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Download story bokeb christina bella sama pinokinya
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Kari's first tender time Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T This particular lemon contains material unsuitable for 1 year old Polynesian penguins.

If you're a penguin and from Polynesia, don't read this lemon. Chapter 0: It hurts where I pee but not because I need to pee It was just a day to 18th birthday of Kari. Today she had finally reached her long waited moment as she had promised to TK deep drilling for hot babe hardcore blowjob on the eve of her birthday, the two would get married. For now though, she and her friends were gathered to a huge party at her home done for her as they wouldn't have the time on the actual day.

"Mmmm!" Veemon mumbled as he pigged out on the cake. He suddenly noticed Gatomon staring at him and offered her the cake "Here, you can have this!" Gatomon gave a soft groan as she watched the extended mashed cake. "I'm on a diet." Tai had bought Kari a very pretty pink dress that complimented her body. "Thanks Tai… This looks really beautiful!" she cooed as she hugged it gently against her face.

Just then, there came a knock on the door and Patamon went to open it. Outside was Davis, posing off like an idiot with a huge grin. Patamon closed the door. Meanwhile, Kari had noticed that TK wasn't all that talkative. In fact, she almost got the feeling that the guy was trying to avoid her. Shrugging to herself, she decided to go to the toilet to clean her up a bit before returning to the party.

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Of course, everything would take a dramatic turn during that trip… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1: I wish I'd slutty milf nataly rosa gets her latina pussy a gun so I could shoot the birds who shit on me all day long Kari was approaching the bathroom when she suddenly heard a small racket from the kitchen.

When she went to investigate she gagged as she saw seven japanese sister brother incest english subtitle uncensored muscular black women invade and pillage her kitchen. To call these 'ladies' developed would be understatement as their physique would make even biggest Austrian body builder blush in shame.

They all wore dark gray tank top that nearly burst from their muscles and their big breasts. They each had blue jeans as well to complete the ensemble. "Talera! The girl, get her!" one of them suddenly shouted as suddenly Kari's mouth was covered by a hand almost bigger than her entire head. In her vulnerable state she was able to see her assailants better.

The one called Talera had long, completely white hair tied with a hair band. There were two girls who seemingly were twins and both had their hair the same way. There was also the youngest, who had short black hair and she was the most petite of them all. However, the remaining two were even more baffling than these others. The biggest woman and the most muscular one; had only one eye. She seemed extremely serious and looked at Kari with her only eye so menacingly that she felt like crying.

And finally, the one who had issued the order, obviously the leader; a very athletic looking ebony woman. Unlike the others, she wasn't incredibly muscular.

Her boobs however were humongous, probably E cup or maybe small F. She had long gray hair that covered her other hair from time to time and she brushed it away with her hand.

"What's your name girl? Speak and tell us why there's so much noise coming from the other room?" the leader spoke while approaching Kari. Kari whimpered a bit but was afraid the women would hurt her before Gatomon or any of her friends could save her "It's Kari&hellip. And… It's my wedding party&hellip. Please leave now, I promise I won't call the police…" "A wedding?

Surely there must be lots of people eager to meet us then…" the leader continued to speak as she placed a knife on Kari's throat.

"Let's go girls; we'll see exactly what sort of party this is…" As the women made their way back into the living room, Tai was the first to notice these people. The shock was so big; he dropped his mug that he was holding, making it shatter into billions of shards. This made everyone face the direction. "KARI!!!" Gatomon screamed as she digivolved into Angewomon.

Just then the leader sank the knife a little into Kari's throat making the girl scream "If you don't do anything, I'll cut this little bitch wife's throat in front of your eyes&hellip. " Angewomon gagged but nodded slowly as she devolved back to Gatomon "F-Fine… What do you want from us?" "Tie up yourselves.

My sisters will make sure that the knots are also tight," the woman spoke while nodding to her companions who tossed some rope to the people. It took several minutes only before everyone was tied up securely, hardly able to move at all. The youngest sister approached Sora and rubbed her hand along her cheek. "I like her Feralzen, she's cute. May I have this one?" she asked while looking back at the leader.

The leader, obviously called Feralzen shrugged and nodded "I don't see why not." "Do you have any alcohol in here?" the young sister asked while she untied Sora and looked over at Kari.

Kari nodded slowly "Just some champagne and wine we were going to drink to celebrate…" "All right then&hellip.

Well you girl, go get us the champagne and the wine…" the young girl said as Sora began to walk away, she grabbed the girl's arm strongly. "Naked. I want you to go and get those things to us naked." Sora whimpered but nodded and began to take off her school uniform. "No! Don't hurt her you big bullies!!" Mimi screamed before the twins moved over to her, suddenly starting to lick all over her face and fondle her breasts throughout her dress.

"N-no!!" Kari sobbed as she closed her eyes, not able to watch the humiliation of her friends. "Talera, you want to have that one with glasses?

Me and Xel will take the bride," Feralzen spoke while looking back over to the blonde woman who nodded and walked over to Yolei. Yolei screamed and struggled "Stay away from me you sick bitch! We're not your toys!" but the woman forced her tongue in the girl's mouth. Out of fear of what they'd do to her or Kari, Yolei didn't even bite it.

Sora meanwhile returned with the two bottles. Feralzen immediately grabbed the champagne, opened, and began to drink from it straight from the bottle, spilling some of the contents on her heavy breasts and on Kari's hair. She gagged as some also got in her eyes and she tried to wiggle away but the woman had her in a strong grip. Meanwhile the other girls were passing up the bottle of wine around, each taking heavy gulps from it as the young sister suddenly forced Sora to sit on her lap.

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"Mmm so whore&hellip. How many men have been in your tiny cunt?" the woman questioned her. Sora blushed and silently looked away from the muscular being.

"I asked how many!" the young sister suddenly shouted as she twisted Sora's arm so hard there came a small crack as it bended a bit. Sora screamed and cried "One! Just one!! Stop you're hurting me!!" "That's right; let that be a lesson to all you others… We won't mind having our ways with you all one way or other… Whatever it'd be with you all bloody and bruised or worse, is entirely up to you&hellip.

Do you understand what I'm saying?" the leader once again cfnm office sleaze punished by three british ladies before shoving the champagne bottle into Kari's mouth, forcefully making her drink it too.

Kari tried to push it out from her mouth. "P-Please… I can't stand alcohol…" she protested but was only met with more of the champagne in her mouth. Feralzen got a sadistic look on her face and she winked at her sisters "Bring the rest of the wine too, let's see how the bride looks as merrier…" Kari screamed and tried to resist as Xel, the one eyed woman brought the wine bottle and now both of the women were pouring alcohol in her mouth at fast rate.

They had her locked hard and she couldn't even spit it out. Soon the women stopped and backed away a bit while Kari looked a bit light headed and her eyes were a bit dreamy, the alcohol working quickly in such light weight girl. "Ugggh&hellip.

Mmm." she mumbled while she moved forward, only to trip and land against the chest of Feralzen who roared in a laugh where soon, all the other women joined. The young sister looked over to her sisters before looking back at the girls, whom all were now naked expect Kari.

She looked over to her sisters and then the girls. "I think it's time we show these bitches a bit of a treat… Don't you think so girls?" Each of them laughed as everyone expect Feralzen and Xel began to take their pants off.

Mimi and the others screamed which brought attention to Kari's eyes, so she could see something incredible. Each woman was sporting incredibly large and long dicks, at least foot and half long each.

They were throbbing eagerly, spurting some pre cum off their tip eager to get in the girls. "Mmmm like them bitches? Our dicks are the biggest in the world and they're here just for you&hellip." the young one spoke which was met by the twins giggling in a union. Sora screamed as she was pushed down and the 'woman' rubbed her huge dick against her pussy's entrance "Oh God you freak don't… That's way too big&hellip. You'll tear me apart!!" But it was no use, with a single brutal thrust the woman entered her dick into Sora's cunt in an instant making her scream from the sudden entrance.

"Aah please! No!! Noo!!" she screamed, shaking her head violently back and forth. However she was lucky compared to the fate of Yolei. For Talera had entered her dick into the purple haired beauty's ass hole.

Yolei had never had anal in her life before and now she was raped by a dick bigger than in any porn she had seen. And Mimi? She amazing titty brunette keisha grey getting fucked hard forced to suck on the other twin while the other violently raped her pussy, like a whore in an alleyway. They were thrusting in and out of her in an almost synchronized pattern while tears rolled down along her eyes, totally messing up her mascara and ruining her appearance.

All the boys and all the Digimon sat there, head mixed with emotions of sorrow, anger, and fear. The inability to do anything was extremely heavy on their morale and they felt extremely useless, like they had never felt before.

And despite nothing had been done to Kari; TK and Gatomon were still the saddest, with sorrow completely filling their hearts. "Mmmh… Her cunt is so tight I'm already going to cum&hellip." the young sister suddenly murmured. That remark made Sora panic "No don't come inside!

No!!" However it was no use, the young sister moaned hard as she shot a huge load in Sora's pussy, completely filling it with her semen.

"No&hellip." Sora quietly whimpered. She wasn't on a pill and she would get pregnant for sure if these women wouldn't let her go.

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That thought hadn't really even crossed her mind earlier but now, she was more afraid than ever. Would they really just be happy after taking their bodies? The Digidestined knew their faces and even names of the two. What would the women decide to do for them all?

Before she could think that further she could see the twins moan as the other came hard, inside Mimi's mouth and all over her face as the other twin shot her load in Mimi's tight pussy. From the expression of Talera, it was clear the blonde woman was about to cum as well.

Indeed, she moaned and ejaculated hard deep in the ass of Yolei who cried and held on the carpet so hard there came blood from her nails.

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Kari blinked few times looking at this as the entire room was spinning and shaking in her head "Ugggh&hellip. Leave us… Alone…" "I can't let you do that… Not before you fuck us darling&hellip." Feralzen murred as ebony babe gets pounded in various positions nodded to Xel as they both began to take off their pants.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 2: I never meant to make you blue; I never meant to hurt you. Kari gasped hard as she saw the two biggest dicks imaginable.

Xel's dick wasn't as long as Feralzen's but it was around 2 feet and extremely thick far thicker than that of her sister. However, Feralzen's dick was over 2½ in length and extremely thin compared to its grotesque length. In reality, it was as thin as a regular human dick.

"That… That's impossible&hellip." Kari sobbed as Xel moved behind Kari and lied down to the floor bringing the whining girl along down to rest on the muscular woman's chest.

Feralzen grinned as she stroked her mammoth dick and rubbed it against Kari's sluts face hole and pussy acquire rammed hardcore blowjob "Don't worry honey, I promise to be gentle… I don't want you to die on me…" Just then TK snapped as she couldn't take it any longer "NO!

Stop it! Stop it!! Don't hurt her!! Don't do that to her, anything but that!!" "Hmmm seems like we have someone who likes you really much Kari&hellip. Is he your future husband?" Feralzen asked while eyeing at TK. Kari slowly nodded as the thick cock of Xel rubbed against her ass crack "Y-Yes… We'll be married tomorrow&hellip.

Please don't do this miss Feralzen… I&hellip. I'm a virgin&hellip." The leader stopped advancing and looked over to Xel who seemed to be puzzled about this turn of events. "Well I don't think it's okay for the poor hubby to be there out all alone right? So join the fun&hellip. There's plenty of her for everyone in here&hellip." Feralzen laughed as the sisters suddenly tore the boys' pants off before starting to jerk off their soft dicks, starting to get them hard as they dragged the boys close to Kari.

"Oh look… The guys like the idea of us taking your virginity…" Tai shook his head hard "No it's not true Kari! These women are doing this to us!" However the sisters were jerking the boys dicks gstring whore gets cum hole plunged lingerie japanese skillfully and soon they were shooting their cum all over Kari's clothes, her face, and the two bulky shemales.

"Mmm I love taking a cum bath before fucking&hellip." Feralzen murred as she began to insert her insane size into Kari's cunt. As Kari gasped and cried, she could feel another large member enter her ass totally stretching her ass to the limit and way past it. She screamed hard as both of her holes virginities were stolen in seconds and the inhuman women pushed further in, with Feralzen's dick's outline appearing on Kari's stomach as it thrust in wild riding with breathtaking playgirl hardcore massage out of her.

TK could not watch any longer, how the women were taking her beautiful wife. Feralzen pulled Kari's shirt off, revealing her perky tits as she pushed forward as deep as she could go, and began to grab on them hard.

Kari's eyes were rolled back in their sockets and she was just gasping, not even able to scream as the huge dicks went in and out of her holes at fast rate. From corner of her eye though, she could see how the other sisters had gained new erections and were stroking them at fast rate on her. Soon the women came again, drenching Kari with their cum, coating her hair and her face nearly completely. Feralzen kept pounding into Kari faster and harder, making the girl bleed more on her penis while Xel did the same with Kari's ass.

"I'm going to come&hellip. I'll come lots okay…" Feralzen gasped as she pumped in and out at fast rate. Soon she cried out from pleasure as she shot a load like straight out of a water hose, immediately filling Kari's pussy and her womb. She still moaned while continuing to cum, bloating Kari up a bit before pulling out and shooting still few spurts all over Kari's stomach and breasts.

Xel moaned as she also reached her orgasm and shot her load deep into the bowels of Kari, bloating the poor girl's stomach even further. "Mmm that was good bitch&hellip. We'll have a great time together… You and us&hellip." Feralzen laughed, which was once again followed by the others laughing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Epilogue The sad and tragic story has even more tragic and gruesome ending that'll no doubt shock anyone.

The humans whom were not even humans but rather turned out to be part of the horrible Humadrion demon race; took Kari and all her friends to serve them in underworld for their demonic needs. Weeks turned to months and months turned to years as time itself was lost as the very existence of these kids became involving around the demon sisters molesting them. Every single Digimon had their memory erased and forced to serve the Digimon as their slaves. They do all the demons wish for and sometimes get into bloody fights for their amusement.

Despite having lost their memory and most of their emotions, some are trying to struggle hard becoming normal again. However they quickly realize there's no more anything for them to return to and succumb to their fate.

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Davis got hit by a bus as xxx panm pnby story mp 3 download was crossing the street, head completely occupied with wondering why Veemon was invited but not him.

No one attended the funeral expect a man who rapes dead bodies because the voices in his head tells him to do so. He and Davis have been married for two years as happy couple. Sora got pregnant and gave birth. They made Sora their breeding bitch and she's now carrying two demons in her at once.

She has totally lost her mind from the shock after having seen the first mutant baby. She's a vegetable, only suitable to carrying the horrible infants. Tai was made into living table. He has burning candles on his naked body from which on the demons eat boiling hot food on daily basis. His charred back has almost no sense left in it anymore, so the demons will most likely kill him after they get tired of him.

Yolei's countless anal sex sessions left her unable to control her rectum any longer. Now she has to wear a diaper always as she has absolute no control over her bowel. The demons no longer fuck her and she'll probably be killed soon.

Cody was eaten out alive after having his lower half boiled. Mimi lost her mind completely, actually becoming hooked on being fucked by the demons over and over again. Her pussy that now hangs loosely is stretched so wide after Feralzen and Xel's continuous raping that she can even lick it when they're not filling it.

Matt became the whore of Xel. Every time before sex, she whips and beats him around until he's bleeding and bruised. Then she proceeds in riding his poor cock and then ejaculating all over him.

It's rumored Xel is actually pregnant for him but that's not yet certain. TK became whore of Talera who forced the boy to wear skirt and bra always. Indeed, he ended up literally becoming a woman as the girl bit her balls and dick off, making him a total pet who could only be fucked and lick her dick.

As for Kari, she was lucky enough to die during the first week from a heavily bleeding prolapsed anus after Feralzen had attempted to fuck her there. And it all boils down to nothing.