Cute redhead briar rose rides big cock of stud

Cute redhead briar rose rides big cock of stud
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Final Chapter.Enjoy!!! Mom's eyes quickly peered at the doorway, and seeing us stumbling into the room here first reaction was to slam her legs shut on poor Duke's head, yanked the sheet over her head, and pretended to be asleep.

Mixed race and curly hair nami dahlia teases and bangs dudes big cock must have been difficult shutting down such an intense orgasm so quickly, and I knew she was probably terrified…mortified at her children seeing the lewdness of what she was enjoying Duke doing for her.

That was a defining moment in time for me as the man of the house. Mikaela stared at me momentarily, then followed as I stepped into the room. My cock was aching as I stepped over to the end of the bed. Duke, confused, had moved aside, but was still prancing around wanting more sex. When Mom jerked the sheets over her face, that was all she covered. Her face was covered, but her beautiful breasts still rose and fell in erotic unison as she tried to slow her breathing.

Her legs still hung over the end of the bed, spread wide apart revealing her beautiful pussy, which still glistened with cum.

I looked over to see Mikaela feverishly rubbing her fingers over her clit as she watched me approach Mom with my cock in hand. I knew that Mom was probably watching through the sheet as I grasped her upper thigh gently with one hand, positioned my cockhead at her welcoming entrance, and quickly put the head inside Mom.

An audible gasp escaped her lips as my cock parted the lips of her pussy. With both hands now I grabbed her and slowly sank my full depth into her. An "Ohhhh!" cried out from below the blanket and Mom trembled uncontrollably. I honestly have to say that Mom was a bit looser than Mikaela, but her insides were so incredibly hot! For the first few minutes I was slow and gentle. When I'd get almost all of the way in Mom would tremble on every stroke.

I could hear her breathing getting raspier with every stroke, and her pussy became wetter with each passing moment. I grasped her nipples, pinching them with firm pressure- not too painfully, but enough that she released a tiny, involuntary moan.

Suddenly I felt her hot box begin convulsing, grabbing and releasing my cock. I thrust into Mom as hard as I could, slamming my balls against her soaked ass. She gave in, grasping my wrists tightly as I pummeled her pussy. She exploded in an incredibly orgasm, soaking my crotch with her steaming juices and cried out, "Oh yesss!

Oh fuck yesss! Give it to me baby! Give Mommy all of that big cock!" I responded in kind, lifting her by the derriere and forcing my cock deeply into her as she bucked like a bronco, moaning gutterally at times, and screaming, "Fuck me!

Fuck me!" at others as she rode an orgasm that seemed to last five minutes. My balls were aching to release, but I refused to let this end so soon. Mikaela meanwhile had leaned over the bed and was now sucking and pinching Mom's nipples.

Duke had positioned himself behind Mikaela and was lapping her sweet juices since Mom's weren't readily accessible due to my position. Mom and Mikaela moaned in unison. Duke had apparantly had his fill of juices and wanted some hot playgirl gets licked so well masturbation smalltits pussy.

He jumped up, wrapped his paws around Mikaela's waist, and thrust until he found an opening. Mikaela moaned loudly as his cock entered her tight little asshole. Duke, as usual, pounded away with a ferocity and speed that I couldn't hope to match. Mom's head was turned towards Mikaela after hearing her daughter's reaction, and I pulled the sheet off her face so that she could witness her daughter being pounded mercilessly by the family pet.

Mikaela's tits jiggled quickly from the furious ass fucking she was getting. She leaned forward placing an erect nipple directly against Mom's lips and wrapped her arms around Mom's head.

She pleaded, "Please Mommy…suck my titties!" Mom stared into her eyes. "Please Mommy!!" Mikaela begged again with greater urgency. Mom sucked one of Mikaela's breasts deeply into her mouth and began sucking it with fervor. "Oh… Oh… Oh… YES!" Miakela moaned as she rubbed her clit while Duke continued hammering her ass. "I…I…I'm cumming!" Mikaela screamed. Mom instantly quit sucking, pulled her head off the perky tit, and pinched both of Mikaela's nipples as Mikaela writhed in an earth-shattering orgasm.

Mom's pussy clinched again. The lewdness of watching a dog ass-fuck her sweet young daughter was so erotic that she couldn't hold back another orgasm. Cum ran down the crack of her ass, puddling in her tight little brown winker. That gave me an idea. Mom closed her eyes and focused on her own orgasm as her incestuous son's stiff cock continued to slam into her depths. Miakela pushed Duke off and quickly climbed up, rolling onto her back on the bed.

Mom whimpered as I momentarily pulled my cock out.

Grabbing Mom's hips, I pulled her waist off the bed, while at the same time rolling her onto her stomach. Before Mom's eyes, Horny young redhead nurse in heels fucks patients dick to orgasm who was always a limber girl with the flexibility of a double-jointed contortionist, had pulled both legsup, and warpping a pillow over her chest for protection. Mikaela patted the bed and Duke jumped up, mounting her tight young pussy in a flash, shoving his shiny red shaft in to the hilt, and quickly resuming pumping witht eh speed of a jackhammer.

Grabbing Mom with one hand by the waist, I positioned the head of my cock against her asshole. Mom moaned as she watched the family dog fuck the shit out of her little girl, and clinched the sheets tightly with both fists, knowing somewhere in the recesses of her mind what was about to happen to her own tight little asshole, but never uttered any objections.

In a deeply sexual voice Mom said, "Give it to me Baby…I want that nice young cock shoved up my ass". She didn't need to encourage me more. I pulled her firmly against me and watched as my cock bent against the resistance momentarily. It was actually a bit painful, which was good because it took off a little of my edge and desire to cum right then. Pulling Mom harder aginst my cockhead, the rubbery tip that was well soaked with Mom's juices slowly began disappearing, sinking into her ass.

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I bit my lower lip, fighting off my impending orgasm, determined to fuck Mom's ass really good. Mom however wasn't helping me much as she instantly started pushing back against me. The tightness on my swollen member was incredible! Mom moaned loudly as she reached beneath her body and finger-fucked her pussy to yet another orgasm. She was on a roll now. Round ass milf anal raw video grips cop plowing a deadbeat dad orgasms were coming so quickly together for her that I smiled with joy for her.

I continued to pick up the pace as Mom grunted and humped the cock in her ass. Finally I had reached the point of thrusting my cock in and out of her ass and began to pound her hard. Miakela moaned loudly, writhing, her head thrashing from side to side. She gasped for air as Duke's swollen knot squeezed inside her wet little love box. She held the back of his kneck, flipped him over on the bed, and began fucking the hell out of his knot!

It would slip out, she would cum like hell, sit back down on it hard, and it would slowly disappear back in. This continued for several minutes until finally Duke let out something like a low growl, Mikaela moaned, and Dukes cock filled her pussy with his hot cum til it dribbled down his balls. Mom, seeing this, bucked like mad, screaming, "Give it to me Baby! Give Mommy all of your hot cum!" I complied, shooting streams of jet-hot semen deep into Mom's ass as she collapsed in her last orgasm of the evening.

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As I pulled my now softening cock out of Mom's ass, Mom rolled onto her back, sweating and panting. Mikaela dismounted Duke and straddled Mom's face. A torrent of Miakela and Duke's mingled cum poured into Mom's mouth. Mom drank the juices hungrily, lubricating her parched lips, and then tongued Mikaela's pussy as Mikaela ground her clit on Mom's mouth until she finished off in her final orgasm for the evening.

In closing, to say the least, we are all a lot closer these days. Life has changed, and it is definitely for the better! <The End>