out a coated finger and pushed it in between my lips. He held out his soft cock to me. "Clean it.", he demanded.

I did as I was told. I sucked it, licked it, and rubbed it all over my face and breasts until he was clean and dry. Once I had drained his cock of its last drop we knew we only had a few minutes before our co-workers would become really curious about our continued meeting so we hurriedly got ourselves fully dressed again. topless beach teens voyeur hd video spy class="italic">"Will that be all?" he asked grinning broadly as I opened the door, I turned and paused, "That did take care of it for now, but we've got to work out all of our positions and get the details for the proxy just right, OK?".

I found myself already looking forward to the next time.